Potential Ability [Final] [Empress]
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Potential Ability [Final] [Empress]

July 4, 2024F95

This is a story set in the future.
About the five percent of mankind that is known to be endowed with a certain ability.
An ability called “P/A” or “Potential Ability”,

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All around the world, academies have been founded with the purpose of guiding youth who possess unique abilities towards becoming future leaders in fields such as politics, industry, religion, arts, public entertainment, and sports. These students, who exhibit various P/A abilities, enroll in these academies.

Research indicates that typically, a person possesses only one P/A ability. However, there are extraordinarily rare cases known as “Dual Ability masters (D/A)” and “Multi Ability masters (M/A)” where individuals possess multiple abilities.

Jougasaki Gakuen is one such academy where youth with P/A abilities attend. Among the students there, those with physically effective powers are few; most possess abilities that significantly alter their mental states.

The value of a P/A ability is directly proportional to the strength of one’s spirit. Occasionally, even when individuals cannot effectively utilize their spirit—meaning it has not fully matured—some P/A owners’ abilities inexplicably gain high value. These individuals are labeled as drop-outs and isolated in “special classrooms” within Jougasaki Gakuen.

Kouichi Nomaguchi, the main character, aims to become a teacher and is sent to Jougasaki Gakuen for his teaching practice. However, he is not a P/A owner; he is just a normal person without any abilities. Furthermore, Kouichi is not immune to women; he is a timid man who becomes flustered when speaking to members of the opposite sex.

To his surprise, Jougasaki Gakuen is an all-girls’ school, and it’s a unique academy where all teachers and staff members are women. Uncertain about why he, a normal male, has been summoned to this academy—especially since no other academies accepted him for training—Kouichi decides to go there, braving his anxiety.”


Please, give divine protection to the puzzled lamb …

Thread Updated: 2022-07-03
Release Date: 2014-06-27
Original Title: P/A ~Potential Ability~
Developer: Empress WebsiteX/Twitter
Translator: Sugoi VN Website
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
Voice: Japanese
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
VNDB: Link
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2DCG, Censored, Japanese game, Male domination, Male protagonist, Female domination, Multiple endings, Anal sex, Ahegao, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Futa/trans, Group sex, Groping, Handjob, Humiliation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Milf, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Scat, Rape, Sex toys, Spanking, Swinging, Teasting, Titfuck, Urination, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Superpowers, Romance, School setting
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Extract and run with LocaleEmulator or change system locale to Japan
NOTE: A small portion of the UI has not been translated


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