Potion Shop Schwesterherz [v0.29] [random Crow]

Potion Shop Schwesterherz [v0.29] [random Crow]

May 16, 2024F95

“Potion Shop Schwesterherz”
is a game about two girls running a shop!

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This game is in a very early state.
You, the player, is controlling Sonja, the girl that roams the forest and collects ingredients to make potions. Sonja found out that only cum makes her potions work, so she is collecting those important essences from various creatures in the woods.

Meanwhile, her sister Linda is running the shop. Being a shopkeeper and selling all those potions just increases her sex drive, leading her to make love to random costumers. Luckily Sonja is able to talk into her concious. On the other hand Linda could make some extra coins this way…
Try out the games unique dialogue sex mechanic; similar to battle-sex!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-29
Release Date: 2024-02-01
Developer: random Crow Patreon Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.29
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Zum Damenhaus
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2d game, 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, combat, fantasy, female protagonist, management, monster, oral sex, teasing, vaginal sex, bestiality
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Linda’s Monster Smash:
    • every lesser and elite monster finds their way into the shop somehow (18 in total)
    • after collecting essence 5 times from a monster, a casual dialogue (golden exclamation mark) appears over Linda, which activates a dialogue that spawns a new item in the shop
    • since all casual dialogues are random it can take a while before appearing
    • each item will activate a special animation for Linda, which can be re-watched anytime
    • 16 new animations (including dialogues) have been added
    • another 2 (slime and insect) were already in the game, but got adjusted to the new way of triggering
    • 2 out of those 18 animations need an upgraded room to work, instead of collecting essence (bandit – living room lvl 3 / slime – bathroom lvl 2)
  • new Linda animation that can happen when her libido is triggered and her inhibition is less or equal than 60: soft deepthroat in the bedroom
  • added a melee attack for the female kobold
  • clicking middle mouse button toggles Sonja’s running
  • added 3 new CG’s: Pillbug, Insect and Wendigo
  • game overs, due to high gossip, is less punishing now. Instead of loosing all coins, ingredients and potions only the coins will be lost
  • buying a new outfit for Sonja now costs a fixed amount of 1000 coins instead of increasing in price by an additional 1000 coins after each bought outfit. (Since room upgrades is a way for players to sink coins into, I don’t think that the higher costs of the clothes are necessary anymore)
  • the time that a casual dialogue can appear (golden exclamation mark over Lindas head) has been decreased from 24 hours to 12. Keep in mind that Linda won’t talk to you if she is sleeping or having sex
  • while wearing the maid outfit, Linda will find ingredients every 12 hours now instead of ~6 hours. Furthermore the amount of Blue Heads and Pellet Stems that can be found has been reduced from 25 to 20
  • fixed issue that made Sonja be able to walk for about a second after the goddess of the forest statue h-animation triggers
  • in the dialogue that activates Lindas naked “outfit” it didn’t deactivate her maid and bunnysuit clothes during the dialogue
  • the dish “semolina” lowers arousal to 90% now, as intented
  • fixed bug that you could have 2 or more lindworm buffs
  • getting stuck in the border of a level should be less common now
new lesser enemy in the forest area: dryad
enemies pathfinding is smoother
new outfit for Linda: maid; gets unlocked after a dialogue when having 60 or less inhibition
new Linda animations; can appear when libido triggered sex scene
face fuck on kitchen table; can appear at 30 inhibition or less
double penetration by 2 guys in the bedroom; can appear at 0 inhibition
standing, from behind on the balcony; can appear at 0 inhibition
a special one; can appear at 0 inhibition on the balcony (does not need libidio to get triggered); this one is connected to an additional dialogue that gets unlocked after seeing this scene
2 new casual dialogues (golden exclamation mark) between Linda and Sonja that can appear pretty early. One addresses Sonja’s ponytail and the other is about Linda’s fake innocence
the meals in the kitchen received a massive buff and got streamlined, but also are more expensive
showed wrong information message when player has ‘futa’ deactivated in the settings and gets it on with the doppelgänger in the mansion
bats getting stuck in the cave
getting a multiple choice option prevents the player pressing ‘esc’ to make Sonja move around while the choice is still active
  • tons of new animations, including:
    • second animations for all lesser cave enemies (kobold male, kobold female, pillbug, insect, wendigo)
    • second animations for all simple traps in all three locations (tentacle, spider, hectocotylus, shadow hands, abyss tentacle, roper)
  • a new elite enemy made his home in the big tent in the cave: The Orc
  • a new “gamble trap” can be found nearby the kobold camp: Lindworm
    • The Lindworm is not really a trap, like the tree or the mirror. Sonja gets a few choices when talking to The Lindworm
    • including a bonus animation: How about you offer the Lindworm something, but you will retract the deal?
  • a new dialogue between Sonja and Linda. It’s a casual one (gold exclamation mark), that will adress the spawning of ghosts and bats in the mansion
  • 2 new CG’s for both the male and the female kobold
  • increased the chance of the pillbug laying eggs into Sonja to 50%; same as The Insect now
  • ‘Goblin Essence’ got renamed into ‘Greenskin Essence’
  • the statue of the forest godess got removed from the cave and got replaced with the Lindworm
  • bats and ghost in the mansion now spawn depending on the daytime: Bats have a higher chance to spawn during the day and ghost during the night
  • amount of sex time with all enemies (except elites) till cum has been increased and made a fixed number
    • before it was a random number between x and y (example slime: 10-20 seconds)
    • the maximum amount of this time is now the fixed time of sex (example slime: 20 seconds)
    • lesser enemies have a sex time of 20 seconds now
    • simple traps = 15
    • gamble traps = 25 (tree, mirror, mimic, etc.)
    • note: this doesn’t effect when the skip button appears
  • fixed bug with male kobold and wendigo, that they didn’t have a base chance of grabbing Sonja for a lewd animation. The base chance is supposed to be 20%
  • can’t open settings anymore when being asked to leave a location
  • fixed bug that opened an empty dialogue when clicking Linda’s golden exclamation mark. This was suppoesed to open a dialogue between Linda and Richard, which never seen the light of day till now
  • another one of that same kind of dialogue bug: There was a follow up to the “Shampoo” dialogue between Sonja and Linda, but it got lost somehow during development
  • Linda was supposed to give human, slime or insect essence on random via dialogue to Sonja, depending on the creatures Linda encountered at home. But she always gave human essence
  • softlock, when going from one location to another and back again to quickly (from forest to cave and back again, for example)
  • if your last version played was the previous one (0.25) you don’t need to start from the beginning this time
  • new NPC competitor: Richard
    • he will appear shortly after Annabelle starts blackmailing
    • like her, Richard will blackmail the sisters as well
    • after the introducing dialogues he visits the sisters every friday
    • includes 3 new animations, including one with Sonja and a threesome
    • Sonja needs stamina to deal with him and Linda needs low innhibition, like always
    • revenge is not yet available
  • the crafting menu now shows the current selling price of the selected potion
  • 2 new “teasing” animations for Linda with a random customer. Can appear from the very beginning (<=90 inhibition) and when her libido reaches its limit
  • “quests” got added for Annabelle and Richard, reminding the player for when they visit the shop
  • when adding potions for sale, you can now hold the buttons to increase/decrease the amount faster
  • new CG, featuring the vampiress
  • changed the design of the health/stamina regeneration potions a little bit to make them more distinct from the normal health/stamina potions
  • bat speed decreased
  • speed potion costs 2 less stone fungus to make and sells faster by 20 seconds, but also it’s 20 coins less worth
  • the “wear” button of Linda’s bunnysuit shouldn’t be available from the start (even though Linda can’t wear it from the start due to high inhibition). It will become visible after the appropiate dialogue; as intended
  • fixed vampiress becoming stuck when she chases sonja “downwards”/in front view after teleporting
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  • new dialogue for when the player chose not to tell Linda about the secret ingredient. Linda will ask again later in the game for the last time
  • pillbug can now lay eggs into Sonja as well. This has a 25% chance; half of The Insect
  • new outfit for Linda: bunny suit; available after the dialogue at 20 inhibition
  • 4 new potions: Photosynthesis Potion, Rejuvenation Potion, Transmutation Potion, Healthy Climax Potion; two of them are in the recipe of the mansion location, the other two in the cave
  • meals from the kitchen are saved for your next play session
  • one new linda animation with a female customer in the laboratory. Can apear randomly at 20 or less inhibition when her libido is high enough
  • Sonja’s standard outfit now has a chance to collect more ingredients additionally to her faster pick up speed
  • changed the order in which potions are displayed in the storage/crafting etc. to reflect better on the order in which they are available
Balance Changes:
  • hypnosis powder now costs 2 saltpere and ectoplasm instead of 1
  • love powder costs 3 pellet stems instead of 5
  • sleeping powder costs 2 blue head instead of 5
  • home potion now costs 1 prick shroom & 1 heart cap instead of 2 heart caps and 6 blue heads; sell price got reduced from 80 -> 75
  • inconspicuous potion now costs 2 saltpetre & 1 ona shroom instead of 6 pellet stems & 3 saltpetre
  • increased amount of places where ingredients can spawn in the forest by about 30%
  • chance of finding stone fungus slightly increased
  • bug, that left the textbox blank when picking up recipe notes
  • the names in the dialogues now show the correct symbols in russian
  • missing dutch translation for the new things
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  • new location: Cave
    • the (main) entrance can be found in the east of the forest
    • new lesser enemies: Kobold male, Kobold female, Wendigo, Pillbug, The Insect
    • new traps: Abyss tentacle, Roper
  • oviposition
    • can be toggled on and off in the Settings -> Game -> Oviposition
    • The Insect has a 50:50 chance to impregnate Sonja with an egg
    • Sonja can carry only 1 egg inside of her womb
    • after 60 seconds Sonja will eject it via a short birthing animation
    • 10 seconds later a new Insect sees the light of the world (or rather the dark of the cave, lol)
    • in the future more creatures can contain an oviposition feature. Even older enemies from previous versions
  • new ingredients: Abyss Flower, Cave Shroom, Limestone, Perfect Crystal
  • new essence types: Spirit, Reptile
  • new potions: Great Health Potion, Great Stamina Potion, Healthy Masturbation Potion, Health Exchange Potion
  • new CG for the thrall
  • 3 new dialogues: 2 of them between Sonja and Linda and one is a monologue inside the cave
  • adjusted the speed of most of the enemies (yes, including bats)
  • recover time after an attack of the nothic got increased 0.5s -> 1s
  • normalized enemy health,- and stamina damage; which roughly means that most of them do more health damage, but less stamina damage now
  • reduced the area of where an item can be destroyed via the discard button in the bag. it’s more forgiving now, when ‘accidentally’ dragging it in the near of it
  • increased the general volume of back ground noises (athmosphere sounds) tremendously
  • increased the general volume of music by a bit
  • the statue now “drops” spirit essence instead of human essence
  • stamina/health regeneration, inconspecious and light potions sell for 10 coins more, but the sellrate is increased by the same amount in seconds
  • stamina/health potions, stamina battle potion and stamina/health regeneration heal 20 more
  • fixed sound panning on the tongue lasher h-animation
  • bat was way to easy to struggle against
  • there is an italian translation in the works. The translator could use a tiny bit of help from another one who speaks italian. If you’re interested please contact me 🙂
Version 0.23.1 Patch notes:
  • Overhauled crafting system
    •   it’s a mix between the very old and the new one now:
    •   no more recipe notes in the crafting menu
    •   but you still need to find more recipes in the forest
    •   you can adjust the amount of potions to craft now
    •   hovering over and ingredient now shows you the type of potions/powder you can make
  • essences can be sold for low profit in the storage tab
  • added a chest in the shops laboratory that opens the storage menu
  • if you click the stove in the kitchen, it opens the cooking menu
  • after the dialogue about renovating the shop, the buttons for upgrading the rooms make themselves attract attention
  • the character names in the dialogues got a russian translation in cyrillic now
  • reduced the amount of bats in the mansion for both floors
  • clicking the cauldron in the shop now opens the crafting menu instead of the storage menu; as intended
  • the result screen doesn’t open automatically anymore when the shop gets loaded
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  • Crafting system overhaul
    • it got removed from the ‘Storage’ tab and got it’s own dedicated ‘Crafting’ tab
    • Drag & Drop required ingredients into the emtpty slots (order doesn’t matter)
    • increase or decrease the amount by clicking the arrows next to the slots or directly type into the textfield
    • click ‘Craft’ to make a potion. Right click or drag it out to empty a slot
    • the amount needs to be the exact same as the recipe demands
    • if you make a mistake the used ingredients are lost
    • you don’t need recipes to craft, they are just notes
    • if you have a recipe you can use auto-fill by clicking the recipe
    • you can find recipes in the overworld: You have one set to start with (includes health,- stamina,- arousal potion and sleeping,- love powder), you will find another set in the forest and another in the mansion area. Watch out for a random crow recipe delivery
  • ingredients can be sold for low proftit. Right click them in the storage tab
  • 3 new Linda animations
    • she gets licked in the bedroom. Appearing at high inhibition (foreplay)
    • she gives a handjob in the laboratory. Appearing at low inhibition (horny)
    • she gets railed from behind in the shop against the window. Appearing at 0 inhibition (slut)
  • some new dialogues
  • critical changes to Linda
    • Linda starts the game with 80 inhibition now instead of 100
    • with 100 Inhibition Linda won’t seek any sexual interaction, neither with others nor with herself. she basically becomes chaste
    • at 100 inhibition her libido decreases
    • all her sex animation are now bound to her inhibition. The amount needed to see other animations are: 90-70, 60-40, 30 -10, 0. I call them: Innocent, foreplay/teasing, casual, horny and total slut
    • the lower her inhibition the more depraved sex she has
    • other animations from a higher inhibition level can appear at lower inhibition as well. Meaning if Linda has 0 Inhibition, there is still a chance that a casual foreplay animation appears
    • Linda can’t get offered to Annabelle if she has an inhibition of 100
  • the damage and stamina damage of the bats have been reduced
  • unlocking the Bat CG falsly showed the Ghost CG
  • loosing to an elite enemy doesn’t continue the dialogue now
  • sometimes eating a meal adjusted the current amount of stamina in a wrong way
  • my dutch translater went missing, so if you are interested please contact me, lol [update: got a new one :)]
  • new area to explore: Mansion – Upper Floor
  • new enemies:
    • Nothic – A creepy, beastly creature that ambushes Sonja by waiting invisible in dark corner
    • Thrall – A vampiric thrall that can turn into a bat to chase Sonja
  • new elite enemy:
    • Vampiress – Can teleport short distances and use magic to force Sonja to masturbate
  • new traps:
    • Mirror – Buffs and restores Sonja’s stamina or…
    • Grue – A dark presence that prevents Sonja from entering a room. Sonja can use a light potion to get access. Or…
  • new ingredient for potion making: Vampire Essence
  • new CG’s for Wolf and Werewolf
  • the game saves after money got collected from Linda having sex and after selling potions
  • hitting elite enemies with powder fully interrupts their normal attacks and movement for about a second now
  • increased Sonja’s standard sight radius by 20% during night/ in dark places
  • increased the coins that a mimic can contain 120 -> 150
  • one speed potion recipe needs vampire essence instead of rodent essence
  • one stamina regeneration potion recipe needs vampire essence instead of eldritch essence
  • 4 potions were not working when you transition from forest to mansion and vice versa, even though they are tagged as active in the buff bar below Sonjas health
    • Pheromone Potion
    • Arousal Potion
    • Runner Potion
    • Inconspocuous Potion
  • acid potion on the mimic makes the game soft lock, if there is no item before the acid potion in the bag. the bag gets filled up from right to left, bottom to top
  • Sonja stops masturbating after getting hit
  • sonja duplication bug
  • sonja geting “grabbed” after hitting 0 health, resulting in she not being visibile in the game over screen
  • 3rd recipe alternative for acid potions, consisting of Blue Heads, Ona Shroom and Slime Essence
  • game runs in background / doesn’t interrupt music anymore
  • made the checkboxes in the settings more obvious
  • potions can now stack higher: 1 -> 3
  • new location: abandoned mansion
    • you can find it by heading north in the forest
    • you need acid potions to gain access
  • new lesser enemies for the mansion
    • invisible ghosts, which turn visible and slowly haunt Sonja if getting close
    • bats, which can appear as 1,2 or 3 individual(s)
  • new traps for the mansion
    • shadow hands, that lurk in walls for Sonja to come close
    • hectocotylus (tentacle) can appear from holes in the floor
    • mimic; a chest that either contains valuable potions or will get Sonja by surprise
  • new potions:
    • Light Potion – Increases range of sight during night and in other dark places
    • Acid Potion – Used for breaking locks
    • Pheromone Potion – Increases Sonja’s chance of getting grabed by enemies instead of geting hurt
    • Runner Potion – Running doesn’t cost stamina
    • Inconspicuous Potion – Reduces aggro range from enemies by 30%
  • a whole new lighting engine got implemented
  • new music; every scene has it’s own, special music tracks
  • a new dialogue between Sonja and Linda (will appear at some point after visiting the new location)
  • all potions needed ingredients have been updated, based of the new location
  • stamina costs for running got reduced to half
  • sleeping enemies will disappear to increase game performance, if there is enough distance to the player
  • arousal potions now double the amount of arousal while having sex or masturbating, instead of giving a fixed amount of arousal once
  • sonja is now invincible for 3 seconds instead of 2 after getting hit and after sex
  • the collider of the wolf was about one length of sonja to far below the wolf, meaning you got “blocked” by nothing, additionally of getting blocked by the wolf directly
  • when talking to linda to choose some options (white exclamation mark) sometimes the dialogue appears with no text and characters
  • in the tutorial, during the lewd slime scene, the game doesn’t continue appropiatly, when you haven’t clicked through Sonja’s monologue before the scene finishes
  • the naughty schoolgirl outfit was supposed to add 10% more essence, like it was written in the description. But it added 20%
  • there will be at least 1 more area within the mansion location; coming at some point in the next few updates
  • new elite enemy: The Werewolf
  • clothes for Linda:
    • standard dress, nude, nightgown
    • dialogues activate the new clothes
    • every clothes comes with certain effects, like it is with Sonja’s outfits
    • clothes can be swapped in the closet, as long as linda has the appropiate inhibition
  • new trap: Statue
    • has a chance to appear at one, certain location in the forest
    • works like the tree trap: risk <-> reward
    • if successful, then the statue recovers Sonja’s health and stamina to her maximum
    • if unsuccessful, then the statue demands a tribute…
  • 2 new dialogues
  • a new option in the settings that let you deactivate certain fetishes (spider, futa) and replaces those scenes with a short description
  • coins that linda earns via sex is now connected to her outfit and not her inhibition
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  • overhaul of the dialogue sex (the one with the bandit)
  • there are now 3 phases with 2 choices each for the player:
    • 1. phase: consensual / non-consensual
    • 2. phase: dominant / submissive (alternatively resist / give in if the player chose non-con)
    • 3. phase: cum inside / cum outside
    • each choice costs a bit of stamina
    • if the player makes the right choices, he will gain additional ‘essence’
    • if the player chooses wrong, the current animation loop continues and the wrong choice gets disabled
    • this means that the player has 3 turns with the bandit at best and 6 at worst
    • new sentences got created from scratch and they fit more to the action on screen
  • Sonja masturbation
    • [M] or [H] to masturbate and to stop masturbating
    • costs stamina <-> gains arousal
    • 3 different animation states; Sonja can cum in any of those
  • mouse only controls
    • hold rightclick to move around
    • leftclick for picking up ingredients
    • zoom / toggle run / toggle masturbate is now on the HUD (you can also zoom by using the + and – keys on the numpad)
  • a new powder: Hypnosis Powder
    • strong powder
    • choose the position before having sex with any enemy
    • every choices made during the sex with the bandit is a success
  • new sex animations for Linda
    • in the kitchen with a male customer
    • in the bedroom with a female customer
  • 1 new h-animation with the wolf
  • 2 new dialogues between Sonja and Linda
  • removed ‘increasing elite turns’ from ‘temporary mechanics’, since turns are now fixed due to new dialogue sex system
  • increasing/decreasing the libido of Linda in the casual dialogue is set from 25 to 50
  • clothes for Sonja:
    • clothes will get represented in every animation and dialogues
    • clothes are accessable from the closet in the sisters bedroom (or on the hud)
    • choose between 5 different outfits (including naked)
    • each outfit has different values of health, stamina and arousal
    • each outfit comes with one special passive
    • outfits need to get purchased
    • each purchased outfit will increase the price of the next one
    • Sonjas standard outfit and being naked are available from the start
  • a new enemy: the wolf (including one h-animation):
    • you can encounter the wolf during night, but it appears at daytime every now and then as well
    • if the wolf notices Sonja, it will stalk her until it is close enough to sprint and bite
  • a Voice Actress has been found for Linda:
    • all animations with her now include cute moans <3
  • the forest area grew bigger by about 50%!
  • new type of essence: Canine Essence
  • the bland black game over screen when you reach to much gossip got replaced with a high quality CG
    • if you just wanna see it without actually going game over you can enter this cheat for now in the settings: gameover
sleeping now regenerates 10% of health, stamina and arousal instead of flat 10
adjusted some of the potion recipes to make use of the new canine essence:
one speed potion recipe now needs canine essence instead of plant essence
one health regeneration potion recipe now needs canine essence instead of slime essence
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  • game overs! Reaching more than 10 gossip will punish the player
    • the player looses all coins, ingredients and potions, but keeps story progression and upgrades
  • weekdays! (necessary for potion shop competition)
  • new potion shop competitor, named Annabelle
  • new h-animations for Linda
    • with female customer in the shop
    • with Annabelle
    • surprise after a certain dialogue; happens in the shower
  • new h-animation for Sonja
    • +1 with tongue lasher(plant)
  • lots and lots of new dialogues
  • you can reduce gossip now at Temporary Mechanics
  • removed the prices tab, since this function felt unnecessary
  • in-game time flows faster (90 sec = 1 hour -> 60s = 1h)
  • potions sell faster (again)(Hint: Potions only sell during opening time and have a reduced sellrate when sleeping!)
  • Lindas casual dialogues now happen every fixed 24 hours (before it was random between 18 and 30 hours). linda won’t talk to you if she is sleeping or has sex with someone. Same with being under the shower.
  • endless bandit animation fixed
  • updated the speechbubbles during sex with the bandit. It flows better and I fixed an issue where sometimes the sentences gets overwritten while the bandit is talking
  • the time for lindas next casual dialogue (exclamation mark) will now get saved and don’t start over when continue playing your session
  • fixed a small issue concerning Temporary Mechanics
The previous version is now available for the public!
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  • small rehaul of the way how dialogue sex with the bandit works
    • all options are available from the start
    •   graphic update
    • bandit’s top likes got reduced from 3 to 2
    • force the bandit to cum, which does result in less ‘essence ‘ though traps!
    • tentacle trap
    • spider trap
    • hollow tree trap (gamble)
  • new dialogue sex options:
    • threaten (the old threaten got renamed to “dominate”)
    • insult
    • act as virgin
  • new animations for Linda:
    • masturbation in shop
    • masturbation on balcony
  • four new potions to use and sell:
    • health regeneration
    • stamina regeneration
    • stamina for battle
    • increased walking speed
  • arousal “damage” from bandit increased
  • reduced the running speed by a bit
  • buffed health/stamina potion heal (25 > 30)
  • potions sell a bit faster
automatic save system. The game saves everytime when:
entering the shop
leaving the shop
end (skip) of a dialogue
skip button for sex scenes with lesser monsters (slime, tongue lasher)
new animations for Sonja:
extra scene with bandit
extra scene with slime
new animations for Linda:
masturbation in the living room
a secret one that happens during nightime
dialogue text can be shown instant. Go to Settings -> Game
new mouse controls when in the shop and when sonja is getting loved
screen edge scroll (activateable in Settings -> Game)
drag scroll with left click (deactivateable in Settings -> Game)
some furniture in the shop can be interacted with. This is the same as clicking a button on the rightside of the HUD (bed)
cauldron, shop pinboard)
various cheats for sherlock crows (10$)
if you have reached max stacks of an ingredient in your bag, the number turns yellow for better noticing
3 new music tracks
they are the same like the ones I commissioned for zum Damenhaus
currently they will play in a fixed order; later in development they will play depending on scene/daytime/character and so on
[TAB] opens bag as well
[E] can pick up items as well
[Escape] closes settings (and not only opens it)
more small stuff that I don’t mention here
stamina damage during sex now applies in the first 5 seconds of an animation (skip will be available right after)
reduced the amount of sex time with slime / tongue lasher. Time till cum is random (which was before as well) but now it’s between 10 and 20 seconds
a cumming Sonja now adds 50 human essence into your inventory instead of adjusting health and stamina
Linda starts masturbating at 50 libido now (instead of 70). she still choose to have sex at the start of 70 libido
it’s a bit easier to see the animation variations with the bandit. it still depends on how you do though
just holding shift for moving faster doesn’t make you loose stamina anymore. You now need to actually walk as well
sonja cums (squirts) visually when doing fellatio to the bandit
Notes for a future update:
the function of the arousal potion will get adjusted. The current use is a placeholder
the dialogue sex with the bandit will recieve deeper adjustments, which will make it more enjoyable
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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!!!An important note!!!
Since this is the first ever release of the game, some mechanics haven’t been implemented yet! For example: Nothing is happening yet when going beyond 10 gossip. Also bringing down Linda’s inhbition to 0 has limited function yet. There will be more connected to these game mechanics in future updates!
There is more planned, like:
xperience points and skill trees
save and load function
other potion shop owners, who blackmail the girls
different clothes, mainly for Sonja, but also for Linda
more areas to explore
more enemies
more items
more potions and therefore more recipes
more animations for the sisters

Extras: CHEATS

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