Project Dollscapes [v0.2.1] [dollscapes]

Project Dollscapes [v0.2.1] [dollscapes]

May 6, 2024F95

Dollscapes project featuring creatures from fantasy and cyberpunk worlds.
The development process will focus on creating a lifelike experience, where characters feel alive, express emotions, remember all player actions, and react to the smallest events.
VR is NOT required to play this game.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-04
Release Date: 2024-05-04
Developer: DollscapesPatreonDiscordTwitteritch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1
OS:  Windows
Language: English
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Animated, Glory Hole, Tentacles, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, 3D Game, Monster, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, Sex Toys, Anal Sex
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1. Download and run.
2. Click Install to get the latest updates.
3. Click Play as guest or link your Patreon account to receive benefits in the game.
4. Click VR mode If you have VR.
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– In honor of Easter, a bunny tail has been added 🙂
– Fingering by VR hand for all holes
– Integration of Buttplug for smart toys of other brands
– Improved movement between scenes
– Saving player height for VR
– Ducky in the bath is interactive
– Possibility of linking Patreon directly inside the game
– Physical hands for VR
– New touches to the body, face and pussy
– Physics of VR camera and player
– Interact with the body, face and pussy with mouse
– Added emotions for pressing the nose down
– Ability to adjust camera height in VR (hold thumbstick)
– Characters in VR have become a little larger
– Anime embarrassment
– Fixed many minor bugs
1. New character in the men’s room.
2. Next quest for gaming room.
3. Flipped dialogue panel fix.
4. Fappy angel minigame.
5. Stream with comments and reactions.
6. Reset quest progress button in settings window.
7. Player can pee in the WC room.
8. New hairstyle and bondage.
9. Dialogues: printed smoothly, semantic pauses, facial emotions, sfx.
10. Polishing of past quests.
1. Gaming room
2. New character
3. First quest with the portal gun
4. Transitional pose animations
5. Exit from squirt animations
6. Kneeling pose reworked
7. New outfits and hairstyles
8. Numerous minor improvements and tweaks
1. Dynamic animated poses.
2. Emotions and facial/eye animations.
3. Orgasms and squirting.
4. Dynamic character attributes.
5. Initial interactions with clothing.
6. Character animations at the reception.
7. Improved toys and inventory.
8. Fixed controller vibrations and smart toys.
9. More reactions to player actions.
– The server has been moved to the US data center
– Physics and IR bugs fixed
– Ability to squat, adjust the height with a wheel and run
– Redesigned locations
– Demo room replaced by private room
– Slightly improved visuals

v0.0.9 Release
1. Lovense toys support
2. New toys & character
3. More free fetures and content
4. Optimization and bug fixes
v0.0.8 Release
1. First sounds added
2. Vibrations of touch controllers in VR
3. Room with tentacles
4. Glory hole room
5. Several poses in the demo room
6. Dialogue functionality

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