Project Reeducation [v1.17DLC] [Joe_Moma]

Project Reeducation [v1.17DLC] [Joe_Moma]

February 15, 2024F95

Your parents were disappointed with your behavior,
they decided to throw you in a rehabilitation program with your step brother.
See how corrupted you could become in an attempt to run away.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-15
Release Date: 2023-01-16
Developer: Joe_Moma Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.17DLC
Language: English
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Real porn, Female protagonist, Animated, Incest, Creampie, Group sex, Multiple penetration, Rape, Sleep sex, Corruption, Anal sex, Groping,  Masturbation, Oral sex, Sexual harassment, Teasing, Virgin
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– Added 3 new scenes riding bike (park)
– Added new bike rental location
– Added 1 new scene special bike negotiation (bike rental)
– Added 4 new scenes relaxing (park)
– Added 1 new scene suspicious activity (park)
– Added 1 new scene flashesh to the bicyclist (park)
– Added 1 new scene lonely guy (park)
– Added 1 new scene lustfull couple (park)
– Added 1 new scene bike crash (park)
– Added 1 new scene teasing drunk rich (park)
– Added 17 new misc text descriptions (park)
– Added 10 new misc text descriptions (lake)
– Changed park UI
– Changed lake image
– Fixed lake UI
– Fixed twin client’s massage bug (LORE DLC)
– Added hospital admission passage
– Added hospital morning passage
– Added 5 new scenes bed rest (hospital)
– Added medical check passage
– Added 4 new scenes medical check (hospital)
– Added arousal help passage (hospital)
– Added 2 new scenes arousal help (hospital)
– Added 19 new misc text descriptions (hospital)
– Added hospital leave passage
– Added 1 new scene leaving (hospital)
– Fixed brother’s massage bug
– Fixed father’s massage bug
v1.15 DLC
– Added 3 new misc text descriptions (uncle kitchen)
– Added 2 new scenes with cousin (uncle kitchen)
– Added 1 new scene with uncle (uncle kitchen)
– Added 6 new misc text descriptions (cooking uncle kitchen)
– Added 4 new scenes with uncle (cooking uncle kitchen)
– Added 5 new scenes with cousin (cooking uncle kitchen)
– Added 3 new scenes cooking (cooking uncle kitchen)
– Added 1 new scenes with cousin & uncle (cooking uncle kitchen)
– Added mode selector in the startup passage
– Added uncle stats output (uncle room)
– Added misc stat changes (uncle room)
– Added 2 new sex scenes (uncle)
– Added cousin stats output (cousin room)
– Added misc stat changes (cousin room)
– Added 2 new sex scenes (cousin)
– Added new image css style
– Added 3 new scenes cousin story (sleep at uncle)
– Added 1 new scene uncle story (confront uncle)
– Added 4 new misc text descriptions
– Changed knowledge check to become maid at uncle’s house
– Changed corruption check to join cousin masturbating
– Changed corruption check to spy on horny uncle
LORE DLC updated to 0.7
– Added 10 new scenes (work)
– Added 18 new misc text descriptions (work)
– Added tips (work)
– Added 6 new scenes public intercourse (camp)
– Added 1 new scene janitor (camp)
– Added 3 new scenes bunch of boys (camp)
– Added 3 new scenes staff member (camp)
– Added 1 new scene female student (camp)
– Added 2 new scenes pervert (camp)
– Added 4 new clothing reactions (camp)
– Added 1 new scenes clothing call out (camp)
– Added 6 new misc text descriptions (camp)
– Added tips (camp)
– Fixed UI cafeteria
– Fixed UI stadium
– Fixed UI auditorium
LORE DLC updated to 0.5
– Added night random events
– Added tips night random events
– Added school class skip
– Added 3 new ignoring scenes (brother masturbates)
– Added 1 new swimsuit help scene (brother masturbates)
– Added 4 new help him scenes (brother masturbates)
– Added 3 new masturbating scenes (brother masturbates)
– Added 3 new ask him to stop scenes (brother masturbates)
– Added 3 new text variations (brother masturbates)
– Added tips (brother masturbates)
– Changed bikini to a swimsuit (clothing store)
– Fixed back to bedroom button (camp wardrobe)
– Added advanced corruption system (brothercampmate NPC)
– Added 7 new ‘feelings’ for advanced corruption system (brothercampmate NPC)
LORE DLC updated to 0.4
– Added home random events
– Added tips (home random events)
– Added NPC corruption changes (sex widget)
– Added 1 new clothed tease scene (camp wardrobe)
– Added 2 new clothed without underwear tease scenes (camp wardrobe)
– Added 2 new underwear tease scenes (camp wardrobe)
– Added 2 new nude tease scenes (camp wardrobe)
– Added tips (camp wardrobe)
– Added 1 new brother low lust scene (brother camp sex)
– Added 2 new friend over scenes (brother camp sex)
– Added 5 new sex scenes (brother camp sex)
– Added tips (brother camp sex)
– Fixed double lust statChanges (camp sleep intercourse)
[sex] widget updated to 0.3.10
– Added losing virginity mechanic
– Added losing virginity corruption bonus
– Fixed UI
LORE DLC updated to 0.3
– Added random events (school)
– Added classes (school)
– Added principal events (school)
v1.9 public
– Added description for TIPS (become patreon page)
– Fixed forest sleep with brother events
– Added tips for brother camp bedroom events
– Added 4 new scenes fighting for clothes with brother (camp bedroom events)
– Added 5 scenes teasing brother (camp bedroom events)
– Added new responses for brother groping scenes (camp bedroom events)
– Added new responses for brother ass slap scenes (camp bedroom events)
– Added new responses for brother staring scenes (camp bedroom events)
– Added tips UI
– Added tips API
– Changed brother will cum in his pants once lust >250
– Changed brother will try freeusing you if you have freeuse agreement and his lust is >100
– Removed doubled scenes
– Updated LORE DLC!
– Added 4 new brother masturbation events (LORE DLC)
– Added 7 new WIP get sent to camp events (LORE DLC)
– Fixed endless weekends bug
– Fixed father lust change after intercourse
All 3 DLC are included in the release. Patreon code is 111.
This version has been modified to alter the devs code, as they included links to external phishing sites.
Patreon code is 111
– Fixed camp classes knowledge change
– Fixed morning camp classes after sleeping with brother
– Added if brother is horny he’ll give you money more easily
– Added 5 new brother ask for money scenes
– Added sleeping with brother brotherMainQuest check (2)
– Added sleeping with brother player arousal check (100)
– Added 2 new brother sleep together scenes (bj)
– Added 2 new brother sleep together scenes (anal)
– Added 4 new brother lesson scenes
– Added 2 new events (brother lesson)
– Added desk image (brother lesson)
– Added mother character
– Changed desk image
– Changed corruption stat to sleep with brother (reduced to 50)
– Changed wisdom stat changes are no longer ‘unified’
[sex] widget updated to 0.3.9
– Added pregnancy system (wip)
– Added show age of certain NPC
– Added show gender of certain NPC
– Added show player age for certain NPC
– Added statchange for the NPC
– Added text for advanced intercourse system
– Added corruption change will count age difference
– Added younger player have more chances to get pregnant
– Added cum tracker
– Changed corruption changes for NPC
v1.3.5 public
– Changed money output in the left panel
– Changed sleep in camp sex widget to [sex]
[sex] widget updated to 0.2
– Added stat changes based on intecourse type
– Added stat changes based on NPC
– Added personal opinion for each NPC to pull out or cum in
– Added ability to force NPC to pull out or cum in
[statChange] widget updated to 0.6.2
– Fixed the incorrect sign output
– Added 5 mentor in the bedroom scenes
– Added strange dream image (intro)
– Added 3 sleeping in camp brother boner scene
– Added 3 sleeping in camp brother masturbation scenes
– Changed sleeping sex will decrease corruption lvl
– Changed structure of the sleep in camp passage
– Changed brother interaction UI, now actions will be under brother’s UI
– Fixed brother age calculation
– Fixed free use night event
– Fixed brother UI
– Fixed brother camp tease UI style
– Fixed mentor UI
– Fixed mentor in the bedroom UI
– Fixed UI in bedroom
– Added couch
– Added 5 brother couch sex scenes
– Added 1 cousin couch sex scene
– Added 1 fatheruncle couch sex scene
– Added 1 couch bj scene
– Added 2 couch masturbation scenes
– Changed now you could watch TV from the couch
– Fixed stat changes in the flat (with roommate)
– Fixed flat UI
– Added 3 brother night freeuse events
– Added 2 brother lust events (boner)
– Added 3 brother lust events (horny)
– Added 4 brother lust events (very horny)
– Added 2 brother lust events (extremely horny)
– Added start backstory
– Added start backstory (corrupted start)
– Added start backstory (corrupted camp)
– Added start backstory (corrupted camp + corrupted start)
– Added brother age start option
– Added brother dick size start option
– Added player character age start option
– Added mentor’s description
– Fixed camp cleaning UI
– Fixed camp bedroom stat changes
– Small changes
– Script added (sex v0.1)
– Script update [relationText] to v0.3
– Added alternative start for patrons
– Small bugs fixed
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– Added shower events(5) for brother
– Added shower events(12) for student(male)
– Added shower events(4) for group of male students
– Added shower events(17) for student(female)
– Added shower events(5) for janitor
– Added shower events(7) for female guard
– Added shower masturbation (3)
– Added shower undress descriptions and images (3)
– Added shower dress up descriptions and images (3)
– Added text gathering donations
– Added Facility DLC description
– Changed shower closed event (now will trigger in showers location)
– Fixed showers location UI
– Fixed take a shower events UI
– Script updated relationText to v0.2
– Script updated statChange to v0.5
– Minor UI improvments
– CITY DLC %45 (early access version is availiable)
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– Would there will be more updates/content added after v1.0? Yes, there is still so many things I want to add into the game!
– Added brother lustcorruption stats output in the camp room
– Added brother small talk
– Added brother tease interaction (Show off your body)
– Added brother tease interaction (Bend infront of him)
– Added brother tease interaction (Place his hand on you)
– Added brother tease interaction (Rub his groin)
– Added gather donation for camp
– Added donation gathering family house event
– Added donation gathering suspicios house event
– Added donation gathering loner house event
– Added donation gathering locked house event
– Added donation gathering transportation in a car with fellow camp member
– Changed background image (town)
– Changed background image (camp)
– Changed background image (bedroom)
– Minor bug fixes
– Minor UI imporvments
– Minor spelling fixes (Ask brother for sex)
– Minor spelling fixes (Work at Kitchen)
– Minor spelling fixes (Parents Visit)
– Minor spelling fixes (Study with Mentor)
– Minor spelling fixes (Farm forced sex)
– Minor spelling fixes (Police Station)
– Minor spelling fixes (Mansion tutor)
– Minor spelling fixes (Gym)
– Minor spelling fixes (Mentor in Bedroom)
– Minor spelling fixes (other)
– CITY DLC (%45)
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– Added parents visit naked event
– Added mansion entrance event
– Added mansion entrance naked event
– Added mansion boss
– Added gas station items to buy
– Added text (Bedroom)
– Added text (Camp)
– Added text (Showers)
– Added text (Cafeteria)
– Added text (Kitchen)
– Added text (Stadium)
– Added text (Lockers)
– Added text (Dorms)
– Added text (Restrooms)
– Added text (Auditorium)
– Added text (Gate)
– Added text (Forest)
– Added text (Uncle house living room)
– Added text (Uncle house kitchen)
– Added text (Uncle house bathroom)
– Added text (Uncle house cousin room)
– Added text (Uncle house uncle room)
– Added text (Uncle house your room)
– Added text (Town)
– Added text (Gym)
– Added text (Mall)
– Added text (Cafe)
– Added text (Mansions)
– Added text (Park)
– Added text (Mountains)
– Added text (Lake)
– Added text (Car dealership)
– Added text (Gas station)
– Fixed mansion entrance text
– CITY DLC (%30)
See More
– Started working on CITY DLC (%20)
– Added option to talk with the Mentor
– Added teasing brother on bed if not clothed
– Added bed in camp bedroom
– Added working in cafe picture
– Added entry in camp bedroom scene (5 different outcomes)
– Added non consentual sex system (in some cases you would have a choice to run awaysubmitnegotiate)
– Changed now you could go outside naked in mall
– Text style improvments
– Fixed blank spaces in intro
– Fixed bug sleeping in bedroom
– Minor bug fixes
v0.9a public
– Added congratulations message if escaped virgin
– Fixed shower events spelling
– Minor bug fixes
– Added helping brother to go to sleep (random event while sleeping with horny brother)
– Added shower at uncle fix
– Added 3 images cooking at uncle (naked, underwear, clothed)
– Added now uncle will react if you ask for shelter at his house naked
– Added brother corruption levels
– Added character creation
– Added parent visits
– Added ask mentor when parents could visit you
– Added camp duty
– Added minor UI changes
– Added text cousin joins cleaning at uncle
– Added minor improvements to lessons at auditorium
– Added minor help in help section
– Fixed police negotiation deal
– Fixed dinner at uncle UI
– Fixed spelling
– Changed brother have to get extra horny to start masturbation (>110)
– Added special game to buy in electronic shop
– Added now you could find town while in the forest
– Added more info in donation tab
– Added minor quality improvements in UI
– Fixed mentor interactions UI
– Fixed camp UI
– Fixed auditorium UI
– Fixed bedroom UI
– Fixed camp UI
– Fixed forest UI
– Fixed town random events UI
– Fixed town UI
– Fixed store back button
– Fixed eating in cafeteria text
– Fixed sexual intercourse UI
– Fixed gate text
– Fixed spelling
– Fixed tennis infinite money glitch
– Fixed minor bugs
– Changed ask for sex from brother while virgin
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“grindset” gives you every cheat.
“chizda” = 100 corruption
“cheat here” = 100 knowledge
“hesoyam” = $250000 and hp restore
“society” = 100 camp lust
“bowling” = cousin corruption
“nonut” = 100 uncle cousin brother mentor lust
“genshinimpact” = makes you a virgin (haha)
Thanks WarblGarbl
Access Code: dovgdac
Alt Start Code: other


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