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ProXent [v0.11.24] [Serializer]

May 18, 2024F95

Welcome to the world of ProXent, an adult management/RPG game that immerses you in the adult content industry. You play as a young man in a relationship who is eager for fame and fortune, and has made a pact with his girlfriend to become the new kings of the scene. But how do you start from scratch and climb to the top of the production studios?

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In this game, you’ll need to work hard to achieve your goals. Your success will be measured by your popularity, which will unlock exclusive content, recruit new actresses, and reward you with monthly and yearly prizes.

To increase your popularity, you’ll need to produce attractive content by managing your time and resources effectively. You can hire actors, directors, and producers to help you achieve your goals, and invest in high-quality equipment to improve the quality of your productions.

As an RPG, you’ll focus on developing your actresses by training them to become true stars of the adult content industry. Your actresses will need to participate in activities such as photoshoots, filming, auditions, and competitions to level up and unlock new skills.

But be careful, the competition will be tough! You’ll have to compete with other production studios to win the most lucrative contracts and attract fans. The choices you make will impact your popularity and success.

Overall, ProXent is an exciting game that lets you experience a unique management and RPG experience in the adult content industry. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and become a star of adult content?

Thread Updated: 2023-06-30
Release Date: 2023-06-30
Developer: Serializer PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.11.24
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Real porn, Male protagonist, Management, Animated, Big tits, Corruption, Handjob, Masturbation, Oral sex, Stripping, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, RPG
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1. Go to website and play!
1. Unzip file and double-clic index.html to play!
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  • Balance of bonus/malus in battle: bonus grants +70% for each attribute, malus removes -50% for each attribute
  • Review of girl specialization effects: no more lowered modifiers
  • Small UI fixes & lower screen resolution support enhanced: new game, settings
  • Shooting attribute order fixed
  • Modding documentation
  • Game speed lowered: day duration changed from 2s to 4s
  • Contracts level and fans requirements lowered
  • Other studios get 15% upgrade instead of 20% after beating a leader
  • Lag spike after huge reward record
  • Game speed: x1, x2, x5
  • Lela doggy 4 & 5 changed to longer scenes
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  • Tutorials on first visit of screens + possibility to show them again at any time
  • Modding support for girls: shoots, records, skill sets
  • Modding support for leaders
  • Simulate a record: option to simulate a record: combos disabled, skills disabled & trendings randomized
  • Girls specialization: golds/fans/cum/points/xp advantages, each girl has her own multiplier
  • Player can choose a starting girl to be his girlfriend. Choose wisely as she won’t compete for rewards or battles
  • Unlocking studio gives one free girl picked by player
  • Girl order: GF – Mods in alphabetical order
  • Contracts: contracts arrive periodically requesting specific shoot or record, limited in time, you can pick them up for rewards but be careful as not completing will result in big loss
  • League system:
  • Girl level capped by current league lvl (35 – 10000)
  • Beating a league upgrades girl lvl cap but each league requires XXX gold to maintain: end of month = removing upkeep. If not enough money = master loss and girl’s level reduced if cap
  • Leagues have fetish and like/dislike
  • Leagues battle is same as leader battle
  • Leagues ladder, each type is I, II: Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond
  • Leagues & Leaders bonus/malus/fetish are randomized and changed each month
  • Add endgame victory based on win factor: beat league diamond X
  • Battle goals are now shown during record
  • Battle automatically stops if goals achieved
  • FETISH REWORK: Fetish are now giving bonus and appear in purple, it should stack with golden so a golden + fetish scene means a huge bonus
  • Fetish no longer prevent scene use
  • Madison skill set
  • Karma skill set
  • Nikki skill set
  • 2 new girls based on Patreon votes + Skill set: Lela & Susy
  • 2 new girls based on Patreon votes, without special tree: Kagney & Dani
  • XP curve reworked
  • Added continue button
  • Record & UI improvements: display of applied skills
  • Battle UI improvements: display of leader activities
  • Adapt other studios recording to scale with progression: each battle won upgrade quality by 20%
  • Corruption when no new scene doesn’t go to the scene picker
  • Corrupting with scene automatically selects one available scene
  • FAP Mode performance improvement
  • New skill type – temporary skills limited over time:
  • – +5 boner/s
  • – +2 orgasm/s
  • Better skill effects:
  • – Triggers: skills can now trigger other skills or special effects, passive skills can activate upon certain conditions
  • Record xp reduced
  • Added 3 types of leader activities
  • Sound settings applied to corruption
  • Peta doggy3 duration
  • Wrong skill points number displayed in rewards
  • End of scene correctly handled
  • Photo attributes improved (thanks to anonymoustoyouall)
  • Unlocking scene by skill doesn’t unlock previous corruption scenes – known glitch, won’t be fixed in this version
  • Golden scene sometimes doesn’t appear
  • Fixed month lengths
  • Old & exotics browsers compatibility
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  • Leader goal calcultation based 90% on leader lvl – 10% on all around
  • Displaying of girls tags before unlocking –> display matching girls on leader screen
  • Settings to adjust costs & rewards multipliers
  • Select settings on new game
  • Added general sound control in settings
  • Change save status icon + click = manual save
  • Fix battle tree disabled for girlfriend
  • Fix records chaining and sound control in firefox
  • Fix back to menu with full/embeded version
  • Fix Ava Skill Double 4 – added new scene
  • Fix Ava Triple Skill
  • Fix trending position picking
  • Fix wrong labelling of Peta pictures (thanks to anonymoustoyouall)
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  • Bugfix: Girl limit not updated when unlocking multiple girls at once
  • Improved independency effects = independency reduces rewards/scores
  • Finish screen reworks for same background everywhere
  • Recording, Corrupting, Battling and Shooting are hiding menu for better experience
  • Recording:
  • Content rework: improve diversity & positions for each girls based on specialization/skills
  • Improve combo and record gameplay with foreplay/cum power
  • Stamina replaced with bonner gauge
  • Foreplay –> little reward + bonner increase
  • Position –> Reward scales on bonner + reduce bonner
  • Cum –> quantity based on bonner
  • Trending position (golden) grants more rewards
  • Combo for positions correctly done unlocks next position lvl = better rewards
  • Combos = click zone appear randomly on screen, click it before they disappear –> each position lvl requires more successful clicks
  • Position picker layout: sorted by type
  • Malus based on girl use repetition – lowered until more girls to unlock
  • Positions rewards based on type:
  • foreplay
  • penetration
  • special
  • Final score calcultation reworked
  • Implementation of skills – special/positions, recording, battle branch – skills requires material to unlock
  • Skills are limited by girl level – each 5 level grants +1 skill point
  • Skills can be resetted with a special item but all spent materials are lost
  • Show girl’s required xp for next level
  • Yiny skill set
  • Peta skill set
  • Ava skill set
  • FAP Mode = switch to allow for auto-combo hit
  • Better scene transition – sound and video fade
  • Balance overall rewards
  • Improve/rework battle to make it more interesting:
  • Battle is a recording where leader asks for a score + cum count
  • Leader can randomly: reduce bonner, reset bonner, prevent position one or more position use, cum spoiling –> every 2s, x% chance to get a malus, percentage depends on leader and increased with leader level (+1%/lvl)
  • Each time we beat a leader it becames harder to beat and therefore requires better lvl girl
  • Leaders bonus/malus upgraded – almost impossible to beat a leader without bonus / impossible with a malus
  • Leaders can have fetish: only fetish positions are allowed!
  • New leader: Skillus
  • New leader: Aniter
  • New leader: Multiplor
  • New leader: Blows
  • New leader: Savager
  • Logic rework between shooting – record – studio – leaders – girls to prepare for endgame/progression content
  • All rewards & scores are affected by studio quality
  • Recording rewards lowered, poor recording quality/score results in big loss on golds
  • Revision of photos attributes
  • Can now corrupt without unlocking position, will only increase recording/battling position count
  • Responsive 720p
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  • Bugfix: medias loading with full version
  • Bugfix: medias caching
  • Bugfix: intro position in corrupt screen
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  • Rework shooting game – Deck game
  • All girls have their own set of positions
  • Balancing rewards record
  • Background for loading screen
  • Improve inventory screen
  • Improve start screen
  • Rework rewards shooting – balancing
  • New girl: Abella!
  • Save status indicator in status bar
  • Added save export instruction when no save selected
  • Added end button in recording
  • Moved all assets to online cdn – offline/downloadable version receive medias package appart –> see install instructions
  • Bugfix: videos not loading
  • Bugfix: inventory not loaded correctly
  • Bugfix: leader card style
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  • Fix: Combo allowed to click multiple times
  • Balancing: Combo multipliers were too high
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  • Save system: import & export feature
  • Studio starts with max 2 girls (+1 Yiny), need to beat the ‘Expandor’ leader to expand
  • Possibility to free girl: girl returns to locked state and is resetted – does not apply to Yiny and Peta
  • Max girls hit: new dialog with yiny explaining
  • Leaders system: trigger a special record where we need to beat a certain score – other studios are upgraded on win & all leaders are harder to beat
  • New leader: Expandor – beat him to get more girls!
  • Girls have attributes, each league has x attributes bonus, x attributes malus
  • New girl: Karma!
  • New girl: Nikki!
  • Combo tweak: Each perfect timing gives +10 orgasm level
  • Trending & repetitions: Extra score more impacted by good/bad choices of positions
  • Multiples orgasm in same position with combos
  • Orgasm level resetted correctly
  • Timings combos adapted for Peta positions to test gameplay
  • Badge associated to studio equipment grants double effect
  • Reduced day length to 3.5s
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  • Fix: Don’t restore saved golds if negative value
  • Fix: Rewards system fixed events didn’t launch as retrieving next month’s record
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  • Fix: Golds resetted to 0 when unlocking Peta
  • Fix: Rewards system fixed, now granting rewards as expected. WARNING: Rewards exclude Yiny’s records
  • Fix: Missing contents for Peta & Ava
  • Fix: Finally online version is working
  • Feat: New Combo system for positions with combos. Updated multipliers for balancing
  • Feat: New Girl available! Madison is waiting for you!
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Initial Release
Others: ONLINE

Extras: Mod

* Light version does not include medias and will load it directly from server, requires fast connection

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