R-Life [v0.1.5d Patreon] [SEGameX]

R-Life [v0.1.5d Patreon] [SEGameX]

July 8, 2024F95

Your family is enjoying a holiday criuse when suddenly a big storm appears and sinks your ship. You and your relatives drift to a strange island and your new life starts here!!!

In the game, in addition to trying to survive as many other survival games, you can also fight with monsters and bosses to level training like a RPG game! The world of the game is a magical world, so there will be miracles appearing.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-08
Release Date: 2024-05-29
Developer: SEGameX Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.5d Patreon
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, 3D game, Animated, Adventure, RPG, Male protagonist, Incest, POV, Monster girl, Monster, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Titfuck
Maids, Survival
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “R-Life.exe” to start playing.
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v0.1.5d Patreon
A playable build focusing on the Forbidden Space mode.
v0.8.5f Fix Patreon
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  • Fixed the problem that the Motorcycle can’t run.
  • Increase the time of the mini game of Rem.
  • Improve some H-Scene on the island.
  • Fix and improve some small things on the island…”
v0.8.5f Patreon
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v0.8.5f Update!?
  • New character in Dreamworld: Nyotalia, Rem.
  • New H-Scene: Nyotalia (+1), Rem (+2).
  • New H-Pictures: +3 (Total: 8, Collect them with Z-Event)
  • New Rem Mini game: Clean up the garbage bag.
  • Killing zombies will gain money and a bit of exp.
  • Add H-Book to Inventory in Dreamworld (Now you can watch H-Pictures here)
  • Improved the bug the player flies while dragging the body.
  • Improve Player jumping on the move
  • Increase motorbike fuel.
  • Unlock level 8. (More health and stamina)
  • Move Farming Plot closer to home.
  • Fixed and improved some minor bugs…
v0.8.5d Patreon
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v0.8.5d Update!?
  • Main content: Yuudachi NPC
  • New Place: Yuudachi Bedroom, Yuudachi Bathroom.
  • New H-Scene: Yuudachi (+5) (+2 small scene: Lick, BJ)
  • Yuudachi commands system.
  • Improve weapons collection system.
  • Press T to store weapons in Inventory instead of dropping like before.
  • You can save anytime in Dreamword. (Pause Menu)
  • Add mouse sensitivity adjustment button in Dreamword.
  • Fixed and improved some things…
Fixed! (Nov 2)
  • Weapons are broken when equipped.
  • While Yuudachi is following you if she faints, when you use Train, a bug will appear.
  • Add Chocolate to the Shop after you unlock Yuudachi.
  • In order for Yuudachi to appear at her home, you need to unlock her with Z-Event first.
  • The H-Scenes will be different for each place: Bedroom, Bathroom, Motel Room,…
  • Interact with Yuudachi’s legs, abdomen and head to perform different H-scenes.
  • The city is quite deserted, I will soon add enemy gangs, It will need good optimization.
  • New build with full content will arrive exactly in less than a week more.
v0.8.5c Patreon
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  • Add Yuudachi to compass, you can easily find her.
  • Fixed sometime enemies stuck on walls, spawning on rooftops.
  • Mutants appear only in waves: 10-15-20.
  • Unlock new weapons without picking them up.
  • Shotgun damage increased.
  • Increase the range of the sound of Bonus. (H-Pictures search is easier)
  • Adjust some things…
v0.8.5b Patreon
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  • Z-Event easier.
  • Reduce movement speed of some zombies in Z-Event.
  • Reduce ammo pick up time.
  • Add the enemies of Z-Event to the Compass.
  • Player run faster.
  • Fixed sometime enemies don’t appear to complete wave.
  • Add locations to return to the island in the city.
  • Fixed Player’s hand when holding a gun.
v0.8.5 Patreon
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  • Main Content: Z-Event (Location: School, Testing)
  • New Character: Yuudachi (Unlock her on Z-Event)
  • New H-Scene: Yuudachi (+5)
  • New 5 H-Pictures: It was at school when the Z-Event was taking place. It’s just a test for fun, I’ll put it into the book in the inventory like on Island soon.
  • New H-Action: You can perform H when Yuudachi loses consciousness to save her. H while fighting to heal. (Need to unlock it first)
  • H-Voice: Yuudachi voice. (Moans, Fighting, Talk)
  • Mini game when H-Action with Yuudachi.
  • New Weapon: Guns (Only in Z-Event now)
  • Zombies: They currently cannot climb walls, so you can easily kill them by jumping to high places => Challenge yourself! I’ll make them more dangerous in the future!
  • Fixed enemy running around in the air in Dreamworld.
  • Improved camera in Dreamworld, slower but smoother.
  • Now when you die in Dreamworld the progress is still saved.
  • Some other small things…
  • Gun Supplies will be dropped from the sky to a random position in the city on certain waves, please pay attention!
  • The difficulty of Z-Event still needs to be improved, so I need everyone’s help.
  • This build is not yet the full version of v0.8.5, because the project is now more complex than I usually divide the content into small parts to do then join them to make it easier. The remaining content is being resumed and it is about to be completed. It will take about 1 more week. In the meantime! Please try Z-Event and let me know your opinion on it so I can improve it better in the full version. Thanks
v0.8.4c Patreon
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  • New H-Scene: Velvet(+2), Roxie(+1).
  • Improve some H-Scene animation.
  • Unlock new action: “Show Up” with Velvet Shower event, “Phone Call” with Roxie.
  • Increase Motorbike fuel length.
  • Fixed a bug when Monster Girl moved but the walking animation didn’t work.
  • New Enemy: Ghost ( Island, Night)
  • Enemy can patrol on the island.
  • Increase items on the island
  • Improve and fix some previous bugs.”
v0.8.4b Patreon
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  • Fixed Motorbike running through invisible blocking walls.
  • Improve the H-Scenes animation in Dreamworld, leg shaking. (On the island will be improved soon)
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
v0.8.4 Patreon
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What news!?
  • NPCs receive updates: Nyotalia, Yamakaze, Rem, Camilla, Velvet, Maho, Kaya, Musashi.
  • New H-Scene: Nyotalia(+1), Yamakaze(+1), Rem(+1), Camilla(+1), Maho(+1), Kaya(+1), Musashi(+2).
  • Add Velvet Shower scene. (Test)
  • You can choose h-scene positions with the enemy.
  • New H-Action: Sleep Together
  • New Vehicle: Motorbike
  • New Mini game: Race
  • New small area: Shower place
  • Improve and fix some minor bugs.
  • The above content is not enough in v0.8.4, it will be added in small updates in the next few days.
  • Have fun with enemies at least 2 times to unlock new scenes.
  • If you are stuck in the city can press F5 to solve.”
v0.8.3c Patreon
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  • Change Teleport Tool to Bus System.
  • Fixed some bugs in Dungeon 2.
  • Improve some things…
v0.8.2 Patreon
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  • Add Dreamworld gameplay.
  • New Characters: 2B, Kawakaze, Izumi, Musashi, Maho Nishizumi.
  • New H-Scene: Camilla (+1), Izumi (+3), Kawakaze (+1), 2B (+1), Musashi (+1), Maho Nishizumi (+1).
  • New Quest: Camilla (+1).
  • New Event: Camilla (+1).
  • Nyotalia Massage Pose.
  • Dance Undress.
  • Farm System.
  • Improve meal system.
  • Mini game: Whack-a-mole. (Help farm Camilla)
  • Improve and fix some bugs from previous version.
  • And some other things…
The weapon system in Dreamworld is still unstable, it will improve it in the next small updates.
To save in Dreamworld, you need to return to the real world with your bed, If you die, the process will be lost.
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What New!?
  • New Character: Camilla, Jake and Mantis Girl.
  • New Area: Camilla Area and Mantis Area.
  • New Event: Camilla & Jake, Mantis Girl.
  • DreamWorld. (World Test)
  • New Action: Simple Touch with Nyotalia, Yamakaze and Rem.
  • Release Monster Girls.
  • Simple Cum Effect. ( Test)
  • New 13 H-Scene: Camilla (+7), Mantis (+5), Patchouli (+1).
  • New H-Comics (+2) – Total 6.
  • New H-Pictures (+7) – Total 28.
  • New Mini Game: Hide and Seek.
  • New H-Action in the meal.
  • Fixed the face bug when dancing.
  • Smooth Movement & Camera Look.
  • Firework for fun!
  • Fixes and improves some things.
  • The game is optimized to be smoother.
  • And some other things…
Fast Key!
  • F10 – Teleport Panel.
  • F12 – Skip Quest.
  • Y – Wait Panel.
  • Right Ctrl + C -> Active Advance Cheat.
  • F1 – Add XP.
  • F2 – Add Sneaking Level.
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What new!?
  • New Event: Patchouli (+1)
  • New Quest: Nyotalia (+1)
  • New H-scene: Nyotalia (+4), Yamakaze (+1), Rem (+1), Patchouli (+3) .
  • New H-Pictures (+2)
  • Add Bath Scene.
  • Add Family Meal Scene.
  • Chat animation.
  • New Item: Bucket.
  • New Yamakaze sexy dance.
  • New Blackjack scene.
  • Improved mini game Jigsaw Puzzle.
  • Improved some animation.
  • and some other things…
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  • Attack speed of monsters slowed down.
  • Reduces Damage and Move Speed from monster.
  • Platforms in the dungeons move more slowly and easily.
  • Increases damage when you add Strength.
  • Add Skip Dungeon 2 and Show Cirno on Island Button on Skip Quest Panel.
  • Increases Status Point every time you level up.
  • Easier to level up.
  • Fixed and Improved some other things…
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What news!?
  • Fixed some events and quests not working after using Blue & Red Mushroom.
  • Improve some things in the new dungeon.
  • Add new H-Pictures on new dungeon. (Total 23 Picture, 19 outside the island, 2 in Dungeon 1 and 2 in Dungeon 2)
  • Fixed stuck in dungeon 1.
  • Fixed some H-Pictures that could not be displayed.
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What news!?
  • New Dungeon.
  • New Character: Harpy Queen, Cirno, H-Demon (Mikasa).
  • New H-Scene: Harpy Queen, Cirno, H-Goddess. (Total 8 Scene)
  • New Magic: Wind
  • New Menace Interact.
  • Improve and fixed some minor bugs.
  • A few other things…
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Loading faster. Reduce size game.(Reduce ~1GB)
The game is smoother.
Fixed some minor bugs.
0.5 Test
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  • Improve Touch System. (Two hand, Tongue)
  • New H-Goddess model: Hestia.
  • New Quest: Yamakaze & Velvet.
  • New H-Scene: Yamakaze, Velvet, Hestia, Android Girl. (Total New 8 H-Scene)
  • New Monster Girl: Android Girl. (Strong MG)
  • Improve Inventory.
  • New Interact Object: Chest (Storage)
  • New 9 H-Pictures.
  • New 3 H-Comics.
  • New Sexy Dance with Menace.
  • Touch System witch Menace.
  • New Dance with Yamakaze.
  • New Save System. (Now you can share save data file, in Folder Data/SaveData)
  • Now you can respawn. (Only on the island)
  • New Cheat Panel. (F9)
  • And some other things…
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What New?
  • Improved system inventory.
  • Edit Player Base Environment.
  • Flip Comics: Flip on Bottom right or left of each page.
  • Improved H-Scene with Lizard Girl.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
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What New?
  • Fighting system is easier and faster.
  • New Item: Water Bottle, Red Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, Mana Potion.
  • New H-Pictures: There are 13 pictures for you to collect now.
  • New H-Content: H-Comics (There are 2 H-Comics that you can collect now).
  • New Ability : Double Jump & Dash (Test, You can unlock it with add point: Speed and Strength).
  • New H-Sleep Action (Nyotalia, Yamakaze and Velvet).
  • New Event: Yamakaze, Patchouli
  • New H-Scene: Nyotalia, Yamakaze
  • Re-Work all H-Scene with Monster Girl.
  • New character: Menace(Not main NPC).
  • New Panel: Teleport, Wait Time, Skip Quest.
  • New Dance Camera Mode (Press “Tab” key to switch).
  • New H-Camera (Press Tab, use Number 1 and Number 2 to switch).
  • Better Glider (Fly slower and farther).
  • Better climb tree.
  • New Area.
  • Better characters skin.
  • A longer day : 1 Hour in real/1 Day in game.
  • Fix some bugs in the old version.
  • Optimize some things.
Note :
  • Press F12 if you want skip the quest: Find NPC and Dungeon 1.
  • Press F11 to open Teleport Panel.
  • Press F10 to open Wait Panel, you can sleep anywhere.
  • Watch the H-Pictures you have collected: Inventory/Other/HBook.
  • Press Right Mouse to Dash.
  • You can give food to the main NPC in the morning and after evening.
  • Give Monster Girl food once a day.
  • You should start the new game, now you can teleport and skip quest it will be very fast!
  • You need to complete the event with Patchouli to unlock “Blue Mushroom” and with Yamakaze to unlock “RedMushroom”.
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What news?
  • New Quest
  • New Monster Girl
  • New Character: Patchouli, Velvet
  • New H-Scene
  • H-Sleep System
  • New Monster
  • New System: Ride horse, Swimming, Fishing
  • Add Dungeon
  • You can drink water in the lake
  • Day time: Longer
  • Remove NPC Hunger Bar
  • Fixes some minor bugs and improve some things
v0.2b Test
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  • Double Rem when select Dance 3.
  • Can’t build Campfire and Tent.
v0.2 Test
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What new?
  • New Island
  • New Gameplay (Easier, Freedom)
  • New Enemy
  • New Weapon
  • Better Graphics
  • New Inventory
  • New Monster Girl : Fish Girl
  • New Sleep System (You can sleep freely at any time)
-Empty area is Under Construction.
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Main Area? It is the area where Characters and the game content work so you will not be able to build here!
What new?
  • New Character : Mom and Sister
  • Short Story game
  • Some Quest (Test)
  • 2 New H-Scene
  • New Interact System
  • Vehicle : Horse
  • You can drink from Water Lake
  • Durability of the Tools
  • Look Character when Talk ( Press W,E,A to change view)
  • Fix some bugs
What next?
  • Improved dialogue in the game
  • Build character better
  • More…
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W, A, S, D to move
L-Shift to run
C to crouch
Q/E to lean
Tab for inventory
Spacebar to Jump/Skip Dialogue
I for controls list
L-mouse to pick up/interact with objects
Cheats : Press F9 if you feel difficult!

Old Builds

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Build  0.85f

New Year’s Special Build
Notes about the build


Extras: WalkthroughMods
Thanks to @Not On My Watch for the share!

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