Relative Twins Reverse Rape Me to Get Pregnant! If I’m Caught My Life is Over [Final] [GensoLab]
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Relative Twins Reverse Rape Me to Get Pregnant! If I’m Caught My Life is Over [Final] [GensoLab]

May 18, 2024F95

Your relatives gather to your family’s house during the holidays.
You have twin girl relatives who love you and reverse rape you for your sperm!
If you say no, they will tell their parents and ruin your life.
Will you be able to reach the morning without impregnating them…!?

Thread Updated: 2021-01-09
Release Date: 2019-06-15
Developer: GensoLab dlsite
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)
Translator: NeZKyMaN
Voices: Japanese
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2DCG, Male protagonist, Rape, Creampie, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Internal view, Voiced, Group sex, Animated, Teasing, Female domination, Incest, Japanese game, Censored, Loli
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1. Unpack the archive.
2. Run file “SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator”
2a. Wait a sec for the patch to finish working. Click enter.
2b. If patcher not work try to make shorter name folder and try again.
3.  Turn on the game from the new shortcut that was created.
4. Turn off the game. (Alt + F4)
5. Copy the “AutoTranslator” folder to the main game folder and overwrite the files.
5a. Optionally install “Translation fix patch”
6. Now you can start the game from the main exe file “TwinsGyakuRape.exe”
Optionally you can install my small modification “Relative Twins – Unofficial intro bonus”
Translation notes:
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First of all, I’m not a “real” translator, but just a random hentai lover from this site so keep that in mind and please be understanding. ANYway I translated each line manually based on the few auto translators on the web.
I analyzed each dialogue they translated, and then based on them, I developed my own text as close to the original as possible, trying keeping the context (sometimes I also had to break up the text and analyze it other way). So the translation may contain part of my own interpretation + some bonus words – but I tried to keep the game climate in check. However, no one has checked the translated text after me, so there may be errors. As if that were not enough, English is not my native language, so I had even more difficult task.
In order to generate the entire text from the game, I had to force it through playing and since many dialogues appear randomly, it may happen that I could not generate all the possibilities… but I think I got about 95% of the text from the game, the rest will just be automatically translated by auto-translation without my proofreading.
Translation includes:
– improved UI translation patch – made by masterdragonson
– translation of the final video about pregnancy checking – made by X Death
Thanks boys!~

Patch: Translation fix patch


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EXTRA: Relative Twins – Unofficial intro bonus

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    Relative Twins Reverse Rape Me to Get Pregnant! If I’m Caught My Life is Over [Final] [GensoLab]