Reverse Psychology [v0.33] [Neytan]

Reverse Psychology [v0.33] [Neytan]

April 14, 2024F95

In Reverse Psychology you will be able to live the story of “MC”, a boy who, due to certain events, developed a great problem of insecurity, but does not show it. On his way, he will meet the right people who will help him overcome it while he helps them.

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En Psicología Inversa podrás vivir la historia de “MC”, un chico que por ciertos acontecimientos desarrollo un gran problema de inseguridad, pero no lo demuestra. En su camino se encontará con las personas indicadas que le ayudarán a superarlo a la vez que él les ayuda a ellos.

Thread Updated: 2023-11-25
Release Date: 2023-11-24
Developer: Neytan PatreonItch.ioDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.28 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Español
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3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits,  Creampie, Exhibitionism,  Fantasy, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Incest, Lactation, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, Point & click, PoV, Romance, Sandbox,  Superpowers, Teasing, Titfuck,  Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.28 Public
+ 498 renders.
+ 45 animations.
+ 310 renders.
+ 23 animations.
+ Fixed bug that prevented access to the pool on weekends.
+ Fixed bug that popped up when entering the kitchen on weekends.
v0.26 Public
+ 189 renders.
+ 51 animations.
v0.25 Public
+ 316 renders.
+ 13 animations.
v0.24 Public
+ 205 renders.
+ 6 animations.
v0.23 Fix
+ 274 renderings.
+ 26 animations.
+ New distribution inside the house for the girls. (For future events)
+ Hotfix: Fixed translation error. The Hotfix is only for the PC and Mac versions, the Android version has already been updated to the fixed one.
v0.21.0 PreAlpha v2
+ 295 renders.
+ 34 animations.
+ Pre-Alpha version 2 of the replay gallery.
Note: The new gallery content is not yet fully translated so you will be able to see the content but there will be no dialogues (It is too much text to translate. 2500+ lines and this takes time).
+ BugFix for when Zoe doesn’t allow to advance in the story with other girls (so you don’t have to restart the game).
When the bug “occurs”, a button that says BugFix will appear on Zoe’s hints.
+ Experimental LagFix:
Some animations were left playing in the background and this can generate some lag. Since it is experimental please let me know if it improves or not.
You will find it as a button on the smartphone.
+ 170 renders.
+ 10 animations.
+ Pre-Alpha version of the replay gallery.
+ 301 renders.
+ 13 animations.
+ 387 renders.
+ 45 animations.
+ 319 renders.
+ 6 animations.
+ A new main character: Lucy.
+ 175 renders.
+ 40 animations.
v0.14.0 Public
+ 346 renders.
+ 18 animations.
Note: In this update I focused on the main stories of Anna and Madie with the participation of other characters like Vera, Valery and Rachel.
+ 180 renders.
+ 21 animations.
+ 3 new shows inside the club.
+ Principle of secondary story system with possible effects on the main stories in the future.
+ 1 secondary story.
+ 224 renders.
+ 19 animations.
+ 1 new scene of service in the club.
+ Implementation of save and load game buttons (accessed from the smartphone).
Available on my Patreon and Itch.io.
+ 330 renders.
+ 19 animations.
+ New map: Main stage of the club.
+ Working system and shows inside the club.
+ 331 renders.
+ 5 animations.
+ Now the arrows in the navigation inside the house will be invisible and will only be seen when the cursor is placed over it.
+ New renders inside the house for advancing in the story with Valery.
+ New render of the bathroom.
+ New map: The Beach (Only in the morning for the moment).
+ 255 renders.
+ 3 animations.
+ Changes in the GUI.
+ Change in the navigation system inside the house (the previous one is still available).
+ Now, if it’s night time it will be possible to change to daytime wherever you are (it will make a quick trip to your room).
+ 228 renders.
+ 6 animations.
+ Change of some map renders.
+ New functionality in the GUI in the form of Smartphone where you can change the name of the MC and the relationship with Valery at any time.
+ Changes in navigation and interaction in some places: Café and Market.
v0.6.0 (Public)
+ 244 renders.
+ 14 animations.
+ 3 repeatable h-scenes (2 in the basement and 1 in Agata’s private bar).
+ Corrected an animation where there were some black frames.
v0.5.0 (Public)
+ 282 renders.
+ 13 animations.
+ 1 new club room (visitable).
v0.4.0 (Public)
+ 344 renders.
+ 20 animations.
+ 2 new places that can be visited.
+ Fixed the bug that did not allow Anna’s story to advance after returning the card (implemented).
+ Fixed translation bug when choosing Valery’s relationship with the MC that caused him to always refer to Rachel as “Amiga” (in both English and Spanish).
Bugfix (v0.3.0)
+ Fixed the bug that did not allow Anna’s story to advance after returning the card.
+ 289 renders.
+ 21 animations.
+ New image for the main menu.
+ Changes in the navigation interface.
+ Fixed a bug that caused the message to visit John to appear every Tuesday.
+ Fixed text error on hints.
+ Fixed bug that triggers some events when it shouldn’t.
+ 197 renders.
+ 6 animations.
+ Introduction of 5 main characters and 1 secondary characters.
+ Hints in-game system
Public Release
Developer Notes:
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It should be noted that some future updates may have less content than expected since I am currently studying and working, and that may affect the time I can spend on creating more content each month.
Cabe aclarar que algunas actualizaciones futuras pueden tener menos contenido del que se espera ya que actualmente estudio y trabajo, y eso puede afectar el tiempo que le puedo dedicar mensualmente a crear más contenido.
Incest Content:
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To activate incest content in English: When asked who “Valery” is for “MC” put Mom or mom
Para activar el contenido de incesto en Español: Cuando te pregunten quién es “Valery” para “MC” ingresa Mamá, mamá, Mama ó mama
-It is highly recommended to create a new game to avoid bugs.
-The Incest Patch is no longer required, if you have any translation errors in the relationships (ex: “amiga” instead of “sister”) or the relationships are not correct for Valery (Mom) and Rachel (Sister), use the cell phone in the lower left corner to change Valery’s relationship to Mom or mom, this will automatically change the relationship with Rachel.


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