Routes of Life [v1.60a] [Stone flower]

Routes of Life [v1.60a] [Stone flower]

June 8, 2024F95

You are someone who spent the entire youth playing MMOs, not thinking about anything else and ignoring your youth. But life catches up with you. Now, living a life that is just studying, working, and sleeping, you feel empty. However, an update in your favorite game during your summer break leads you to discover a strange AI that finds a way to bring you back and relive the routes you didn’t pursue.
State of the game:
The game focuses on having diverse and fun characters, allowing you to play and interact with the story in your own way, offering both f/m and m/m. All content can be avoided, and the story will feature at least 2 branches in the future, enabling you to choose between a more wholesome experience or a more corrupt one.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-08
Release Date: 2024-06-08
Developer: Stone Flower Patreon  – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.60a
OS:  Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Continuation of Luna’s quest
  • A new hangout scene for Luna at her house
  • Introduction of a new item for Luna in Mayazon
  • Two new quests for Data
  • Addition of Data’s fantasy
  • A new scene for Data’s fantasy
  • A new item for Data in Mayazon
  • Access to the latest quest for Data (Patreon Reward)
  • Addition of a new event in the park at night
  • Five new scenes throughout the game map
  • Three new scenes for the girl on the bus
  • Re-edited images of the house and the park
  • Continuation of the main quest.
  • Two new quests for Linda.
  • Introduction of a new item for Linda in the Mayazon.
  • Addition of two new scenes in Linda’s care.
  • Two new quests for Oliver’s  route.
  • Inclusion of two new scenes when betting against Oliver.
  • Introduction of a new item for Oliver in the Mayazon.
  • Continuation of Data’s quest for the public version.
  • Addition of new cheats for the game (Patreon reward).
  • Introduction of a new skill available for purchase in the Maya shop.
  • Now you can see Oliver painting in your bedroom.
  • The Data Cat can randomly roam throughout the game map.
  • Continuation of Luna’s quest.
  • Continuation of Data’s quest.
  • Access to the newest quest for Data (Patreon Reward).
  • Small fix in Data’s sprite.
  • Bug where the key in Linda’s quest didn’t appear on the kitchen balcony has been fixed.
  • Bug in the main story where you couldn’t summon Maya has been fixed.
  • Now you can choose whether you want some videos with sound on the Journal
  • Oliver’s new route added to the game.
  • Oliver’s new quests for the second route
  • Continuation of Linda’s quest
  • New items for Linda in the Mayazon
  • Linda’s care is now added to the game
  • New scenes added to Linda at night
  • Bug fix in the crepe in the park
  • Sense+ was modified; now it shows you more information than before
  • Some of the images were replaced.
❗ Update 1.50 will be divided into two parts. The second part, 1.50b, will contain the continuations of Linda and Oliver’s stories. This choice was voted on Patreon to allocate more time to work on each main character’s route.
  • Continuation of Luna’s story
  • New hangout event for Luna
  • Change in Luna’s sprite
  • A new item to buy for Luna in Mayazon
  • Continuation of Data’s story
  • Access to the newest quest for Data ( Patreon Reward )
  • A new item to buy in Mayazon for Data
  • New random events with Data
  • Four new scenes in Lust Garden
  • You can now change your preferences in Lust Garden anytime
  • New images added in some Lust Garden scenes
  • Vending machine added in the big city
  • You can now buy a crepe in the park to restore energy
  • Guide has changed to journal and now shows more information
  • Instructions added to the workplaces
  • Cheats can now be accessed in the journal (Patreon reward)
  • Some affection needed to progress in Oliver’s route has been decreased
New Content:
  • Continuation of Oliver’s story
  • Continuation of Luna’s story
  • Continuation of Linda’s story
  • New scenes for Linda in her bedroom at night
  • The fourth quest for Data’s story for the public
  • Access to the newest quest for Data (Reward lvl 3 and above)
  • Two new workplaces
  • Random events throughout the game world for Oliver, Luna, and Linda
  • Luna Christmas Special (reward lvl 2 and above)
  • Oliver Christmas Special (reward lvl 2 and above)
Small Fixes:
  • Changed the placement of many early passages, photos, and fonts to adhere to the same pattern
  • Continuation of Oliver’s story
  • Continuation of Luna’s story
  • The third quest for Data’s story for the public
  • Access to the newest quest for Data (Tier 3 Patreon and above)
New Content:
  • Continuation of the Main Quest
  • Continuation of Oliver’s story
  • Continuation of Luna’s story
  • Continuation of Linda story
  • The second quest for Data’s story for the public
  • Continuation of Data’s story (Tier 3 Patreon and above)
  • Two new skills in the Maya shop
  • Two new scenes for Maya in the game world
Bugs and Small Fixes:
  • Remade the guide; now all information is up to date
  • Maya can only be spotted in the park in the morning and evenings now.
  • Re-edited some of the early photos in the game
New Content:
  • Continuation of Oliver’s story.
  • Continuation of Luna’s story.
  • The beginning of the Data’s Route.
  • Continuation of Data’s story. (Tier 3 and 4 Patreon only)
  • Two new gifts that you can buy for Oliver in Mayazon.
Bugs and small fixes:
  • Made some Oliver events easier to see and access.
  • Made the “Unlock all scenes in memoir” a cheat, as it should not be bugged anymore.
New Content:
  • Continuation of Oliver’s story.
  • Continuation of Luna’s story.
  • Now, accessing your computer, you can see Mayazon, a place where you can buy gifts to give Oliver and Luna. Each gift you buy unlocks a new scene.
  • Add four Luna hangout events. As you progress through her main story, you will unlock repeat scenes for her. You can access these events by talking with her and asking to hang out.
  • Four new flowers for the Lust Garden.
  • Memoir is a new skill you can purchase at Maya’s shop. It’s a gallery mode that lets you rewatch the events you’ve already seen.
Bugs and small fixes:
  • Add an emergency exit for the quest list while i find a better way to close this tab.
  • Fix some passages that instead of saying your name appear as just “$playername” (please kindly let me know if you find more).
New Content :
  • Continuation of Oliver’s story
  • Continuation of Luna’s story
  • Continuation of Linda’s story
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug in the main storyline where if you took photos and then went to sleep, the option to deliver them to data would not appear.
  • Fixed a bug where some repeated events for Oliver were not appearing.
  • Fixed an bug where you could not contact Maya in the kitchen after delivering the photos.
Additional Fixes:
  • I have removed charisma from the sidebar since there is no utility for it at the moment..
  • I have updated the Quest list text to be more precise in specifying the objectives you need to complete and indicating when a character’s content ends for this update
You need to start the game with a new save to access the walkthrough and experience some new events. I tried my best to avoid this, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any other way.
New content
  • Main quest –Now you can complete the main quest. By doing so, you unlock Maya everywhere. You can spot her throughout the world and gain XP by participating in her activities. You can exchange XP for skills.
  • Luna – Continuation of her main quest.
  • Oliver – Continuation of his main quest, and due to his victory in the Patreon poll, he now has four additional events that you unlock while progressing through his main quest.
UI Changes and Small Fixes:
  • Quest list – If you are lost or unsure about what to do, there is a walkthrough available to guide you.
  • The sidebar has been redesigned
  • Oliver, Luna, and Linda, you can now skip their first scenes more easily if you got there by accident and don’t want to pursue their content. Some grammar mistakes have been corrected, and a few photos have been changed. Among other minor improvements, changes have also been made.
New scenes:
  • Start of the main quest, which unlocks new locations and scenes
  • Continuation of Oliver route
  • Continuation of Luna route
New locations:
  • Lust Garden
  • Data Garage
If money is undefined in the sidebar, go to the bedroom for the money value to appear.
New scenes:
>Oliver: 20 affection event, and one more scene when playing a co-op game and winning against him.
>Luna: new event.
> Linda: three new scenes.
New locations :
>Now you can explore your house and nearby locations. There isn’t much to do right now, but they will be filled up over time.
Ui changes:
>Change the way text is displayed in the new events to be easier to read.
>Removed the affection meter from the sidebar. Now it shows when interacting with the character.
v1.0.0 Release
Developer Notes:
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Hi, this is my first time making a game, programming and all that. I hope you enjoy this early version; it has a good presentation of the characters and how their dynamics are going to be. There are still a lot of things I am figuring out in terms of how I want to do them, so please keep in mind that things can change over time. I hope you enjoy it, and if you notice any errors, have any feedback, or come across any grammar mistakes, please let me know.

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