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Royal Switch [v0.09] [DeepBauhaus]

June 13, 2024F95

Two people, born the same day, but in very different circumstances.
One is a Princess, born to rule.
The other is a peasant, born to live in obscurity.
They live very different lives, until one day their fates collide, and they meet, only to discover that they are identical in (almost) every way!
What would happen if they switched places?

Thread Updated: 2024-04-12
Release Date: 2024-04-12
Developer: DeepBauhaus Patreon Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.08.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Development Thread: Link
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1. Extract and run.
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Version 0.08.1
  • Chapter 3, Acts 5 and 6
  • A standalone history chapter: “Death of a Queen”
  • Clearly identified tracks: “Submissive” and “Bratty” for Brigitte; “Fearless” and “Timid” for Esther.
  • Esther comes to terms with her exhibitionist side.
  • Brigitte engages in a little puppy play and has a decision to make.
  • Esther gets on stage with a little backup.
  • Brigitte learns how to maximize her tips and has a chance to help out a friend.
  • Bruno plots out a course of action.
  • Cassandra gets a new look.
  • Georges uses his magic.
  • Changed the scoring of the first two Brigitte tasks (“Clean Your Room” and “Clean the Barracks”) from Chapter 3, Act 1. This creates a bigger difference between the “sub” and “bratty” choices at that point in the game.
  • Expanded Statistics screen with onscreen access button (Note: access button appears to work only with new games, not previous saves).
  • NEW ANDROID CONVERSION! I finally gave up and subcontracted out the Android version to someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Note: Version 0.08.1 is the first public release. It includes fixes for bugs found in v. 0.08.
  • 10,545 words, 1251 dialogue blocks
  • (Total of 69,682 words and 7,954 dialogue blocks)
  • New Replay Gallery
  • New Achievements Gallery
  • Return of an improved Patrons’ Gallery (Spymaster and Royalty level patrons have access to the password)
  • The first major branching event, based on the player’s accumulated scores.
  • Esther gets some toys to play with
  • Brigitte has a chance to show off a bit
  • Fixed a missing variable bug from the Patreon early release
  • Identified and addressed an alarming number of minor coding errors
  • Brigitte gets a new look and continues her training
  • Brigitte has an audience while she cleans
  • Esther finally gets on stage
  • Another new love interest
  • Some things can remain secret only so long
  • A visit to the Red Lily
    7,582 words, 865 dialogue blocks
  • You have the option to name your saves
  • About 600 new renders
  • Esther holds court and tries flirting
  • Brigitte begins her training in earnest
  • We meet a couple of Esther’s potential love interests
This version fixes a bug that caused a crash with “Brigitte agrees to feed Bruno,” a couple of missing images, and a problem with the Patron Gallery.
  • An error in Brigitte’s “obedience” statistics that led to some counter-intuitive results to certain choices.
  • An undefined term that was causing the “stats” screen to crash.
  • Esther gets a very personal training task
  • Brigitte is presented with an opportunity
  • Introducing the Thirsty Hart, with Iris and her assistant Wen’Deh
  • Introducing the Golden Serpent, with proprietress Nola
  • Side story “A Love Story”
  • 700 renders
  • 1100 lines of dialogue
  • Esther gets acquainted with the Palace and begins the Spy Training Program
  • Brigitte falls in with a band of thieves…but where are they taking her?
  • Introducing Bruno and Saturna
  • New side story “Be’Keh’s Secret”
  • 944 new renders
  • 3 new animations
  • Added statistics screen to track our heroines’ progress (available on the quick menu at the bottom of the screen)
  • Android version (finally)
  • Chapter 2, following the remainder of our heroines’ birthdays
  • Re-cast Esther’s sisters
  • Get to know Esther’s sisters Bernadette and Hannah
  • Introducing Simon: is he a main character or a red herring?
  • 1,087 new renders
  • 1 new animation
  • Updated/replaced 3 animations in Chapter 1 (this is an ongoing project)
  • Preview of v. 0.03 and explanation of game mechanics
  • Added credits and acknowledgements
  • Added Patreon and Itch.io buttons
  • Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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My First Story: Royal Switch
  • Two people, born the same day, but in very different circumstances. One is a Princess, born to rule. The other is a peasant, born to live in obscurity. They live very different lives, until one day the fates collide, and they meet, only to discover that they are identical in (almost) every way! What would happen if they switched places?
  • Wait…you say you have heard this story? Like, 100 times? Okay, fine. But this version includes some elements that a certain classic of American literature lacks, including:
    • Elves!
    • Sex!
    • Talking Cats!
    • Training!
    • Corruption!
    • Romance!
    • Intrigue!
    • Uh…Talking Cats!
  • I created this story in part to explore the related but distinct genres of training and corruption. How are they similar? How are they different? Most importantly, how do they look from the perspective of the object of the training or corruption?
  • Join us as we pervert a beloved tale for our own prurient amusement, as peasant Esther and Princess Brigitte embark on parallel adventures to find their true selves!
  • Note: I envision this as a visual novel, not a game, so it is very much story-based rather than task-based. Also, Royal Switch falls somewhere between a visual novel and a kinetic novel. There will be choices, and they will affect the story in both the near- and long-term, but as I start this project, I do not think they will cause momentous changes. I want you to relax and enjoy the story rather than worrying about what you might be missing.
  • Female protagonists
  • Training story line
  • Corruption story line
  • Fantasy setting (did I mention the Elves and talking cats?)
  • Romance story lines with potential for harem (yes, women can have harems)
  • Choices that can change story outcomes
  • Domination and submission
  • Bondage and discipline
  • Humiliation
  • Exhibitionism
  • Political intrigue
Fun Fact
Royal Switch may be my first visual novel, but it is not my first idea for a visual novel. The original inspiration, with a working title Steampunk Western Mystery (catchy, right?), set in an alternate-history version of the Pacific Northwest in 1900, suffers from a far more complex plot and the lack of an ending. Still, I have developed that world to the point where I want to showcase it a bit, so patrons will see some previews for that project as well.
I used to be a painter, but then life got in the way. After several years away from art, I decided to try digital media. I have been reading visual novels for a while, and I write quite a lot for my day job, so I thought I would combine my interests and see what I could create.
Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I have found this hobby to be extremely fulfilling and I want to invite you to join me on the journey. As a patron, you will get access to the following:
  • Customized renders
  • Patron polls and contests
  • Work-in-progress story updates
  • A chance to choose story elements
  • Your patronage will allow me to support my Daz store habit, and will encourage me to keep going with this surprisingly time-consuming endeavor. My current hardware limits my workflow as well, so if your support allows me to upgrade somewhere along the way, we all benefit!


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