Royale Harem [v0.7 Public] [Slushyanimals]

Royale Harem [v0.7 Public] [Slushyanimals]

February 7, 2024F95

The best way to world peace is to turn all opposition into your royal lovers!
You play as Lewis, the bastard ocelot son of lion royalty, as he tries to reclaim his royal birthright. His ascent is aided by powerful magic, and so long as he can hold his own in the many challenges ahead, he might just be able to turn the losers into members of his perfect harem! Or… he might find himself under someone else’s thumb…
Meet, battle against, romance and transform a large cast of allies and rivals! 12 unique characters await you, each with their own destinies, agendas,  and kinks!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-06
Release Date: 2024-02-06
Developer: Slushyanimals – PatreonFuraffinityItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.7 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Big tits, Female protagonist, Furry, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Sandbox, Transformation
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1. Extract and run.
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A new year means a whole new wave of updates! We’re getting close to moving onto the next challenge, and we’re starting to close up some storylines in this mingle phase! Of course, this does mean even more TF’s~
  • Maid TF’s for Reese and Rhianna
  • Spy TF’s for soldier Tessa and Akarion
    • Akarion’s TF will not result in them becoming a spy just yet, but rather change their views on becoming female
  • Player can now be punished if low power maid and didn’t get Tessa another maid
    • This includes another method for full power, becoming muted, forced nudity, or being made even more of a shortstack than Tessa!
  • Shortstack Maid Lois added
  • Richter Princess TF
    • If Richter is marked, you can find Rhianna and Odenval talking in the courtyard
    • This has different variations based on your choices and relationship with Rhianna
  • For maid TF’s, you now have the option to start planning revenge by becoming the mistress yourself! However, this can only be done at low power
  • Princess TF for Richter (find Odenval and Rhianna talking)
  • A sex scene between Draconoclast Lewis X Reese
  • Added smalltalk to Matthias if you ally with him
  • Characters now react to certain TF’s
    • Matthias will react to Reese’s TG
    • Gethra will react to Elami’s Spy TF
    • Gethra will react to Akarion’s Spy TF
This update focused mainly on quality of life changes as well as updating and adding some new art and sprites. It also adds a gallery to view unlocked forms as well as adding in a cheat menu for top tier subscribers on the Patreon! There are of course a couple new TF’s as well
  • Form gallery
  • Akarion can be TG’d whenever now
  • Akarion’s dog footsoldier form can now be TG’d by Lewis
  • Marazet Herm TF
  • Princess dates have been added (Talk to Elami in the courtyard after the princess TF)
  • New overworld sprites for characters
  • court-swapped/outside-aligned lewis can now travel to the other courts private areas!
  • New backgrounds added: Poodalist and Draconoclast court, Poodalist Battlefield, Draconoclast throne room
  • Banquet hall YCH
  • Illustration for Rhianna true love TF
  • Poodalist Quill added to flashback scene
This update we have a lot of fun new additions plus a couple firsts for the game as well, including the first FtM TG and sex scene!
  • Lois’s Princess TF
    • Lose the chess game as Lois
  • Lois’s Trophy TF
    • Ask Magnificence for some help as a princess
  • Reese’s Hypnosis Practice
    • Has multiple variations based on your choices and the gender of you and Reese
  • Draconoclast Court Swaps
    • Finally join the scaled faction with some help from Reese!
  • Exhibitionist Elami Hypnosis
    • Can be done after learning hypnosis from Reese in the scene above
  • Magnificence TG to male
  • A hidden transformation for Matthias
    • Find some way to impress him and turn the tables~
  • A sex scene between Matthias and Spy Lois
    • After your first successful recruitment, find Matthias afterwards to claim your reward, and cement yourself as the favorite~
  • Odenval’s Mingle Dialogue
  • Plus some other secrets…~
Thank you all so much for your support! we’ve done our best to pack this update full of new content!
This update we added:
  • Rhianna and Lewis Court Swap TF’s
  • Elami’s Spy TF
  • Marazet’s Maid TF
  • Rhianna’s Hyper BE
  • Reese is now available to talk to
  • Reese TG scene
  • Victory scenes in chess when receiving Magnificence’s hint
  • Special Mingle Dialogues with Soldier Akarion and Soldier Tessa, as well as Maid Marazet and Spy Elami
  • Bug fixes
–  added a short tutorial that better explains the mechanics
– Richters mingle dialogue is added
– the aftermath of Challenge 2 is added, including a few tf scenes: Akarion’s soldier tf (triggers if Akarion uses his influence on Rhianna in mingle 1), and Tessa’s soldier tf (triggers if tessa loses).
– Lois and lewises maid transformations (high and low power). trigger these scenes by loosing to Tessa in chess!
– added mingle phase 2! Please note that mingle phase 2 will not be polished for quite a while. there is still a lot of placeholder content here.
– Akarion’s princess tf is added. to trigger this, turn Akarion into Akari within the opening, then make it to mingle phase 2 with at least 3 influence. Elami will aproach you and start the tf! there is also an additional event tied to this path that can be found by visiting the parapet. Akari’s mingle dialogue will also be changed by her tf!
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Current content:
  • Fetishes include: MtF gender transformations, weight gain, personality shifts, shortstacks, mental changes, breast expansions, reality shifts, and much more!
  • character paths: get close to Rhianna, Matthias, and Magnificence in order to find their special content!dr
For a limited time only! we are offering a special “nudist” version of the game for donations of $5 or more! This version is essentially the same as the base public release, just with the cast members clothing removed as a bit of a sneak peak. In the finished game, the removal of clothing will be apart of the story, but for now it is just for fun!
For those interested playing next months update early, please head over to our Patreon! There you can find sneak peaks of upcoming artwork and content, be able to vote in our monthly content polls, and even get the chance to put your own character in game!
We immensely appreciate your support, and we are eager to hear your feedback, and what you think should come next in this story!
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