Sage Dynasty : Pleasure Island [v0.4] [Team-Ninja]
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Sage Dynasty : Pleasure Island [v0.4] [Team-Ninja]

July 10, 2024F95

You are a young man who has never seen his father and lost his mother at a very young age. Since then you have been living with your mother’s friend who had two daughters. One of her daughters is a few years older than you; her name is Jennifer.
Despite having some age differences; You both grew up playing together and became best friends! But growing up with her made you secretly fall in love with her and you are too scared to admit your love to her because you are concerned that might ruin your friendship with her.

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As time went by, everything was going fine.. Until, she passed the school a year before you that you both were in together; She had to leave you to join the college. Although you passed school and joined the same college, the friendship between you two was never as same as before…
One day she got invited to a place far away from home, by one of her friends from college. And she decides to take you with her.. And you don’t like that guy. Not because he is a guy, Because you know that he is a bad guy.. And bad guys do bad things..
But bad things often happens for good reasons..
Who would have thought, that bad guy would change your life forever?
That he would cause you the pain that will turn into so much pleasure that you could never imaging..
What pleasure?
Well..you gotta find that out inside “Pleasure Island”…

Thread Updated: 2022-08-28
Release Date: 2022-08-28
Developer: niffyninja PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, big ass, big tits, corruption, fantasy, incest, male protagonist, groping, graphic violence, handjob, humor, pov, romance, sexual harassment, teasing, titjob, virgin
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1. Extract and run.
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Intro reworked!
New events.
New animations.
New characters.
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New characters.
8 events
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New characters.
A minigame.
650+ images.
5k+ words.
2 animations.
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Now you can play the route where you don’t take Jennifer’s clothes.
On this path you attract Jennifer more sexually than romantically. But romance will still be the main focus of the route where you love and care for each other.
To be honest, at first we decided to make it more darker path of the game, where you actually hate and force Jennifer. But than we realized that; It was going towards somewhat ‘slave’ category. Which is against the flow of our main story. So we edited our script to fit it into our main sroty. And our main theme is romance, so it doesn’t matter which path you follow; You will end up loving Jennifer, when these paths join the main story.
Here is the nerdy version of the update:
~350 images.
~3k words.
2 animation.
Added music.
Added credit to About section.
New Main Menu UI.
Fixed bug where you couldn’t return from preference menu.
Fixed bug for invalid link to Discord.
PS: We had to do some major change in our code and unfortunately, saves from previous versions don’t work
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First release!
~8k words.
~950 images.
2 lewd animation.
Developer Notes:
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Upcoming (In order): Harem, Group sex(MFF+), Pregnancy,  School setting.
Never happening: NTR, Rape, Sleep sex, Drug sex.
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Hi, we are a small team of developers. Working on a Visual Novel trilogy series named ‘Sage Dynasty’.
None of us are naive English speakers. So please consider forgiving any linguistic mistakes you may encounter throughout your playtime.
This is our first game and we are eager to hear your thoughts on this.
Currently we are developing the first part of this series. Where you, as an ordinary young man become part of the Legacy of the Sages of the ‘Ancient Land’.
In this part of the series, We will uncover more about mysterious races and places during our journey.
-Thank you~
Android users
Sorry for not being able to make an android version. We plan to add it in future.
PS : Intro has been reworked. Old saves doesn’t work, Please start a new game.



*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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    Sage Dynasty : Pleasure Island [v0.4] [Team-Ninja]