Secretary [v1.0.1.3 Endgame] [Deedee]

Secretary [v1.0.1.3 Endgame] [Deedee]

May 15, 2024F95

Secretary is an erotic adventure life simulation game, where the character starts as an grown up, nearly 30 year old white collar worker in a well paid but dead end IT Job, when a few wrong decisions made his life fall apart, which lead him at the mercy of his new manager, whose personal opinion on how to motivate subordinates might differ from your typical work relationship

Thread Updated: 2024-02-12
Release Date: 2024-01-14
Developer: Deedee TFGamesitePatreonDiscordSubscribeStar
Version: Endgame Pre Release
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
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2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Anal Sex, Bdsm, Corruption, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Footjob, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Handjob, Humiliation, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Sex Toys, Sissification, Spanking, Transformation, Trap, Urination, Management, Mind control, Simulator
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “secretary0883.html” to start playing.
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v1.0.0.2 Endgame Pre Release
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Gather Your Forces:
-Marshal your allies and form a plan for the final run at Mr. Pawn.
-Over 21.1k words and 83 new passages
The End:
-28 company endings.
-Endings for 14 major characters.
-Ending summaries for 28 additional characters/locations.
-Over 20.5k words and 107 new passages
Post-NaNoWriMo Extravaganza:
-Bonus Scene 4: The Wonderful Wizard Of Tech/ Alex: Steel.
-Bonus Scene 5: The Wonderful Wizard Of Tech/Starting The Day Off Right.
-Bonus Scene 6: Interdepartment Training/A Doll’s Life.
-Over 7.5k words and 40 new passages
Minor Additions:
-Alt stage 5 unlock for aphrodisiac trial.
-More thorough achievement coverage for discussion topics.
-Ability to rescue Michelle Tōru after Dr. Twig has been destroyed.
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes (designed as rewards for individual testers/backers, playable by all):
-Backer Scene: Revising The Past.
-VIP Scene: Not-Always-Evil Nurse.
-VIP Scene: Celebrating Morgan’s New Position.
-VIP Scene: Ice Cold Counseling.
-VIP Scene: Double Red.
-VIP Scene: Proposing A Merger.
-VIP Scene: Digging In Roots.
-Reward Scene: The Horny Heal-Slut.
-Reward Scene: More Extreme.
-Reward Scene: Professional Bimbo Therapy.
-Reward Scene: Riding Sexy.
-Tester Scene: Fit For A Makeover.
-Tester Scene: Perks Of Power.
-Tester Scene: More Than A Handful.
-Tester Scene: On Display At The Club.
-Tester Scene: Enthusiastically Marked.
-Tester Scene: Racing To A Climax.
-Tester Scene: Caged Cuties.
-Tester Scene: Flowers And Sweets.
-Over 33.4k words and 177 new passages
Total Release Additions: 124k words/575 passages/601 achievements
Total Gamesize: 2.83 million words/10353 passages/4671 achievements
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Kurt-eous Therapy:
  • Therapy event with your boyfriend, Kurt.
  • Over 1.9k words and 11 new passages
Nun-thing For It:
  • Nun event with Sister Grace.
  • Nun event with Sister Constance and Sister Patience.
  • Church baptism event.
  • Events with Sister Unity.
  • Over 8.5k words and 43 new passages
A Full Set:
  • Side quest/set of achievs for collecting panties from various characters.
  • 18 new pairs of panties to collect.
  • Over 12.4k words and 74 new passages
NaNoWriMo Extravaganza:
  • 16 Additional scenes chosen by backers and written as part of [NaNoWriMo].
  • Scene Winner 1: All About Your Mind/All That Talking Makes Me Thirsty.
  • Scene Winner 2: Body and Spirit/Lean Girls.
  • Scene Winner 3: Boyfriends and Exes/Flat Bitch.
  • Scene Winner 4: Close Supervision/Working Lunch.
  • Scene Winner 5: Housemates/Should Have Done This Awhile Ago.
  • Scene Winner 6: Interdepartmental Training/Not-So-Strangers with Candy… With Strangers.
  • Scene Winner 7: More than a Job/Corporate Espionage.
  • Scene Winner 8: Odds in your Ends/Free The Nipples!
  • Scene Winner 9: Pornish Pursuits/Why Buy The Milk When You Can Have the Cow?
  • Scene Winner 10: Selling It/Professional Therapy.
  • Scene Winner 11: Taking Care of Public Relations/Robotic Relations.
  • Scene Winner 12: The Machine Goddess/Computer Controlled.
  • Scene Winner 13: Working Retail/Securing a Sale.
  • Scene Winner 14: The Wonderful Wizard of Tech/Applying Peer Pressure.
  • Bonus Scene 2: Odds in your Ends/Encouraging Customer Loyalty.
  • Bonus Scene 3: All About Your Mind/Therapy For the Working Girl.
  • Over 34.5k words and 148 new passages
Skip, Skip, Skipping Along:
  • As voted by backers!
  • Speed-up options to allow skipping through partial/full days of “repeat” work, while maintaining triggered events and progression for those who want to bypass the day-to-day.
Minor Additions:
  • Simplify some advanced VR therapy scene unlocks.
  • Additional “large cocks” focused porn scene.
  • Additional discussion topics with various NPCs.
  • Able to toggle latex work requirements.
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes (designed as rewards for individual testers/backers, playable by all):
  • Tester Scene: Hacker or Insect.
  • Tester Scene: Maid To Jam.
  • Tester Scene: Evil Reflection.
  • Tester Scene: Two Bitches In Heat.
  • Tester Scene: Dominating the Camera.
  • Tester Scene: Film Industry Hell.
  • Tester Scene: Maid To Suck.
  • Tester Scene: Worse Things Than Corporate Training.
  • Tester Scene: Need To Pump Up Those Numbers.
  • Tester Scene: Fit For Fetish.
  • Tester Scene: Interrogating What You Are.
  • VIP Scene: Cattle Drive!
  • VIP Scene: Everything it’s Kraken’d up to be.
  • VIP Scene: Double-Set-Suck.
  • VIP Scene: Debt of a Salesman.
  • VIP Scene: Domme Dissatisfaction.
  • VIP Scene: Domme Interview.
  • VIP Scene: Domme Reference.
  • VIP Scene: Needing The Latest In Security.
  • VIP Scene: Anal Trainee.
  • VIP Scene: Inside Sales.
  • Reward Scene: Extreme Treatments.
  • Over 62.0k words and 279 new passages
Total Release Additions: 145.6k words/669 passages/113 achievements
Total Gamesize: 2.69 million words/9747 passages/4036 achievements
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Working Up the Chain:
  • Isolate Mr. Pawn by removing his allies.
  • Gather your resources to take down Mr. Bergmeister, Dr. Twig, Mr. Horn, and Mr. Bogart.
  • Over 22k words and 102 new passages
Tendering His Resignation:
  • Remove Dr. L’Asservi as an obstacle.
  • Note: Additional alternatives for Dr. L’Asservi’s fate coming in 0.9.3
  • Over 13.5k words and 60 new passages
Searching For Laminate:
  • A new campaign to enjoy with Alex and friends on the fetishistic world of Torei.
  • Five different roles to choose between, six different decision-points and multiple endings!
  • Seven unique itemsets inspired by Torei unlocked after each completion of the campaign.
  • Want to see more of Torei? Check things out at Torei Discord
  • Over 9.6k words and 24 new passages
Versatile Secretary:
  • Additional afternoon work opportunities for bondage, dominance, feet and oral.
  • Over 1k words and 9 new passages
A Bright, Shining Star:
  • Capstone event for training with Hank to shoot a porno.
  • Shooting porn as an optional side job.
  • Backer-chosen porn shoot.
  • Over 15k words and 34 new passages
  • More ubiquitous use of Machine Goddess AIKO’s title. (thanks to Morgane5040)
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes (designed as rewards for individual testers/backers, playable by all):
  • Tester Scene: Nefarious Night.
  • Tester Scene: Strap… Of The Future.
  • Tester Scene: Regrinding The Horn.
  • VIP Scene: Oh What A Beautiful Cage.
  • VIP Scene: A Great Date Debriefing.
  • VIP Scene: Collaring An Egg.
  • VIP Scene: Green Work.
  • VIP Scene: Planting A Seed Of Knowledge.
  • VIP Scene: Journy To Journeywomanship.
  • VIP Scene: The Science of Stallions.
  • VIP Scene: Animal Psychology.
  • Over 13.8k words and 90 new passages
Total Release Additions: 100k words/498 passages/218 achievements
Total Gamesize: 2.32 million words/8140 passages/3590 achievements
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  • Additional Bugfixes
  • A ton of new Pride Month Clothes.
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Saving Your Friends:
  • Work to undo the damage your failed attempt to take down Mr. Pawn caused.
  • Redeem and repair AIKO, Bob, Alex, Kurt, Dr. Trapper and Mrs. Antlers.
  • Meet friends new, old, and changed as you begin the end game.
  • Over 24.3k words and 254 new passages
Values Greater Than X:
  • Attempt to rekindle a relationship with your ex, Serena.
  • Dating arc.
  • Stage 5 consequences and redemption.
  • Over 19.1k words and 106 new passages
A Perfect Simulation:
  • Assist Dr. Primrose in “perfecting” his training simulation.
  • Two paths with five scenes each for you to push the simulation to its conclusion.
  • Over 11.5k words and 29 new passages
Girls Just Want To Have Lunch:
  • A sequence of lunch events with Mrs. Antlers.
  • Note: on a fresh game these will start in stage 2, for games past that point they will back-trigger in sequence so you don’t have to restart to see the content.
  • Over 2.7k words and 12 new passages
  • Option to brew up Pick-me-up Ultra Gum.
  • Option to brew up a cure for Pink Pill Addiction.
  • Custom character art for fem-Pawn.
  • Additional stage 5 events with coworkers and HR manager.
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes (designed as rewards for individual testers/backers, playable by all):
  • Tester Scene: She’s in me… but is she into me?
  • Tester Scene: Double Dating.
  • Tester Scene: Embracing The Contract.
  • Tester Scene: Sharing Cream On Stream.
  • Tester Scene: Dog On the Job.
  • Tester Scene: One Is Never Enough.
  • Tester Scene: Easiest Fucking Sale.
  • Tester Scene: Hardcore Encore.
  • Tester Scene: She Who Conquers the Past.
  • Tester Scene: The Best Taste.
  • VIP Scene: Breeding Study.
  • VIP Scene: Being Your Best Bitch.
  • VIP Scene: Groping You Into Shape.
  • VIP Scene: Deep Into Fitness.
  • VIP Scene: Pay And Gains.
  • VIP Scene: A Unique Specimen.
  • VIP Scene: A Jungle of Possibility.
  • VIP Scene: Show Up Or Pack In.
  • VIP Scene: A Hard Climb.
  • Over 26.7k words and 153 new passages
Total Release Additions: 100k words/498 passages/218 achievements
Total Gamesize: 2.32 million words/8140 passages/3590 achievements
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April fools options default to off, rather than on
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Cuck Mode:
A Malapropism-Inspired Masterpiece:
  • New, more evocative art for most of the cast courtesy of Metamorphosis Inc.
  • Toggle en masse by enabling “Prawn Mode” or individually via Options —> Change NPC Visuals.
v0.9.0.3 (Public release of “Nearing The Endgame”)
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Final Stage… Fuck?:
Secretary Styling:
Even More Cruelty:
  • Cruel mode can now be extended to Dr. Trapper.
  • Harsh treatment and unremitting therapy, whether you can pay for it or not.
  • Over 11.5k words and 41 new passages
Finally Finding a Client:
Management Psychology:
Much Art
  • Your Type: hone your SISSI Secretary typing skills in the most challenging situations.
  • HR Expert: test your knowledge of Social Interaction Service Syndicate Inc. HR policies.
  • Bimbo Roulette: a new twist on a classic game.
  • Getting Out The Word: Drum up more business in a new prostitution event.
  • Rework to where latex clothing is purchased/how it becomes available (part of Secretary Style rework).
  • Better popup notification for game actions.
  • New loading animation.
  • Additional work goals.
  • Option to open/close kig mask eyes.
  • Pet locations will bias towards unexperienced events.
  • New menu for selection chair functionality.https://sites.google.com/view/secretary-game-wiki/wiki/table-of-contents/beginner-information/changelog#h.fg64pbjwfb62
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes (designed as rewards for individual testers/backers, playable by all):
  • Tester Scene: Another perfect maidtress.
  • Tester Scene: Shiny Secretary.
  • Tester Scene: Identifying Every Which-way.
  • Tester Scene: O Valley Of Plenti(ful Cum).
  • Tester Scene: Traded For a Trinket.
  • Tester Scene: Maid at the Club.
  • Tester Scene: Hard Maintenance.
  • Tester Scene: Stallion Service.
  • Tester Scene: Mythical Streaming.
  • Tester Scene: Leadership Aptitude Assessment.
  • VIP Backer Scene: Club Egg.
  • VIP Backer Scene: Gym Bully.
  • Backer Voted Scene: Valkyrie Vision.
  • Over 20.9k words and 133 new passages
    Total Release Additions: 130k words/624 passages/340 achievements
    Total Gamesize: 2.22 million words/7668 passages/3372 achievements
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  • Bugfixes
  • Added more items
  • Added missing item graphics
  • Added more character portraits
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Perfection of the Digital:
  • Go on two additional missions for AIKO.
  • Learn about her original creation.
  • Go on a “date” to Sün Dungeon under AIKO’s supervision.
  • Help her “learn” through various VR interactions.
  • Introduce AIKO to Alex and Dr. Trapper.
  • Over 30k words and 135 new passages
Working Out Your Body:
  • Additional gym training options to unlock 19 in Dexterity, Strength, Stamina and Martial Arts.
  • Compete for the title of “Miss Hard Pump” and unlock the capstone of 20 in Dexterity, Strength and Stamina.
  • Join Bob in a couples tournament to reach the pinnacle of 20 in Martial Arts.
  • Over 24k words and 100 new passages
A Swole Old Friend:
  • Progress your relationship with Bob.
  • Three new date events, including a night at Sün Dungeon.
  • Threesome events with Alex, Kurt, Daphne, and Mistress Antlers.
  • Couples counseling with Dr. Trapper.
  • Earn his collar, and him as your keyholder.
  • Over 35k words and 147 new passages
Chaste No More:
  • Additional feminization style alternative to chastity (full 6 options).
  • Can disable “penis chastity” fetish for a no-chastity play through.
The Cost of Content:
  • New Dr. Twig nurse scene involving a familiar person.
  • Over 3k words and 8 new passages.
Progression Smoothing:
  • Events that are required for progression are now tracked w/dependencies to prevent being stuck due to RNG.
  • Can tweak rate of “progression” events in options menu.
  • Definitely not a secret cow level.
  • New scene with Alex after you are both in 9001-type chastity devices.
  • Streamlined sleep for less clicking.
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Visit the cosplay convention with Alex:
  • 8 couples costumes with a unique event for each.
  • Indulge all of your various kinks with your favourite IT professional!
  • New Technician kink: bimbofication, with 4 “indulgements,” including a cosplay capstone!
  • Over 19k words and 129 new passages
No Dudes:
  • Option to toggle any normally male NPC’s to be female, instead.
  • Granular control to individually change all named NPCs as well as unnamed character.
  • Over 27k words of scene variants
The Scientist in over his head:
  • Spend more time with Dr. L’Asservi and assist in his research.
  • Learn more about the company and enjoy some VR training to help you become a more-perfect employee.
  • Maximise your efficiency by doing some over-night dream VR training.
  • Over 28k words and 109 new passages
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes (designed as rewards for individual testers/backers playable by all):
  • Tester Scene: Alex bimbofication event.
  • Tester Scene: Mistress Antlers + Alex dominance lesson event.
  • Tester Scene: Mistress Antlers vaginal reward event.
  • Tester Scene: vagina alternate unlock.
  • Tester Scene: “cart” shift at café 52.
  • Tester Scene: goth maid VIP prostitution client.
  • Tester Scene: Dr. L’Asservi product demonstration for Ms. Tentans.
  • Over 16k words and 57 new passages
Fire? Fire!:
  • As selected by patreon/subscribestar voting!
  • New event where the fire alarm goes off in your flat.
  • Multiple variants triggered from doing bed heel testimonials.
  • Over 3k words and 6 new passages
Hold the Cream:
  • New fetish toggle for cum and related events.
  • Makeup can now be raised to lvl 20, and the movie star style unlocked.
  • New Kink to explore with Alex: Bimbofication.
  • Option to get vaginal surgery enthusiastically in stage 2 via a new therapist discussion topic.
  • Can now enable “cruel manager” mode after the prologue + toggle such via gameplay.
Total Release Additions: 113k words/333 passages/153 achievements
Total Gamesize: 1,792k words/5864 passages/2571 achievements
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Additional Graphics for the Hand and Blowjob scenes at the Usual Place
v0.8.6.3 (public release of “Tech Wizard 3.0”)
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  • Hit up the ladder and rank up with Alex in her favourite online game HOTTIES.
  • Earn Empress Strawberry’s collar… or she yours!
  • Share some Serum Delta with your friend Alex for a “big” night…
  • Join Empress Strawberry for a date at the Sün Dungeon.
  • Bring your sweet slave Alex for a night of fun at Sün Dungeon.
  • Over 33k words and 154 new passages
  • It is now possible to have Alex as your keyholder.
  • New unlock event + celebration.
  • Over 17k words and 60 new passages
  • Introducing the 6th (and final) feminisation progression path where you enthusiastically embrace things head-on.
  • All 20 of the games feminisation events are now unlockable via this new 6th style.
  • Over 8k words and 25 new passages
  • More options to increase your skills at dominance, including special lessons with Mistress Antlers.
  • Dominance thresholds up to lvl 20 capstone.
  • Over 9.7k words and 23 new passages
  • There are now two choices for avatar, choosable from the start of the game, or changable via options menu.
  • Tester Scene: Alex maid event.
  • Tester Scene: Evil Bob gang-bang.
  • Tester Scene: Sün Dungeon dunk tank.
  • Tester Scene: Anal bead evangelisation.
  • Over 10k words and 48 new passages
  • Option to call Alex and let her know you won’t make it to game.
  • Three new “flat” chastity cage-type devices if you enable chastity shrinking.
  • New strap-on sex scene with Alex.
  • 3 new hair styles, 2 new hair colours and 4 new eye colours.
  • New makeup style — cutie pie.
  • 2 new tattoos.
Total Release Additions: 103k words/364 passages/104 achievements
Total Gamesize: 1,672k words/5517 passages/2418 achievements
v0.8.5.4 (public release of “Unrestrained Fetishism”)
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Enter the Sün Dungeon:
  • The City’s Fetish Club is once again open, check it out once you learn of its existance!
  • Check in with various friends and enjoy a variety of activities.
  • Humiliation 20 threshold unlockable.
  • Over 33k words and 154 new passages
At the Club with your Mistress:
  • Visit Sün Dungeon with Mistress Antlers.
  • Multiple costume options with their own unique events.
  • Over 5.5k words and 18 new passages
Military Discipline:
  • Visit Sün Dungeon with your boyfriend, Kurt.
  • Meet “friends,” practice some skills, catch a show… and maybe make a special request.
  • Over 3.8k words and 19 new passages
Female Whether You want it or not:
  • A new “strict” feminisation progression path for the very recalcitrant.
  • Each of the game’s 20 fem_style progression events will now handle this 5th alternative on top of the existing voluntary/obedient/money/forced.
  • Over 15k words and 50 new passages
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes:
  • Tester Scene: Head girl activities – Ezrabeth Prissy.
  • Tester Scene: Head girl activities – Achieng Zivai.
  • Tester Scene: Officer Effiong at the club.
  • Tester Scene: Dr. Primrose L’Assesrvi, hard-working researcher.
  • Tester Scene: Hobo encounter.
  • Tester Scene: Kaly encounter.
  • Tester Scene: One night stand encounter.
  • Tester Scene: Large dildo followup event.
  • Backer Scene: Candy chair event.
  • Over 13k words and 57 new passages
Total Release Additions: 92k words/377 passages/201 achievements
Total Gamesize: 1,559k words/5133 passages/2310 achievements
v0.8.4.0 “Maids To Order” features:
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Head Full of Candy:
-Help Dr. Trapper get to the bottom of what’s going on with Candy, the bimbo barista.
-Corporate intrigue! A dark past! A whole lot of sex! And… a cure?
-Over 17.5k words and 84 new passages
An Old Soldier:
-Spend more time dating your super, Kurt.
-Food, friendship, and a cute cabin in the mountains.
-Learn how he got that scar… and prosthetic.
-Over 13k words and 60 new passages
Egg Hatching:
-Meet a new tenant while doing side work cleaning apartments.
-Build trust, play some games and help peel away that shell.
-Over 4.5k words and 31 new passages
Throat Training:
-Work with the Cook to train your mouth hole.
-The third and final “training” portion of cook content, (note: 0.8.5 will bring a final capstone event).
-Over 13.5k words and 35 new passages
Perfect Mind:
-Go forth unto the breech once more to prove yourself in the VR therapy finale.
-Capstone events for piss, cum, and penis fetishes.
-Enjoy an addition bonus event with Dr. Trapper outside of therapy… and get her TRUE thoughts on various topics…
-Over 7k words and 41 new passages
Lockpicking Lass:
-As selected by backers, the option to lock-pick your way out of chastity… and consequences for getting caught.
-Over TODO words and TODO new passages
Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes:
-Tester Scene: New workout scene with Jiona.
-Tester Scene: New prostitution VIP “gentle client” scene.
-Tester Scene: New prostitution VIP “Pony Mistress” scene.
-Tester Scene: New VR milking Scene.
-Tester Scene: New nurse milking scene.
-Tester Scene: New nurse bimbo scene.
-Tester Scene: New nocturnal Hucow event.
-Tester Scene: New Maid Cafe Boymode customer scene.
-Tester Scene: Play fetch with your pet dog.
-Tester Scene: Laser fun with your pet cat.
-Tester Scene: New shower scene with your Pack Leader.
-Tester Scene: Penis torture with Mr. Pawn.
-Backer Scene: Locker-room Sissy event.
-Backer Scene: Additional Empress Strawberry watersports event.
-Voted Scenes: Option to lockpick out of chastity and consequences for such.
-Over 16k words, 67 new passages.
-Urethra sounding now toggleable via fetish flag (defaults to on for existing saves, change via options menu).
-More information about the mysterious valkyries… and an opporunity?
-~3% improvement to save efficiency.
-Image gallery available from main menu.
-Image gallery and achievements can now aggregate across all saves.
Total Release Additions: 79k words/341 passages/135 achievements
Total Gamesize: 1,452k words/4715 passages/2103 achievements
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Back to School:
  • Enroll in Governess Watergate upper floor class
  • Take classes with friends and learn important Secretary skills
  • Become Head Girl and keep other students in line
  • Over 18k words and 55 new passages
Are you REALLY Qualified?
  • Update your resume
  • Re-interview for your job
  • Definitely not a commentary on corporate practices
  • Over 21k words and 39 new passages
Manager Visit
  • Work late with your manager
  • Visit your manager at home and spend the night…
  • Discuss things you can’t talk about at work
  • Over 11k words and 41 new passage
Get Your Collar (obedient & money styles)
  • New Fem style events for “obedient” and “money” collar
  • Earn Mistress Antlers’ collar
  • Over 1500 words and 7 new passages
Vaginal Training
  • Work with the Cook to train your front hole (where applicable)
  • Upgrade the old black box with the new Demons Love Cunt Expansion
  • Over 5600 words and 27 new passages
More ways to party
  • Necklace events at the after-work party.
  • Sneak around the after-work party as a waitress.
  • Over 3400 words and 18 new passages.
VIP inclusions:
  • VIP Quiet in the Library – VIP customer designed by the 0.8.1 public testing champion.
  • VIP Maid Service – VIP customer designed by the 0.8.2 pre-testing champion.
  • Working it after working out – Officer Effiong scene reward for 0.8.3 pre-pre-test champion.
  • Skirt go spinney – Bonus scene proposed and selected by our patrons and substars.
  • A Humiliating Errand – Bonus scene designed by high tier substar.
  • Over 9.6k words and 51 new passages
  • Option to dress slutty to work if you unlocked working bimbo
  • Finishing the RPG campaign will award an item based on character (for all characters, not just succubus)
  • Skill capstone trial/event for masochism
  • Skill capstone trial/event for bondage
  • Can lose vaginal virginity with Achieng Zivai
  • New Leviathan(tm) brand energy drinks available for purchase
  • New popup that shows monthly expense breakdowns
  • New breast event with patreon character – Ezrabeth Prissy
  • No more NYI tattoos/new tattoos in shop (if you had such the tattoo has been removed and your payment refunded)
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Blessings of the Goddess:
  • Get some mental healing at a brand new “Church” location
  • Confession and 6 other activities to enjoy
  • 4 levels of devotion to rise to, with promotions and increasingly intense content at every level!
  • 15 new characters to help you on your spiritual journey
  • Nuns, nuns, nuns, nuns, nuns…
  • Over 55k words and 97 new passages
Enter(ed by) the Cook, Pt.1:
  • Meet the cook, and his cock, and get some lessons.
  • Start learning what it takes to be a porn star.
  • Due to the desire to get already written content merged in the face of mediocre interest we’ll be spreading the planned cook release across the next several releases as a bonus so as not to “disrupt” Subscribestar selected release topics
  • 1885 words and 8 new passages
New Encounter with Ezrabeth Prissy (as determined by Subscribestar VOTES!)
  • Help her film some promotional material for the company.
  • 1779 words and 7 new passages
Technically Locked (winner of small additions Poll II, still to come!):
  • More scenes related to locking your friend Alex in chastity
  • Choose between two styles of chastity training
  • Estimated 5-6k words and 14 new passages
New Chastity “fetish” flags
  • Option to make chastity either universally required, or only required if the MC has a penis.
  • Use the options menu to enable on existing saves/set during the “assessment” at you first therapist appointment
Ez-change (runner up of small additions Poll II)
  • Any passage that requires the MC to change clothes will allow either manual inventory swap, or 1-click changing via an on-screen choice
  • Optional, switch the setting in the options menu
  • Please report any scene that is missing this option (I think I backfilled all of them but the game, she is large)
Total Release Additions: 76k words/160 passages/144 achievements
Total Gamesize: 1,236k words/4007 passages/1795 achievements
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The oldest profession:
  • Work your way up as a prostitute from alley head all the way to serving VIP clients!
  • 3 new complex, branching scenes!
  • Over 25 different unique clients to service!
  • Prostitution thresholds up to 20!
  • over 42k words and 130 new passages
New Encounter with Ezrabeth Prissy (as determined by YOUR VOTES!)
  • join her on a fun trip to get some shiny new piercings!
  • 1236 words and 5 passages
Cute Fuzzy Maids (as voted by YOU!):
  • New option to collect BunnyGirl and Catgirl outfits
  • New associated maid cafe events working in the mall
  • 1591 words and 9 passages
Small adds:
  • unlock for learning the “doll” makeup style
  • new options to put in work as a bimbo secretary
  • Thresholds for sex obsession through to 20
Totals: 58177 words/202 passages and 81 achievements, bringing the game total to 1106815 words/3760 pass/1578 each
for scale: that’s longer than Animal Crossing: New Leaf (1.092 million) and half as many achievements as the entirety of World of Warcraft
See More
  • fix broken cage not being handled in stage 4
  • broken devices no longer count towards task completion
  • fix chastity not equipping in RPG event if penis too small
  • fix two unlocks for boiless bottle not recognizing eachother
  • fix morning error sleeping with vag milking device
  • fix reference to sissy when flagged not in taxi scene
See More (Corporate) Retreat! [Wiki link regarding the latest update]
  • Join your manager on a luxury corporate retreat
  • Strengthen the professional and… personal? relationship with your boss!
  • Enjoy the fun perks that come with executive-class travel
  • Corporate intrigue and interest in an exotic locale!
  • What happens on a corporate retreat is supposed to stay there… but will things ever be the same after?
  • 21486 words, 85 passages
Corporate Move
  • Move to a higher floor with even higher stakes
  • 7 different multi-part repeatable move variants covering the full range of fetishes
  • Stage 4: new morning inspection, new random events, and some additional work options (some of which that have existed in the game files for months but will only now be reachable)
  • Unlocks new stage 4 specific content with HR managers and a new work meeting
  • 23941 words, 83 passages
  • Feed and grow your pet plant to impressive dimensions
  • new shop and horticulturist NPC
  • 7687 words, 39 passages
& Friends
  • Adopt a pet dog and/or a pet cat to keep you company around the flat and help you relax
  • 6725 words, 38 passages
Dog days
  • Patreons voted “Take your dog to work day” holiday
  • 4201 words, 15 passages
Advances and Advancing
  • Can ask your manager for pay advance, with different “requirements” based on game stage
  • After completing your probation (ie: reaching stage 3) overshooting your required workload by a large enough amount can lead to a title promotion and a pay raise
  • Job + Player titles generated based on stats
  • 2697 words, 11 passages
Who was that, again?
  • Profiles have been added for all named characters
  • 3364 words, 47 passages
Misc. New Events
  • The previously voted PR Sissy Event #3 (apparel division tour)
  • A new work hucow event
  • New Technician kink events for watersports and foot fetishism
  • After-work party event: blowjob contest
  • After-work party event: evening with Mr. Pawn
  • After-work party event: misplacing your collar
  • A Pawn cock training event
  • New 4-option fem_style event for the sissy/frilly choker
  • hitching post scenes are now reachable without failing hormone inspection
Other Changes
  • You can now “double up” an anal plugs if one of them is hollow (ie: 9001-series chastity devices)
  • Foot fetishism can now be raised to 20
  • Anal skill can now be raised to 20
  • an option toggle to disable the genital, etc. synonyms
  • allowed inventory search by item name
  • option to revert out of the 9001/permanent chastity device
See More
  • Bugfixes!
  • Explosions!
  • Excitement!
  • Also: New Cum Hypnosis Video.
See More
  • Bugfixes!
  • Explosions!
  • Excitement! (initial public release, check discord for latest bugfix builds)
See More
More than a breast machine, the bodyshop is now open for business including:
  • Add/remove penis, testicles or vagina
  • Resize penis and breasts from none to maximum size
  • Recolour your eyes
  • Cybernetically enhance strength, dexterity or stamina
  • Alter your milk and cum production
  • Go inhuman: add a knot, a equine-inspired cock… or both!
  • Unique events for all procedures, with separate variants depending who you want to perform the procedure (or skip it entirely and wake up the new you)
  • Talk to Alex and your therapist about your new “equipment”
GGG Girl:
  • Ability to talk to Alex about some of your more extreme fetishes
  • 5 new fetish-specific scenes
  • Note: while you can talk to her about foot, masochism and bondage fetishes, the scenes for require other content first, and will thus be in a future release
A special celebration:
  • One of your friends from the RPG group has an exciting announcement… and a fun celebration for you to join in on
New Toys:
  • Two new items at the sex shop – a wand vibrator, and a large dildo, with associated scenes and task
  • New foot-fetish events with your manager, Alex and your therapist, including new thresholds
A little phone therapy…
  • You can now call your psychiatrist for “help” with stress
  • Initial scene unlocks if your stress is too high to leave your flat, with additional followups unlocked based on your participation in her VR therapy trials
Standalone new scenes:
  • A new patreon-voted scene with Ezrabeth Prissy, the PR coworker
  • A new gym scene if you wear the “Megamilk” T-shirt while lifting weights
  • A new gym scene if you wear the “Cream Filled” shorts while doing cardio
  • New scene variant with manager hormone inspection if watersports fetish active
  • New option to research the Secretary Elevation and eXpansion Act of 2021
  • New bad end for VR overload
  • Possible to unlock gym if Bob is evil
80,410 words, 252 passages, 134 new achievements
Total game size: 920,590 words, 3033 passages, 1231 achievements
Bugfixes: (available in discord #bugs channel version)
  • Megamilk shirt now has same requirements to wear in gym vs. outside
  • fix a double task issue after first workday
  • fix “That’s Not Apple Juice” achievement not triggering
  • fix bodyshop not allowing full range of breast sizes
  • fix cafe 52 testicle attachment reference when player does not have balls
  • fix warp system mis-configuring cum production
  • fixed eyecolor [undefined]
  • fix for bodyshop breast appointment setting size to 0
  • fix for bodyshop breast appointment failing to “dress” player after
  • fix being indecent calculating incorrectly at times
  • fix bodyshop breast surgery causing NaN
  • fixed an indiscriminate refrence to balls in karate
  • fixed pre-stroke Alex blowjob passage not displaying properly
  • fix bodyshop nurse changing appearance mid-scene
  • fix relaxing game taking increasing rather than decreasing fatigue
  • fix late to work call in prison
  • fix feminization giving excess stress
  • fix turning over candy to psychiatrist showing wrong variant
  • fix first rpg punishment event causing player to leave room and restart session
  • fix lunchtime shoes not swapping properly
  • remove double option to be tardy to rpg session
  • fix Luna announcement happening same evening as first penance
  • fix pre-game loop w/rpg
  • fix error using clothing set from text inventory
  • fix on-screen error talking about boiless
  • fix error in foyer after coming home first day
Feature adds: (available in discord #bugs channel version)
  • new “hard forced” option during bodyshop assessment – if chosen you will be restricted from any deviations from what you stated during the “assessment”
See More
  • Even more Bugfixes
  • Infinite loop at start of the game has been made finit
See More
  • Even more Bugfixes
  • “get stuck in your house due to makeup” bug fixed
See More
  • Bugfixes
  • Added a few missing graphics
See More
This is going to take a LOT more therapy:
  • New topics to discuss with your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist
  • Show off and chat about your fun outfits and other changes!
  • Go deeper into your SUB-conscious as you continue to help her research into the human mind
    • New options and rewards to help you guide your mental development
    • By “accepting” enough of her experimental treatments you will get an additional interactive choice wherin you can choose your outfit before selecting your activity – pair the correct outfit with the correct activity to unlock new scenes and advanced skill thresholds
Chemical Perfection:
  • You can now ask your therapist about the strange candy you recieved during your first workday
  • New quest to “assist” Dr. Twig in “perfecting” a new drug
An Old Fashioned Way to Travel:
  • New potential travel options when using the taxi service leading to new scenes/experiences
Skip Level:
  • Rather than an automatic and immediate “bad end” giving the data crystal to Mr. Pawn has its own unique scene (that will lead to additional questlines in a future release)
You Really Must Take your medicine:
  • “Therapy” content and drug content can now be made required via two new assessment questions (or changed in the options menu) turning these on will make such content mandatory rather than optional with new scenes for Twig (chemical treatments) and Trapper (digital treatments) accordingly words, passages
Even More Random:
  • New random events added on the way to work
  • New random events while going around town
  • New random event in the ligerie shop
Ultimate Oral:
  • Oral 20 is now obtainable
  • Special training + capstone event w/your manager
Life can be So Stressful:
  • Stress and willpower have both been revamped.
  • Stress will now be affected by fetish actions – doing things too far above your comfort zone will increase stress, but indulging in things you love can reduce it.
  • Maintaining low stress and doing things that continue to lower it has a chance to replentish willpower
  • Wearing clothing that conflicts with your feminization stat can be stressful, wearing clothing that affirms such can be rejuvenating
  • Wearing a too-large or too-small plug can be stressful, at high stats being unplugged is stressful
  • Your manager will confront you during lunch if your stress is too high and may offer you the afternoon off
Release Totals: 73008 words, 253 passages, 98 new achievements, over 25 new items
  • fem_style boiless has been split into two parts – one for obtaining the “upgraded” bottle (new options for voluntary and money from researching boiless online), one for your acceptance of the brew generally (for old saves past this point both will assume same choice)
  • The initial “game over” scene at the start of the game if you reject her Matrix reference offer has been rewritten
  • New dildo: knotted penis, with associated task
  • Cum collecting is now handled in a uniform manner (ie: Trapper’s initial gift is no longer infinite, it’s shared with what you collect milking yourself)
  • Can now do shots/guzzle cum at home if you have sufficient supplies
  • If bimbo+penis > whoring+smart you’ll compulsively work in the gloryhole without asking for pay (though may still get tips)
  • New dream if you have many fetishes > 10
  • New dream first night of the game (after meeting Antlers for the first time)
Additional Minor additions inspired by survey results:
  • fetish flag for use of the word futa/futanari
  • note next to link when gym bimbo/swolebro/martial arts unlock until you take them at least once
  • if you fail the maid test due to insufficient heels skill you’ll get a hint to checkout the gym + said class will unlock (if you have unlocked the gym)
  • significantly reduced the frequency of the mall “elevator” event
  • option to permanently disable the manager water sports random event
  • if the autosave exists (game autosaves at the start of each day), the gameover screen presents the option to revert to such point
  • you can now thank your manager for “helping” with your bedroom remodel
  • there are now additional bedroom remodel options (text only, no art yet)
  • there is a new “impatient” mode available in the options, this should remove all timers from therapy, etc.
  • If you are at a max threshold you can now get a “hint” as to the next threshold
  • new “cheat” option for 10x xp gain
  • the prostitute character gets renamed if you disable the word “sissy”
  • better guidance at poker game on how to play without buy-in
  • streamlined inspections in stage 2 and 3 if you go 3+ days in a row without screwing up
  • player can now permanently give up their chastity key, starting in stage 3 (standard 4 fem_style unlocks, money is not presently obtainable except via 9001)
  • High smarts will give you hints re: drugs, and lunch delivery
  • Martial arts will grant more xp/session to compensate for its limited availability
  • Gym will auto-unlock if player triggers “Evil Bob” to prevent things breaking
  • Option to go straight home from work rather than elevator -> lobby -> city ->home
  • Option to talk to antlers about your therapy
Known Issues:
  • The game is not yet finished. Please take a look at the current build and changelog to see whats new!
See More
Let’s get technical
  • Develop your relationship with that cute girl from IT
  • A new 1 on 1 roleplaying campaign!
  • Take charge or submit, this relationship is all up to you!
The reason attendance is so consistent…
  • Discover what happens to naughty players that fail to meet their commitment to showing up to RPG sessions…
  • additional consequences for showing up to game with “gamer smell.”
Let’s take this online…
  • Pickup the latest MOBA game all the cool people are talking about (also, the Tech Wizard really likes it)
  • Endure PUGs or play with a friend as you work on you skills and get those unlocks!
  • Three different character classes to choose from!
The Peak of Perfection
  • New maid café event to unlock the maximum value for heels skill
Sissy In Charge?
  • Dip your toe into taking on a dominant role…
Let’s go to the mall!
  • New random events in the mall, and in its restrooms…
Known Issues:
  • The game is not yet finished. Please take a look at the current build and changelog to see whats new!
If the download needs a password it is always the gamename, written in lower case.
See More
Thought I’d drop by: Manager visits your apartment for a nice dinner:
Interact with your manager “off the clock”
A new 4-option fem-style threshold (obedient, voluntary, forced, money)
7097 words, 25 passages
See More
New features are among other things:
  • Attend the after work party
  • Get a visit from your Manager after said party
  • New and exciting events regarding your femininity
  • New Location: Tattoo parlour (can also get piercings)
  • New Work Locations (besides being a Secretary)
See More
  • The day has arrived for you to finally discover what’s in that mysterious box your ex left behind
  • A mystery revealed!
  • New apartment upgrades!
  • A new peripheral and new games to play at home!
Maid at work
  • The third maid employment opportunity – helping Candy work at Cafe 52
  • Learn new skills, meet old friends and prove yourself worthy of these additional responsibilities
  • Take part in a new (if somewhat draining) customer-serving initiative
  • You can even take your work home with you!
Mmm, that’s creamy!
  • Milking comes for (to?) the MC!
  • You can now unlock the ability to lactate, with options to take advantage of this and other milking both at work and at home.
Sleeping Secure
  • Upgrade your bed to prevent tossing and turning
The Bimbo Barista
  • More events with Candy including being able to meet up with her after work for a chat… and maybe something more?
Quality of life improvements:
  • Going to bed/waking up have been streamlined to allow for less button clicking
  • There is now an option to purposefully ruin your makeup in appropriate bathrooms
  • There is a section on the stats screen to view a list of current drugs afflicting the MC
  • 51,409 words across 187 passages
See More
  • Reworked drug functionality, including side effects and overdoses
  • A brand new character – Dr. Twig, of the R&D Department, earn his trust and work alongside him as a nurse assistant!
  • A new, more extreme chastity device with 4 unlock options – forced/obedient/voluntary/greed Revamped and expanded penis shrinking content for those that want (deserve?) it
  • New chastity options – all chastity devices now exist in both belt and cage form for you to choose your preferred style
  • Numerous bugfixes, grammar corrections and spelling errors addressed.
v0.7.4.0 Sissy Pill MK2
See More
Better living through chemistry
Revamped drug system including withdrawal effects and interactions
Overdosing can have its own effects, as well as recovery…
Hellllllo Nurse!
Learn more about the R&D department at Social Interaction Services Syndicate Inc.
Assist with various patients… including some previous acquaintances
Get the opportunity to mix up some drugs of your own!
A new chastity device is now obtainable along 4 different routes (the standard forced, obedient, voluntary and greed)
It’s the little things
New events related to penis shrinking both at home and at work
In light of new content any penis shrinking you may have previously had has been reset
Task list is now sorted for easier reading
Inventory has now a search function and a filter.
You can now get either the succubus collar or the harness as a ‘reward’ depending on how you finish out that version of the campaign
Various minor bug-fixes left from 0.7.3
with sissy pills now having more mechanics all players have been reset to having exactly two of the tasty things
drug system has been reworked, all “active” drug effects have been canceled -the aformentioned fix to event/task colissions
new chastity”belt” alternatives
ability to tell bob you’d rather go by a nickname other than “bro”
pile of minor fixes
See More
New content: now possible to obtain hormones “money” style
Reworked fem_style for pegging, “money” path is now possible
Now able to go outside in slutty maid outfit (requires bimbo 8+ and fem 12+)
Known Issues:
Gym top is missing image for sizes above DD
XP messages sometimes stick, per usual
Fixed end page that shouldn’t be reachable
Fixed box from Kurt not deleting when the outfit is taken
Fixed a dead end passage when cleaning kurt’s appt
Fixed nightgown larger cup sizes
Fix <<>> in some item names
Fixed a glitch if you no-showed the meeting with bob at the gym
Fix some issues related to giant breasts
Fixed a missing maid threshold unlock
Fixed a bug wearing boots with very particular stats
Fix workEvent bug in Bob work confrontation event
Fixed an issue where you could get “stuck” if you put on makeup in the work bathrooms Before you had properly unlocked makeup
Fixed hormones not becoming available on “voluntary” path
Fixed taste for error
Fix rent discount multi-applying
Flesh out therapist handling of different maid outfits
Fixed the bug of thinking the chastity key was at home
Fix unisex + makeup not triggering together
Fixed knowing Tentans’ assistant’s name without ever hearing it
Fix missing names on milking mission
Clean up bar being open on mondays for bob event
Fixed leapfrogging fem style up to maid
Fixed sissy reference in dominant flat owner cleaning
Fixed ability to multi-buy bed heels
Fixed landlord not noticing you wearing an exposed bra
Fixed error trying to play games after work
No longer able to visit kurt in the middle of the night
Fixed a display bug with naked player w/ very large breasts
Fix flipped flag on maid prison event
Fix issue where unisex shirt could be referred to as masculine morning after spill event
Fix a bug where fatigue requirements for hypno were not mathing properly
Going for a jog achievement no longer appears if you have bestiality disabled
Fix for “dupes” of maid outfit from kurt/cafe
Can now dress after taking chastity key
Some admin achieves were listing as alex
Relieving a Hard Shift achievement points to the correct variables
Fixed text issues in boiless lunch event
Fix work bathroom not recognizing anal virginity
Fix error with inspection when plug missing whence expected
Fix VR hypnosis intro multi-triggering (does not backfix)
Fix bug where short shorts were considered unisex rather than female (this was causing Alex to not invite you to the RPG because she hadn’t seen you ‘dressed female’)
Fix ERROR: unable to calculate underwear style when wearing gym socks to work
Fixed a stage 3 issue where manager would improperly expect you to have chastity key with you
Fixed a bug where manager didn’t properly recognize you agreeing to stay in chastity After the adv chastity cage event (not a backfix, give her the key + take it back to fix Issues with key expectation in inspection)
Fixed not getting credit for 3rd mistress maid cleaning event
0.7.4 achievements no longer visible (<>-o-matic achievements no longer visible, “The Doctor is in”, drug stuff)
Non-penis hypnosis achieves will now unlock properly
Moved manager’s call re: bed heels photo back to 2350
Fix some instances of achievements referencing alex when they should have referenced bob
Lifting weights gives xp again
Fix maid feminization level being administered merely for opening the box w/maid attire
Bob will no longer phone you mid-workout
Fix bug where technician lunch discussion wasn’t appearing
Tie is not considered unisex, should fix inspection issues
Can flirt with admin while working out if you called dibs
Added achievements for all maid “sets”
Recolored achievement menu to be more readable
Fix for stuck at start of game
Bob confrontation will bump hormone inspection to the next day rather than teleporting you
Fixed a handful of cases where the game would think you were in a phone calls and Prevent you from initiating another one
Fix for cannot set property on load
See More
fixed not getting credit for 3rd mistress maid cleaning event
0.7.4 achievements no longer visible (<>-o-matic achievements no longer visible, “The Doctor is in”, drug stuff)
non-penis hypnosis achieves will now unlock properly
moved manager’s call re: bed heels photo back to 2350
fix some instances of achievements referencing alex when they should have referenced bob
lifting weights gives xp again
fix maid feminization level being administered merely for opening the box w/maid attire
Bob will no longer phone you mid-workout
now able to go outside in slutty maid outfit (requires bimbo 8+ and fem 12+)
fix bug where technician lunch discussion wasn’t appearing
tie is not considered unisex, should fix inspection issues Escalation
fix for stuck at start of game
reworked fem_style for pegging, “money” path is now possible
See More
New content: now possible to obtain hormones “money” style
fixed the bug of thinking the key was at home
fix unisex + makeup not triggering together
fixed knowing Tentans’ assistant’s name without ever hearing it
fix missing names on milking mission
clean up bar being open on mondays for bob event
See More
known issues: it is not possible to unlock hormones in a “greed” manner, I’ll write that after I’m back from choking people
fix <<>> in some item names
fixed a glitch if you no-showed the meeting with bob at the gym
fix some issues related to giant breasts
fixed a missing maid threshold unlock
fixed a bug wearing boots with very particular stats
fix workEvent bug in Bob work confrontation event
fixed an issue where you could get “stuck” if you put on makeup in the work bathrooms before you ahd properly unlocked makeup
fixed hormones not becoming available on “voluntary” path
fixed taste for error
fix rent discount multi-applying
flesh out therapist handling of different maid outfits
See More
Get a discount on your monthly rent by helping out your friendly landlord
  • Unlock a new outfit more appropriate for cleaning
  • Impress him enough and you could get a side gig cleaning other apartments!
  • Meet new and interesting people… and clean their flats!
You are what you eat?
  • As voted on by our patrons! share a “meal” with friends and unlock new “culinary” options
  • Better manage your finances and health by tweaking your mealplan!
  • Improve yourself with “special” additives that affect your characters progression!
Maid to order:
  • Apply for a job at that cute cafe in the mall
  • Work on your customer service skills as a waitress
  • Unlock cute new outfits! What an achievement!
The game now tracks your progress, “achievements” are viewable via the options menu
  • Achievements can be exported/imported to accrue across multiple playthroughs
  • All achievements in the list SHOULD be obtainable
  • Nearly 700 achievements tracking all parts of your journey
A major announcement
  • Help Bob with an announcement to your old company and make a major decision of your own
An ill-advised confrontation
  • Letting bob in on what’s REALLY going on at work without urging proper caution now has consequences…
Small Other stuff:
  • you can now call “dibs”/ask your friend Bob not to pursue your manager
  • The word “sissy” is now toggleable as a fetish flag Note that it does show up prior to the therapist visit where you fill out the survey, so if you really don’t want to see it ever you’ll want to tweak fetish flags in the options when you start a new game. -You can now change names of all NPCs via the options menu
  • rather than immediately getting pink panties at the end of the trial you can instead ask for the key back (this allows for a “pure” greed playthrough since otherwise getting the panties would end up leading to namechange)
  • fixed some issues if you signed up for the chastity trial after already having gotten chastity in some other way
  • fixed some issues where virginity status wasn’t being properly handled
  • no longer able to fuck a dog if you haven’t lost your anal virginity
  • fix bug where you would always get in trouble for “snooping” first day even if AIKO helped
  • fix bug where you could get double listings of designer clothing
  • can talk about something else if you try to talk to psychiatrist about testimonials but you’ve already spoken to her about them all
  • fix bug where pulling panties aside would make penis disappear if you had no chastity device equipped can now masturbate if you pull panties to one side
  • fix bug where you could leave the gym without shoes on, resulting in an error
  • fix bug where meeting bob already at the gym every time (rather than from your appt) would cause him to fail to come to appt if you no-showed
  • fix bug where bob morning meeting would give wrong feedback re: wearing female attire
  • can get psychiatrist phone
  • if you do hypno therapy if you fail to wear plug whence required you can get punished via electric chastity device if you are so equipped
  • can now do “brazen” option for first dinner with bob
Known Issues:
  • The game is far from finished. Please take a look at the current build and changelog to see whats new!
See More
-fixed a bug where calling Trapper would have her talking about the nda despite having already signed
-fix bug where loading the game would add more pegging virginity talk points
-if you want to cleanup duplicate discussion themes run this on the console (requires version 0710g or higher):
See More
-added passthrough for TODO scene if you goto work exhausted
-fixed a bug where succubus cuffs + leash weren’t being cleaned up at the end of the session
-fixed a bug where, if you had left the key with her for 5 days, asking for it “back” would cause it to disappear the following morning
-fix bug where she would revoke your key privledges but still expect you to bring the key (will be fixed after inspection/when you get a “new” task)
See More
-Extra Bugfixes
See More
See More
-Even more bugfixes
-A few avatar graphics like the Chiffon frill blouse have been updated.
See More
0.7 is still missing some character graphics.
  • Mostly bugfixed.
  • Save files from previous version should now work again.
See More
Let’s get swole:
– Join an old friend at the gym
– Take a class, learn martial arts, lift some weights, work out with friends, the possibilities are endless*!
– 8 different gym activities to enjoy
– Raise your strength, stamina, dexterity or even learn to fight!
*Not strictly true in the literal sense
– Choose your preferred lockerroom, and do(n’t) drop the soap!
– Too cheap for the gym? How about a jog around the apartment building?
His name… is Bob:
– Further your relationship with your good friend from your previous job
– Embark on an “epic” quest to get one of the densest men on the planet to notice you
Meeting time:
– attend work meetings with your manager and learn more about your company
-reworked inventory that should be more efficient + mobile compatible
and a pile of bugfixes that I don’t have on this computer
v0.5.0.0 (5.08.2019)
See More
A friendly Wizard
  • Impress your friendly neighborhood Tech Wizard enough to join her weekly RPG group
  • Stay after game and “hang out”
  • 2500 words across 13 passages
  • Join the tech wizard’s legendary (or is that infamous?) RPG group
  • Have totally innocent fantasy fun with friends new and old
  • Two brand-new characters and more interaction with old favorites
  • Chose from up to five different characters, each with their own unique story
  • Decision points in every game session determine how the story plays out.
  • 11 new equippable items
  • 30,500 words across 86 passages
Those things on your chest
  • Become the big tiddy gf you’ve always dreamed of being at the nascent bodyshop
  • New images for all outfits to show off your “upgrades”
  • New location “New U Bodyshop” stay tuned for further procedures to become available!
  • 1000 words across 5 passages
Miscellaneous fixes:
  • Inventory improvements: No longer necessary to manually remove all clothing to change attire
  • Bugfixes: “Good Girl” variant of the pink secretary outfit now obtainable
v0.4.1.0 (13.04.2019)
See More
  • Revamped the Stat system. New thresholds are in place to prevent characters from reaching certain stats to fast, but also help so you don’t end up in a deadlock scenario.
  • Reach full feminization (for a Sissy Secretary) by being either a good or bad Girl or something in between.
  • Become  better acquainted with manager. Join her at a after work party, perform cunnilinctus, be at the reciving end of an enormous strap on.
  • You can finally become a Bad, bad sissy. Took me long enough to add that one (actually you have to be one if you want to see all scenes from above, but as a wise Sissy once said: You can be a “bad” sissy without being a bad sissy).
  • You can now talk about stuff with your friend who does not look like The Rock anymore, during your bar trips.
  • And many, many more larger and smaller scenes to make the world look more alive.
  • Inventory has been fixed for firefox, and quality of life functions have been added.
  • A few new clothes and haircuts have been added (no new makeup yet, sorry).
v0.3.0.6 (16.08.2018)
See More
  • Bugfix for the “event_admin_theme_recend_breakup” bug.
  • Changed Invetory within Wardrobe. Items can now be moved by simply clicking/tapping at them. This should make it useable for tablets.
  • Fixed some small bugs and typos.
v0.3.0.6 (16.08.2018)
See More
  • Bugfix for the “event_admin_theme_recend_breakup” bug.
  • Changed Invetory within Wardrobe. Items can now be moved by simply clicking/tapping at them. This should make it useable for tablets.
  • Fixed some small bugs and typos.
v0.3.0.5 (11.08.2018)
See More
  • Loop for Female Secrtary event has been fixed.
  • Both Unisex Secretary and Female Secetary are now accessable in the same playthrough
  • Gloryhole Theme accessable during psychiatrist visit
  • Added a new Gloryhole Theme during psychiatrist visit (accessable after first Blowjob at gloryhole)
  • Makeup is now wearable outdoors after the Female Secretary Event.
v0.3.0.4 (06.08.2018)
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  • Drag and Drop inventory
  • Sound in the Options now mutes videos
v0.3.0 Test 3 (28.05.2018)
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  • There are still some themes you cannot talk with either the psychiatrist nor the manager about. So yes, the “I’m a bad sissy that needs to be punished” scene is still missing in action. Sorry.
  • The first two hypnosis scenes have been heavily rewritten. The first one is completely new and has replaced the original first one. The second has a lot of changes. The 3rd will be changed in the future, since I want to remove the whole split personality aspect of the game, since it was kind of stupid to begin with. If the PC want’s to act like a cumcrazy slut, its on his own terms and not because there’s a 2nd personality within them.
  • Outdoor Crossdressing is in the game, but after you reach it there will be a few scenes where you get some variants of “Content Missing”. I plan to add some reactions of different character when you reach that stage. These can be different depending on how you reached that stage. Currently you can only do this with the help of the manager.
  • Profiles have been added but are really not that usefull yet. In the future they should tell you how much progress you have with a certain character and some important details.
  • So, once you reach outdoor cross dressing (or regular dressing as civilized people would call it), you’re pretty much at the end of this version. The most content changes are at the beginning of the game.
v0.2.5 (05.03.2018)
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  • Bug that prevented progress during a certain “Reward” scene containing the Manager if the player choose to remove clothes manually has been fixed.
v0.2.4 (01.03.2018)
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  • Forgetting your Chastity Cage should now behave as intended… hopefully.
  • Calling Alex on a Saturday after 3 pm should work as well
v0.2.3 (28.02.2018)
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  • You can now visit the Psychiatrist for therapy even if you never accept the hypnosis sessions for real this time.
  • Bug that prevents you from wearing male clothing fixed.
Version 0.2.2 (27.02.2018)
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  • Chastity Cage can now be cleaned with the other sextoys.
  • Talking about nothing twice with the manager works now and can lead to unexpected results
  • You can now visit the Psychiatrist for therapy even if you never accept the hypnosis sessions
v0.2.1 (26.02.2018)
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  • Minor Bugfix for a faulty theme at the psychiatrist. You have to export, restart and reimport to fix this.
Version 0.2.0 (25.02.2018)
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  • Apply Makeup (After a certain event in the Storyline)
  • Different Haircuts
  • Body Modification (Only Breast growth at the moment. Decline the Manager on the 2nd day at first, before the first Disciplinary measure to get it).
  • Expanded storyline, more Hypnosis, etc.
Known Issues:
  • No Content will stop after the 2nd to 3rd week. You can technically continue to play, but not much will change. Like at all. Just like real life.
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  • Fixed the Masturbation Scene and added a tiny bit of new content.
  • Fixed the deadlock during the Disciplinary measure with the Manager
  • Added a few more items to wear, buy-able at the “Tease me, Please me”
Gameplay Information:
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  • When you change to a newer version, use the Export Button under the avatar at your last stable savegame (please check if you’re allready beyond the last content, which is currently sunday evening, first week). Then download the new version, start it and press restart (so allnew varaibles get set) and paste the content of the export file into the dialog and press okay.
  • If you’re stuck check if someone wants you to remove or put on some clothes, and use the inventory menu to do this.
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There is almost Daily Bug Fixes available on the Discord Chanel fore the game, both fore the Public and Patreon version’s.

Extras: ONLINE


Thank you Wikifeet69 for sharing.

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