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Serenity [Ch. 2 v0.3] [N2TheFire]

April 14, 2024F95

  You lose your mother to cancer after caring for her for 5 years. She left you a magical book that transports you to Serenity Island… a paradise with nekos, romance, and adventure.

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Serenity is a kinetic, adult visual novel about love, forgiveness, and acceptance in a world where pleasure feeds your magic, enabling you to build your paradise and live in peace with a harem of Nekos, demons, and more. If you enjoy AVNs with a good-hearted MC, harem, Nekos, comedy, romance, and just a touch of drama, then you’re in the right place. Good wholesome and sexy fun is waiting!

Thread Updated: 2024-03-19
Release Date: 2024-03-14
Developer: N2TheFire – PatreonSubscribeStarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Ch. 2 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Last Human
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3DCG, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Monster Girl, Teasing, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex,  Kinetic  Novel
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1. Extract and run.
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Chapter 2 version 0.3
1272 images added, plus 9 animations. 3200 lines of code. 14 new music tracks (a couple of previous tracks were also reused). Development time: 5 months
do NOT extract over the previous version of your game,
Android users: I do not support android. I cannot help you if it doesn’t work for you. I can only build it using the automated tool in renpy. If you have issues, please seek advice from fellow android users. Make sure you have available storage space; you might need to use a VPN to download. These are the common things I hear about. If your android is outdated, this may not work for you at all.
Chapter 1 version 1.6
This build contains all previous fixes plus making the text box wider. This will be the last “fix” update I will release for Chapter 1. Version 2.0 will be a complete overhaul of the story, graphics, and music (especially the first 8 days) and will address a list of various minor complaints I have kept a list of over the last 2 years. Work on that project will be sometime next year, possibly early spring.
Chapter 1 v1.5c:
Version 1.5c is simply the compressed version of Serenity Chapter 1 (it has the same content). Quality difference is barely noticeable.
Android build has been added (also marked as v1.5c since I have compressed that one too).
Chapter 1 v1.5:
Added option to skip one scene that may be questionable for a few. Skipping the scene will bring up a very brief description of what happened without the details of the questionable part, then continue on after the questionable scene.
Added a dialogue transparency slider in the preferences
Removed a few old, unused files that were unnecessarily in the directory.
This small update simply adds the final sex scene (from version 1.3) to the gallery and some missing images. There is no other new content than that outside of a few minor edits to some script.
Attached: (note: YOU MUST HAVE VERSION 1.3 TO USE THIS.) I’ve created an update patch that will update your Serenity-1.3-pc version to 1.4. Extract the files into your Serenity 1.3 folder, overwriting existing files. The second attachment is my ‘persistent’ file. Extract this to your ‘game/save‘ folder to unlock all of the gallery.
v1.3 Chapter 1 Final
This update adds 930 images, 10 animations including a short end movie I made with a lot of renders not seen publicly yet, including early versions of some of the girls and quite a few pieces that were commissions for my Crown tier patrons. There is a bit more after that video so don’t be quick to close the game – play it until it stops. Don’t worry about saving, Chapter two will pick up where this one left off.
v1.2 Public
  • 921 images
  • 6 animations
  • 20 music tracks
  • plus 1042 images
  • plus 11 animations
  • plus 6 music tracks
  • 2800 lines of code
  • plus Day 11 and part 1 of Day 12
Serenity version 1.1b is about twice as long as my usual releases. Originally I intended to do Day 11 and all of Day 12 but I didn’t want to wait any longer to release. So, Day 12 is ‘part 1’ of that day. Also because of this, it will seem to end rather abruptly (compared to the way I normally end an update). Sorry for this. But once the next update is out, it will flow smoothly.
This update, we’ll see Kat doing some makeovers for a couple of the girls. So you’ll get to see some girls with a refreshed appearance. A couple of girls will ascend, and we’ll meet the last two characters that will be in Serenity (besides visitors). Speaking of visitors, we have a new one this update 🙂
  • 1358 lines of code
  • 559 images
  • 7 animations
  • 8 new music tracks
  • New event with Kat
  • New event with Morgan
  • 2 lewd scenes with Morgan based on a choice
  • 1 new character
  • Approx. 35 to 45 minutes reading time depending on how fast you click through
There were a total of about 450 images redone from scratch. Also added 4 new animations (removed the old ones I did that were shit). Rewrote some dialogue to better fit the overall plot and corrected some minor issues. Below are the details of exactly what has been updated.
v0.9 Public
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Added 500 images
Added 3 new music tracks
Added Day 9 content/story
Added 4 animations
v0.8 Public
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Added 506 renders
Added Replay Gallery
Fixed issue on Android where “hide ui” button didn’t show up
v0.7b (Beta) Public
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This is the “beta” version of the last update to this build of Serenity. Version 0.8 will start “Week 2” and a new build.
Included in this update:
New and improved animations (Thanks to fellow dev, Cryoxxx)
All renders in the first scene (with Trina) have been redone
Fixed a certain “punish her” scene (replaced a bad variable typo in the code)
Fixed a few minor plot issues due to changes made to original story
More music added for atmosphere/mood
I am already working to improve Serenity Week 1 (the first scene with Trina was one of the planned improvements). Further improvements include:
Completely re-render all the first scenes (outside on the island) – they were so ugly when I started out
Code cleanup and more typo/grammar corrections
Add animation for first scene with Kat in the shower
Add animation for Kat’s second lewd scene
Re-render various images where lighting was just bad (dark faces, etc.) as well as POV weirdness
Once I have completed these improvements (and any others I find or you guys point out), Serenity Week 1 will be considered “Final” and completed. I expect to complete these improvements before the end of February (hopefully sooner). I hope you guys enjoy it! :)
Added 76 renders
Added 4 short animations (very simple)
Corrected spelling/grammar errors found by proofreader (Thanks oonorlund) from start to current
Added 1 music track to Kat’s scene (This one isn’t my own music like the title track.)
Total images in current version: 1196 (if playing from start.)
First Release
Developer Notes:
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Chapter 1 of Serenity is now complete. Currently working on Chapter 2
Serenity Chapter 1 is a separate game from Serenity Chapter 2 (separate install folders!)
You do not need to worry about moving saves over to chapter 2. Just choose the same name you used in the first chapter.
Further updates to Chapter 1 will mainly be improvements/fixes. Later there will be an overhaul of the first 6 days of Chapter 1 which will be a major update. I will announce ahead of time when work on that project begins.

Chapter 1

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Extras: Italian TranslationMulti-ModPersistent

*This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

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