Sex Machines [v0.7.2] [Nathan]

Sex Machines [v0.7.2] [Nathan]

July 10, 2024F95

VR game ONLY
Sex Machines Simulator

Thread Updated: 2022-01-23
Release Date: 2022-01-23
Developer Nathan – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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bdsm, sex toys, vaginal sex, virtual reality
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1. Extract and run.
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bugfix of game breaking bug
List of changes:
– new design of control terminals:
Control terminals now contain animations and sounds.
Also, the design is brought to a single style, which makes them more convenient.
– Completely redesigned terminal management system.
– slightly improved the appearance of the level.
– The attach system has been completely redesigned.
I tested the new system and found no errors in the attachment system. Please, try.
– Fixed a bug with the cassette in the girl’s hand after the start of the level.
I corrected this part of the code and checked the old level about 50 times – the cassette now remains in the station, please check it should be good.
– Exit from the “Capsule” and 1st machine now works.
I tried to make exits from all positions, no errors found.
– added animated notifications in the terminal for orgasm and loss events.
– added basic pleasure refill system to capsule.
– added animation of orgasms to the capsule (more about it below)
– added a pack of new animation for the first pose of the compounded machine.
– Shockers and suction cups can now be used when the car is turned on.
– added reaction animations for attached suction cups in 1 machine and capsule.
– added sounds for grabbing and installing machine parts
What has not been done, but is known and will be fixed: (in detail)
– Animation of orgasms and suckers:
After the release of this version, I start experimenting with blend animations.
ALL animations are created with an outdated method (each action has its own set of animations), of course it works, but it takes just an incredible amount of time.
Blend animations are new to me, I want to try to learn them.
As a result, this will greatly reduce the time spent on creating animations for this and subsequent projects.
The problem is that the girl sometimes holds onto the handrails, sometimes lets go of them (which you can see at the “capsule” level – it looks ridiculous), I mean that i should need to introduce an IK system for the hands and add hoods, then everything will be perfect.
– You can still fall through the wall when turning the character.
(will be corrected a bit later)
– finger mode may cause unplanned rotation on some controllers it is very irritating. When I did “finger mode” I thought it would be more convenient, I will rework this system to be more convenient.
– 2nd controller and changing hands from left to right are under consideration.
– As many have noticed, there are not many sounds in the game. this is not a mistake – they are really not in the game yet.
So far, the sounds are on the girl only when the machines are running.
On the release version, each animation of the girl will be voiced individually.
The rest of the sounds of the game will begin to appear in the next versions.
– The girl’s model has errors, you can see the joints and breaks in the mesh, by the release version the girl will be more polygonal and flexible, I would like to fix this now, but I want to finish the pack with the cars as soon as possible so as not to make you wait any longer.
v0.5 Update
update 0.5:
– Added orgasms to 1st room.
Each orgasm adds 100 “PL”
You can easily bring the girl to orgasm for now, on release version it will become a little more difficult.
– Added a terminal to exit the room.
Now the player will not be able to go further if he does not have enough “PL”. (in this version you can leave the room with any number of “PL”)
– Now (in the first room) you can either win or lose.
(if the girl doesn’t like your actions or they are too hasty, the level will be turned off, the girl will show you a frustrated animation your PL will be shortened.
If you bring her to orgasm, she will show you a satisfied animation.
– The capsule animations are replaced,
The nipple suckers are working properly.
– Added parts for the new machine , there will be three in total.
Each machine has its own set of parts.
It is planned that all parts of the machines can be used on any of the three machines.
(The animations for a new machine will be added in the next update. for now, you can swap them and watch the turn-on animations on test terminal.)
v0.4.8 Test Build
– I finished a new toy in the first room.
– Now the girl reacts to our actions (there is an indicator like / dislike)
– Now you can bring her to orgasm (for now, using machines only)
The process may be too fast at this point but try it, please. Does it work well?
– You can leave the room and try several in-game events that will help you progress further in the level. (e.g. power-up, battery search, jammed door to the main corridor)
View ready models of new rooms (they will be available in the next updates).
– fixed overheating of the 1st machine. (now the smoke stops and the indicator stops blinking.)
– fixed the pickups of dropped items.
Unfortunately, I can only check this on VIVE, is it more convenient?)
– added light to terminal
Currently known issues:
– Doors in this version do not have collisions.
– To throw away clothes that you have removed, move them away from the girl. (will be fixed in next update)
– removed shoes cannot be lifted
– the removed clothes have only 1 model. (will be fixed when adding new types of clothing)
– Dildo doesn’t stay inside.
Sorry to take so long. So far, we cannot do it as planned.. 🙁
This version is not complete but should work.
(Now I’m trying to make it more convenient and assign to another type of clothing, stockings panties gloves) But, the basic part is ready.
(to take off clothes from a girl, take it far away from the girl) the fasteners must be taken carefully so that the hand does not appear on her chest – I’m already thinking how to fix that conflict.
Vive Cosmos owners: a controls still not working?
If not. please tell me which one button can I use for it.

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    Sex Machines [v0.7.2] [Nathan]