SlaveBar [v1.3m] [Nymphokyun]

SlaveBar [v1.3m] [Nymphokyun]

January 9, 2024F95

In a world ruled by high-elfs a human slave is trying to survive, as it is given a chance to earn its freedom by fulfilling the conditions of an one of a kind pact between a slaa and an noble.

You open a bar to get money, yet not just a simple bar, but one for noble’s fetishes. As the dishes served here are made out of body fluids, gathered thru a mating act. For that reason, you have a whole farm with various h-slaves to harvest from :3

Thread Update: 2022-09-05
Release Date: 2022-05-09
Developer: NymphoKyun – PatreonWebsiteDLsiteItch.io
Censorship: No
Version: 1.3m
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Breeding, Hunting, adventure, 3D, NymphoKyun, Unity, Beastiality
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1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click on “SB_170120.exe” to start playing.
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// New

– New Game + : restart a fresh FreeMode slot with several boosts (tame count retained from original slot yet clamped to 9, player’s exp increases at 2x rate)
  • creates a copy onto an available free slot, doesn’t overwrite or delete the original one.
  • requirements: finished story mode, player’s lvl 20 or above in free mode
  • Use: Navigate to the target slot at slot selection popup (game start or reload from title screen) > Press 1 key > Confirm
  • Added entry in Book’s Help regarding this feature (in free mode)
– Being able to crawl faster by holding Shift (while crouched)
– [story] Enable to buy Double Dildos from the BagHead store, once you get out of the Ork Dungeon (for easier progress)
– [story] Reduced the Shy state effect after Ork Dungeon : ignoring panties (if on,off,teared)
– [story] Black Barn : carrot and h card pickup seems unclear — added helpers
/ Bug Fixes
  • [story] credits ‘thank you for playing’ overlapping text
  • [story] Book: “get away from the Woman” (after first char to get sbar spot) not being written
  • [story] BarIdea: female (sbspot) missing (traveling to mofu plains then back – she dissapears)
  • [story] barIdea: day after ni was told by blondie to return tomorrow (she’d find out the favorite pet) : book doesn’t point anywhere on click (should be at blondie locator)
  • [story] the crate where kelpie is usually placed to be moved (always overlapping it)
  • [story] boringFiller: can’t pass to bunnies side (near range not working)
  • [story] barIdea (first meet blacksmith): blacksmith not correctly loaded (random guy appearance, no hammer)
  • [story] higher chance for Ork Dung females in cage (non H)
  • [story] barIdea kelp to alley: check if kelp following (to not require to run further away then back near to equip kelp)
  • [story] caveGob moved to cell : controlsOn (if player is still in after h state)
  • [story] orks dung: after h can move behind cages + get stuck there
  • [story] Trainees builder hammer piece recover : 2 target goblins where spawned (if sleeping while this quest sequence is active)
  • [story] Gobling Cave: After opening the door with the key, Nishy sometimes gets stuck (f5 solves his)
  • [story] Randomly the Book (Tab) gets stuck, and doesn’t open.
  • [story] BagGuy seller doesn’t have a bag on his head, instead, appears with a normal NPC skin
  • [story] BarIdea: After being rescued and doing the restrooms scene, Nishy may keep the “Slave” state
  • [story] BarIdea : Nishy x TC hug sequence fixed
  • [story] BarIdea : interact with TC on second day, she walks away
  • [story] Ork Dungeon: Cages may appear with 2 or more fapets inside
  • [story] Ork Dungeon: Cages no longer appears open (pretty rare to see one open)
  • footsteps to be louder
  • Sfx volume got turned very low after exiting village’s wc
  • 0 (h cancel) button disappears on stopped cancels with broken females (if near climax)
  • Nishy customize cabin’s Slime hair style : missing parts + not hiding hair tails on hats
  • Find Object quests : Glasses and Eyepatch missing material issue.
  • Free Mode Stallions spawn rate is too low
  • Milking Parlor: Futa x Female lvl 2 loop doesn’t appear
  • Milking Parlor: self equip cancel button (0, same as with other h-acts)
  • Cleaning Spot LVL 2 anim (insertion) is hard to achive
  • Cleaning Spot: Multiple males can use it at the same time (if they go on their own)
  • Cleaning spot: if a fapet is stuck on the CS, destroying the CS erases the fapet (as a attempt to fix the previous bug)
// v 1.2
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// v 1.2
/ New
– Localization (via machine translator) to 23 languages
– Female attacking Nishy “Reverse-Rape” : if on crossposes popup not choosing anything (esc/cancel)
/ Bug Fixes
– hand interact/pickup : sometimes interacting with things further away (ex.: pick up panties – interacts with cabin..)
– crowd shops (slaves sell) and orange indicator above their heads
– extra fix for Black’s Barn quest (check and force player inside the barn, for rare cases of poping outside)
– extra guide helpers for first parts on ‘First Steps’ quest (finding the sleep spot and the builder)
– camera focused high (after hacts : fem attack futa Ni)
– females face fix crossposes (sometimes mouth and cheeks glitched)
– male faces fix mastb/crossposes (ent, kobold)
– female crossposes “Bunny” option fix (T Pose in case of Harpy,Neko,Slime)
– female crossposes Cow/Sheep using Harpy/Slime futa pose
– Nishy x Ent (tamed) : second anim
– secret party quest bug: (first sleep) drink milk cup > enter nest – triggering event progression (as if slept)
– wild Kelpie interact chat
– Penalty can break story (lock player behind story walls) : locked for some story parts (Nun part, Boring filler , goblins invasion)
– some story walls bug compensation added (if player is somehow on the other side, they’ll allow to pass thru)
– Fairy x Spider : after h (to stay in after pose)
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// v 1.1
/ New
– Localization (text and some graphical elements translation) to Japanese and Chinese, integrated and cached
*via machine translator (DeepL system) , thus might not be quite accurate
*if translating: can toggle in-game between translated and original version via Alt+T
*Added as an option on title screen (before reload), also changing lanuage will restart the game
*Note: in dialogues type-in effect is disabled if translation (instant typed in)
– TC’s Shave Command (requires at least one fapet of all types to be tamed) : shave nude the fapets currently following player. Caution : this can’t be undone (except for not saving and reloading), so be carefull
– Female Fapets can do crossposes via attacking Nishy
*requires a minimum of 15 total tamings for all types
– Added [TAB] Locator and tips help for story’s intro quests
– Added ‘Pee’ self command (appears if piss gauge is higher then 80% – after getting the first message to easrch a toilet)
– Clearing liquid covers : sleep while in/near a bed, and upon cleaning (dirty stat) if reaching 0%
/ Extra
– Added visual feedback to most of invisible walls (free mode’s intro part, several quests in story mode)
– House/Bed tip now shows when must get further away (usually after sleep – to not accidentally loop sleeps)
– Increased nest’s total capacity
– Increased max number of equipable accesorries (count = Player Lvl / 2 , max 15)
– Condom HCard moved to Mofu Lake’s entrance area
– Confirmation popup for “Backup Load” was added (note: loading the backup doesn’t overwrite the save unless save-sleep in it. To return from backup on normal save just go to title and load the mode again)
– some vendors now restock more often (bag-head, TC)
– [Theater Mode] Blondie Quick Commands Training added
– Stats note on reaching a level cap : reached level cap, level up in story (to lift it higher), pass the story (to rise it)
– Futa lvl 3 mast anim (for ‘solo’ hExp > 59)
– Localization section added to credits
– Pregnant timer for player lowered to 30 sec
– Anal finishes now fill condom aswell (to facilitate faster tamings)
– [free mode] No First Sheep quest (it’ll be only in story mode)
– Story end dress cabin rooster set as Free mode’s start/default set (which becomes available once the cabin is unlocked) (most likely won’t apply for older free mode saves)
– Unstuck improved (unlocks pause menu if locked, stops attached hActs with orks, works with story bunny switch)
– Added a taming spot right next to your house
– Penalty lowers a bit (1 point) on every sleep
– wbag: won’t lock out the equipped chars (they might still behave pregnant-like at times = big belly)
– Unlock areas in half time (lake in 15 days, wargs in 32 days..)
– [FreeMode] Unlock Futa and skills earlier
– Decreased required tamings to refund stamina after taming
*2,5,9,13,20 tamings thresholds per fapet type
– Help entries updated
/ Bug Fixes
– Cloths bug to nude (if trying to equip more accesories then allowed)
– Undressing Halloween Hat (some parts remain visible)
– Physics for halloween cape and hat
– Hair Feather not applying on other hair styles
– Teared Cloths see thru issue (for some clothings)
– F11-F12 (bug report generation) keys not working
– F6 Key shows a glitched Game Trailer
– Slut Job doesn’t add Body Writing to Nishy body
– (Mofu Plains) Kobold and Sheep Spawn at the same time making hard to capture them
– Warg x Neko anims loops fixed (hand snap)
– Stallion BlowJob 3’rd action animation
– Restrooms: Female/Male Citizens dissappear right after entering the restrooms and starts invisible Hacts
– Restrooms: Nishy using the same Wall-Fapet together with other NPC causes Nishy to do T-Pose
– Cow Taming: being in futa mode shows the “Titjob” anim instead of the respective one
– Cloths Unlocking Mission: some of them doesn’t unlock the respective clothes in the dress cabine after being completed. (Kelpie/Stallion, Warg/Hound)
– CowxBuilder has no stamina consumption
– CowxBuilder, After doing the animation multiple times makes the builder to start floating
– Penalty points sometimes increasing while in toilet
– Being able to access closed areas
– Ent Taming: Quick Taming doesn’t work with them
– Mofu lake: some ents cannot get down from some trees, specially from the high ones
– crowd quests : Item Hunt
– crowd quests : Kelpie hunt
– [story: BarIdea] Nest to level 2 check (skip if already leveld above that level)
– h Exp not registered for : Kelpie x Slime/Harpy
– Hound & Stallion don’t have Lovers behavior
– Some h acts have no climax parts (ex: x slime girl, x goblin anal)
– Game Credits>Menu: Nishy Model doesn’t get near to the mirror during the Last Standing Animation
– Q Button appears randomly even without near H acts
– [story: BarIdea] Collector blue paper not showing up
– [story: BarIdea] Little Troll (the woman nephew) is duplicated
– [story: Ork Dungeon] Bully female part : she can push you down while you’re using a cleaning station resulting in an animation error where both of you are half buried in the ground.
– [story: Ork Dungeon] Getting inside a Cage will softlock Nishy, because after starting the Dildo Hact The Animation will no progress
– [story: Ork Dungeon] Using the Cleaning Spot will produce and endless Climax Animation
– [story: Blondie Commands Training] After Hacts Nishy becomes Stuck/Unable to move (fixed by opening the book)
– [story: Blondie Commands Training] can piss (bugs current behaviour)
– [story: Blondie Commands Training] After quest : can’t grab
– [story: Trainee] Level up Kelpie by having hActs (recommended being near a bed)
– [story: Trainee] Crowd quests (to be more clear about it + on quest interact highlight a random quest crowd)
– Orks x females animation poses randomization
– There’s a invisible wall on MofuVillage, stopping the player from opening treasure chests
– [free] Nishy switching to first story part’s anims (walk instead of run etc..)
– Nishy (no futa): LVL 2-3 Crouch Mast Animation forces instant climax at the beginning
– Ent teleporting with player back to the tree (on taming/failed taimg)
– Not showing tip-controls for dressing room
– Start hat not hiding hair tails
– Some hair tails not hiding while wearing hats (long pony tail ..)
– slime overlapping text-chat ui
– [birth day event] player was capable of moving while chatting
– Save Slot delete bugs (not setting to empty slot, not deleting backups and theater)
– Endless Backup load
– Not detecting Shy area correctly
– Interaction with wild kelpies
– Dressing while walk/run freezing the next quick slot for dressing up
– Sleeping near bed (via self command) not recovering stamina
– Mofu Village cycle of bg music (while near toilet)
– Toilet Crowds in hacts
– Pause Popup issues: can press down while in some categories (Options/Graphics, Options/Tips..)
– [black barn] while kelps mastb : Black sometimes not NPC tag (can’t interact to finish – all kelps done)
– [dress ability] chat x TC (start) can move
– Mofu Plains Wall is open by default (on reload after starting Trainees quest)
– BookMenu’s counters fixed (under bookmark)
– [Target ability quest] horny is double spawned if sleep
– [Target ability quest] issues if sleep/reload while this ability quest is active (auto delete quest, horny not looking as supposed to)
– Building new collectors : (if canceled) leaves the blue temporary collector on
– [Bar Idea story quest] can interact with the rescued girls
– Indicator not moving over Kelpie’s head (on Nishy x Kelpie h act)
– Getting in shy state in public (panties teared via peeing) results in bugged shy state (normal anims + shy speeds)
– Fill collector (while holding a bucket) working only with LMB (not the rest of interact binded buttons)
– [story kobolds invasion] fixed instant attack, too dirty and no target locator/point (targeting home)
– Talk baloon overlaping dialogue box
– Empty condition baloon generated above player
– Piss cancel/skip : open and close pause menu (esc > esc/resume)
– Halloween event bug (on repeated play thru)
– [freeMode] Beg skill not added to fapestiary
– house lvl 5 mirrors open-close
– Quick Taming ability quest : save and load progress
// New Stuff
– [FreeM] Ent’s wild behavior (tree camouflaging) + hidden attack
*attack if nearby female isn’t wearing any non-teared top cloths and panties
– [FreeM] Ent’s taming procedure (can be purchased in Black’s shop) + video walk-thru
– [StoryM] story extended (+ additional h anim)
– Pickups highlight effect (finally can find those lost panties >.< )
– Auto WalkMode off if holding Run (shift) button
/ Bug Fixes
  • Shop Selling : not always focusing on follower character
  • Cattle (book) : after selling a character – bugs out (not locating or showing stats correctly)
  • Ent’s face-mask color
  • “Endless Dialog” after using the *Chat* command with a NPC (most of the times with TC and Black)
  • (Lovers system bug) after leaving the Nest a Fapet will start an H-Act with the MC inside the Nest
  • Crowd Quests bugs
  • Petting Harpy (Lvl3)
  • Sheep has not Pleasure Bar
  • You can command a Hound to “Join” into a KelpiexFemale H-Act, but the characters will get static
  • MC can’t put Fapets within the Milking Parlor if Futa Mode is Active
  • Cloth Repair while shy : now regains normal speed
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// New Stuff
– Voices for NPCs (Black, TC, Lily, Blondie, Horny)
  • story, free mode (shops), h acts (story)
– Polished male voices (breaths, moans)
  • moans where added for crowd males only
– Title Behaviour (anims change based off current progression)
  • StoryMode : for each chapter
  • starts with no character (that’s not a bug T^T)
– Lovers Behaviour
  • 25 look at lover (most of the time)
  • 30 walk to near (10 range) every rand(10,40) seconds (invoke?) and lookat
  • 37 walk to near + lust/beg anim + drip/droll + 5 energy (for each lover)
  • 50 walk to near + mastb/hSee (wanting to h) + stamina for each (lover Lvl / 10)
  • ‘walk to near’ is disabled if wearing panties (in case player is the lover)
– “Player’s pet” lover behaviour (if player is a char’s lover) : special interactions on player sleep at home (near nest) with panties off. Behaviour appears on “love >= 37” , changed at 50.
  • [for extra behaviour] undress panties before sleep
– Video Recipe popup after reading one (via paper)
– Poll: Ent x Harpy (B)
/ Additional
– Halloween Special ON
– Lowered difficulty for molesting crowd chars (conditions)
– Neko and Slime Taming: works with any male cum now
  • fixed in Recipes aswell
– Nest Slaves cap calculation polished : fits more fapets inside
– Slaves in near range (while not in nest) won’t be lost on sleep (even if not following/called)
– Crossposes unlock changed to 25
– Tamings Count unlocks:
  • 6 petting (affection based: Lvl 1 < 30 , Lvl 2 30-90 , Lvl 3 > 90)
  • 12 clsTop + ClsLow
  • 25 CrossPoses
  • 40 clsAccess + panties + hairstyle
/ Bug fixes
  • DressCabin animation
  • Harpy attacking player (if face dirty)
  • Hound petting anim (highest threshold)
  • on start all males run to ‘Path to OldBarn’
  • shop prices not consistent, changing on every interact
  • shop skill slots not consistent
  • Kobold(2)xHarpy animation bug
  • Milk Station Bugs: Upgrading the MS while a bucket is placed will vanish the bucket
  • Cleaning Spot Bugs If you lure a fapet using the follow command it will use it but, if you cast the command “Stop following” the fapet will leave the
  • with the Onnahole/Pipe carried by them
  • leaning Spot Bugs Fapets that are using the CS can be commanded to follow or attack (if you command a male fapet to attack it will dragg the on
  • Cleaning Spot Bugs If Nishy uses the CS it can have a weird behaviour like: the Pipe it’s carried away by NY after use or might change forms (in my case
  • expanded filling all the nest. i couldn’t take a pic of that..)
  • Kobold has no Clothes
  • H-acts with crowd makes the futa mode unable to activate/desactive
  • Nishy normal form (no futa) unable to ground masturbation
  • Nest count on start not always updating
  • Milking parlor animation bug: If you start a FutaxFem animation and the female fapet is in broken mode the animation will show a T pose
  • Kobold(2)xFem doesn’t record the number of MaleGang performed in the status menu
  • Slime/Harpy zombie doesn’t attack nearly fapets
  • Orks coloring (not all parts where coloring)
  • Sheep Mastb anim: mouth
  • Sometimes slaves in nest dissapearing
  • femaleSlave/Nishy x Stallion second loop anims
  • Q button (random appear-dissapear)
  • Toilet roof LOD (far-close bug)
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// New Stuff
– CrossPoses Menu : on attack command player can select the desired pose from the popup list
  • requires 10 Tamings to unlock
  • only unlocked will have the pose selection list, and only unlocked will appear in this list
  • added Tip and Help entry
– Petting : Fapet’s ‘Pet’ command (target the via MMB > commands via RMB > Pet command)
  • unlocks (for the specified specie) once the player has tamed more then 5 fapets of the same specie (doesn’t matter if the tamed chars exist now or not, just the counting matters). Ex.: Tamed 6 Sheep > unlocked Petting for all Sheep type (currently or in future tamed)
  • levels up based on affection : Lvl 1 (affection < 30) , Lvl 2 (aff 30-90) , Lvl 3 (aff > 90)
  • different interactions based on petting level
  • rises affection, (lvl 2) replenishes milk, (lvl 3) replenishes stamina
  • help and instructions are in the game on unlock, or in Book’s Help section, or in Pause Tips (Esc>Options>Help)
// Build Notes
– Ent can be found on Mofu Plains (near the taming totem and Blacksmith’s house) along with the current poll girl (to display latest poll animation). Dryad is still not tamable.
– Slime can be found on Mofu Plains, in the pool near the taming totem. Just walk in to ‘start fishing’ for the blue girl |3
– If you’re experiencing random crashes please close all background apps (since this game consumes lots of performance) and try again or try selecting a lower quality setting in first popup-splash screen .
– Feel free to tell me if you bump into any bugs, typos or other issues (that require game reload) via Comments, PM or email. Providing more details (saves, screenshots, steps to recreate the bug) ensures a faster fixing process
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// New Stuff
– Fta Ni x Female [Milking parlor]
  • required: Player Level 10 , Total tames count 20
– Fapets can attack Crowd chars (non quest)
  • required: fapet level to be 15 or higher and crowd char to be served a drink before the attack
– Help Visual Instructions
  • random on Loading screen
  • can be accessed via Esc>Options>Help
– Video Recipes (Fapestiary)
  • appear in book on the learned recipe
– Tamings polished
  • hound now reacts to wet panties while running
  • scared females (dissapeared) will reappear after player get’s further away (ex.: Bunny, Neko)
  • follow speeds polished (kobold, hound, neko, warg)
– Tamings Tab in Player’s Stats : counting total number of succesfull tamings per fapet type
  • only tamed chars count (no: purchased, code generated)
– Stats Player added ‘Inserted’ info : shows currently inserted item and extra info (condom’s fill type)
  • info will show only when something’s inserted
– Expulse Self-Command : to quickly get out the inserted item
  • appears only if something’s currently inserted
  • [shift]+[RMB] > Expulse (if something’s currently inserted)
– Cattle Bookmark in Book (only in FreeMode)
  • basic info on tamed fapets + (on LMB/Enter) show their current location
– Energy Orbs (throught the maps) : replenish energy (for running) on the go
  • if collected while running with more then 45% of energy bar Character will dash forward
  • added to book’s help section
  • added several random anims for dash sequence
– Males Attack command : can now attack Player aswell
– Affection extra effect on essence consumption:
  • (per day pass) -0 if affect >24 , +2 if >90
– Affection rise passive : +1 per minute (will add to the fapet) while the fapet is following player
– Help section (Book) increased with info on new features
– Controls Options: CrouchLock
  • On (classic style crouching) : tap to crouch-sit, staying crouched until tapping crouch button again
– Backup Load : load a previous save (sleep/checkpoint) on the same slot for current mode only
  • PauseMenu (Esc) > Backup Load
  • doesn’t overwrite current save unless you save over it (sleep..)
– All fapets added to shop (can now appear for sale)
– Contact Dev option on Title Screen
– Futa h sight: females will start mastb if a futa char nearby is also mastb
  • required: futa char to be lvl 10 or higher, arrousment to be higher then 10%
– Summer special + polished
  • now can be completed with just 2 carrots (bunny’s carrot detection range extended, character detection range lowered, won’t detect carrot if player is near carrot)
– Portals Temple
  • unlocks on 7’th day (free mode) > (on interact) summons the portals
– [Poll] Ent x Cow
/ Additional
– Special big Thnx to “WebLoop” for constructively documented game suggestions
– Interacting with empty Milking Parlor > Multi Call command
– Piss in toilet doesn’t increase dirty stat anymore
– Lowered energy drain from running
– [free mode] Increased chances of wild Cow and Stallion to appear
– Mouse pointer on (Alt,F3) tip
– Essence Polish: if Affection > 24 (Essence won’t deplete per day), Affection > 90 (Essence +2 essence each day)
– Throw forward distance increased
– Quality Settings turned on
– Dryad renamed to Ent
– Shop slaves polish

/ Bug Fixes

  • infinite anims fix
  • player can get repelled thru objects (ex.: Ork punch player into a locked a locked cage)
  • sheep taming map sequence bug (lag-hang error based)
  • glasses transparency (was off — shader bug)
  • polished dialogues popups
  • fixed freeMode’s tutorial
  • harpy’s and slime’s taming (not increasing arrousment on q action)
  • sheep’s taming
  • Kelpie’s bad end
  • teleported back near a dissapeared male (with 0 stamina) upon going to another area
  • [freemode] tutorial: controls where on at start (after screen faded in)
  • [freemode] recipe spawn gear + not pickable until tut is over
  • [freemode] house/haybed to be on if tutorial not skipped
  • fix emote bubbles
  • h sight sometimes not working (chars not reacting to ni mastb)
  • crowd quests involving their pets (extra spawn, not reloading corectly…)
  • codes bugs
  • “Press Enter to Proceed” text not dissapearing – fixed
  • barmen quest fixed
  • Nishy x TC facial anims
  • Head look-ats (Horny, Blondie ..)
  • buckets overspawning
  • (potentialy) fixed chars overlap bug (usually happened on Ork’s Dungeon, and on failed sent out attacks)
None yet
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- Cow x Horse anim as futa (can be tested as Nishy via ground mastb arrouse)
– Poll Anim: Cow x Hound + extra (2’nd place as a bonus anim ; 2 loops, 2 endings)
– Building Menu redone: replacing popup with live props selection (something like with Slaves Shop)
  • Buildings Lvling available (works with equipped to milking parlor)
  • Upgrade price progression
  • Conditions to build (requirements of other constructions to be built or specific lvls from a certain construction)
– Milking parlor: lvling up, multiple milking parlors (unlocked based on conditions)
  • As of now it gives no bonuses, just visual change
– Atmosphere Color-tints (greenish, normal, other colors tints) : fluidly blending from one to another
– Cloths break
  • break on first forced attack
  • state is saved (game load and undress)
– Several new effects: burst on cloths tear, stun overhead anim
– Undressing polished + added all the other items (lockable for char progression)
  • only panties will stay as a separate mesh (animated and influeced by wetness), the rest will be stocked in a bag
– Save and load spawned/left items on the map
  • on each new day there’s a 40% chance of it dissapearing (being stolen)
– New icons for several items (bucket, cls:upper,lower,access)
– Stun state and teared cloths detection
– Polished male detection and assault (on Hound)
  • Now: detect > wait in attack pose>(your distance from him changed more then 5 units or you waited more then 10 sec) he chases his target > (if Normal cls) break cloths + stun for 8 seconds / (if Teared cls) rape
– Dripping if aroused (higher then 60%) and panties are off (only Nishy)
– Cloths repair terminal (cash to restore teared cloths)
– Controls Tips
  • Can be toggled On/Off in Pause>Controls>Tips
  • More tips where added in popups and hActs
– Bugs fixed
  • Wet cloths for nishy, overdressing panties, saving panties off, ftaMode while crouched, stats while hact, pause menu controls, endless male hActs, no stamina hacts with males, pause menu – dissapearing graphics, closing dialogue history with ‘v’ key, autoUncall slave when stamina is 0, tutorial recipe dialogue, other smaller ones
– Stallion: Taming BlowJob
  • Use Shift + Interact (LMB) to trigger that animation
– Hound added to SlaveShop
– Unequip command (when only 1 fapet is equipped to mParlor : MMB>RMB>Unequip)
– Polished Nishy’s erection
See More
New Stuff
New monster-male: Hound
– Hound: Basic Anims
– Hound x Bunny hAnims (2 loops, 1 end)
– Item Shop with items limited quantity + save-load and restock (once every 7 days)
– Shop categories: Items, Buy Slaves, Sell Slaves
*with visual tip helper
– Shop: more fapets for sale (including males)
– Arrousment Gauge polish (animation on fill)
– Nishy futa mode polish: erection based on arrausment (supports panties off and on)
– Male virginity (given to)
– Futa virginity (as female with males and as male with females)
– Stats boosts on new breeds (40% chance of getting a boost)
– Panties break on vag/anal rapes or birthing (for Nishy)
– Poll Anim: Stallion x Cow (1 loop, 1 end)
– Bucket as item (was moved to items): can be purchased in the shop
– Bucket saved (including last placed position)
*note: if installed in a milking parlor it’ll be loaded near it
– Erect polish (on males and Futa nishy)
– Partial Unification of males scripts
*could cause new bugs
– BugFixes
*gauges in stats, having controls while chat, stamina clamped to max
male scripts mostly unified with females
*HUD hide and show, After Mastb lock, Slots unlocked, Camera focus on taming,whip on hook,sheep’s mastb anim (mouth blob), various other bugs
version 170120
See More
/ Tips
This time around i snuk the tips into some treasure chests, read them to uncover some hidden stuff |3
Also there’s a total of 7 treasure chests.
Still, a quick one – leave the first Treasure chest for the end.
/ Other perks
– Bunny Rider thing (should work in previous build, not sure about this one)
*equip bunnny and HorseHumanoid > go get carrots > go read Bunnny recipe — she should start flying after you (go back to barn if she doesn’t come at you >.<)
Note: if not, try doing a daypass (after equiping both) > reequip both > do the rest from the above
password: “nymphokyun”
/ New Stuff:
  • Fixed the slot selection and saving issues
  • Added more hAnims for HorseA’s Taming
      *variations for first taming part and an alternative ending
  • F4: Toggles UI’s visibility
  • MMB: Target Camera (targets the creature you’re facing)
      *especially useful in watching hActs
       *creature must be in somewhat close range
  • Camera controls changed:
      *F mode: LMB – orbit, RMB – panning, MMB – Target Mode (toggle)
  • Stats display changed
  • Added ‘Masturbation Arrouse’ (only female slaves)
      *They can now be staked, 5 masturbations will give a range bonus in the next hAct
  • Saving: only thru Checkpoints (appears after capturing your first bunny)
  • Loading: only from title screen (for now at least)
      *also loads Nishy’s saved world position
/ Special
  • Summer cloths and hairstyle for nishy
/ Additional things:
  • Whip can be thrown back on the hook
  • More interesting random names >.<
  • Nishy will start watching the nearby hAct if left idle for a few seconds  |3
      *You can skip the wait by pressing Left Ctrl (while in the range of an hAct of course)
Known Bugs:
// Known Bugs
– [Tutorial] Controls on while dialogue
– Dialogue History
– Bunnies carrot in hand (invisible)
– QuickSlots: switching to Skills and back (bugs the contents)
– Hallowing (hact invisibility) only on main meshes



Powiratel  thanks for the link

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