Sovereign [v0.10.0] [Zinikis Production]

Sovereign [v0.10.0] [Zinikis Production]

May 28, 2024F95

Just a guy down on his luck with nothing exciting going on in his life. Until the day he found out a secret about his father that changed him forever. With a newfound  power and purpose, it’s up to you to steer the MC. The path ahead is not all sunshine and candy but also full of danger and turbulence.
Sovereign is an adult sandbox game where you can develop your relationship with many different types of ladies, as well as the freedom to delve into more hardcore themes such as corruption/BDSM. The game will feature many things for you to do, either with the ladies or to improve your living conditions. With each update, there will be new content like characters, events, and other things to do.

Thread Updated:  2024-05-28
Release Date: 2024-05-27
Developer: Zinikis Production – Patreon  – Subscribestar  –  Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.10.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG,  Male protagonist,  Simulator,  Dating sim,  Adventure,  Incest,  MILF,  Corruption,  Mind control,  Harem,  Drugs,  Exhibitionism, Male domination, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating,  Sandbox,  Vaginal sex,  Creampie,  Netori
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.10.0 update:
  • 1 new influence events and 1 new corruption events for Cathy.
  • 1 new influence events and 1 new corruption events for Evelyn.
  • 1 new influence events and 1 new corruption events for Alyssa.
  • 1 new influence events and 2 new corruption events for Jeanne.
  • Add a new daily event and random event for Reina at influence/corruption 3+.
  • Add a new daily event and random event for Jill at corruption 3+.
  • Update Jill and Reina’s interaction menu and dialog to be more specialized to them.
v0.9.1 update:
  • Fix the bug where the game crash when you meet Evelyn in the bathroom.
  • Fix the bug where the game crash when you go through the prologue/tutorial.
  • Fix some typo.
v0.9.0 Update
  • Convert all main scene png images to webp. Significantly reduced the game size. To 1/10 of what the original png file size was.
  • Implemented a tracking system that will display characters icon on the map and on navigation.
  • Around 80 new render. 11 new events.
  • 2 new influence events and 2 new corruption events for Evelyn.
  • 2 new influence events and 2 new corruption events for Reina.
  • 1 new influence events and 2 new corruption events for Jill.
  • Cleaning up some bugs and issues that was found from previous version.
v0.8.0 Update
  • Convert many png images to webp. Greatly reduced the game’s size.
  • adjusted the way influence and corruption system to be more lenient toward early game and tougher on the later level.
  • Adding some basic introductory for the shrine and the library. Add in new function to pray at the shire and study at the library.
  • Intelligent will also be utilize more. In addition to effect your maximum mind, intelligent will now effect how much money you can make as well as how fast will you get promotion. On top of that you will need high intelligent to access the new event with Alyssa.
  • 1 new influence and corruption event for Alyssa. Plus one new daily event for her and one random event at the office side hall (require corruption level 3).
  • Update some minor UI to the character’s status page to display a scroll bar.
  • Some small update to Emily and Cathy’s masturbation event that you can randomly encounter in their bed room when they’re there. You can now join in if their corruption is high enough.
v0.7.1 Update
  • Fix bug with error on learning massage skill from version 7.0.
  • Fix 2 of Cathy’s render where there was some weirdness.
  • 2 influences and 2 corruption events for Cathy.
  • 2 influences and 2 corruption events for Alyssa. 1 daily event for Alyssa
  • Reduce the amount you need to work to get promotions
  • Update on the goals list.
v0.6.0 Update
  • Improve interaction and dialog with Emily. She will now response to you properly per your interaction instead of the generic dialog from before.
  • Implement touching, kissing and taking picture action for Emily. You can now perform those action on her one your control over her is high enough. And depend on her level of influence/corruption the action will change as well.
  • Implement sexual favor with Emily. You can now ask her to perform sexual act with you (titjob, blowjob, sex, annal, dating) if she has high enough influence/corruption and you’re in the right location and time.
  • Update to her existing events. Her massages and sleep together event will now have CG as well as reflective to her influence/corruption level.
  • Implemented a map system. You can now move to the overall map from anywhere and can navigate through all major locations from there.
  • Add in new locations and teaser characters. A bunch of new locations and characters will be add to the game. Not much you can do with them yet but a tease of things to come.
v0.5.1 Update
  • Fixing bugs found in 0.5.0 and add in more goals to keep track of the available contents for all the characters.
  • 5 new influences and 5 new corruption event for Emily.
  • Implemented a goal/quests tracking system to give player a list of what to do and the content available .
  • Implement an equipment system where MC can now buy at the store and equip item at home. There’s only 1 item so far that will increase your charm.
  • Implement a daily influence gain just by meeting a character for the first time in the day, so even if you don’t want to interact with them (not enough time, energy or mind) just meeting them one per day is good enough.
  • Add in some tutorial screenshot at the beginning of the game to help new players with the game basic.
  • Refine the office work and promotion system. You won’t be fire any more even if you don’t come to work and can get promote as long as you work enough hours. Also a new level at work to get promote to.
  • Refine some basic gameplay value such as money gain when working, energy/will gain/lose for activities etc.
v0.4.1 Update
  • Fix bug with buying UP at the nightclub.
  • Streamline the office work process. You won’t be getting fire anymore even if you don’t come to work. Getting promoted is much simpler as well, just work enough hours (around 2 weeks of full work everyday) and you can be promote.
  • Improved dialog for many characters and events thanks to AnubisMRM for helping with proof reading.
  • 1 new influence and 1 new corruption event for Reina. New daily event for Reina at influence 21+.
  • 1 new influence and 1 new corruption event for Sheryl. New daily event for Sheryl at influence 21+.
  • 1 new influence and 1 new corruption event for Evelyn. New portrait for Evelyn for high influence/corruption state. Updated existing daily event for Evelyn for new influence/corruption level. New random event for Evelyn when she has corruption greater than 30 in her room.
v0.3.1 Update
  • Add a new wait action so player can wait and skip time at any location.
  • Add two new locations, cloth store and department store. Nothing for cloth store yet but you will be able to buy items from department store like alarm clock, new bed, new pc etc.
  • 1 new influence and 1 new corruption event for Reina.
  • 1 new influence and 1 new corruption event for Cathy. New pose for Cathy for high influence/corruption state. New daily event for Cathy as well as updated existing daily event for Cathy for new influence/corruption level. New random event for Cathy when she has corruption greater than 30.
  • Improved dialogs for Cathy, Evelyn, Level 10 events and miscellaneous places thanks to Doggs133 and others for help with proof reading.
v0.2.0 Update
  • Implemented a new navigation and interaction system. There should be a lot less menu clicking now. Most of the gameplay loop interaction would be through a panel.
  • Optimized performance, now when moving from location to location there should be a lot less lag.
  • Updated the prologue with new navigation and interaction system.
  • Update the prologue language and wordings with new and improved texts from  Doggs133.
  • You can now get promote one you had worked hard enough. Promotion go up to 2 level after which you could slack off without consequences.
  • Add more details to characters and mc status screen on the phone. MC status screen will tell you how to get the massage skills and characters status screen would specify specific time and location needed to trigger an event.
  • 1 new influence level 3 event for Emily, 1 new corruption level 3 event for Emily, 1 new random daily event for Emily one she reached corruption level 3.
  • 1 new influence level 1 event for Sheryl, 1 new corruption level 1 event for Sheryl.
  • I tried to make the game backward compatible with older save but with the huge overhaul of core gameplay mechanic, there’re bound to be something that I might miss. If you’re having issue, to make sure that your older save work, save your game when you’re at a location (i.e. you’re at downtown, living room etc.) then load the save on the latest version of the game. Try to avoid loading save file that’s in the middle of an event or activates (i.e. influence level event, buying UP, work out etc.). I tried to make it so that it should work but you never know. Let me know if you run into any issue even after following the instruction on how to load old save files.
Beta v0.1.2 Update
  • Fix issue when going to the nightclub
Beta v0.1.1 Update
  • Implemented a different navigation system
  • Update the character status screen with more detail on times and locations need to trigger an event
  • Change influence gain from every 24 hours to every day. You can now influence/corrupt someone on day reset
  • Make it more obvious that you should be going to work every weekdays when trying to freelance work so people don’t accidently skip and get fired
  • Make it so that even if you get fired, if you have at least 5 control you can convince Dahlia to hire you again
  • Fix Emily Influence Event where Emily name was displayed as Evelyn
Beta v0.1.0 First Release:
  • Add basic gameplay and background
  • Add Prologue
  • 2 influence events for Emily, 2 corruption events for Emily, 1 daily event for Emily
  • 2 influence events for Cathy, 2 corruption events for Cathy, 1 daily event for Cathy
  • 2 influence events for Evelyn, 2 corruption events for Evelyn, 1 daily event for Evelyn
  • 3 influence events for Jeanne, 2 corruption events for Jeanne, 2 daily events for Jeanne
  • 3 influence events for Jill, 2 corruption events for Jill, 1 daily event for Jill
  • 1 Main story event at Control level 10 to complete the game for now
Developer Notes:
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Hello everyone, I’m a huge fan of sandbox and corruption games and have always wanted to create my own game for a while now. Sovereign is the result of that.  I’m still relatively new to the game development scene and this is just a hobby at the moment but I will try my best to have at least 1 update per month. The first version of the game was made roughly in 3 months since I was still new to renpy and daz so a lot of time was spend on just learning how to make things. I’m planning to have an update very months with at least 10 events and more things to do in sandbox.
Special thanks to Doggs133 and AnubisMRM for helping with proofreading and refine the game’s dialogs and texts.
For incest: enter in mom or mother when the game ask for your relationship with Emily


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