Spirit’s Secret [v0.0.8] [a_furbyz]

Spirit’s Secret [v0.0.8] [a_furbyz]

May 16, 2024F95

You wake up in the hospital, disoriented, with no memory of who you are or how you got there. Your mother is by your side, worried and caring. She takes you back home, hoping that the familiar environment will help you regain your lost memory.

At your home, you meet your family, but something seems strange. There’s a dark and malevolent aura in the air. That’s when Bael, an evil spirit, is revealed. He offers you a terrifying deal.

He promises to restore your memory in exchange for ‘corruption.’
Deciding to corrupt your family in exchange for your memory is a heart-wrenching decision, but your memory is the key to discovering who you are.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-16
Release Date: 2024-05-03
Developer: a_furbyz – PatreonSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, French
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1. Extract and run index.html.
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Translate new pc.
Add Credit.
Correction followed quest.
Add main story and scene.
Story and scene (Calibri).
Story and scene (Geisha).
Add story (Riley).
Add story (Alice).
End Story (Charlotte).
Add Bedroom.
Add objects in store.
Change save name.
Change time style.
Change html video type (Bug Ipad, Iphone)
Optimisation css for phone.
Add : jadilica scene.
Add : savannah sixx scene.
Add : New computer style.
Change: Bar game.
Change money for familly : 10000 before 5000 after.
Add items to the shop.
Add mini-game (lock picking).
Add New principal room.
Change game GirlBael.
Add 2 GirlBael (Chloe Lamour, Luna corazon)
Add 18_Yoyo Scene.
Add Masturbate options.
End of the story for  Emily.
End of the story for Olivia.
New character gallery featuring the following options: hint, talk, pornstar info, relationship, agenda, replay.
Game rebalancing.
Change user quest condition.
Add quest verification for Isabelle.
Unlock all scenes for Isabelle at the end of the story.
Add direct call option on the computer for Isabelle.
Bug link WistyChat
Add new hint user quest, sis.
edit system replay.
end story isabelle.
Correction of the Charlotte quest
Remove repetitions of Charlotte and Olivia, limit to 5 repetitions.
More Information Pop-ups
Change sissalon style.
delete: pc game.
All video limit to 6 and change button style.
Improve the beginning of the quest for Emily.
Add progress bar in video.
Add pieces at Charlotte’s.
Addition of NPC Presence.
Game Solutions Displayed for Cheat Code Users
Addition of Information Pop-ups
Bug: Alice Replay
Bug: Code Update
Addition: Gym Work Games
Added content for Olivia, Emily, Charlotte, and the gym manager.
Bar game modification: checkbox zoom.
Testing a new style for videos, scrolling mode instead of a continuous link.
Web optimization.
Main quest progression.
Code correction for backups and updates.
Introduction of a new character – Alice March.
Correction of spy texts and others.
Style improvement.
Bug correction in the main quest.
Fixing the time passing too quickly and adding the presence of characters on the map.
Fixing the text bug from Mom.
Fixing the agenda.
Adding the ability to change the relationships between the characters.
Adding a TV mode and a computer game mode.
Changing the actress for the role of the aunt.
Modification of action menus (style + icons)
Addition of a patron menu (passing time + cheats all stats)
Change in gym story + patron + video
Change in little sister video (better quality)
Addition of bar story + video.
Addition of mom’s video.
Addition of quest tracking.
Addition of gym trainer video.
Addition of Gloryhole bar.
Minor correction.
Addition of nighttime door closure.
obtimisation web.
debug game.
Initial Release

Online: The Spirit’s Secret

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