Starbreed [v0.7] [Regulus]

Starbreed [v0.7] [Regulus]

April 5, 2024F95

StarBreed It is a 3D rail shooter that features a colorful, low poly aesthetic.
The game will feature fluent arcade game play, with characters of many alien races.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-03
Release Date: 2024-04-01
Developer: Regulus PatreonTwitterDiscordSteam
Censored: No
Version: 0.7
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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New Level: Zol’gan
New Ally: Rooster
2 Rooster Hscenes
Rooster’s abilities:
Active > Soul Siphon: Shoots a low “damage over time” beam. If an enemy is killed by this beam, a ghost will spawn by you. This ghost will periodically shoot at enemies. Ghosts are very fragile. They will die in 1 hit by practically everything (including obstacles).
Passive > Life Tap: Upon running out of Thrust Meter, you may continue to use abilities and boost at the cost of health.
  • Added function to Pom’s passive. Once you have completed Neos, A box will now spawn once on every level. Destroying this box will reveal a “Power Cell”. Power Cells will give you unlimited Thrust meter for a period of time (While your jetflame is yellow).
  • Changed to a new save system
  • Added new SFX by Lewd K.
  • Fixed an issue with Pigman and Titas’ boss where Lana (and the new ghosts) would shoot the wrong place, or off-target from the boss.
  • Changed the update methods of several objects like lasers (so laser registration is more consistent)
  • Lowered base opacity for all buttons (This is to hopefully make them less “aggressive” and get in the way of images like Hscenes)
  • Damage-over-time effects can now kill the player. (ie. purple claws latching on to you.)
  • Finishing cutscene now removes DoTs (damage-over-time)… so you can’t die during the cutscene.
  • Added a vignette visual for when the player is at critical health (The edges of the screen will turn red).
  • Attempted optimization on Titas (admittedly, I believe the result was quite fruitless, and likely only made minor improvements.)
-Fixed a bug where Nika would talk on planets, even if she is not unlocked or in the party.
-Increased the required motion in Gamepad movement for it to kick in. (You will likely now need to move the analog a lot more in order for the game to automatically switch to gamepad controls. This is to avoid gamepad from taking control if it has a slight drift)
New Level: Neos
New Ally: Nika
2 Nika Hscenes
Nika’s abilities:
>Reckless Play: Throw a ball of yarn out. Collecting the yarn will increase attack speed on most weapons by 1.5%, but also increase damage taken by 1.5%.
>Nimble: Doubles boost speed, and halves brake speed.
-Added the ability to review tentacle “Help” sequences in the Hscene room
-Catiya Cutscene is now colored and animated.
-Increase Charge Shot radius.
-Change Player lasers to ensure they collide with Enemies before obstacles if it collides with both on the same frame.
-Reduced Molbon boss’ tentacles HP from 1500 to 1000
-Added Party Icons to display when abilities are ready.
-Added UI alerts for when purple claws are latched on to the player.
-Increased how wide the player can aim
-Increased how far the player/camera can travel left and right on the rail in most levels.
-Reworked UI in the Hscene room.
-Fixed a bug where the player would “jitter” during certain segments of levels
-Gatling and Power shot now shoot much farther.
-Fixed a bug where Titas’ final checkpoint could still send you underground.
– Added function to the Shop, and credits.
– Added voice acting for all in-game segments, and most Hscenes.
– A few balance changes involving damage, and health.
– Added a few more SFX
– Added Barrel Roll upgrade
– Shrunk player ship by 30%
– Weeble’s beam is now Blue (To follow the game’s color coordination.)
– Added Icons to party select’s Actives/Passives.
  • New level+Environment: Raptura
  • New Boss: Weeble
  • New Character: Lana Kova
  • Party System and party supports
  • Dialogue system
  • 2 new Hscenes featuring Lana
  • Affinity system (still not totally in effect)
  • Charge shot
  • New aiming system
  • Temporary “Save” system. (The game will autosave any time you load into the Hub)
  • Enemies now project their shots
  • Enemy lasers are now much slower
  • Player laser’s speed drastically increased.
  • Health packs now heal more
  • Purple claw enemies no longer hurt on impact, they now deal Damage over time
  • Names now appear in transmission dialogue. (“Player”‘s name will likely be different in the future)
  • An “innate” cooldown has been added to the primary fire. This is to limit things like extremely fast auto-clickers.
  • Fixed an audio bug with some SFX
  • Catiya’s Walkers no longer shoot missiles after they are dead.
  • Changed default keybinds for keyboard/mouse.
  • Changed some colors with the player character in some scenes.
  • Game’s size has been a little more optimized.
  • Game sound will now mute when pausing the game. (Except UI sounds)
  • Changed UI scaling in ScoreScreen, and the hub to work better with other resolutions.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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At the moment the controls are static, and cannot be changed (no keybinding yet!). They are as follows:
Mouse + Keyboard:
(Despite what you may first think, this is my recommended way of playing.)
Aiming: Mouse Movement.
Fire: LMB
Brake: RMB
Boost: MMB
Barrel Roll: X/C
Aiming: Left Stick
Fire: Square/X
Brake: Cross/A
Boost: Circle/B
Barrel Roll: L/R Bumpers
Previous saves will cause issues, so delete them. (username)AppDataLocalLowRegulusNSFWStarbreedDemo


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