Stolen Destiny [v0.1.9] [Liebrio]

Stolen Destiny [v0.1.9] [Liebrio]

January 12, 2024F95

You start the game with a guy named Nick. The beginning of his adult life brought him several unpleasant surprises.
In an instant, from a carefree life surrounded by luxury and pretty maids, Nick, along with his mother and sister, is left without shelter and money for existence. And now he has to take care of his family, earn money and arrange his personal life.

Thread Updated: 2023-05-17
Release Date: 2023-05-16
Developer: Liebrio SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English, Russian
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1. Extract and run.
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You can take a bath with Jane. And this time she will be much more relaxed!
In the living room you can massage her shoulders and more.
Help her with new clothes in her bedroom.
And she, in turn, will help you with your “morning exercises”!
Tutorial at the beginning has been updated.
During its development, so many things went wrong that I can’t even believe that it finally happened!
Well, let’s see what the new addition will bring.
Actually, everything is new.
Over 250 unique renders. And that’s not counting the new emotions of the characters.
Even I probably can’t count the number of events, so I’ll say the following.
If you don’t skip the dialogues, it will take you about an hour and a half to see all the new content. And this is if you know exactly what to do.
Old saves are supported.
Over 180 new renders
A series of old images has also been changed to improve their quality
Three new fantasies with Sarah
New character Lisa
New event in the tanning salon
New recurring event with Sarah on Tuesday
New recurring event with Sarah on Thursday
New recurring event with Sarah on Sunday
Continuation of the event with Sarah in the evening in the bathroom
A new minor event with Sarah and Jeanne on Saturday evening
Fixed a number of bugs and errors in translation.
Many new dialogues (How many new words, letters, and punctuation marks I don’t know, I didn’t count.)
The random system for searching for items has been replaced with a pseudo-random (Now the fourth attempt to find an item has a 100% success rate)
-The gameplay has been changed in the direction of decreasing grind.
-The probability of finding a spare key to Sarah’s room is temporarily increased to 100%.
-The probability of finding a spare key from Jeanne’s room has been increased from 20% to 33%
-The hidden “Mood” parameter of the character Jeanne is temporarily removed from the game.
-A cheat for money was added to the PC. (Activated after visiting the location “Special work”)
-Some old scenes were also re-rendered to improve image quality.
-And a huge number of small changes that I can’t remember.
Demo/Intro 2:
Added one new scene and two new repeatable events.
20 new renders.
Android version (will be available after tests for a couple of days)
A huge number of edits in the code.
In terms of content, this is a minor update. I concentrated on final preparation for the first major content update 0.1.
More I will describe immediately after the release of the android version.
Demo/Intro 1.5:
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Added three new locations
Added four new characters
45 new scenes
30 new emotions of characters
Developer Notes:
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At first glance, his story is no different from dozens of similar ones. If not for one small nuance. Everything written above is a lie.
“Stolen Destiny” is a point and click adventure with elements of a visual novel.
The game will be implemented complex decision-making system, the consequences of which you will feel only after a long time. Or in one of several endings.
Take the right decisions and act with other characters in the way they deserve.
In various media, we rarely see the world from the face of just one character.
Therefore, throughout the game, you will have to try on the skin of several heroes at once.
To have a complete picture of what is happening, and not to make mistakes that will certainly make themselves felt at the end of the game.

Extras: Hint & Tips

Italian translation

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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