Stop it! Onee-Chan!! I’m Gonna Cum!! [v1.1] [Yuuseiran]
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Stop it! Onee-Chan!! I’m Gonna Cum!! [v1.1] [Yuuseiran]

July 2, 2024F95

The main character, Yuu, has an older sister, Miu, who has a serious brother complex.
One day, the excessive  skinship between them gets exposed.
Miu was thus sent to a boarding school with the aim of correcting her wrong behavior.
And thus, the two were separated.

But now, years later, Miu has graduated from school and returned home.
The new Miu has grown up to be so captivatingly beautiful that one can’t help but admire her,
but in contrast to that, her behavior has become harsh and cold, much unlike before.

But deep down, Miu had not changed at all.
She is just putting up a front so that the siblings would not be separated again.
The moment the two of them are alone, her brother-loving side would resurface…
A sweet, older sister.

However, as far as Yuu was concerned, his sister is getting way too close to him.
So, fearing to be separated from his sister once more, he tries his hardest to reject Miu.

In order to return Yuu to the brother she used to love,
to make Yuu fall in love with her once again,
Miu seduces him using that kind of lewd approach.
Yuu gradually becomes unable to hold back, as Miu makes him long for her.

Thread Updated: 2023-01-04
Release Date: 2019/10/18
Original Title: やめて! お姉ちゃん!! 白いオシッコがでちゃう!!
Developer: Yuuseiran DMM
Translator: MrMister0815
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited Machine Translation)
Voices: Japanese
Length: Short (2-10 hours)
Store: DMM
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Incest, Shota, Brother-Sister Love, Censored, Big tits, Defloration, Lovey-dovey, Rape, Sex Education, Bunny Girl cosplay, Urination, [ISPOILER]Impregnation[/ISPOILER]
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2023-01-04: TL released: Version 1.1, TL version 1.0
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2023-01-04: Final Proof Reading completed
2023-01-04: Initial Proof-Reading and Repacking completed
2022-12-27: Overview completely translated
2022-12-26: UI translation completed
2022-12-26: Begin of translation work
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  • Extract the archive
  • Run ‘onesyota.EXE’
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This game was translated using a Japanese locale. No problems here.
Should you encounter errors starting the game, try either of the following methods:
[INDENT]1) Set your System Locale to Japanese. Go into ‘Control PanelClock and Region’, press ‘Region’ then ‘Administrative’ and then ‘Change system locale…’. Choose Japanese. Reboot.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Please note that this will also affect other parts of your system. Like Java suddenly being in Japanese or “” in CMD being displayed as “¥”. But nothing dealbreaking, IMO.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]2) Use Locale Emulator. If the latest version doesn’t work, try using an earlier version. Trial an error.[/INDENT]
For a more detailed guide on how to set up your Locale, please visit this guide: https://f95zone.to/threads/how-to-run-japanese-games-on-windows.1040/
Should your game crash, it should generate a log file, which might be vital to pinpointing the cause of the crash, inside of the savegame folder:
Translator Notes:
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Once more, since I am unable to decipher the moon runes used in the far, Far East, I again set out and made use of a machine translator. Being unsatisfied with the outcome, I thus took said MTL and put some common sense into it. The goal: Making it readable as if it was done by a proper translator, without having to endure MTL poetry, weird sounding phrases and blatantly wrong pronouns, etc.
The result: A somewhat proper translation
Using Sugoi 4.0 as a basis this time has paid off. A lot of lines didn’t really need to be edited anymore. That said, every single line of dialogue (4933 if Translator++ is correct) has been scrutinized, brought in line and, if necessary, its meaning been determined via the context of previous and following lines.
If you are interested to know more about how this translation came into being, please take a look at the spoiler below.
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This should also apply to other encrypted Kirikiki games.
  • This game is using the Kirikiri engine. The data.XP3, which contains all the text, is in this case an encrypted file using an unknown encryption algorithm.
    • By using KrkrExtract.exe this encryption can be bypassed (it basically takes the game code hostage and orders it to dump the file itself).
  • As long as all files from the data.xp3-archive are present, a repacking is not needed. So figuring out that step can be skipped
    • This comes at the cost of an increased file size, though. However, not all too much. For the sake of convenience, I extracted only the necessary archives.
  • The now readable scenario files can be either manually translated (via Notepad, etc.) or put into Translator++
    • The Sugoi 4.0 offline translator does a really good job at doing a rough translation. Obviously this still needs some finishing touches, and lastly word wrapping. But really, Deepl can get packing.
    • Due to personal preference, all following edits of this game have been done using Notepad++.
  • A quick game test turned out fine. No crashes whatsoever. Menus are looking fine, too.
  • Translator++ didn’t catch the characters’ names, though. So needs to get manually inserted using e.g. Notepad++.
  • The menu graphics are part of the (also encrypted) arcimage.xp3 file. The same unpacking procedure as before applies.
    • After converting the .TLG files contained in the .XP3 to .PNG into using arc_unpacker.exe (KrkrExtract.exe kept messing with the file names [picture.tlg.png] and I didn’t feel like renaming all those files), the files can be edited, e.g. using Photoshop, or MS Paint if you feel daring enough.
    • The game then starts with an error message, though. This is because it now looks for these non-XP3-files inside of the data folder.
      • The converted contents of the images.XP3 need to be moved to to dataimage, as indicated by the error message when the game tries to launch.
  • Voilà, the game is now (basically) translated and playable!

Extras: CG Folder

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    Stop it! Onee-Chan!! I’m Gonna Cum!! [v1.1] [Yuuseiran]