Stranded in Space [Days 1-19.5 Elysium] [WildMan Games]

Stranded in Space [Days 1-19.5 Elysium] [WildMan Games]

May 23, 2024F95

You wake up on a spaceship filled only with women travelling to another planet, unaware of how you got there.
You must navigate your days aboard the Endurance, making key decisions about your relationships with your shipmates,
while trying to figure out the larger mysteries at play involving your reason for being on the ship,
and why its destination to the sanctuary planet of Elysium isn’t going according to plan.
You are Stranded in Space!

Thread Updated: 2024-05-22
Release Date: 2024-05-15
Developer:  WildMan Games PatreonItch.ioSteam
Censored: No
Version: Days 1-19.5 Elysium
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3dcg, male protagonist, sci-fi, big ass, big tits, teasing, animated, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, romance, dating sim, titfuck, handjob, interracial, adventure, fantasy, voyeurism
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1. Extract and run.
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Days 1-19.5
Day 17
Music added
Escape Room hints system added
Days 1-8 images have all been improved
Days 1-8 writing = more consistent to subsequent days.
“Tips” menu added to main menu
All text, even unseen, can be skipped with ctrl, cmd, or hitting the skip button
Scroll bars added to all group chats and pm windows
Unscramble word game simplified
Timer removed from sliding puzzles
Paige battle minigame – HP of both MC and Paige reduced (quicker games)
Full unlocker added to gallery – it takes a little click of a dot on the screen itself
Day 16 HQ
Day 12-13 added
Days 9-11 added
Developer Notes:
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Anal Sex
Group Sex
Male Domination
Female Domination
Tit Fuck
Stranded in Space is the first ever erotic visual novel game being made by Wildman, currently slated to have its Renpy release containing the game’s first 8 days in December, 2021.
The project is a huge undertaking, boasting:
Over 15 girls in the first release alone – all with backgrounds and arcs. None will be underutilized, or be considered “side” characters. Every character has an interesting purpose relative to the story. More girls will be revealed as the game continues to be updated!
Branching, impactful decisions – By the end of the game, there will be several variations and different paths to take, each giving unique content. Decisions lead to unique experiences – but if one path leads to unique lewd content, the other will too. In other words: you get to make decisions on what you as a player most would prefer, and not because one route leads to a threesome while the other leads to a hug.
Unchosen choices/paths will not appear later in your game, ever.
Laptop-PM system for minor decisions and some character development – Because Stranded in Space has so many characters, it’s difficult to give each one the proper time they deserve. To combat this, I’ve implemented a PM/chat system that takes place throughout the course of the game. Minor decisions/conversations/lewd content are present with all girls.
Narrative storytelling that tries to stay at least a little bit realistic, given the premise of a man being on a spaceship filled with only women. I’ve tried to make sure nothing is “cheap” or “given”, at least without a reason or personality/story motive guiding an event. Stranded in Space is a story with many sci-fi elements, filled with twists, secrets and reveals sprinkled throughout the entirety of the game.
Tons of Content, which will only increase as updates are released. The first release should take most players around 5-10 hours, with future releases intended on taking at least 3 hours of gameplay to get through.
Roughly 1,600+ images in the first release alone—not counting animation frames. This number will continue to grow as updates are released. The story of Stranded in Space is massive, and with that comes the need for many images and animations. There will be no lazy content releases.
Timely updates, releases are currently planned to be available every 2 months, roughly. Updates and changes in schedule will always be communicated.
A note about exclusive Patreon content:
The story of Stranded in Space has been planned quite meticulously ahead of time, with even the most minor details worked out before its first release.
For now, there are two exclusive game-related Patreon exclusives – 3 unique laptop conversations per update, and a side story involving the MC and his first girlfriend, Vespera, that will add 1-2 scenes per update. Below are a few notes to read.
All Patreon exclusives are not guaranteed to have sexual content, though many times they will.
Bonus content will not have anything that could be deemed integral to the overarching story of Stranded in Space, or to any individual girl(s) planned character arc.
Bonus laptop conversations will expand on a girl’s character and personality, but no important decisions or plot progression will be present in said conversations. These bonus conversations are meant to add flavor and depth to the characters within in Stranded in Space. Of course, there may be additional lewd content.
The story of the MC and Vespera is a side story. It’s intention is to add depth to the MC’s character, his family and life before the events of Stranded in Space. Vespera might appear in non-Patreon exclusive scenes, but her story is not wrapped into the game’s plot in any significant way.
Days 1-19.5 Elysium – 95% Quality

Days 1-18 Elysium – 100% Quality

Extras: Escape Room Spoiler Walkthrough #1Day 12 Mysterious Girl Unscramble AnswersQuality Comparison

ViperGts151 thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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