Stray Incubus [Ch.12a] [Flynn974]
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Stray Incubus [Ch.12a] [Flynn974]

February 21, 2024F95

In a conflict between the races, a group of brave warriors supported by the gods purge a dark race of demons from existence. But due to the mercy of one warrior, one demon child is spared as she decides not only to spare him, but also to take him with her and raise him. A few years later, the incubus grows into an adult and wishes to set off in an adventure.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-20
Release Date: 2023-02-16
Developer: Flynn974DiscordPatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 12a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Technical: Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Combat, Romance, Horror, Religion, Superpowers, Monster, Graphic violence (during combat), School Setting (Kinda, the MC takes classes and trains at the ninja village in a school-like environment).
Sexual Content: Animated, Handjob, Blowjob, Teasing, Masturbation, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption (light!), Vaginal sex, Creampie, Voyeurism, Ahegao, PoV,  Female domination (optional/avoidable), Male domination (optional), BDSM (optional), Milf, Interracial, Monster Girl (I guess, but they don’t look that monstrous), Roleplay, Cheating (netori [stealing other men’s women] and it’s optional), Group sex, Lesbian (optional), Oral sex, Sex toys, Threesome, Anal sex, Footjob (optional), Threesome.
Planned: Harem, Pregnancy, Foursome, Fivesome, and other numbers with some.
NOT planned:
NTR (netorare), Sharing, Sleep Sex (honestly, I just don’t like it), Rpg, Management, Sandbox, Strategy, Anything to do with grinding.
-Kindly read the FAQ before asking for further details.
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1. Extract and run.
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Chapter 12a
– 1115 New renders
– 71 New animations
– 50-ish New sound tracks
– Sound effects and Music are now added to all the chapters in season 1, so I’d recommend you start a new game even more so if it’s been a while since you last played the game.
– New main menu animation.
Chapter 11 Public
Chapter 11a
-Added 1554 new renders and 84 videos.
-Added over 7500 lines of code.
-Added 5 new lewd scenes.
-Added a bunch of audio tracks.
-New main menu animation.
Chapter 10b
-56 New Renders.
-5 New Videos.
-Added a new ending for Stephanie’s BDSM scene from chapter 9.
-Added the VN-mode for the free-roam section of chapter 9.
-Added an option to skip and win the mini-game at the end of chapter 10.
Chapter 10a
-Added 974 new renders and 84 videos (well 94 but 10 are just alpha masks).
-Added over 6000 lines of code.
-Added 6 new lewd scenes. (Somewhat branched.)
-Gallery is now accessible from the main menu. (Thanks, Iru!)
-Fixed a bunch of typos pointed out on discord and F95zone.
-Fixed an issue with sound that caused the volume of some tracks to be not controlable.
-Added a bunch of audio tracks, some stolen from Atemsiel. :p
-Added 1167 renders and 74 animated videos.
-Added just about 7300 lines of code and dialogue.
-Added a few audio files.
-3 new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed loads of typos, mostly pointed out by people on discord and F95.
-Added 1190 renders and 38 animated videos.
-Added just above 5400 lines of code and dialogue.
-Added 56 audio files.
-4 new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed loads of typos, mostly pointed out by people on discord and F95.
-Added 1258 renders and 23 animated videos, porbably didn’t use like 5 renders…
-Added almost 6000 lines of code and dialogue.
-Added 76 audio files.
-Five new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed loads of typos, mostly pointed out by people on discord.
-Transitions no longer have waiting screens. The extra renders are gonna be posted on the ‘extra renders’ channel on discord.
-Fixed a bunch of typos.
-Fixed a bug with the gallery’s “End Replay” button.
-Fixed an issue with the animated scene at the inn in chapter 6, which caused the game to crash sometimes.
-Added 1234 renders and 25 animated videos (I think I actually used them all this time)…
-Added 4000+ lines of code and dialogue.
-Four new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed an image in chapter 3, where no ‘heart aura’ appears when the MC kisses Venus.
-Fixed dialogue-related bugs in previous chapters, that created inconsistencies in certain “paths”. This was pointed out in the replies on F95zone, so thanks!
-Fixed several typos in the game, pointed out by many people here and on discord. So thanks!
-Edited the avatars in the stats screen a bit. Wanted to do this in 0.6, but it was ready, so might as well.
-Fixed a bug that allowed the player to see an BDSM-ish scene even if they chose not to see BDSM content previously. Someone pointed this out too. Thanks!
-Fixed a typo in one of the images in the suspects screen.
-Changed the waiting screens in the previous chapters to proceed to the next scene without clicking.
-Rearranged the characters in the stats screen. Someone suggested this, and I thought it was a good idea.
-Added labels to the stats screen with each character’s name.
-Fixed a shitload of transitions where the player had to click for no reason in the previous chapters. (Wow! Chapter 1 was horrible in this regard! How did you guys even get past it?! XD)
-The player only needs to agree to the initial splash-screen once now.
-Added 1142 new renders. (Probably ended up not using like 5 of them.)
-Added 26 new animations. (Technically, it’s 27. But I didn’t use one of them at the end.)
-Added 6 new “good stuff” scenes most of which are animated.
-Added about 4800 lines of code and dialogue.
-New suspect screen. (Equivalent to the chapter lore screen from chapter 4, but cooler if you ask me.)
-Tried to make the game more fluent, since some pointed out how the flow of events kept being interrupted in previous chapters.
-The gallery is now save-independent. If loading a save from the end of chapter 4, reach chapter 5 to unlock it.
-Did a shitload of organising all over the project, which took hours and hours. It won’t have significance on the gameplay (there is even a chance it’ll cause bugs :D), I just want to give myself a pat on the back.
-Added VN mode for the trial in chapter 4 (optional), this removes the sandbox-like gameplay, many people didn’t like it and some got stuck in it, apparently… I think I’ll keep putting this option in similar sections in the future.
Fixed typos. Got plenty of help doing it. So, thanks!
-Fixed a bug in chapter in the trial.
-Fixed some text errors in a few images pointed out by those who played the game.
-Added 976 new renders and 20 animations (I think I ultimately didn’t use 3 or 4 renders, to be totally fair).
-3 new animated ‘good stuff’ scenes.
-Added a shitload of code lines.
-Added a chapter lore screen (can be accessed through the stats screen).
-I think the chapters are gonna have a chapter lore screen from now on, especially if I feel like the story could be a bit confusing.
-Made the game images and script into archives. I thought it was better like this, but if it gets in the way of compressing the game or causes bugs for anyone, let me know. I won’t do it next time.
-Fixed some typos in previous chapters which I happened upon while writing chapter 4.
-Added about 900 images but I don’t think this chapter is shorter than the last one.
-Added 25 videos making up 5 animated scenes. I also figured out a way to make real videos, so the animations should be much better than in 0.2.
-The animations in this update have buttons to control them (advance and change view).
-Updated the character stats screen heavily, which was a nightmare to program again. But it’s worth it since it looks cooler.
-Added a gallery which can be accessed from the stats screen.
-The stats button glows when stats change, which I thought was cool, I guess.
-Each new release will be a chapter from now on, with a title and everything.
-Added about 1000 images and a shitload of dialogue lines. So, about twice as much content as there was in 0.1 basically.
-Added a few scenarios where there are choices with consequences, but I’m not much of a coder. So, there will probably be bugs…
-Added a character stats screen, which was a nightmare to program and is probably buggy to a degree…
-You can now name the MC if you’d like.
-Added some animations, I’m not sure if they came out good… So, if anyone has feedback, especially some advice to animate better, it’d be welcome.
-Used a different image format.  So, the game is considerably smaller.
First release
Developer Notes:
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-The game has a light horror element, just a heads up.  But it’s not really scary if you ask me.
-The game contains some violent content. Blood, decapitations, people hitting each other, and so on… It’s only during combat scenes though and has nothing to do with the sexual content.
-Some side characters may die in the story, but the main LI’s (love interests), found in the stats menu, will not.
What I can promise:
1) You won’t have to grind or go in a sandbox that will make the game take 6 hours to finish even though it has like 30 minutes worth of actual content, Sandbox is both hard work for me and for you. So, it’ll be in certain small sections where you can usually avoid it all together with a button called “VN Mode”.
2) You won’t be locked out of some path and have to go to a save from three releases ago just to remake a decision, I’ll be very straight forward with the choices so you know which choice does what using common sense.
3) There won’t be any NTR (netorare).
4) I’ll fill this up when I think of sth.
What I can’t promise:
1) An update every [insert number here] days/weeks/months. The update will come out once I’m done working on it.
2) That you won’t encounter bugs, I guess.
3) I’ll fill this up when I think of sth.
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Q) How can I support you?
A)Through Patreon. Just remember it’s just a tip jar atm. Also, if you like the game, give me a good review. That’d be great. Or maybe boost my server on discord, that’s as good as it gets XD.
Q) Is there going to be NTR?
A) No.
Q) Is two people talking about a random subject where the MC is not directly involved in the conversation NTR?
A) No.
Q) Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
A) No.
Q) So, no netorare. What about sharing and netori (not sure how to spell it)?
A) There won’t be any sharing, but there will be netori (stealing women who are already involved with someone from them).
Q) Is there gonna be pregnancy?
A) Yes. For some characters earlier than others. But it’s far in the future. (Not that far now tho…)
Q) There are lots of typos in the game.
A) I hope there aren’t. But in case there are, please be patient with me. I’m not a native but my English is fairly good. When it comes to spelling though, I rely heavily on auto-correct. Also, please point them out here or on discord so I can fix them.
Q) I found a bug!
A) Please report this to me here or on discord, I’ll fix it.
Q) In some renders the clothes/hair are clipping in the characters’ skin.
A) I know. I fix this issue when I can. But sometimes, it’s impossible to fix it even using photoshop. Or at least impossible for my rendering and photoshop skills, which might improve with time.
Q) Is [insert fetish name here] gonna be included in the game?
A) I don’t know. Maybe if I feel like it.
Q) There’s this inconstancy in the story (basically this part doesn’t make sense or contradicts another part).
A) Please note that I’m not G.R.R.M here. I’m not a great story teller and my story will surely have minor (if not major) plot holes. Please feel free to point them out. But please be friendly about it. Any honest and constructive criticism is welcome.
Q) How come there’s only music and sound effects in the last couple of chapters?
A) Okay, so as a VN player, I never played with sound until really recently. But I decided that music and sound effects would really add to the game (some comments here and there helped convince me too tbh). Anyhow, I started adding it in chapter 7 and I liked it, but it’s very time-consuming and increases the development time significantly. So, I wanted to add it gradually to the previous chapters in descending order, but what can I say… I’m lazy af XD.
Honestly, my first priority is to get the next chapter done, fixing the previous ones comes as a secondary task unless they had a game-breaking bug or sth.
Q) I don’t like the game.
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I’ll add more depending on the comments.

Extras: Walkthrough Mod*Spanish Translation*  – Italian Translation* – Fan SigFan Sig2

AlliedWar thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

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