Strings of Fate [v0.6.3 EP2] [M.C Games]

Strings of Fate [v0.6.3 EP2] [M.C Games]

January 22, 2024F95

You’re not a cliché hero of this story, there is no damsel to save or magical sword that you can use on a whim to smash through all obstacles. After hundreds of years in spiritual form, after your physical body was destroyed, you finally mustered the strength to take shape once more. Descending upon the world that is simply not prepared for you. Get what you lost back, weakened perhaps, but none rival your talent for deceit and cunning. Bring kingdoms to ash and ruin, burn and destroy everything because that is what you have, a will to dominate all life forms.
Use whom you can to further your ambitions and goals, and once they fulfill their purpose, execute them or spare them perhaps? Gather all the evil that lurks on the world, surface or in deep darkness beneath — and whilst some may resist, you’re there to remind them who is the master, wage war and watch the world burn.
They either kneel or you determine their fate.

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Thread Updated: 2023-10-22
Release Date: 2023-10-22
Developer: M.C Games F95zonePatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.3 EP2
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, Male protagonist, Big tits, Big ass, Teasing, Fantasy, Adventure, Graphic violence, Parody, Corruption, Virgin, Harem
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1. Extract and run.
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Version v0.6.3 – Episode 2
Story and Content:
  • Chapter II.


  • Three new soundtracks.
  • Some misc changes for few characters.

    Version v0.6.2 – Episode 2
    Story and Content:

    -Chapter I – A lot of background is revealed here, quite a deep scene as well. Somewhat of a plot twist even!


    – Two new soundtracks.

    Version v0.6.1 – Episode 2
    Story and Content:

    – Intro and Prologue of Episode 2!
    – Added new soundtracks
    – Some characters have recieved a bit of a makeover!


    – Free Roam mode removed per results of the voting!
    – Rework of GUI

    Version v0.5 –
    Story and Content:
    – Chapter 2 – Part 3 ( Episode 1 Wrap up)
    – Typo Fixes ( At least one’s I found and was told about.)
    – Fixed more loop bugs. ( They’re like cockroaches apparently.)

    Version v0.4 –
    Story and Content:
    – Chapter 2 – Part 2
    – Contains v0.3 Patron Patch
    – New Soundtracks added to Music Room
    – 3 New Soundtracks
    – Typo Fixes
    – Fixed the issue with character names appearing wrong at some scenes.
    – Fixed the issue where you couldn’t start Chapter 1 if you missed the choice the first time.
    – Fixed the issue with Rose scene being loop-able on the ship.
    – Fixed the issue where you can speak to Morgana before seeing the dwarves.
    – Added some additional scene that state CLEARLY and DIRECTLY some things about main character. (This regards some complaints about MC and his ”sex drive” and this is last time I am doing this.
    I’ve already stated game is not for those who are here for magical dick or a fuck fest, anyone else complains about this you can suck it for me.)

    Version v0.3 Public Build
    NOTE: It is advised to always load a save file that is slightly early before the end of current content,
    to avoid potential issues with things not popping up as they should. This is due to constant changes and adding of new values.

    Story and Content:

  • Chapter 2 Start
  • Contains v0.2 Patron Patch
  • Achievement System ( Just to reward you with some achievements here and there depending on your choices! )
  • 2 New Soundtracks
  • Music Room Added ( You can now enjoy those juicy tracks! )
  • Typo Fixes
  • Continue Story button as per suggestions made. CS button will now become visible if you’ve finished all free roaming aspects, signaling you that you can now continue forward.
  • Bug Fix: No longer possible to loop specific scenes. ( Keeping my ears open for more!)
  • Slightly amplified romance soundtrack as it was too quiet before.
  • Adjustments to Rose sex scene per suggestion.
  • Slight rework on scene from intro per suggestion.
  • Rose Facial Changes ( Just a bit of make up, as per some feedback someone mistook Rose for an old lady! )
    Version v0.3 Patreon Build
    Story and Content:
  • 3 Additional Morgana Shade Scenes.
  • 2 Additional Story scenes.
    Last Minute Changes:
  • 3 New Soundtracks
  • Free Roaming Background Changes for: Village Day / Village Afternoon ( Much fabulous, much beautiful.)


  • Contains previous Patron Only patch.
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    – Typo Fixes
    – Start of Chapter 1
    – Some work on characters, some subtle changes and some not.
    – Edited some audio to make it less jumpy.
    – GUI Tweaks
    – Fixed the issue with missing fonts that caused kinetic tags unable to trigger. R.I.P
  • More typo fixes.
  • Chapter 1: Part 3
  • Re-post processed some scenes for better quality.
  • v0.2 Patron Only Content
  • Rewrote some sections of Intro slightly.
  • New Music Track added
    Version v0.2 – Patron Patch Contains:
    Additional scenes and story content:
  • 2 Additional Story Scenes
  • 3 Morgana Shade Scenes.
  • 2 Rose Scenes.
  • 1 Rose Sex Scene.


  • Initial Release
  • Developer Notes:

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    This game is NOT for players who are seeking random and meaningless sex scenes, the emphasis of this game is choices and story.
    For additional tags / content that is not listed, you can always ask and will be replied will such things be in the game or not. One thing that I will say as I always do with absolute certainty, no NTR.

    Fan Signatures:

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    2595037 Azura | Free Adult Games
    2595116 Faye | Free Adult Games
    2595042 Rose | Free Adult Games

    Episode 2

    Episode 1

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