Strip Club Wars [v0.6a] [Total Fluke Studios]

Strip Club Wars [v0.6a] [Total Fluke Studios]

July 8, 2024F95

You have inherited an old building that used to be a restaurant/bar and you have some money to restore it. You want to use it to open a new strip club. But the city laws don’t allow it and it may be hard to find willing workers so you will start as a simple bar. Along the way you must balance your time and money to build your business while convincing the powers that be to give you the freedom to offer the services you and your customers want. While at the same the getting as many girls as possible to want to work for you (and more).  And to complicate matters there’s 4 other clubs that are trying the same thing and will want to succeed at your expense!

Thread Updated: 2024-07-08
Release Date: 2024-07-08
Developer: Total Fluke Studios F95zone
Censored: No
Version: 0.6a
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, AI CG, Male Protagonist,  Female Protagonist, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Stripping, Vaginal Sex, Dating Sim, Management, Sandbox, Simulator
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1. Download game zip and extract
2. Download at least one image pack and extract
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Version 0.6a – Major changes:
* Refactored how NPCs move around the map to increase interactions
* New content: finished movie story line, NPCs can throw parties, can spy on people at their home, hire headliner strippers, among others
* Improved logic for AI clubs for when to build buildings and hire workers
* Changes to the economy simulator to make prices have a bigger impact on customer demand
* Lots of additional minor changes and bug fixes,
Version 0.5f – Major changes:
* Continuation of the college sibling story line
* Improvements to the 3-some scenes
* Added more consistency to NPC responses
* Fixed issues caused by starting new games/loading old saves in middle of another game
* Misc performance improvements
* Many bug fixes, full list in change log posted in the thread
Version 0.5d – Major changes:
* Threesomes are now possible
* Completed the Moral Police story line, where you can take over a group of easily swayed people and mold them to your liking
* Club management now shows charts for most club stats (very rudimentary at this time)
* Photos can be posted on social media and you can see what others are posting
* And many bug fixes, change log will be posted in the thread
Version 0.5a – Major changes:
* Redid most of the game economy to improve balance and make cash harder to come by
* Added new club job DJ and sound booth room for the DJ to work in
* Clubs can now hold Amateur Contests once allowed by law
* Added way to create a favorite contacts list
* Improved character AI so NPCs will visit the clubs more often and will wear more varied clothing.
*  And many more, full change log will be posted on the thread
Version 0.4h – Major changes:
* Revamped how gossips/rumors work
* Getting caught for breaking the law has consequences and may result in fines or additional punishment
* Sex room is now operational
* Interviews for strippers and hookers have additional scenes
* Can haggle in certain transactions
* And many more… full change log will be posted on the thread
Version 0.4g – Major changes:
* Ability to turn straight/gay characters into bi-sexual
* Commissioners can be replaced via elections held every few months
* Added new downtown location and new room employee lounge.
* And many more… full change log will be posted shortly in the thread
Version 0.4d – Major changes:
* Revamped job application process to reduce job requests spam
* Massage room, private room, security room are now operational
* Character details now tracks rumors/gossips you know about others
* Fixing the US/European number format issues
* Performance improvements
* And many more… full change log will be posted shortly in the thread.
Version 0.4a – Initial release
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To install image packs, download the zip and unpack the contents into the characters folder under the game directory.  See the HOWTO.txt file in the zip for more details.  If updating an image pack, please remove all the files from the previous install of that image pack to avoid potential conflicts.
Developer Notes:
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This game was inspired by https://f95zone.to.it/lab-rats-2-v0-51-1-vren/ Lab Rats 2 and it has a similar playstyle.  It was my
search for other similar games that led me to create this game. This is the first release of the game. It’s an early release but the game is functional and playable. I’m putting out this version now to hopefully get feedback and gauge interest in this type of game.
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At this time it’s Windows only, but a Mac version will be coming soon.
The game is built with plans to be easily modable, in terms of being able to add more content to it without rebuilding the base game. All the scenes and dialogs are defined via data files that are not built into the executable and will be able to be swapped out and/or augmented.  These files can be changed right now but there’s no system  in place to not lose those changes on future updates.

Image Packs

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