Succubus Academia [Final] [SQDT]
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Succubus Academia [Final] [SQDT]

January 24, 2024F95

With the appearance of seductive succubi, the academy is turned into another world.
With no means to battle the sex demons, all the humans can do is “satisfy” them, so they’ll leave sooner.
However, to satisfy a Succubus, One Must Be Cum-Squeezed … To Death.
And So It Was That You Were Chosen As The Sacrifice Meant To Restore Peace To The School
By Satisfying These Lusty Demons …

Thread Updated: 2023-06-30
Release Date: 2023-06-24
Developer:  SQDT – DLsiteCi-EnTwitterDiscord / DLC DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Official Release)
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2dcg, 2d game, animated, male protagonist, monster girl, monster, big ass, big tits, oral sex, vaginal sex, japanese game, censored, footjob, titfuck, group sex, cosplay, adventure, fantasy, turn based combat, female domination
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1. Extract and run.
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About Expansion
New scenarios, characters, sex scenes, and music will be added to “Succubus Academia” (https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ265946.html ).
“Succubus Academia” is required to play.
◆Additional Contents
– New scenario “The Thousand Faced Fox And The Telecommuting Priestess”
– About 20 new characters
– 25 sex scenes (5 of them are fully animated)
– 236 new CGs including differences, 207 new animations.
– 9 new musics
– New “Thoughtography” system
– Male characters’ face graphics
– Tweaks to the game system
Developer Notes:
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Characters 1/3
1583686 3A02E45C5Eb87A980B60F8Fd1Daa1C35 | Free Adult Games
The childhood friend of Seiji, a boy in the kendo club.
They both have feelings for each other, but haven’t progressed past friendship.
There are rumors about why she hasn’t confessed to him …
1583685 348415945Ab2595F1816Ce625Bf013B2 | Free Adult Games
A girl on the school track team. Competitive, and doesn’t show her emotions.
It seems she’s holding something back …
1583684 30879E8Ac67A3Dc2464Ad8F381E4Ca0B | Free Adult Games
A swim star adored by her juniors.
When the academy is thrown into fantastical chaos,
her clubmates search for her, to no avail …
1583683 A72F4314F56482F1B8Dec14Fa466781C | Free Adult Games
The earnest student council president.
Even amongst the chaos, she encourages the students to do self-study.
However, she suddenly and mysteriously disappears …
Character 2/3
1583682 Cddb50814D7Efde285918D27Af87Bc0D | Free Adult Games
A lover of the occult. She tries to support the protagonist in his fight against the succubi.
1583681 A757C36C69709E58D9Ac6Ee37D5B21E4 | Free Adult Games
A rough delinquent that seemingly shows her kind side
to the boys with the imminent danger of the succubi …?
1583680 02Dff6B6Fd77C14081627D4Aeba99251 | Free Adult Games
The calm and attractive infirmary nurse.
As the dream world impacts the students, she works to help them relax,
and get them their nutrients. She also has a secret …
1583679 0Aefcf68537892D1F60Fcd573528D967 | Free Adult Games
A goddess of memory summoned in the academy basement.
She loves loves seeing fearful memories …
Characters 3/3
1583678 2E324E64D8294412Bd2E93C17E49Fe60 | Free Adult Games
A mysterious woman that appears before the protagonist, and tells him of his fated death.
It seems she’s an enemy of the succcubi, but what is her real goal …
1583677 6095613Aa505548Fefb800F68929Af2B | Free Adult Games
Devil Merchant
Summoned by the occult club, this strange devil now seems
to have just the right items to deal with this succubi problem.

Just drag and drop to the base game folder.
Succubus Academia Expansion v1.1.3

1583725 Cb4B6267C8B685A7758294Fde3Edeb63 | Free Adult Games1583715 368B486892D4B0Bb0D6C5A51146924Da | Free Adult Games1583728 7A319B7Ae91B20Ac40062D2Cc19B206B | Free Adult Games1583756 C173582Fa4700D0935Baf23Bf8C37319 | Free Adult Games1583716 A8Ff458E0Fee541764E7B6Aad392Bc50 | Free Adult Games1583732 Eb280648133A45F9E67092B3C14D7308 | Free Adult Games1583723 B3A908E08970134936E7A678088A121C | Free Adult Games1583746 E55Ecfa56Cca5Bbd1E9B3B0E0D46B827 | Free Adult Games1583724 3Bade4E88B8C78Fdeabc5C20668025D2 | Free Adult Games1583755 C56665D35C4Cc0Da1A59B090Ff2Eee8A | Free Adult Games1583726 6E52974D0621A25661C1D9E7847Ebe50 | Free Adult Games1583729 75A2940C264789C1D359D3E87Df963Fc | Free Adult Games1583730 8F361B3Dd49C3Bb2F96D491C656B4517 | Free Adult Games1583733 Bdadd7Eaf28Aa688700A9052579117A8 | Free Adult Games1583727 2F980C264B25Ac0B13227225D8A7Bfb5 | Free Adult Games1583772 Fc1De5B8D0589A1527F3182Aea3506B5 | Free Adult Games1583731 Df89Fe9D84A9Bd943F9D3Dec17D2Aa18 | Free Adult Games

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    Succubus Academia [Final] [SQDT]