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Succubus Dream: Reawakening [v0.1.3] [ReawakeningDev]

July 3, 2024F95

Every night a Succubus appears before you, giving you the option of trading cum for bodily transformations.
How you go about collecting the cum you need is your problem.
Just what are you willing to do to get the body you want?

Thread Updated: 2021-12-17
Release Date: 2021-12-17
Developer: ReawakeningDev
Original Game: Succubus Dream by Vibecaster – TFGamesSite  – F95Zone
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Male Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Real Porn, Adventure, Text Based, Futa/Trans,  Humiliation,  Incest,  Interracial,  Vaginal sex,  Anal Sex,  Sissification,  Corruption,  Big Ass,  Big Tits,  Masturbation,  Oral Sex,  Voyeurism
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1. Extract and run.
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  • General spelling and grammar fixes.
  • Added a new “How To Play” screen to the beginning of the game to clarify what the point of each of the items on screen is/what they do.
    • Not the most ideal solution to some questions I’ve seen people have but at least it’s something.
  • Now when confronted by Jared after school, you’ll have the choice to run away to other places other than to just your dad’s house.
  • Going to the “relationships” page and clicking on a character’s name will now give you tips on how to advance their route.
    • You can more detail on how to advance these routes (at the expense of immersion) by enabling detailed tips.
      • See the relationships page to find out how to do this.
    • In the process of doing this, I had to go through all the character’s routes once again and so I’ve managed to do a lot of balancing with this update also.
    • This feature is functionally complete but it’ll probably be continually updated in future releases to improve writing/tips.
  • If Jared robs you, now the game will actually check to see if you have any money at all to give him.
  • Replaced “Washroom lewdest” video with a unique one
    • Previous versions of the game reused an old clip from another part of the game.
  • All of the videos that should’ve been in v0.1.2 are in this version as well as all the old videos.
  • The game itself is unchanged
  • Download version of v0.1.2 didn’t have the image for when you stare at your mom’s ass in it and I didn’t notice until after I had released v0.1.2c
    • This update contains both v0.1.2c (which fixed the UI) and the missing mom image.
  • Update for the download version of the game only (and not the update version) that restores missing UI images
    • Accidentally removed the folder when i meant to copy it while zipping the game before.
  • General spelling and grammar fixes.
  • Removed a few frames of black at the beginning of one of the videos used in the game.
  • General game balancing.
  • Fixed breast enlargement system.
    • i accidentally made breasts upgradable 1 more level than they should’ve been in the last build
  • Expanded the Jared/Mom route
    • 13 new scenes & 15 new videos
    • Spoiler for how to start the new route: [ISPOILER]keep trying to seduce Jared[/ISPOILER]
  • Items in the nightmare shop will now say [MAXED] next to them when you cant upgrade them anymore
  • Button for going to the gym will now say [ASS MAXED] when youve reached the largest possible butt size
    • you can still go to the gym to either relive those scenes or to continue the gym route if you havent finished it yet
  • The landlord and tutoring routes at school now take you to the night home screen instead of sending you back to your bedroom
  • Added the mirror that you usually see after undergoing transformations to your bedroom
  • Updated some of the chest size and butt size images
  • Cost of upgrading butt size and feminizing your face now scales like breast size
  • Cleaned up image of your mother when you stare at her ass to remove the link at the bottom
  • Updated the cover image so that it will hopefully show up better on the latest updates page
  • Messed with the chances of certain events so that the violet route hopefully wont be as much of a grind to complete.
    • Please tell me if this still feels like too much of a grind or if its too easy now.
  • General balancing to routes/events.
  • Replaced missing video on the cosplay route.
  • Grading system has now been fully implemented
    • If your grade falls below a 70, youll be warned twice
    • After being warned twice, if your grade falls below a 70 again, youll get grounded.
      • When grounded you are sent right to your room after school
    • You can only be grounded 1x per week.
    • Going to school while your arousal is below 80 raises your grade by 5 points
    • Going to school while your arousal is more than 80 raises your grade by 3 points
    • Skipping school lowers your grade by 1.5pts
    • Note:This will take tweaking to get just right.  Please feel free to give me some feedback so that I can improve this.
      • If its too annoying I can either mess with any of the grade values above or I can make it so that you can only get grounded once every two weeks.
  • Changed the breast enlargement system to make it more like the original game’s system
    • Now the price of enlarging your breasts scales.
    • Cost changes as follows: 100 -> 200 -> 300 -> 600 -> 800
      • The price remains the same for 2 upgrades at the 100, 200, and 300 levels
  • Bug where arousal sometimes wasn’t going back down to 0 has been resolved.
  • Fixed some grammar/spelling throughout the game.
  • Removed leftover bit of code that printed your grade to the browsers console every time your grade changed.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to complete the principal route
  • Rose price of “become a woman” to 5000.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t “Send picture  of ass” on the gaming route.
  • First public release.
  • Every scene from v0.3.8 of the original game has been added to the game
  • The pre-Violet cosplay route has been added back into the game
    • now when you go to the anime club, there’s a 50/50 chance of either doing her route or the old route with Ned.
  • Removed penis enlargement mechanic (at least for the time being)
  • Made the bully less of a pain to deal with by lowering chances of running into him both at school and at home after school
    • Currently you can still only choose between seducing him or going to your dad’s house until you run into him.
    • Im still trying to figure out the best way to do this/if with the reduced chances of running into him if it should be changed at all.
  • Grades will now start to go down if you skip school.
    • If you let your grades get too low, there will be consequences in future updates.
    • Only been added at the most basic level in this version
    • Your grade will decreased by a small amount if you hide in the washroom, go to the landlords, do tutoring, or skip school to go to the gym and if your grade falls below a 70% your mother will say something to you about getting your grades up when you get home.
    • In previous versions of the game your grade only went up if your arousal was < 80. Now it will still go up just by a reduced amount.
    • This will most definitely take tweaking to get right so please leave feedback!
Developer Notes:
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Thank you for checking out the game!
This is a port of the original game by Vibecaster from Twine Snowman to Twine Sugarcube.  With this port I hope to finally finish the game while also fixing some issues people had with the original one.  Open to any and all feedback!
Hope you enjoy
– Dev
A note on update releases: Minor updates, v0.1.X releases, will be released in the comments of this thread and be mainly focused on working on just one thing while major updates, v0.X.0 releases, will cause the thread to update, boosting it to the top of the “latest updates” page, and will contain all the minor updates in one.
If youre interested in getting all the minor updates leading up to the v0.X.0 releases, hit the “watch” button above or if you’re just interested in getting the larger, v0.X.0, updates just keep an eye out on the “latest updates” page.
A note on tips/donations: really not required as the game is and will always be free but if you still feel like supporting me and the future of development those are there for you.
Update [v0.1.2e -> v0.1.3]: DOWNLOAD
v0.1.2 Missing Images Fix [Download Update Version]: DOWNLOAD

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