Succubus Reborn [v20240516a] [Sda-lab]

Succubus Reborn [v20240516a] [Sda-lab]

May 17, 2024F95

This is a single-player card game with the theme of  “squeezing”.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-17
Release Date: 2024-05-16
Developer: Sda-lab Ci-EnFanboxFantia
Censored: Yes
Version: 20240516a
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, 2D Game, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Tit job, Card game, Fantasy, Monster girl, Big tits, Censored
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1. Extract and run.
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New scene: Milk Demon Cowgirl. It’s… okay. Funnily enough, it has the right-click switch to smother your face in her breasts, and you can… left click to flip up her skirt? …But that advances dialogue. What is going on in their heads?
System changes:
Improved loading of scenes with voices.
Surrendering during a scene will cause that scene to switch to the defeat sequence.
Some buttons have had their hitboxes increased.
Skipped a bugfix that fixed the online function.
…New Scene: Double assjob. …Meh. Sometimes scenes that aren’t in my wheelhouse can still earn praise, but this isn’t one of them.
New card: Angelic Soul Stone. 1-cost 0/1 Angelic Disaster. Unique, so only one can be summoned to each side of the field. ‘When this minion is on the field, each time your Faith Value increases, gain +1 Mana.’ …That’s kinda strong, at first glance. It’ll need protection, but giving mana generation to Nun’s recycle and Angel’s unseal is really good as those decks struggle with mana generation.
Changed: Heavily-Armored Angel now gains +1 ATK and LIFE per faith level instead of just life. Still garbo, as Angels don’t struggle late-game in the slightest, so snowball cards are just chaff.
First, a couple of bugfix versions dropped that we skipped.
-Fixed Legend dropping two marks when leaving the field, an error caused by idle succubi still unsealing I think.
-Endless Sex wasn’t taking squeezers Pursuit into account.
-Some color fixes for scenes. No further details.
As for the actual update…
New scene: Bouncy reverse Cowgirl. It’s… okay. Fine. Not really my thing.
New card: Animal Instinct; 10(!?)-cost 10/15(!?!) Natural Beast Minion. Haste, Multi-Attack 1. When summoned, all minions on your side of the field gain +3 ATK/LIFE until the end of your opponents next turn(What the fuck…). When this minion attacks, you may target one stationary card on the field, destroy it and send it to the graveyard (OKAY!?). This card as an ability: Target one stationary card on the field, destroy it and send it to the graveyard.
That’s… a fucking lot. Special-summoning this bastard with Goddess’s effect just became the Beast’s win condition, except for how it has no protection effects and thus dies to removal. …There is no way the default Ass deck is normal-summoning this, but it might see play in Ascension Gambling decks. Really feels like they knew Beasts were kind of shit, and thus gave them this absolute boss monster to try and salvage them.
New Artwork: Succubus of Peaceful Submission has animated card artwork. I’m… not sure I’m a fan. It’s kinda wonky how she swings her breasts only to one side. Still, helpful to ID Submissions who haven’t moved yet as if they get Breastfeeding, the blue border becomes unreliable.
Balance Change: Schoolgirl, Nurse, and Bouncy’s BB abilities all gain +1 mana generation in addition to their other effects. …So, you know, they’re direct upgrades to their primary fire again, except for Bouncy, where it’s a sidegrade. Thought they phased out BB abilities being upgrades to stock long ago… and gave us Hungry Dragons in return.
Misc changes:
-The Squeezer edit screen is now actively sorted by ID instead of passively when the deck was created, meaning older decks no longer have fucked up orders because Legend and President. Great!
-Fixed an issue where online functions couldn’t be activated if the game’s save path had multi-byte characters. …Good, I guess. Dunno what multi-byte characters are but okay.
New scenes of sexual exploitation
The gentle fortune teller
 Cowgirl & Nipple Blow Scene
Four different motions of fullscreen play can be created by right-clicking and changing the speed of the mouse wheel.
New Cards (implemented in the August preview version)
Whispering Devil
Demon of Judgment
The Devil of Love
Dragon’s Bait
Acid Rain
Tonic Supplement.
The Heavenly Devil’s Armored Soldiers.
The Phantom Demon General
The back rows of the field are now sorted by the type of exploiter and the type of installation.
Sister of Immorality”: Updated card illustrations
Fixes (implemented in August preview version)
Added speed range specification for rotation devices and relaxed the upper limit of rotation cycle.
Added the specification of the state of defection in the recollection and reorganized the UI for the specification of the sperm extraction status.
Predictive display of decreased vigor
New Spermist
, “Gentle Fortune Teller”
 Big Boobs Limited Fucking Scene
・As an added bonus, I tried to implement the dialogue in the two scenes of the fortune teller when he is robbed and attacked by a semen attack other than hypnosis. This time, it cannot be replayed in recollection.
Squeezing scenes implemented in the supporter version: 52 basic types, 58 scenes .
・”Unwilling Student Imma” Card image update
● Corrections, etc.
・Added priority settings for abilities used by CP during exploitation attacks
・Added a setting that always puts the expression of the sperm extractor card and the extract scene in a hypnotic state. “Your expression will be hypnotized, but your conversation will not be affected.”
・Change the processing order at the end of the turn
Check the number of cards in your hand > Forced squeezing > Other processing at the end of the turn
As a result, the following changes will be made, for example.
“Hypnotic Phone (fake)” and “Hypnotic Satellite” will be forced out before control is restored.
Forced milking occurs before “Infinite Vigor” recovers.
●Fixes, etc.
 ・Problem that the voice does not play in the squeezing scene with sound, and the conversation progresses at high speed.
 ・The problem that an error occurs when the specific state of the squeezing person is released.
New squeezer
, “gentle fortune teller”
 hand or masturbation scene
– New card
・ [Imagination Cannon]: Installation type 4 cost creation
●Fixes, etc.
・Squeezing scene settings > “Enable state transition by conversation”: Corrected behavior when disabled
・When control of a stacked card in the field is transferred, if there is already a card of the same type in the transition destination, it will be stacked modified to add up
New milker
milker human
・ Hand job hand attribute Squeezing (1), Imagination generation (1) When equipped with a masturbator, this ability’s follow-up +1
・ Nipple torture cowgirl position ♀ hand attribute Squeezing (1) Look at the top 3 cards of the target deck, rearrange them in the order you like, and put them back.
・Clothing? Titty Fuck Big Boobs Limited Squeezing (1) “Look at the top 3 cards of the target deck.” You may add 1 “Miracle” card from among them to your hand. Then shuffle the deck.
Transferred the Guardian’s Pursuit to a new universal ability called Reattack.
As a result, “Black Iron and Egoistic Succubus” will not increase the number of attacks with “Pursuit” when it becomes a guardian.
Changed the name of the universal ability “Guard” to “Guard”.
We will release the advanced version that implements the card of “Gentle Divination” in the researcher plan. Scene is not implemented.
The only change listed is Faithless’s Pursuit now counts for Hungry’s team-up.
…And the scene wasn’t working with automatic fleshlights, but who. even. notices.
New scene: Hungry/Faithless teamup.
New card: Discovery; 1-cost strategy. Look at your opponent’s hand, if there’s a ‘Strategy’ in it, you may send it to the graveyard. …Very meh. The game’s meta isn’t at the point where seeing the opponent’s hand actually helps that much, and discarding strategies is very whatever.
Synchronized Cycles can no longer target hostile Legends for reasons that should be self-evident.
Queen of the Dead now only takes 5 monsters to revive, rather then 7. Still a big price for a vanilla 8/8 beater.
Secretary got her final artwork. You can see BB on her, which makes it better then Student.
Faithless’s 3 is in the game. Seems okay. Nothing special.
Three new cards:
Statue of Devotion: 1-Cost Stationary Creation. It has faith 2, and when summoned, it draws a card. O…kay Angel support I guess. Did Grand Warrior spam really need the boost?
Young Lord of the Mountians: 2-cost Human Knight, 2/3. Increases the ATK of all ‘Commoners’ on his side of the field by 1. SICK. AWESOME. The Captain is actually useless now.
Memories of Dreams: 3-Cost Natural Miracle. Banish all cards with ‘Mirage’ on the field. …But why, though?
Some balance changes.
‘Donations’ now increases the cost of human minions by +1 when you yoink control of them, to make them ‘slightly’ harder to yoink back. Less hot potato with tokens, then.
‘Double Strike’ can now be used on minions who have acted this turn, and gives them another action if they do instead of +1 Pursuit. FEAR. VERY FEAR. IRON IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING MY POSITION.
Faithless had her 3’s description changed. I think it just swapped the position of a couple words, which doesn’t mean anything?
They said they updated Angel’s 1’s descrption, but they… didn’t? Did they mean Faithless?
Succubus Disaster’s effect description was changed, but again, cosmetic.
Some added support for that nipple tweaking toy they showed on the Ci-En, but who gives a fucking shit.
Iron Succubus’s first move is animated.
The background of moves in the gallery can now be replaced, and an experimental 3D one was added.
Incubus Healer gained 1 attack, so is now 1/4 and not a COMPLETELY free punching bag.
Brown Bear was renamed Polar Bear, which doesn’t matter to me.
When you draw cards from your opponent’s deck, they get tagged with ‘Stolen Card’. Currently just sends them to their original owner’s graveyard when discarded.
Iron Succubus can be colored.
Iron Succubus’s partner ability is now correctly attributed to her, not Nurse.
New Squeezer: Selfish Succubus of Black Iron
Another Demonic Squeezer. Her abilities are focused around supporting the new ‘Networked Machine’ archetype, and Stationary Creations in general. Has the hilarious ability to summon herself as a Minion but is still capable of Squeezing attacks… and if she does so with at least 15 ATK, the target loses the duel. More testing is required, but she’s supposed to eat minions for 1 ATK each when unsealed, so turning a stacked board into instant-death. But, with 6 maximum base attack…
The ‘Networked Machine’ archetype is four 2-mana minions and two 3-mana minions, all of whom give stat boosts to all other ‘Networked Machine’ minions on your field, so a real snowbally archetype that cries at Starfall. Hilariously, they have a Ranged minion but no Tank, so rev up those Bears.
Additionally, a new Human minion was added, ‘Knight’s Apprentice.’ Two-mana, statline of a Vigilante, gains +1 ATK whenever its life permanently increases, so call in the Nurses. Additionally, the first time it battles, it gains Long Handle. The second time, Calvary. The third time, +1 armor. Don’t know yet if that last one stacks, but this is another snowball card that just DIES to monster removal.
Oh, and Nurse has a Partner ability: Reduces the cost of up 3 or more Minions in your hand by 1. Further testing has revealed the ability actually reduces the cost of Creations that cost 3 or more by 1… and that the ability actually belongs to the Iron Succubus. Still doesn’t help her turn 1 when all her minions cost 2.
Some bugfix to how the disable 3d backgrounds setting works at the start of the game.
Strict Instruction costs 2 mana instead of 4, and no longer generates 2 mana when summoned, effectively making it less of a hassle to summon.
● Squeezing scene related
・ Dedicated nurse blowjob (outside)
This version has no sound effects. I am thinking of adding it at a later date.
● New card
・ Reuse volatile type 2 cost strategy
● Correction, etc.
・ At the beginning of the battle, you can exchange your favorite cards from the initial hand only once (so-called mulligan)
v20210424b Supporter
-Added random deck selection to free battles
-Changed the draw timing at the start of the turn after activating the ability at the start of the turn.
-Indicates the partner ability of “Immoral Sister”
-The problem that “BF club chairman Shiori” does not perform forced squeezing during estrus
-Improved explanation display of general-purpose capabilities
v20210424a Supporter
New Squeezing scene
Everyone’s idol Tit-Fucking
It will take a little more time for the card illustration.
New card
Incubus Fragrance Installed 3 Cost Disaster, Curse
Correction, etc.
-Added hint display to the menu screen
-Addition of zoom speed setting
Addition of setting to disable energy reduction
-Added the function to sub-display related cards when the card ability is moused over.
-Added the function to detect the latest save data in the same level directory and copy it arbitrarily at the first startup.
v20210325d Supporter
・ Model correction of cheerleader cowgirl (some color settings are not reflected)
-Output the effect text to the image part of the card without image
20210325c Supporter
v20210325a Supporter
● New card
・ Necromancy Volatile 4-cost curse
・ Remand volatile type 2 cost computer
● Balance adjustment
・ Glittering cheerleader & passionate bunny girl
 Partner ability change
● Correction, etc.
-The problem that the guardian sent to the discard pile on his turn by the cowgirl effect of Cheer Girl can be the target of the unsealing effect of Marianera
-Title improvement: Trial version / support version display added, menu written in Japanese, about this game added
-Display only thumbnails of support version limited scenes in the trial version & add a link to the support site
-Added deck sorting to the main menu
・ Weight reduction of 3D texture
-Renamed “Immortal” attribute to “Dead”
・ Correction of lighting of recollection background
・ Added heat haze to some generated cards
-Added card image replacement function. See readme.txt in “UserCustomData Sprites” for details.
・ Card ID display at the bottom center of card information
v20210226a Supporter
● Squeezing scene related
・ New card & scene
 Everyone’s Idol Incubus Footjob
・ Bunny girl fucking
 Added zoom …………………………………………………………… // it does not work, hotfix coming soon //
・ Added lines for pursuit to all scenes
・ Adjusted the blinking expression during ejaculation
・ Cheerleader fucking
 Addition of semen difference in pursuit
● Balance adjustment
・ Immoral sister
 Added partner ability: Give yourself will when you come into play
 Anal squeezing ability: Allows you to select the disaster card collection target of the discard bill and grants heat haze
・ A courageous elementalor
 Generates a guardian when the cowgirl ability is activated arbitrarily
・ Retinue of Yamamura
 Include in yourself as a target of strengthening effect
・ The lion of the earth
 Reduce cost and ATK by 1
・ Harapeko Incubus
 Increased seal value to 7
● Improvement / correction
-Added loading after startup and before displaying the title
・ Added credit to the title
-Addition of settings: Randomly select CP squeezing attacks
-Problem that drawing remains off the screen when resizing the window
-Fixed the healing effect of “Infinite Energy” to be activated before the forced activation of the squeezer.
● New card
・ Incubus convocation
・ Purification barrier
### Unresolved issues
* CP removes a card with a negative effect on the opponent’s field with a removal card.
* When the control of the card of the self-strengthening ability is transferred, the strengthening effect remains the self-strengthening effect.
Corrections and improvements
Error related to automatic erasure of the spirit of light
the notification no longer hides when an error occurs over time
Elf girl voice, voice for thighjob also added to demo
moar new cards
balance adjustments:
boobs save the world: changed image and victory conditions. Rather than getting squeezed by boobs 8 times, it now requires boob-related scene from 8 girls. However, any boob related scenes work, so this includes boobjob temptations from enemy bunny girls and wisdom
Swapping & lust crest: cost +1
incubus quest collab squeezer marianera: starting seal count 4>6
elf girl boobjob summons: now disappear on the start of your turn
mountain village retinue chief: his skill (life+1 to all citizen-type guardian) doesn’t apply to himself
novice engineer: when sending creation type cards of 2 cost or higher to graveyard, also sends self to graveyard
erosion: can now also target nature-type card
the rest is a bunch of fixes
Changes: (translated with google translate, some things may be hard to comprehend)
● New scene
・Glittering cheerleader tit-fucking
● New cards
・ Glittering cheerleader
・ Accelerating civilization
・ Singularity
・ Immortal King
・ Sucking spirit
・ Excellent repulsion
・ Crow familiar
● New general-purpose capability
・ Haze When this card is sent to the discard pile, it disappears instead
● Balance adjustment
・ Give “Haze” to the following cards
 Spirit of Light, Crystal of Thought
・ Luxury Onaho
 You need imagination 1 to replace
・ Pursuit ring
 Can be replaced with imagination 2
・ Brown bear
 ATK reduced to 2
● Functional improvement
・ Battle UI
 ・ Thumbnail display of squeezing ability selection
 You can hide it in the settings.
・ Improvement of recollection
 -Displays the selection of the scene to play as a thumbnail.
 ・ Energy can be set.
 ・ After defeat, return to the recollection screen instead of the main menu.
・ Improved scene playback settings
 ·Modify wording
 ・ Normalize the initial motion speed setting for each state
  When automatic transition is disabled, you can specify the motion speed that was fixed after the state transition.
・ Switching to big breasts on the deck appearance
 You can switch by clicking the deck to use in the main menu.
-Added the function to copy and overwrite the color settings of the squeezer on a deck-by-deck basis.
● Bug fix
-Improved the data reading method at startup.
-Fixed the upper limit setting of execution FPS.
-Problems such as forced termination immediately after startup and scene sound effects not playing may be improved.
● Bug fix
When autoplay is set, if state transition is performed by mouth or mouse operation, the state transition will be performed automatically in the next state.
See More
The game itself has been updated.
Both the supporter version and the trial version can be downloaded from this article.
* Addition: Problems being
Corresponding (ver20200920d) -An
error occurs when summoning a demon that crushes CP.
· Recalls thigh Jobs does not start from the spirit Tsukai of opponents in
funny problem or not to view a description of the general-purpose capability
● Squeezing scene related
・ New scene: Immoral Sister Fucking
In Bull daughter of temptation face sitting, to be switched automatically or manually rubbed in the right-click
unyielding spirits Tsukai additional note verbale that were recruited – (Thank you for your application!)
To Shibosei in a continuous only grants of-chase As you can see, there
 are only new scenes and elementalors in the mouth during continuous squeezing. I will add it at a later date.
● New cards
・ Boobs save the earth
・ Incubus spearhead
・ Incubus surgeon
・ Crushing demon
・ Grief
・ Pursuit ring
 Squeezers are given pursuit. Squeezing ability is additionally activated.
 Whether you can select the target individually depends on your ability.
 It has no effect on non-overlapping abilities.
● Balance adjustment, etc.
・ Requiem: Cost 1 reduction
・ Breast God’s miracle: Cost 1 reduction
・ Equipment target of high-class Onaho is limited to inactive squeezers
● Addition
/ completion of functions
 can be done from the setting screen during the battle.
Initial hand adjust the rules in the configuration
 in accordance with the ratio of Shibosei who occupy the deck attaches guarantee to Shibosei’s number lower limit of the initial hand
 40 sheets case of deck
  -Shibosei’s nine or more: two or more to the initial hand
  ・ 15 or more squeezers: 3 or more in the initial hand
  ・ 20 or more squeezers: 4 or more in the initial hand
● Improvements, bug fixes
・ Problems where partner-limited abilities were also applied to non-partners
・ Displays partners as general-purpose abilities
・ Corrected the explanation of the effect of cooperation with Burbani (applies only to one guardian who came into play next)
・ Stealed The problem that the display becomes strange when the kidnapper returns to the hand
・ The problem that a new deck cannot be created when the deck is deleted
・ The problem that the estrus hiding setting is not applied in the cowgirl position of the courageous spirit user
・ The automatic translation plug-in was used In the case, the problem that the balloon of the squeezing scene text goes out of the screen
・ The problem that semen is not displayed after the second shot of bunny fucking
Squeezing scenes implemented in the supporter version
Basic 15 types, 17 scenes
The squeezing scenes included in the trial version are only the basic 6 types and 7 scenes of the following cards.
・ Passionate bunny girl
・ Cheerful bloomers girl ・
Wisdom and disappointment incubus (1 scene only)
Thank you for your continued support. The game itself has been updated. It will be a bug fix etc. I also replaced last month’s article.
● Improvements and bug fixes
・ The serial port to which the A10 piston SA dedicated adapter is connected can be directly specified by setting
・Addition of valid / invalid settings for state transition by mouth
・ Partial correction of mouth after defeat (state transition deleted)
・ Color copy Occasionally the setting to add color is not copied
・ When a large number of cards are deployed in battle, the card is not displayed in front at the time of focus
・ The problem that the constant enhancement of the cooperation ability disappears at the end of the turn due to the temporary enhancement of the bunn
Developer Notes:
See More
Nice to meet you all. My name is super-dimensional awakening laboratory.
We are developing games for Windows using Live2D animation.
Win x32


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Oblivion9873 thanks for the link

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