Summer Camp [v0.1.6] [All Natural Games]
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Summer Camp [v0.1.6] [All Natural Games]

January 27, 2024F95

You are a young Psychology college student, handsome, intelligent and with great effect on women. Like many European students, you are going to spend the summer as a camp monitor, in the USA to improve both your English and your resume, but the surprise comes when you are assigned to ‘Beaver Falls’, a camp for teenage girls with mental health issues, and you will be their therapist…

Thread Updated: 2023-03-22
Release Date: 2023-03-21
Developer: All Natural Games – Subscribestar  – Unreal Candies  –  Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.6
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, male protagonist, oral sex, milf, teasing, loli, titfuck, group sex, animated, vaginal sex, virgin, urination,  voyeurism, sexual harassment, lesbian, mobile game
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1. Extract and run.
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-Professional writer hired, game completely rewritten and and new content written by him too
-2 new sex scenes, 2 new animations, 6000 words, 200 renders
-April’s controversial scene with her uncle deleted, total harem game focus now
-The story continues almost the middle of the fourth day.
– In total, 49.000 words, 1400 renders and 9 animations
– 3 new sex scenes, 433 new renders, 1 animation and 15.700 words
-The story continues almost until the end of day 3
– In total,  +43.000 words, 1230 renders and 7 animations
-2 new sex scenes, 200 new renders, 2 animations and 6.000 words
-The story continues until the end of day 2
– April’s flashback is now optional. Those who don’t like to see girls interact with other men or watch edgy scenes will have the option to skip them.
-The entire internal script of the game has been restructured, so the old saves seem to be useless
-I have removed the music from the game, as I was not happy with the result. In the future, if the players think it can be an improvement, I will add a more suitable soundtrack, sound effects, etc.
– In total, 28.000 words, 800 renders and 6 animations
-350 new renders, 2 new animations and 12.000 words
-The story continues almost a complete day more, so the game doubles its size
-Fixed some images from first release (shower daydream)
-Hired a proofreader to improve the story and dialogues
– In total, 22.000 words, 600 renders and 4 animations
-The player now has decision-making power, but be careful, some choices can turn out very well, but others…
-Now the player can choose the age of the girls
-Added new content, a new sexual scene, 50 new renders and 2 new animations
-Changes on the script and remade some renders to fix issues from the first version, like MC’s penis or the excessive body hair of some girls
– In total, 12.000 words, 250 renders, and 2 animations
This version works like the prologue of the story, with 200 renders, +10000 words
In future updates the game will be growing, and choices and animations will be added.
Developer Notes:
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Enjoy my first Visual Novel: ‘Summer Camp’, with the sexiest and cutest CGI teen models. Also, you can support the game development subscribing  and you will get access to all the  premium galleries and videos: solo, lesbian, straight, group sex, futa and more. All characters are +18
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Last Version with the April scene.

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Version 15

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    Summer Camp [v0.1.6] [All Natural Games]