Summer Sweepers [v10d] [Impy]
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Summer Sweepers [v10d] [Impy]

January 10, 2024F95

Minesweeper but with porn. Your job is to find the tiles that are safe to pass through.
Your allies can interact with the location you send them to if it list a character it requires.
Warning! All erotic events in this game are of either NTR or voyeuristic nature.

Thread Updated: 2022-02-06
Release Date: 2022-01-28
Developer: Impy – itch.ioSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 10d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, 2D Game, Adventure, Big tits, Gay, Handjob, Male Protagonist, NTR, Oral Sex, Text based, Trap, Vaginal Sex, Voyureism
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1. Extract and run.
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New Content
9 new explicit events.
Pictures added for the “Espa’s Secret Lover” and “Rebel Commander” endings.
2 new quests.
A new starting skill that is very useful for getting missing scenes.
A new booster that allows any quest that had all of its stars collected to be skipped.
Gallery now displays a list of quests, their appearance conditions and special event locations.
Various bits of additional dialogue added.
Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements
Changed the booster that accelerated quest progress to one that powers up all allied characters (Since the star skip booster is a much better version of the old one)
Scroll wheel now scrolls much faster in all menus.
Cetra now gains additional lust at the start of each day.
Various small bugs addressed.
Other Changes
Gallery now uses the same post-processing effect as the rest of the game.
Various small adjustments to maps, menus and events.
New Content
Added locations to guild and town that allow “half-wall” events to trigger.
Changed the booster that gave you extra days to give you infinite days. The game can be ended at any time in the guild while the booster is enabled.
Added endings to the gallery. The buttons themselves don’t do anything as of yet, but mousing over them will give you information about the conditions for getting the ending as well the as what skills that ending unlocks.
Bug Fixes
All event related bugs have been addressed.
Love can no longer be reduced.
Buying the dress and quitting the game will put you in the guild upon reload.
Reloading after quitting the game in the guild after doing a quest over multiple days will put you back in the guild.
F95 Uploaders smell.
Fixed bug where the meeting button did nothing if the character had a mission path assigned.
Fixed rare bug where the seduction skill could sometimes be available while an event was in progress.
Quality of Life Improvements
Reduced the lust requirements on almost every event.
Rival characters only lose half as much lust from sexual acts and gain 5 bonus lust at the start of every map.
Meeting availability refreshes on each visit to the town or guild instead of once per mission.
Made some revisions to the ending flowchart.
Fixed bugs and inconsistencies in a few of Nix’s quests.
Other minor bug fixes.
Other Changes
Seduction route is now exclusive from shared route.
Some art touch-ups.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a series of bugs that prevented many events from starting properly.
Changed the requirements for several events to make them more consistent.
[New Content]
  • Around 12 new explicit events and some variations.
  • 2 explicit events updated with zoomed-in “snapshot” images.
  • 2 new quests.
  • 5 new endings.
  • A new starting skill.
  • Added in-game display for character stats accessible by pressing the “i” button.
  • Added tutorials that explain advanced mechanics, accessible after finishing the game.
[Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements]
  • Most starting skills can now be unlocked from multiple possible endings.
  • Various small fixes to text and gameplay inconsistencies.
[Other Changes]
  • Greatly rebalanced event progression and related character stats.
  • Changed some tiles in a few older maps.
  • Changed the way guest characters are placed to be more random.
v5 [New Content]
  • 10 new sexy events.
  • 4 explicit events updated with new zoomed-in “snapshot” images.
  • Added 2 new characters.
  • 6 new story segments (4 from Percy’s perspective)
  • Implemented a new party system. The full character cast of your previously chosen quest will now appear in the guild and town. The party is formed when a new quest is chosen and remains intact until the next quest.
  • Added skill abilities for Percy. A scout ability usable 2 times per mission will be available right at the start 4 others will be unlocked upon reaching specific endings.
  • Added dating events for Miwi.
  • Added Miwi’s ending.
  • Added 2 new game boosters. One greatly increases event progression speed, the other grants a third use of your class ability per day.
[Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements]
  • Added new movement code for party members. They will now be somewhat more grouped up when moving around the map and no longer step into unexplored tiles.
  • Added scroll function to the talk command.
  • Fighters will now reveal the tiles where enemies have been cleared, bosses now remain flagged after being hit.
[Other Changes]
  • Removed Ram from the “Forest Shrines” quest and made it repeatable for the Abigail fans out there.
  • Hidden dialogue and snapshot art are shown slightly faster.
  • Minor bug fixes and map adjustments.
[New Content]
  • 5 new explicit events.
  • Fio and Espa can now be invited for a date in the local city. This event is accessible by talking to Espa or Fio at the guild after completing 4 quests and is repeatable after every 3 additional quests.
  • Added ability to interact with other party members in 6 events from Percy’s perspective.
  • Optional lewd event for Fio.
  • Added support for extra event art featuring snapshots of the action (2 events have been updated with new art).
  • 2 new quests with new map features (1 boss battle, 1 sphinx puzzle).
  • 5 new endings to replace the previous cash based score system. The endings themselves are text-only for now and are based on your relationship to other characters.
[Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements]
  • Added 3 new game boosters: “skip the first 3 missions”, “make late game quests available sooner”, “start with extra cash”.
  • Added a brief overview of the game’s character event system to the tutorial.
  • Loading the game will take you to the map you quit the game at, instead of the guild.
  • Minor bug fixes
[Other Changes]
  • Many maps rebalanced and streamlined.
  • Ram’s cooldown decreased to 20, starting cooldown increased to 6, he now clears 3 tiles.
  • Abigail’s cooldown decreased to 15.
  • Speed awards on most maps were made much easier to obtain.
  • Rewards for quests greatly decreased, player now starts with $10 (The town event offers opportunities to spend your hard-earned money).
  • Party members no longer get placed on cooldown after greeting the player.
  • Days increased to 20 (This is very likely the last increase to playthrough length. I don’t want to make individual games last more than a couple of hours).
  • Some adjustments to older text and game sprites.
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New Content:
  • 3 boss battle quests with new game mechanics.
  • Around 7 new sexy events, some adjustments to older ones (Actual number may depend on what you consider a lewd event to be).
  • New rival character added, Abigail the futa priestess is Percy’s older sister studying at a local seminary. She will appear in all quests related to battling against the undead.
  • Achievement system added with unlockable bonuses when starting a new game. Earned stars will persist in all future versions of the game.
  • New hidden dialogue events for Cetra. She can also now peep on others.
  • Many old quests updated and reworked.
  • Map animations for all character actions.
  • Characters in the guild are now assigned random locations and activities unless they were grouped for a story segment.
Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements:
  • Tile letters replaced with icons that indicate what each tile is used for.
  • An in-game display for character cooldowns has been added.
  • Added an in-game menu that tracks your quest progress.
  • Added an “Abandon Quest” button.
  • Quests are now sorted with later game quests on top and repeatable ones on the bottom.
  • Additional tiles are now reveled at the start of the map to prevent situations where the player takes unavoidable risks.
  • Fixed major bug where skipping dialogue would sometimes fail to reveal the game stage.
  • Talking to a character during an event now stops the hidden dialogue from playing.
  • Text corrections and adjustments.
  • Many minor bugs fixed.
Other Changes:
  • Title screen image added to the main menu.
  • Quit button is now in the in-game menu, double-pressing the escape key no longer exits the game.
  • Undead enemies now require a specialized character to fight them.
  • Espa will now reveal 2 tiles when scouting.
  • Starting cooldowns adjusted.
  • Portrait images scaled to 50% (They were quite oversized for how they appeared in-game. The difference in looks will likely be unnoticeable, but the load times will now be faster).
  • Many portraits have been slightly adjusted.
  • Removed animated transition for hidden dialogue (It was interfering with the way my new camera setup works for map animations).
  • Character events and event variations are now partially tied to how many quests have been completed with that character in the group.
  • Salt renamed to “arcane powder”, it has other uses now, smashing a shimmer stone produces 3 instead of 1.
  • Days increased to 18.
  • Names of supporters are now randomly sorted every time the credits page is opened.
  • Many other smaller adjustments.
Developer Notes:
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  • Left click to move to a tile.
  • Right click to flag or unflag a tile.
  • Press escape twice on any screen other than the game over and main menu screens to quit.
  • Minesweeper is a game that displays the number of “bombs” in eight directions from each tile. Your job is to find the tiles that are safe to pass through.
  • Your allies can interact with the location you send them to if it list a character it requires. If there is nothing specific to do at the destination, they will either scout or clear out neighboring tiles depending on the character.
  • Use flags to indicate spots you want to avoid. Scouts will prioritize unflagged tiles to check first, while fighters will prioritize flagged tiles instead.
Future Plans:
Development for this game will continue. Below is a list of some additions I want to make over the coming months.
  • Give Miwi her own mid-quest interactions, date event and a character-specific ending.
  • Expand the town, add guest characters and special events.
  • Draw proper art for all the major endings.
  • Add many more explicit events and more close-up shots of the action.
  • Add another temporary adventuring companion.
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