Survival in Draconia [v0.5] [s1ck]

Survival in Draconia [v0.5] [s1ck]

March 20, 2024F95

After the Feral Beasts brought every patriarchal kingdom to ruin no man dared to question the female superiority,
slavery and cruelty in Draconia which kept all the evil creatures at bay.
Stricken with poverty in a land plagued with monsters and no place left to go,
you set to Draconia at once after hearing the rumors.
The Empress is offering a place in draconian society for all males seeking a new home.
And luckily for you the entry is not to be paid with gold…

Thread Updated: 2024-03-20
Release Date: 2024-02-12
Developer:  s1ck Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2dcg, 2d game, AI cg, male protagonist, adventure, fantasy, female domination, slave, humiliation, footjob, big ass,
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Added the Escape Route with the ‘Gemstone Paladins’
  • Added the Bandit Queen Scene + Ending
  • Added the Giantess Scene + Ending
  • Reworked some of the CGs
  • Fixed some collision bugs.
Added a Splashscreen and patreon to main menu
Unlocked Access to Forgotten Road
Added interaction with Pit as a shortcut to Mel’s content
Fixed issue that prevented the players from leaving the Inn after the first job
Added Irina’s Slave Path
Multiple New Random Scenes, Sound effects and more!
-Added Fishing Mechanic
-Adjusted Mel’s Sprite
-Adjusted Mel’s Movement
-Rearranged some NPC logic after dialogue
-Fixed Hellena’s Event
-Fixed Inn’s First Guest Encounter
-Added Fishing Mechanic
-Adjusted Mel’s Sprite
-Adjusted Mel’s Movement
-Rearranged some NPC logic after dialogue
Adjusted Lucretia’s eye color discrepancy;
Increased chances of Lucretia’s lewd scenes to trigger every night;
Fixed issue that prevented the player from leaving the Inn’s 2F after entering;
Fixed issue with BGM not playing during the first scene;
Fixed issue with Hunger and Stamina not appearing after the intro;
Fixed issue related to Guards in the northern and southern regions in the Camp;
Fixed Avael’s Introduction CG;
Initial Release
Survival Mechanics in a harsh society (Food/Stamina)
Day/Night Cycle
Oral Sex
Developer Notes:
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About s1ck
I’m s1ck…
of seeing femdom games get abandoned;
of seeing developers delay their updates and scam their patrons every month without any signs of progress;
Which is why I am here actively developing Survival in Draconia:
You may support me if you enjoy my game. I plan to use this first game as a stepping stone so that I can move on to DAZ3D in the future once I have enough resources to do so.

* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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