Swan Song of the White Angels [v0.14 Patch 2] [H.ERO]

Swan Song of the White Angels [v0.14 Patch 2] [H.ERO]

May 9, 2024F95

In near future earth is being attacked by an organization call Kavliaris who want to rule earth they plans have stop by a group of girls who call themself White Angel (WA) they are successfully defeat them each day but suddenly a new mysterious creatures who now leads Kavliaris with the creatures vast knowledge the WA got push back and they are defeat and capture 1 by 1 then being hard punishment and humiliating on TV only, a girls name Lolita who maybe the only one can save them or will she join them?

Thread Updated: 2024-05-06
Release Date: 2024-04-30
Developer: H.ERO PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.14. Patch 2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Female Protagonist, Bondage, 2dcg, Fantasy, Big breast, corruption, petrification, rubber/latex, machines, onahole, turn to combatan, mind-control, Body modification, Tentacles, Monster,  Vore, Petrification
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.14 Patch 2 (v2)
-Fix few bugs and typo.
-Fix one of the enemies take too long to attack.
-5 New lewd scenes.
-New maps, enemies, sprites and more.
-Buff and nerf some of the old enemies.
-Few bugs fixes.
-New one lewd scene, the Daisy lewd reward scene.
-Have the choice to let Homura cum.
-improve few part of Lolita sprites.
-Fix few bugs.
-Nerf some old enemies.
  • Lolita profile picture now reflect her newest outfit. (Need to change to other outfit first to have this effect.)
  • Daisy slave now also have profile picture.
  • Lolita NEW and improve body sprites to all except her Alita form.
  • Few bugs fix.
  • Nerf and Buff some enemies and Daisy.
  • Improve and fix on some cutscenes in the new mission.  
  • 6 new lewd scenes
  • New Nabokov Ascended enemies
  • Daisy slave parner
  • New maps, story, sprites, and equipment for Daisy.
  • Bugfixes etc
0.12 v4 Changelog:
  • Fix few bugs and fix some typo.
0.12 Changelog:
  • 7 New lewd arts.
  • Few new lewd NPC Sprites.
  • New many maps.
  • New Item, equipment, and enemies.
  • More/etc.
0.11 Changelog:
  • 5 New lewd scenes, some having variations.
  • New maps, story and enemies.
  • Lolita Maid outfit.
  • Rebalance some of the enemies.
  • Etc.
0.10 Patch 5 Changelog:
  • Fixed Lolita’s outfit changing skills which were causing errors.
  • Lolita Kavliaris Slave suit sprite now show her face.
  • Rebalanced some enemies.
  • Changes some of Lolita’s skill icons.
  • Bugfixes.
0.10 Changelog:
  • -New Outfit, New maps, Enemies.
  • -6 Lewd Event (3 Lewd scenes and 3 Bad Ends, One have short playable bad ends),
  • -Etc.
0.9D Changelog:
  • 6 new lewd scenes (3 bad ends, 3 lewd events) and some of these events have choices the player can pick to change they like the most.
  • 2 new skills for Lolita.
  • -Spark Punch.
  • -Crumbling Attack.
  • New maps, enemies, and story events.
  • The reveal of the big villain (and her followers)
  • Lolita’s profile in the menu will change to match her dialogue portrait.
  • Adjusted some enemy stats.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Eleanor’s dialogue portrait (your next opponent).
0.9D Patch 1 Changelog:
  • Replace Queen Irina old standing arts into the newest one.
  • Fix few bugs.
  • Change the Arrow movement to WASD.
0.9D Patch 1.5 Changelog:
  • Upgrade the button movement now you can change each button. (Go to options menu then select “keyboard config”)
0.9D Patch 2 Changelog:
  • Bugfixes, typos and adjusted some enemy stats.
The 0.9 changelog:
  • 5 Lewd Event (2 Bad End and 3 Lewd scenes).
  • New IItem, Weapon, Map and Sprites.
  • Fix Couple old bugs.
  • Etc.
0.9 Patch 1 Changelog:
  • Fix a typo on new scenes.
  • add more npc in the prison.
  • The new lewd event now have the option to watch or cancel in Gallery room.
0.9 Patch 2 Changelog:
  • Fix when player access the secret area of the White Angels base, the avatar will still appear in the cutscene.
  • Fix player can go through the wall on some area of the new maps.
0.9 Patch 2.5 Changelog:
  • Add Bunny Suit skill to Lolita, to make this appear try to change to other outfit first then the Bunny Suit should be appear in the Skills.
0.8D Changelog:
  • New sprites, maps, and story
  • 9 new lewd scenes (6 events, 3 bad ends)
  • 2 new outfits for Lolita
  • new enemies
  • bugfixes, typos, etc.
0.8D Patch 1:
  • Fix Gaymax second fight when losing not activate Lolita playable bad ends.
  • When Lita enter White Angel base and defeat the enemies there be a rubber bondage sprites and when click them there be a short lewd scenes.
0.8D Patch 2:
  • The save file have been change now player can load, save and delete in-game
  • Fix various bugs and glitch in the newest version, like stuck in library room.
  • Reduce  the number of enemies in battle and little buff couple of enemies.
0.8D Patch 4:
-It’s a Bug fixes and fix few typo.
0.8B Patch 2 Changelog:
  • This is a small updates that change the 3 old enemies arts with the new one (Super Gunner, Super Arch Mage, Super Hot Thrombo), improve and nerf some of the enemies stats and skill and fix few bugs.
0.8 Patch 1 Changelog:
  • 5 New lewd event (2 Bad Ends and 3 Lewd Scenes)
  • 3 New lewd enemies (K. Super NAG Bones, Onahole Drones, Sofia Max)
  • 1 New Lewd Item, Living Onahole toy you can get this when fighting the new enemies that have Onahole Drone it is hard to get it’s since it rare (may change the range drop IF most player hard to get it). This item is increase lolita stat a little and have a short lewd scene but Not implemented yet it be in for 0.8D.
  • New Map, Nerf and Buff some of Lolita skill and couple enemy, ETC.
  • Most map now when battle enemy the background will be darker so the player can focus on the enemy
  • Put couple of chest in the new map (Sorry I forgot to add it’s)
  • Fix few Bugs.
Developer Notes:
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I’m single developer artist and programmer on this project, this is my first Game and it free but If you like to support me more I have a patreon link above.
Special thanks to Salty Justice for proofreading the game (Note: Some picture art below was not proofread, the newest updates have been proofreading)
Game current fetish is: Mind-Control, Bondage, Rubber, Machines, Onaholes, Corruption, Futanari, Masturbation, Petrification  and MORE.
Please report when there is new Bugs/Error/Typo found on discord.

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