Symphony of the Void [v0.5b] [Mad Doc]

Symphony of the Void [v0.5b] [Mad Doc]

June 16, 2024F95

Symphony of the Void

Jevan Dre’allis is a member of the elite dark elven unit known as Wraiths – agents of the Temple of Xana-Rhoa, serving as assassins, spies and saboteurs. A series of unforeseen events will lead him to the independent port city of Mizea, a place of many wonders and opportunities as well as perils and mysteries. Forcibly drawn into schemes beyond his understanding, he finds himself in the middle of a violent struggle for power, influence and revenge.

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Meanwhile, the neighbouring, human Kingdom of Atrelia is being engulfed in turmoil – demonic cults are on the rise due to Abyssal corruption spreading like a plague. In an effort to restore peace and security, the Church of the Eternal Light sends its zealous knights aided by ruthless inquisitors to cleanse the land.
In order to survive, Jevan must adapt, learn new skills, gain unique powers, gather allies and servants alike if he hopes to defeat and subjugate his foes.
On his long and arduous adventure, he will meet a vibrant cast of characters, each with their own goals and agendas. Trust and loyalty will become a rare luxury.
As wise drow once said, “Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Thread Updated: 2024-06-15
Release Date: 2024-06-15
Developer: Mad_Doc PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.5b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Male domination, Mind control, Humiliation, Masturbation, Slave, Fantasy
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1. Extract and run.
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– Faeryl’s repeatable masturbation scene received an alternative version(purple Mark)
– On the trail II – long story scene with ero elements
– Corrupted Flame – the next stage of this chain-event
– story event with Eliza
– Amelie+Zoe lesbian h-scene(animated)
– Faeryl’s masturbation h-scene(animated)
– 1 story scene with Lysandra and Trehl
– 2 story events(“On the trail” under the Special Events and the continuation of the Corrupted Flame event chain)
– Xilana + Alicia’s Exhibitionism II(2 animations)
– Alicia’s Bondage(3 animations)
– Justine’s Titjob II(2 animations)
– 1 story event with Eliza progressing ‘Monster of Mizea’ plotline
– 1 special event: “Whisperer in the Darkness”
– 1 event with Patricia: “Corrupted Flame”
– 2 h-scenes with Zoe: Pet Training III(2 variations) and Fellatio III
– 1 h-scene with Faeryl: Service II(2 variations)
– Added: story event with Eliza
– Added: story event “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” under Special Events
– Added: ero/story event “Innocence lost” under Special Events
– Added: repeatable ero-scenes for Faeryl: Pet play II, Aphordisia II and Service
– Added: a new type of repeatable ero-scenes – Date with Alicia
– added Debug features under Special Events option which should help if you’re unable to progress the main story.
– 2 story events(1 under Special Events action – “Something ends, something begins”)
– 2 h-scenes for Zoe(Dance II and Fellatio II)
– 1 scene for Faeryl(Aphrodisia)
– 1 scene for Xilana(Tickling)
– 1 scene for RebeccaxAmelie(Lezdom)
– 2 large story events
– 1 h-scene with Rebecca(2 animations)
– 4 h-scenes with Faeryl(4 animations)
– some QoL features: a message notifying the player when the main story content is reached for the current update, actions which are necessary to progress the main plot will be colored in gold letters(utilized in this very release)
– rebalanced some of the actions to make the progress feel more natural. The current max Power is 38 and there are more ways to reach it(through Xilana’s and Faeryl’s scenes)
– 1 new story event
– some dialogue tweaks
– 2 story events
– 1 h-scene with Alicia(2 animations)
– 1 h-scene with Alicia and Xilana
– 2 h-scenes with Xilana(4 animations)
– 1 h-scene with Zoe(2 animations)
– 1 story/h-scene with Faeryl
– 3 story events
– 3 h-scenes with Xilana: 2 repeatable scenes(1 animated), 1 one-time event
– 3 h-scenes with Faeryl: 2 repeatable scenes(1 animated), 1 one-time event
– rebalanced a lot of variables and triggers for scenes and actions(this will mostly affect new playthroughs)
– new, under the hood feature in the code allowing a different way of triggering events(for example, after a set number of days)
– some minor dialogue tweaks and code fixes
– Fixed a bug which caused Corrupted Essence event to occur too soon which made no sense story wise
– Fixed a bug with Extra Service II which functioned as a one-time event instead of a repeatable scene
– Zoe got a little bit of a new dialogue and a new CG after being summoned in her later stage of training/corruption
– some minor dialogue tweaks during certain h-scenes
– 4 story events
– 1 h-scene with Zoe(3 animations + variation/Mark of the Entity)
– 1 h-scene with Alicia(2 animations)
– 1 h-scene with Rebecca and Amelie(3 animations + variation/Mark)
– 1 h-scene with Justine
– 1 h-scene with Xilana + other girls
– some minor dialogue tweaks and code fixes
– 3 unique story scenes with new locations and characters
– 1 h-scene with Faeryl
– 3 h-scenes with Zoe:
Pet training II, Spanking II and one-time lesbian scene
– 1 h-scene with Justine: Extra service II – you will need to replay the first one(Extra service) to get it!
– some improvements to existing dialogue
– fixed a bug which could lock out the main story progress
– In a very specific scenario players could end up locked out of main story progress after scene in the cell with Alicia, Amelie and Rebecca. Fixed the bug so it shouldn’t happen AND if it occured in your playthrough and you don’t want to load an earlier save then just use new Debug option under Special Events.
– Added requested QoL feature, a small message at the end of the last scene so players will know when they have exhausted all of the main content for the current update.
– In the first scene of the Prologue, replaced Jevan’s and Faeryl’s old models with modern ones. Also tweaked the lighting of the scene.
– Added 1 new CG for Zoe’s spanking scene as well as changed and added a bit of dialogue to it.
– Replaced main menu CG ^^
– Fixed a bug in Amelie’s thrall scene with Marks not disappearing correctly if the player didn’t choose neither Red nor Purple option
– Playing from earlier versions may have caused some scenes to load incorrectly making it unable to progress to 0.3 content – Fixed
– Animated the chains appearing in Amelie’s thrall scene(looks way cooler than before^^)
– Tweaked some conditions and variables to make scenes flow better
– Increased the chance(from 33% to 50%) of making successful contact in Commune with the Entity interactions
– Reworked the Mark feature. Now different effects will be tied to specific colors to give you an idea what will happen if you decide to use it:
Purple/Enforce Submission – overwhelms their mind with concentrated essence, attempting to crush any remaining resistance and assuring complete obedience.
Red/Ignite Lust – puts subject in state of amplified arousal, heightens sexual pleasure beyond normal limits and fills their mind with lewd fantasies. Can cause spontaneous orgasms.
Blue/Awaken Consciousness – returns their awareness while retaining control of their body. Subject may recall events prior to awakening depending on controller’s whim and/or skill.
– 4 new scenes for Zoe:
2 Lessons in Faith
2 repeatable events after using Domination
– 1 new Special Event with Amelie
– 1 h-scene with Rebecca
– 2 story scenes
– redone and improved Faeryl’s trance CG’s
– Modernized/improved some scenes from the Prologue(Dream scene, Camp scene) with better textures, shaders and animations
– 2 h-scenes with Zoe(human nun)
– 2 story progression scenes with multiple characters
– 1 h-scene with Justine(tavern wench)
– 1 h-scene with Amelie(second warden)
– new button during certain h-events which should make them more engaging(currently used in 2 scenes).
– IVth stage for each of Rebecca’s repeatable scenes
– 4 new one-time events: 3 are triggered by the player under Special Events option and 1 will happen automatically as the story progresses
– 3 new h-scenes, each with different girl
– tweaked and improved some character models and scenes(Faeryl skin texture, Faeryl’s dream scene from prologue, Jevan’s eyes + tweaks for characters not yet introduced)
– After certain main story event, Jevan will be able to visit tavern at night:
currently 1 repeatable h-scene with Justine, will be (obviously) expanded in the future.
– some dialogue tweaks
– added: Fondle boobs I, II and III during nighttime
– fixed some code which might have caused skipping of certain repeatable events
– tweaked a few lines of dialogue
If you’ve played the previous 0.2 version then I recommend starting out from beginning of the “free roam” part in order not to miss anything.
EDIT: I thought it was intuitive but apparently not for everyone – h-scenes during Day and Night are completely different when using Domination.
Initial release
Developer Notes:
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Hey!  I’m creating erotic Visual Novel(18+) titled Symphony of the Void, a fantasy themed, interactive story inspired by many authors and works of fiction.
The main kink will be mind control which is my favourite since I discovered japanese saimin/mc games like Soushinjutsu(series), Maika games, Kangoku Senkan(series), Temptation Naked and others.
Therefore I will try to explore many aspects of this fetish like: blank puppet, resisting subject/partially aware, fully aware/body control, sensory manipulation, memory manipulation, common sense manipulation, orgasm control.
On top of that, there will be staple mind control tropes like post “hypnotic” triggers and commands.
Planned future fetishes: exhibitionism, pet play, lesbian, BDSM, spanking, tickling
As for NTR – no… if we go by the actual definition. Some scenes like stripping, masturbating, dancing etc. in public will be unavoidable so if that’s not your thing, you have been warned. Same with lesbian and lezdom scenes.
Physical sexual contact with other males will be a) easily avoidable, b) optional c) a small portion of overall porn content AND I will make alternative scene for those are are against whoring out girls so you wont feel like you’re losing out on content.
This should be a reasonable compromise.

Extras: Name Change Mod*

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