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TableTop BornStar [v0.75] [Basilicata]

May 27, 2024F95

TableTop BornStar (aka TableTop PornStar) is an adult visual novel game with tabletop (dice and cards) gameplay, set in Hollywood in 1999 and its main fetish is corruption.
You control a washed-up talent agent, currently under house arrest. Confined in his office, he tries to guide Mary Jane, a young, pretty country girl who dreams of being an actress, to fame and riches. Whether he takes advantage of her or sincerely tries to help her through life is up to you.

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Thread Updated: 2024-05-27
Release Date: 2024-05-07
Developer: Basilicata PatreonSubscribestarItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.75
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Link
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1. Extract and run.
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– No new rounds. To play the new content, you’ll have to load a previous save.
– 3 new stories progressing Miko’s story (Includes sex scene)
– 1 midnight sex story (Happens only if MJ is sleeping alone in bed)
– 1 story involving Courtney about MJ’s new photoshoot (Happens only if MJ has met James Band). Contains news about Vixen (Only if Vixen is still managed by BornStar Agency) and a subltle intro of MJ in the XXX world.
– Old animation (Courtney’s sex scene) and screenshot remakes
– Minor bugfixes
– 4 new rounds (Although you might want to replay a previous save to see all the content)
– 3 new branched stories about Madison, Nicky and the F-Club
– 1 new Bistro story that introduces MJ to a porn producer
– A visit by Taylor that works as MJ’s acting career summary and future.
– Depending on the secret love points total so far, MJ might have a confession.
– 3 new gallery images
– A lot of animations (3+ new and remakes of old ones)
– Small bugs and typos found and fixed
– Ren’Py updated to a latest version.
– No progression of the main story
– Three new stories that conclude Summer storyline. Yes, Summer is the first one that reaches the finish line.
– One new gallery image
– Bugfixes
– 5 new rounds. The game ends now in round 91. There’s more content to be added in the next update(s) so keep your initial save.
– 5 new gallery images
– Added red carpet event/party mechanics
– Added new residence for MJ
– Added a big, new story for Amber’s path.
– Added the Fashion After-Show Party. The story depends on whether you chose Courtney or Lea for fashion days. This is an important event for modelling or nude modelling career. Also, it tights the bond between Lea and MJ.
– Visit by Miguel
– Visit by Drew (if you met her at MJ’s premiere)
– Edited entirely by Osanaiko until v0.57
-A lot of bugs fixed
-3 new storylines involving Rwanda and Rita
-1 new sex scene
-3 new gallery images
-1 new profession for MJ
-Upgraded Image points/expenses mechanism
-Various bugs fixed
-4 new rounds
-10 new random, more prestigious, next level auditions for MJ
-2 or 3 new stories involving Rwanda.
-1 new gallery image
– Save slots increased to 400
-Possibility for job change: Exotic Dancer (Depending on MJ’s personality and MC’s decision). Introducing Rita, MJ’s new boss
-Introducing Public Image variable. This will affect payments and auditions. 3 level to choose and follow.
-New sex scene with MJ (Only if MC wasn’t sincere and is still sleeping with her)
-A very important visit by Mercedes for the end.
-2 new rounds – This version ends in round 82
-2 new animated sex scenes
-2 new gallery images
-Added Vixen aftermath
-Added MJ’s premiere aftermath
-2 new rounds – This version ends in midround 80
-Introducing Xander and others like Bob Malcolm, Bella, Henry while others who initially had a minor role, now play a more important part (Miguel, Tori Brooks and Drew Sellers).
-Featuring MJ’s theatrical debut that depends on whether she plays Sappho or the Nymph and the outcome depends on her drama score so far.
-No sex scenes (Sorry)
-1 new gallery image
-Added fashion days aftermath (Side story)
-Minor changes in the art of the first renders in the intro plus some voiced phrases
– 4 new rounds
– Vixen’s aftermath (if any)
– Madison’s storyline +1 (Different outcomes depending on past choices)
– Stephanie’s storyline (Side stories) +2 (4 different outcomes)
– Bethany’s storyline +1
– MC and MJ story +2 (Depending on previous choices)
– 4 new gallery images
– Small changes in GUI and Gallery
– 20 new save slots
– New NVL
– New bankruptcy text and images
– Small changes in past renders.
v0.43 Xmas Edition
– 2 new rounds focused on Vixen’s story with 4 different outcomes depending on decisions and MJ’s character
– 2 new gallery images
– A sex scene with a lot of animations.
– Chrismas-y GUI by tofurocks
– Proofread and edited up to the previous version (v0.42) by Osanaiko
– Bugfixes
– 7 new rounds
– New Audition Sequence
– Amber +4
– Taylor +2 (Sappho or Nymph path). Introducing 2 new characters (Drew and Ewan)
– Helen +1 (Apology or Tori Brooks advancement depending on MJ’s type and actions)
– Rwanda +1
– Mercedes +1
– Lea +1
– Advancement of MC/MJ relationship event +1
– 4 new gallery images
– Reserved MJ now has a small chance to follow the side stories (Lea, Stephanie).
– New Candy’s pictures
Known Bugs: 2. See Dev Notes for details
-Main story doesn’t advance
– 2 new stories in Summer’s storyline
– 1 new gallery image
– 1 new story in Gomorra Club (Introducing Bethany)
– Small bugfix
5 new rounds – This version ends in round 65
2 new girls: Vixen Rea (Top Model) and Tori Brooks (TV Producer)
4 new gallery images: The first two though are from the last version (v0.36)
A new audition sequence as the first one
4 new stories that advance the main storyline. They include Helen, Courtney and Amber.
4 new animations and one sex scene
Small bugs are fixed.
Stats and storyline rythm are better tuned.
Old saves (After v0.33) will work.
v0.36 (Short update dedicated to Miko)
-Main story doesn’t advance
– Changed Miko’s scene, when she visits MC. Now, the player can opt a non sex route, at the start.
– 3 Miko’s storylines, two of which are branched, depending on MC’s previous choice for the total of 5.
– 2 animations
– Bug fixed from early Miko’s story
Madison’s storyline +3 (One sex scene)
Rwanda’s storyline +1
Amber’s storyline +3 (Introduction of Candy’s story)
In this version, MC’s story is partially revealed.
Gallery images added: +2
5 new rounds
New hostess job
10 different auditions with different stats that give money and experience (actingXP, DancingXP, FightingXP).
MC reads random newspaper titles (Funny and real)
New event that progresses MC-MJ relationship.
No new sexual content
Various bugs fixed
5 new rounds
2 events advancing Helen’s storyline
1 event advancing MC and MJ relation
20 new save slots
Text edited and proofread until v.31
New Gallery Backgrounds
Patron List at the beginning when the MC searches work for MJ (On computer choose List of Clients and Friends)
New character (Miguel)
Important: Keep your save at the end of 0.32 and/or end of 0.33. The next updates will not advance the main story.
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Image 31: Helen’s storyline
Image 32: MJ must live with MC and she must be friendly. Stay and keep on watching TV
Image 33: Helen sex – Finish in mouth
Image 34: Helen sex – Analcreampie – but only after alternate ass to mouth to ass 3 times
Image 35 – NA
Image 36 – NA
Changed the title to TableTop BornStar
– 5 new rounds (Each game ends now at round 50)
– Bistro (One new event)
– Drama (One new single event plus one branched in two – 3 total)
– Dance (One short event)
– Office (Three events)
– Six new gallery images (The first one is the last event with Lea from v0.31)
– Option to reinvite MJ to live in the office (If she’s not jealous)
– Added voice at the Sappho’s poem
– Changed the initial dance sequences
– Fixed some minor bugs/typos.
– Although playtested enough, there wasn’t time to proofread the last events (including 0.31). The proofread version will be available shortly.
Lea’s storyline +1 (Branched)
Stephanie’s storyline +1 (Branched)
Summer’s storyline +1
Bistrot storyline +1
Drama storyline +1 (Branched)
Dance storyline +1
Added a Voice channel
Added a basic Hint system
Added Hide Button in QMenu (Useful for Android)
Removed QLoad slots
Presplash screen loading effect
New Main Menu Banner
v 0.30
-Updated Ren’Py to 7.4.1
-Added some more $$$ in autorounds
-Added possibility to visit the Gommorah Club in Autoround
-Added the Jealousy Icon if MJ catches you with Courtney
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Added sound to Jim’s path
-Proofread 0.29
-Added shopping mall square and location
– 6 new rounds
– 2 incidents if MJ lives with you
– 2 incidents during computer browsing
– Introducing the new pager (+2 pass)
– Introducing Shopping Malls and the Expence concept:
Everytime you allow MJ to visit the mall, she’s increase her expences per round: 10 gp/r for Spoiled, 5gp/r for Friendly and zero for Reserved.
If you allow her to keep on, she’ll reward you but the expences will grow bigger.
– 2 stories in the Fight Gym. The second one is ramificated in two routes.
– Visit from Miko (Sex scene)
– 5 or 6 new rounds depending on MJ’s jealousy
– 5 new Wild Cards
– 3 new encounter stories (Introducing Summer)
– 2 new event stories (Introducing Stephanie)
– Main story variables: MJ may or not may come to live with you. Courtney or Jimmy will do the portfolio.
– Bistro: +1 story
– Dance: +1 story
– Club: +1 story
– Gym: + 2 stories (Introducing Nicky)
– Drama Class: +1 story
– Salon: + 1 story
Gameboard /background changed including images of LA from the 90s
Faster dice rolling and pawn movement
12 music tracks during this phase than can be changed at the start
Icon that shows MJs type (Spoiled,Friendly,Reserved)
When the round ends prematurely, MJ return at square 1 (not 28)
Object cards (Old pager, TravelGuide book,Walkman)
Pager improved with no repetition of the dice
Random side story event sign (TravelGuide Book)
Active autoround in fast forward after round 8 (Walkman)
5 new side stories and introducing a new girl (Lea).
2 new gallery images
MC can watch random TV clips from the 90s
Minor changes of the dialogue to introduce the object cards
Minor changes to the intro
Minor random changes of the phrases when MJ returns to the office
21 rounds added (Total 33 rounds)
10 new gallery images (Total 14)
All squares open (Including sex shop and night club)
27 new events including 2 sex scenes
Introducing Courtney (Ex assistant/photographer) and Amber (SexShop owner)
Old saves should work
3 possible personality types for Mary Jane depending on your choices.
-Spoiled: She is less affectionate and later she’ll start spending money (Not yet but soon!)
-Friendly: Shows affection and maybe to expences (not as the spoiled version
-Reserved: Less affection but professional. Already makes 3 gold instead of 2 as a raise and her 6s on the dice turn to 1s! So she can do more each round!
Some minor bugs and some text errors fixed
Removed the QSave and QLoad from the quick menu because it made it easier to cheat the dice
Two new wild cards
v0.0.5 Demo
first release
Developer Notes:
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This is a relatively small update, dedicated entirely to Summer’s side story. This means that the main story will not proceed and in order to see the three stories you’ll have to reload a previous save.
Keep your initial save. The next two updates will not advance the main story.
The main story doesn’t advance this time. That means that it ends where v0.55 ended, with Mercedes’ visit. If you want to see the new content, I advise you to load a previous save from round 70sh (Before Vixen’s sex scene).
I had to anticipate the presentation of the Image packages from round 83, back to round 73. Image points affect the new set of auditions, so having them at the same time wasn’t making any sense.
Although I had bad experiences in the past, I had to update the Ren’Py version and the code editor. I haven’t found any problems yet but right now I can’t be sure that everything works as it should.
The Image points will make MJ have a lot of expenses each round. That might lead to bankruptcy easier than I thought. I might change some variables, if the game becomes difficult.
Attention: Due to necessary changes, keep your initial save and preferably even an older save from round 70 before Vixen’s sex scene for the next update (v0.57).
0.5 A smaller update than usual with 2 sex scenes and 2 main storylines depending on MC’s choice.
0.48 N/A
This is the Xmas Edition. Enjoy.
There are 2 story errors (Bugs) that are already fixed in 0.43
1. Mercedes variables are erroneously disabled, making a small part of her story, in some cases, weird.
2. If MJ has won the protagonist role of Sappho with the help of MC instead of her own, the story will erroneously make her play as the Nymph.
Both those bugs are not major and are fixed for 0.43
This is a small update that focus on Summer’s storyline. Although I really like it, I’m afraid that  it doesn’t advance the main story.
If you are a returning player, you can wait for 0.42 next month. It has 7 new rounds and a lot of content.
The new stories take in consideration numerous variables that lead to major changes of the storyline: such as: MJ’s type (the storyline changes only if she’s the reserved type)
or minor changes like: MJ’s perv points/love points/where MJ sleeps, if Courtney was chosen for the portfolio, if MJ caught Courtney and MC doing it, if the MC lectured MJ on Britney’s Rolling Stone cover, if MC chose to be called daddy or master or none ecc.
HINT: Before you go for a scavenger hunt for each and every turn of the story, let me stop you right there because it’s not worth it so far. These little changes like MJ making a good impression on someone, will definitely lead to something big but not yet. So relax, make your choices and follow the current story path.
The game is edited and proofread by Osanaiko up until v0.36
This is  the last small work that was part of a bigger update that originally included 0.34 0.35 0.36. It doesn’t advance the main story but instead adds various storylines to Miko’s pathways.
In order to play this and keep your previous saves, you have to start a save from Helen’s visit (end of 0.33) or even a previous save from the end of 0.32 (MC punishes MJ). Any save before that will not work.


Important: – Keep your save at the end of 0.32 and/or end of 0.33. The next updates will not advance the main story.
This is a small update that doesn’t advance the main story but instead adds various storylines to Madison, Amber and Rwanda’s pathways. This update is part of a bigger update that originally included 0.34 0.35 0.36.
In order to play this and keep your previous saves, you have to start a save from Helen’s visit (end of 0.33) or even a previous save from the end of 0.32 (MC punishes MJ). Any save before that will not work.


This is mostly a technical update. Technical means that I added a lot of stuff to the game mechanics but few on the story progression.
In order to play this update and keep your previous saves, you have to start a save from Helen’s visit (end of 0.33) or even a previous save from the end of 0.32 (MC punishes MJ). Any save before that will not work.
And it doesn’t contain any new lewd content (sorry).
Trouble finding the mouse cursor? Try to change from fullscreen to window mode and vice versa. (This problem is already fixed in v0.34).
As from 0.32 this project will change name to TableTop BornStar.
It is strongly advised to keep your initial save since more side stories are added in 0.31 without progression of the main story
The new version is oriented mostly on improving the game mechanics, based on some valuable feedback from patrons and players and I think it was worth it in the end. It took me more than 4 months to do so but it was necessary. The game was starting to become grindy. The player was losing interest at the dice rolling part of the game.
Ok! In my honest (and modest) opinion, I have a nice, deep, corruption story to tell. But, if the player already grows tired from round 10, what would have happened in round 50 or 100? This is why the change was important! And this is why honest feedback (positive or negative) is important. We can make a good game together! I can be the hands, you can be the eyes!
Anyway, the changes came with a cost! I had to hold back v0.3, so besides the side stories, the main story ends where v0.2 ended! Plus, one other sacrifice was that the old saves will no longer work for this version. It was since Goss_IP 0.3 two years ago that I hadn’t had to cancel old saves but again it was necessary!
Bottom line, I think you’ll like 0.25. Have fun!
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– Femdom: It’s only female on female (light)


Extra: Italian Translation*Spanish Translation*Portuguese Translation*Gallery Unlocker* (v0.44)DiceCheatMod*NumKey Mod* NapsterMod*

* This unofficial version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

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