Take Over [v0.72] [Studio Dystopia]

Take Over [v0.72] [Studio Dystopia]

May 19, 2024F95

Take Over is a game about corruption, where you need to be careful about being caught by the oppresive government. Mind control the people in town, use them and their influence in your favor, or put them to work to get resources and money, and finally take over.
Gay and NTR content optional
To test basic transformations check the cheats section.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-19
Release Date: 2024-03-24
Developer: Studio Dystopia Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.72
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Male protagonist, Corruption, Incest, MILF, Mind control, Anal sex, Gay, Groping, Group sex, Handjob, Oral sex, Rape, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Mobile game, Moral degeneration, Dystopian setting
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TakeOver.exe” to start playing.
Incest patch:
Overwrite script.rpy file inside your take over folder > game
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New story scenes for Dunja, focused on training her into your personal pet.
New story scenes about Hilde’s schemes, and the spy Cleo.
Fixing some scenes loading the wrong images.
Hint system updated.
Not in the game, but getting the assets ready for when we start doing transformations.
Hello patrons! Here we come with the newest update for Take Over! Last month, we finished one of the three current main arcs of the story before the final chapter. This time, we focus on the captured spy, Cleo, as Dunja’s arc (the regime’s heroine) is also approaching an end.
As mentioned, Take Over focus right now is to finish the story while we are also working on FLX. Although FLX has yet to settle a release schedule (since I don’t want to be neglectful to Take Over), we will do our best to post updates as often as possible; the writing for the next update is done, and the only part left is coding and testing it, so we might have it before the month ends (might being the key word).
With that said, this month, we fixed a few bugs (some typos and a few missing images or images that needed editing) and added scenes with their respective renders to Hilde’s arc.
One of the current story arcs, about sabotaging the military and building up the perfect conditions for your revolution, is finished! This includes a lengthy scene where you can see the impact you had on changing the city.
We progress the corruption of Dunja, the regime’s heroine. You finally get to have some “time alone” with her to sate her now increased libido.
You get to learn more about “Cleo,” the captured spy, and find out more about what the regime is doing behind the scenes.
Some menu choices were wrong (missing variables, etc.); these have been fixed!
A new character, a mysterious spy, is introduced. This person will be vital to ending Hilde’s current realm of terror.
New story scenes about corrupting Hilde’s military forces, turning them into an ineffective force.
Another part of this update is corrupting the regime’s heroine, Dunja. Soon, she’ll become an unrecognizable bimbo. But who knows, she might still inspire the country’s citizens…
3 new scenes in the “Disruption” arc focused on smearing and corrupting the regime’s heroine.
3 new scenes in the “Sabotage” arc. These are focused on your team. All of them are ‘sexy’ scenes.
2 new scenes in the “Infiltrate” arc. It’s mostly about the main story, with a few ‘bonus’ things.
A few fixes in typos and texts.
Small content update on the journal
3 new story scenes for the Disruption scheme arc.
2 new scenes for the sabotage story arc.
3 new scenes for the infiltration arc.
Updated journal (hints and rewrote some entries)
2 new scenes for the disruption route: The heroine is about to arrive and join Hilde’s ranks. Get everything ready to sabotage and ruin her reputation once that happens.
3 new scenes for the sabotage route: Test Hilde’s defenses and mess with her supply lines to weaken her forces before the assault.
3 new scenes for the infiltration route: Jasey and others keep infiltrating the base, persuading officers, and setting spy devices, using either their charm or their wits!
A few updates on the journal (among that hints)
New scenes about infiltrating Hilde’s army: Planting bugs, seducing officers, and testing a new, experimental serum.
New sabotage story missions: Make shady deals with officers, and talk to Dimitria to see what progress have been made about new, creative uses for the serum…
Disruption missions story arc: Talk with Sarah about the new heroine, and prepare for her arrival.
Fixed a lot of typos.
Some updates on the journal, including the hint system to be up-to-date.
Last scene for Mathilde’s arc.
Two introductory scenes for the new arc.
2 new “sabotage” scenes.
2 new “infiltration” scenes.
2 new “disruption” scenes.
Most of these scenes have optional “public use” alternative routes. You get to select each individually.
Updated the journey with a few entries, specially the hint system.
Six scenes for Mathilde, the psychologist, at the university. This concludes her story arc and includes a few group scenes with Celia and Katy.
One scene at the library, an epilogue for the Emma, Liam, and Steph storyline.
One scene at the university, the epilogue for Camilla’s story.
One scene at Celia’s bedroom, the epilogue to the Neighbourhood Association arc.
Minor bug fixes and correcting typos.
New two scenes with Mathilde, the psychologist
A new scene with Camila, the businesswoman
Two new scenes for Emma, Steph, and Liam; this pretty much concludes the arc.
Two new scenes for Celia and the neighborhood association. This also pretty much finishes their arc.
v 0.59
Content for Celia’s neighbor association; you’ll be putting them to work to help promote the organization.
Content for Emma’s route; Your relationship with Steph keeps deepening, while Liam and Emma are starting to crumble.
Content with Mathilde, the psychologist. You’ll be telling her about Celia and her mischief.
Content for Camila; You’ll have to ‘work’ hard to persuade her to go with you on a date.
Updated the journal, so the hints don’t miss anything.
There was also a bug that locked you from Camila or Mathilde’s content if you arrived at the end of either. This has been fixed!
Celia’s main story has three new scenes, in which you and Sarah train the newly acquired assets (aka, your neighbors)
Katy’s route (about creating the PTA) has two characters, each with an individual route. In this update, there are 3 for the psychologist and 2 for the frustrated businesswoman.
Emma’s route this time will focus a bit more on Steph, with a date and a sexy scene with her.
Continuation of Katy’s storyline, profiling the two candidates for the PSA.
Continuation of Emma’s storyline, with renders for the ideal and regular body type, and alternative scenes for those who like public use too.
We keep updating Erika’s transformations; only a date is left to finish her.
Update the hints you get in the journal just so people don’t miss in-game content.
A few minor bug fixes, but still a few on the log.
3 new scenes for Celia’s activism questline. You’ll get to turn your neighbors into obedient ‘soldiers’! Either for you alone or to use them to attract other neighbors.
A new scene for Katy; The first interview to create the new PTA!
A new scene for Emma’s team (Steph and Liam). This is a very simple setup, though.
We added renders for Erika’s transformations. 2 out of 3 dates are ready.
Just a few bug fixes, removing some extra menus. We are still working on some issues about getting the wrong menu at times with a few characters.
One new story scene for Sarah, which is the conclusion of that storyline and the beginning of the next one.
The first quest for Celia, Katy, and Emma storyline.
Adding Erika’s transformation CGs for her three hangout scenes.
A few minor bugs fixes, but we are looking for other minor ones that might be around the Folk Inc. main quest.
Transformation scenes for Mirjana (Hang out, dates)
New interaction menu for Sarah (from the HQ – inside team, after you finish her main story)
Only intimate scenes for her (all 6 basic of them)
A few bugs were fixed in a few interaction menus
Transformation CGs for Dimitria: 2 hang-out scenes and 2 dates.
3 new scenes for Erika (through the special scene in intimate interactions), one for each TF (petite, bimbo, strong)
CGs for 2 scenes of the ideal version of Emma (an ‘observe’ and a ‘hang-out’).
New transformations for Erika: Strong, petite, and bimbo (each has a relatively lengthy scene!)
Erika’s social journal was updated with Strong, petite, and bimbo portrait.
Hangout scenes for Erika updated with her transformations (except for culture interaction)
Date scenes for Erika updated with her TFs (except culture too)
A few minor bug fixes.
New scene for Salija (the last one was missing)
New scene for Hana (same)
New scene for Erika – Ideal transformation (No new renders except for the new journal portrait)
Celia Ideal content for hangout & date scenes.
Celia amazon content for HO & date scenes.
Celia petite content for HO & date scenes
Celia bimbo content for HO & date scenes.
5 S. scenes for Hana (includes kiss, grope, h j, b j, and MORE)
Added the menu new interaction menu to Hana.
3 observe scenes with public use variations.
3 hangout scenes, a few with public use variations.
3 dates.
A new main story scene, with a s. scene with Vera.
We also wrote a few scenes for the cafeteria, which will be the first facility to be reworked but not implemented yet.
A total of 18 new scenes
Two new main story scenes, getting almost to the end of Sarah’s route.
Updated journal and bio for Dzenana
Four new sexy scenes for Dzenana, and another nine interactions (a few with public use versions too)
Fixed a few bugs and mistakes with the quest log.
Updated interacting menu for Maja, the agent infiltrated at the dept. of Knowledge.
4 new scenes for her (kiss, grope, and more)/.
3 different kind of observe scenes.
3 hangout scenes.
3 new dates
A new story scene; we are almost done with Sarah’s and Giovanni’s arc!
Working on renders for slim Emma
4 new short scenes for Salija & Alenka (kiss, grope, H J, B J)
Interactions with Salija are more about her hobbies and her past, focusing. You’ll see her socializing with the elite, painting, and doing yoga.
The interactions with Alenka are mostly centered on the bar that she loves to go to; partying, playing guitar, and drinking, getting to know more about her aspirations while doing so.
4 new short scenes for Dana & Jovanka (kiss, grope, H J, B J)
A whole new set of interactions for Dana. Her scenes revolve around her job at the university, “punishing” her students, creating “educative” content, or acting as a substitute teacher.
New interactions for Jovanka too, where she’ll have fun (with or without you) interrogating prisoners, go on patrol with the newly formed “moral police,” or train her combat skills.
Updated Branka and Cynthia with the new journal.
9 scenes for both, which include dates, hangout, and observe actions. These (except date) have public use versions too.
New kiss and grope scenes for both.
Added a public use toggle for them, activable from the training section in the journal.
Around 7k words of new content in over 35 (mostly short) scenes.
90 renders.
Updated the UI to interact with Erika and Margaret
Observe, hangout, date scenes for Erika and Margaret
A few new scenes like “kiss” or ” oral,” among others, for Erika and Margaret
Added new renders for Emma slim (Observe interactions)
A total of 12 scenes for Emma, all renders done for her original (chubby) version.
3 new sexy scenes (Kiss, grope, anal)
3 ‘observe’ scenes, including public and exhibitionist versions.
3 ‘hangout’ scenes, including public and exhibitionist versions.
3 dates, these don’t have versions but are lengthier than the others.
Jasey has the same amount of scenes and variables (a total of 12 new scenes), except having a HJ scene instead of anal.
Over 8k of text and 90 renders!
Added 3 new scenes for Vera (Kiss, grope, HJ)
Also added 3 scenes to Elise
New interaction UI for both Vera and Elise
Added an option (in the interaction menu) to enable or disable public use for Elise or Vera.
3 observation scenes (with public use/city corruption variants) to both.
3 new hangout scenes, also with public variants.
3 new date scenes for both. These have no variants.
Varied bug fixes, among them a few missing images and text/grammar issues.
3 new short scenes for Petra and Ljijana (Kiss, grope, HJ)
3 new socialize of scenes for Ljijana (Doing yoga, teaching the scriptures, and doing charity work)
3 new socialize scenes for Petra (Farming, wine tasting, and roaming through the fields)
These socialize scenes are divided into 3 categories: Observe, hangout, and dates
A few bug fixes, including missing images or wrong values.
Updating Dimitria and Mirjana with the new UI and their interactions
3 “observe” scenes for both; these have public, voyeur, and exhibitionist versions! (Some require city freedom of 60 or more)
3 “Hangout” scenes for both; These also have exhibitionist and public use versions.
3 dates for each; these don’t have versions but are lengthier.
Fixed a few bugs, including a mixed scene with Celia and Katy.
New interaction menu for Celia and Katy
Two new stats (Bond level and energy)
3 interactions for Celia and Katy (Observe, hang, date), with 3 scenarios for each. These may change depending on their training (there are scenes for voyeur, exhibitionist, and public use training).
This new UI also allows us to add more content to already existing characters, have a better track of what they have, and maintain the code.
2 training scenes for Giovanni with Sarah and Marlene
2 scenes with Vera and Emma, furthering their debauchery
New petite transformation for Dimitria
New scene for Dimitria petite; it’s a roleplaying scene of her as a nurse.
New scene for Mirjana strong
4 story scenes, two with Gio, Sarah, and Marlene and two with Vera and Emma.
Petite transformation for Mirjana (w/ scene)
Mirjana petite scene at the workshop
Muscular scenes for Dimitria and Katy
New choice at the club, scene for Katy as an entertainer
2 New, very long story scenes. This includes 2 training sessions for Giovanni, which can be done with public use and personal training, and 2 scenes for Vera and Emma “developing” their relationship.
Bimbo transformation for Celia and Katy. This includes a short scene for both of them!
A specific repeatable scene for Celia and Katy in their bimbo transformation.
Adding expressions and portraits for Celia and Katy bimbo, also adding petite ones for Katy, which were missing.
Many bug fixes. From grammar to missing images.
3 Story sex scenes following Sarah, Giovanni, and Marlene. Sarah will toy with Giovanni, feminizing him. These scenes are optional, and we did an alternative scene with Vera and Emma, so you don’t miss content.
  Petite transformation for Katy and Celia: After you research the genetic therapy with Erika, it’s as simple as talking with either of them to transform them.
  New portraits/expressions for these transformations, we also redid Celia’s old strong expressions because their quality was quite bad.
  2 special sex scenes for Celia: 1 for her strong transformation, 1 for her petite one. The rest of her scenes are still unchanged; We think it is more interesting to add new, special scenes for these TFs than just redoing old renders with the latest model, but we’ll check in the future what we do.
  1 special sex scene for petite Katy
  Now you can flirt with the secretary located at the offices. With two new scenes (BJ and sex)
3 Main story scenes, which include Eva, Marlene, and others!
4 personal scenes for the park
3 personal events for the police station, we also rewrote an old one
3 personal events at the library
2 personal scenes at the bar
2 personal events for the mall
A few bug fixes
  3 new story scenes: Infiltrate a restaurant owned by Eva, the owner of Folk Inc. and recruit a new agent, Ana, who will help you when the time is right.
  4 new scenes in the park – jogging girls, picnic, yoga class, and reading girl. These have 3 versions each, depending on freedom (0/30/60)
  3 new scenes for the church – lesbian nuns, comfort, and praying.
  Adding a new action in misc choices (menu at home) to watch TV with 4 channels: The War Report, the weather channel, Trends and More! and Morning news – these change once you have finished controlling the TV station and if the city has over 60 freedom.
  There is a bug in a journal somewhere, which says that you need to continue corrupting the university when the task is done; this has not been fixed yet (need to look further), but it should’t stop or affect the main story AFAIK
3 new story scenes, you can continue them from the HQ. They are all about preparing to take Folk Inc., and also, if you corrupted Vera early game, you will have a special scene when you can decide to corrupt the rest, which will affect the ending (I would say all endings lead to a harem but depending on your choice the relationship changes)
  New training for Nela, the butch one, including her 4 scenes. only one version of Nela left to finish all her basic training!
  New event scene in the mall, the movie theater: For now, the scenes are short, but as with the others, it will be expanded in the future.
  New reports for Dimitria, both for her regular tasks and one for her entertainer task
  New reports for Mirjana, same as Dimitria.
3 story scenes, finishing the corruption of the Salija and her people at the TV station.
New training for Nela, this month is the seductress version. Just a couple more to go!
3 New events at the farm, including a variant with public use with Petra.
2 new report scenes for Katy and Celia. If you assign them to work as entertainers/dancers, you’ll get to ask them how it goes. It has 3 variants, depending on freedom (freedom < 30/60/+60)
Fixed a few bugs, including wrong texts and missing images, but there are still a few left.
3 new story scenes for Salija
New events for the mall, the PPF HQ and the bar
A lot of bug fixes, including the journal and Katy events at the university.
A lot of small grammar errors in multiple scenes
3 new story scenes, focusing on Hana
3 new events at the coffee shop
4 train scenes for Bimbo Nela
3 new events at the library
1 new event with Katy at the university (public)
3 new scenes at the police station
1 new scene with Celia at the office in downtown
Flirt scenes (Vera, Erika), and social media (if public use for Mirjana, Katy and Dimitria)
A bunch of bug fixes
3 New story scenes at the tv station.
New dominatrix training for Nela at the club. These are 4 scenes, and you’ll be able to change her personality if you picked something else when you had the initial choice.
Lesbian scenew/ Katy and Celia.
3 new scenes w/ progression at the laboratory (Dimitria).
2 new scenes w/P at the church (Ljijana).
2 new scenes w/P at the workshop (Mirjana)
2 new scenes w/P at the university
Bugs and grammar corrections at some scenes with Ljijana, but there are a lot of them that still need fixing.
Changelog: 0.25
5 new story scenes, where you finally will get to meet Salija and her crew.
2 sex scenes for Maja
4 Discipline training scenes for Nela, in her submissive version (if you did pick a different personality, you can change it to see the content, and will be able to change it back in the future)
1 new threesome scene for Emma and Celia
A new progressive scene where the MC is taking a bath and Katy interrupts him. This scene changes depending on her corruption!(edited)
Changelog: 0.24
4 story sex scenes for Dzenana and Maja, you’ll be able to choose public and non public routes for them, which will change some sex scenes in the future.
11 new sex scenes for multiple characters: Erika (3), Margaret (3), Luka (2), Emma (1), Claire (1). Two of these scenes are a threesome (Margaret and Emma)!
A few bug fixes, but nothing game-breaking so far.
4 new story scenes: Now you’ll be in charge of corrupting the TV station. Introducing two new characters: Maja, the not so bimbo agent, and Dzenana, the director of the Dept. of Knowledge.
14 new repeatable sex scenes, with 2/3 sex scenes for the next characters: Alexandra (Vera’s boss, can be found at the HQ), Dana (At the university), Alenka (At the bar in midtown),  Giovanni (at the club), Claire (at the club) and the Barista/Manager (at the coffee shop)
New locations:  Midtown (a choice inside the downtown menu), TV station (midtown), Bar (midtown)
125 new renders and images
12k words of content (4k for the main story, the rest for the sex scenes)
Fixed Katy’s submissive sex scene bug.
4 new story scenes, finishing Jovanka’s storyline
3 repeatable sex scenes for Jasey, Ljijana, Jovanka, Elise, Petra.
3 new locations (police station, church, farm), although for now these are just so you can access these characters, I’ll be adding small events int he future too.
4 new scenes for Ljijana and Cynthia, finishing their storyline.
4 new scenes for Branka and Jovanka, including an optional scene with Giovanni.
A few bug fixes, including some of them in the journal.
Over 10k of story and 90 new CGs!
4 New quests for corrupting the university with Emma, you will get to meet and corrupt a landlady named Petra. After these quests we’ll be ready to almost wrap up this storyline.
4 new quests for Branka, here you’ll get to meet Elise, pictured above, which is the daughter of an important mafia boss. You’ll get to know her, possibly hate her, and start to corrupt her.
4 new quests for Cynthia. She and Ljijana progress in their relationship, an important step to finally start her personal and intimate corruption.
Bug fixes, which are more common with Emma due to her transformation.
4 new quests for Emma. These are more focused on your relationship with her than just corrupting the university.
4 new quests for Branka. Branka’s quest are more about the city and the world you live in.
4 new quests for Cynthia. Cynthia’s quests are about her relationship with Ljijana, they are focused on the relationship of these 2 characters. At this point in time you are more of a witness than anything else, but that will eventually change.
Work with Branka to take over the department of measure! Get to know her new team more personally!
Help Cynthia corrupt the priestess, using her persuasion and machiavellian tactics.
Let Emma help you to continue with the task of corrupting the university, with 3 different routes! (NTR, public and personal use)
over 14k text worth of story!
8 relatively long scenes, where you get to deepen your bond with other characters, and will get ready for what’s next.
The introduction of new main characters. These will cover almost all of the roster for this game (there are few left, but these may be secondary)
Bug fixing, although there are still a lot of work left.
over 12k of text! Including many sexy scenes!
Adding a new character, Alenka, Mirjana’s friend and a logistic expert that will help to run big scale operations, something that no one else in your team is properly prepared to do.
The first scenes of corrupting the university, with the help of Dana and Jacey.
Capturing a chemical facility, either using one of your main girls (Celia, Dimitria, Katy or Mirjana) to seduce the owner, or a generic girl from the staff if you haven’t trained them in public use.
Various bug fixes
Added 7 new quests to Erika’s story, you can fully corrupt her now and then use her knowledge again.
Added a new character, Dana, the principal of the university. To corrupt the university you first need to get her, this includes 7 new scenes of content too. For now, there isn’t anything after you finish corrupting her, next update will be about corrupting the staff and else.
Various bug fixes, although I suspect there are still many more, please report them!
The changelog may be short, but there are over 100 new renders and 12k words in this update, so is really similar to past updates, except more focused.
Two new dates for Vera, which are critical for the story!
Two new dates with Cynthia! This will also unlock sex scenes for her!
Two new dates with Branka, and as with Cynthia, it will unlock an anal and sex scene.
Two versions of a main story scene, depending if you have gone through the love route or the corrupt route. This is available once you finish dating or corrupting Vera’s team.
Corrupt Margaret scene if you have gone through the corrupt route.
The first three scenes of Erika’s corruption. These scenes are kinda long and don’t have sex in them.
Submissive girls events for the club.
Added two new jobs for Celia, Katy, Dimitria and Mirj (CKDM), these are entertainer and courtesans for the club. There are some scenes for them as entertainers, no scenes for them as courtesans. Courtesan jobs will use public use, of course, but entertainers won’t.
A new anal scene for CKDM, it’s amazing it took this long to add this, but I really haven’t had time, but this month I wanted to finish most of their content so far.
Oral, vaginal and anal sex scenes for Vera, Branka and Cynthia. You can see them all if you corrupted them, but not all of them if you are going through the love route.
8 exhibitionist events in different locations for CKDM.
Updated the journal, all the new characters are there now, added the nightlife tab, among other things.
Added mechanics for the club, now it will provide money once properly unlocked, you can also assign manpower to increase it’s earnings.
You can now assign manpower to all the other tasks (intelligence and insurgence tasks), so you can now assign your main characters to whatever you prefer with more freedom.
Some bug fixings, although I am aware there are some that still need corrections, specially ones about consistencies
Added the first two dates of Branka and Cynthia! If you decided to go through the love route with Vera, you’ll be able to date these two too!
Added the corruption for Branka and Cynthia! If you instead decided to corrupt Vera, you can also finish corrupting them two after you’re done with her. The scenes are more lengthy than the dates, since the love routes are slightly more slow paced, nonetheless, so even if it’s only 1 scene the amount of content it’s similar.
Exhibitionism training for Celia, Katy and Mirjana, with 4 scenes each, this will be a requisite if you want them to work on the club (not added yet)
Fixed many bugs, including the intelligence bug. Tried to test the game more throughly, but since there are too many variables, there may still be some bugs around, so please report them!
Added a bunch of events in the club that you can activate when you sit around.
There are 9 events that involve the MC, and 4 that are public use (which will only appear if you check the right policy in the club facility). Also, some events will only appear if you made Nela submissive or dominant, because BDSM stuff is usually more delicate. In the future, only theme-related events will appear, but this is just like a tease of the variety.
Over 120 new images!
Claire, she will be the manager of your club. You will be able to corrupt her in this update and get her ready to take over the new facility.
Added a special character, you will see more about her in the story. Must be said, she will be more custom than other characters and will be a more in depth figure for you.
Added the club, a new facility, for now you will be able to repair it and inaugurate it. In this version is not possible yet to assign girls to work in it, nor there are events, but the main story where you get it running is there!
Last step of corruption of Vera, a very lengthy scene must be said.
Next date for Vera (if you didn’t corrupted her), this route will be slower than the corruption one, because building strong relationships isn’t as fast, specially when one side is a paranoid secret agent.
Exhibitionism training for Dimitria.
You now can corrupt the library up to 100! Also, you’ll have a sneak peak of what’s going to be in the next update at the last scene!
The next step corrupting Vera’s team! When you are done with the library, go to the PPF HQ and you’ll have the option, save a lot of serum tho!
First date with Vera: For those who like more slow paced, meaningful relationships, the first date with Vera is available, so long you didn’t corrupt her in the past. This scene doesn’t has sex, and it may take you more time to actually get in her pants following this path, but it should pay off!
Emma transformation, finally! Although she has no sex scenes yet, you can have a sneak peek of her new model. To transform her you need to finish your date/corrupting Vera, then call her.
20 new public sex scenes in many places! These locations include the office, coffee shop, library, mall, park. For the scenes to appear you need to have trained the person up to 100% public use, or allow the public use policy in the right facility. If you don’t have 100% control of a location (i.e. coffee shop and library), these scenes won’t happen.
Console codes and cheats:
See More
Just open the console command with shift + O, then type one of these variables and add the quantity, example: money = 10000  or serum = 100
_gene_ideal = True  ##this will allow you to check the basic transformations of Celia, Katy, Dimi and Mirjana, you need 1 serum and 10 supplies per each.
Updating Old Saves:
See More
Updating old saves:
To update old saves you need to make sure to save in your house. Once you do that, load the new version of the game and sleep once, that will auto update the game

Patches: Unofficial Incest patch *
Extra: WalkthroughImage enhance Mod *

hakulaku97 thanks for the links
* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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