Tales from the Unending Void [v0.19 Extra] [Perverteer]
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Tales from the Unending Void [v0.19 Extra] [Perverteer]

May 15, 2024F95

Camran is a young minor noble from the Sovereignty, a part of space dominated by humans. Erstwhile cadet of the Terran Naval Academy, Cam has been forced by circumstances to travel the galaxy, together with a band of friends, taking on menial jobs and occasionally smuggling some illicit cargo. As he involuntarily becomes part of sinister plans machinated by powerful intrigants, Camran’s life is changed forever…

Thread Updated: 2024-03-01
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Developer: Perverteer PatreonSiteSubscribestarDiscordSteamGOG
Censored: No
Version: 0.19 Extra Edition
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English,  Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese
Other game: Sisterly Lust
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3DCG, Adventure, Corruption, Creampie, Group sex, Handjob, Harem, Interracial, Male protagonist, Milf, Mobile game, Oral sex, Sci-fi, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Futa/trans
Planned: Anal sex, BDSM, Lesbian, Pregnancy
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1. Extract and run.
2. Incest patch
Unzip file
File incest_patch.rpy copy to game folder
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v0.19 Extra
Episode 19 is out now! With over 500 renders and 40 animations made by Alorth, this update is chock-full of hot stuff. Nadya and Raene feature in the two extra scenes in the bonus edition.
– Add Episode 19
– Add Turkish translation (thanks to `SpeciaL.)
– Updated Italian translation (thanks to Nebula)
– Allow translation of strings in romance function (thanks to Grubb)
– Fix Eva’s love path for those who cleared the simulation (thanks to Uzhirian)
– ep018: Fix missing variable error
– ep018: Fix conversation with Eva in ruins (thanks to thrwwy1212)
– ep018: Swap lines during aftermath of Céline/Lilly scene (thanks to Chamber691)
– ep018: Fix wording (thanks to Horny Toad)
– ep016: Fix Eva romance dialogue (thanks to JoeDowntown)
– ep015: Fix Eva romance dialogue (thanks to JoeDowntown)
– ep014: Fix Nadya incorrectly referring to more relationships when on solo path (thanks to Regularus and Dunken122)
– ep014: Make pregnancy conversation with Aven available for people not romancing Lilly (thanks to zy14192)
– ep013: Fix orc scene in replay (thanks to Fhilb)
v0.18 Extra
There she is, Episode 18. This release contains over 600 renders, over 20 new animations and lewdness with several of the ladies. Aven and Eva are present in the extra scenes for the bonus edition.
– Add Episode 18
– Upgrade Ren’Py to 8.1.1
– Updated Italian translation (thanks to Nebula)
– Make romanced character names translatable (thanks to Nebula)
– ep017: Fix continuity error in Céline sex scene (thanks to Chamber691)
– ep017: Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Bartimayus)
– ep017: Fix grammar (thanks to Shamus)
– ep017: Fix images (thanks to HoboCop86)
v0.17 Extra
Episode 17 is ready to be played! A little over 600 renders in this update and Alorth made over 20 lewd animations. You can have intimate moments with Vess, Céline and Raene, with Vess and Céline having extended sex scenes in the bonus edition.
– Add Episode 17
– Fix edition check (thanks to ellayjuan)
– Fix conditionals (thanks to stormbringer and Horny Toad)
– Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Bartimayus)
– ep016: Fix codex entry on Altum Station and Supplicant’s Stone
– ep015: Fix contuinity (thanks to Bobbin Threadbare)
– ep015: Fix grammar (thanks to Grubb)
v0.16 Extra
v0.15 Extra
– Add Episode 15
– Add option to view scenes by character (thanks to Grubb)
– Fix archive build (thanks to DarkElter)
– Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to hideouz)
– Make the walkthrough more explicit about Jade in Episode 9 (thanks to Horney Toad)
– ep014: Fix Nadya’s incorrect dialogue about romances (thanks to Fun Shaundi)
– ep014: Close off simulation if Eva wasn’t kissed in Episode 8
– ep014: Fix conditionals (thanks to Horny Toad)
– ep014: Fix codex entry image (thanks to Cabin Fever)
– ep014: Fix extra scene with Vess for players in a relationship with Lilly but not Ziv (thanks to darlic and LightmanP)
– ep013: Fix conditionals (thanks to Horny Toad)
v0.14 Extra
– Add Episode 14
– Update engine to Ren’Py 7.5.2
– Fix incorrect Raene relationship status
– Remove redundant season variable from dialog
– Add generic breakup routines
– Add better gamepad support
– Add keyboard shortcuts to dismiss relationship screen
– ep013: Add some extra inner dialogue at end of stay on Douvis (thanks to KOKAYI005)
Several users reported an error during Thyia’s scene (this only affects the edition without extra scenes). This bugfix also introduces some very minor improvements.
v.12a Extra
– Update Portuguese translation (thanks to Grubb)
– Update Russian translation (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
– Update Polish translation (thanks to Freeman)
– Fix spelling, wording and grammar (thanks to Grubb, hideouz)
– Add option to jump to save/load pages (thanks to HoboCop86)
– Fix credits display
– ep011: Make Jade scene easier to reach (thanks to NoStepOnSnek)
– ep011: Add conditional to Lilly scene (thanks to boxedjack)
– ep011: Add Jade to one of the images (thanks to K18)
– ep011: Fix incorrect character assignments (thanks to HoboCop86)
– ep011: Fix Vess renders (thanks to HoboCop86)
– ep008: Add music to Aven scene
– ep007: Add music to Aven scene
– ep002: Fix missing image (thanks to UberPaladinSans)
– Add Episode 10
– Update Portuguese translation (thanks to Grubb)
– Fix spelling, wording and grammar (thanks to Grubb, Dr. Menlo)
– ep009: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to k18)
– ep009: Various fixes (thanks to somebodynobody)
– ep009: Fix conditionals (thanks to ♫ Jerry’s Ghost ♫)
– ep009: Fix continuity error (thanks to Absolute Value)
– ep009: Change wording during final scene (thanks to kukothemadhatter)
– ep008: Fix unavailable Jade scene on non-Raene path (thanks to Penfold Mole)
– ep001: Fix rollcall initial (thanks to Gamer_01)
– Add Episode 9
– Update Portuguese translation (thanks to Grubb)
– Update Russian translation (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
– Update Polish translation (thanks to Freeman)
– Fix spelling, wording and grammar (thanks to Matthew Percival, somebodynobody, hideouz, overtaker40)
– Make relationships screen less spoilerific (thanks to HoboCop86)
– Make Kit’s name color more distinct (thanks to Naughtykutchy)
– Disable save game naming on tablets (thanks to Grimlar)
– ep001: Fix portait error (thanks to Zontany)
– ep005: Fix gallery replay for two scenes (thanks to somebodynobody)
– ep007: Fix choices display during Cetruvar search on Android devices (again)
– ep003: Fix threesome continuity (thanks to Grubb, Spencer Whalton and Bartimayus)
– ep003: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to Señor Frog)
– ep002: Fix several renders during R’o orgy (thanks to Angery Snek)
v0.7 Extra
The next release of Tales From The Unending Void. Apart from the new story portion, only small fixes to the game this time.
v0.6 Extra
– Add Episode 6
– Change appearance of Jade and other Twi’ll
– Add support for dialogue portraits (side images), disabled by default (thanks to monksims)
– Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Doc Strail, MyPrettyWolfy, Fhilb)
– Fix lots of blinks and small images issues, because Hobo got himself a 4K monitor (thanks to HoboCop86)
– ep005: Add alternative to Lilly dialogue (thanks to overtaker40)
– ep005: Add extra Iana and Sill animation
– ep004: Pull pin from grenade (thanks to Dreadder)
– extras: Use protagonist’s full name in two sex scenes (thanks to Spawn420)
– extras: Correctly address Lyna’s pregnancy (thanks to Draevis)
– Add Episode 5
– Add Russian translation up to Episode 4 (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
– Allow translation of codex entries (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
– Add Vess to relationship screen (thanks to Electric)
– Partial dialogue rewrites for Aven and Nadya (thanks to Cabin Fever)
– Better portrait of Jade in relationships screen
– Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to somebodynobody, Dreamweaver and marcurion)
– Fix replay gallery pagination
– Fix codex entries (thanks to Cabin Fever)
– Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to Potoum)
– Remove duplicate codex filters
– ep004: Fix premature dialogue option for Aven (thanks to Morbil)
– ep004: Fix Luzane codex error (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
– ep004: Fix unset variable during Jade intercourse
v0.4 Extra
– Add Episode 4
– Add relationships screen
– Add keyboard shortcuts for relationships and codex
– Update help screen
– Tweak relationships of censored version
– Add option to set say box transparency (thanks to fantasie)
– Add option to disable codex notifications
– Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to somebodynobody)
– Make location labels more legible (thanks to somebodynobody)
– Fix gallery scenes ending prematurely (thanks to K18)
– ep001: Removed logo in medbay scene
– ep002: Match text with render
– ep002: Tweak mention of the dangers of bursting the SK-drive (thanks to Nej_Aldrig)
– ep003: Fix instances of boverin and boverine, proper capitalization (thanks to Morbil)
– ep003: Add extra doggy render during simulation threesomes (thanks to Merlin)
– ep003: Make Lilly’s comments a little more nuanced (thanks to DrFree)
– ep003: Fix scene flow in simulation (thanks to Merlin, Gratisexemplar and Hellchimp)
– ep003: Fix Kit’s eye blinking (thanks to Merlin)
– ep003: Fix typo (thanks to baloneysammich)
– ep003: Remove Ziv from bar when mission completed (thanks to Morbil)
– ep003: Fix conversation with Lilly and Céline referring to already completed event (thanks to Morbil and lemonfreak)
– ep003: Fix Lilly conversation about Sagueliath (thanks to Morbil)
– ep003: Fix non-variable player mention (thanks to K18)
– ep003: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to K18)
– extras: Switch render order (thanks to Merlin)
v0.3 Extra
– Add Episode 3
– Color grading for all artwork
– Add wait tags where appropriate
– Cleanup package routine (thanks to Morbil)
– ep002: Fix missing variables in scene replay (thanks to K18)
– ep002: Use show instead of scenef or animations
– ep002: Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Morbil)
– ep001: Fix sentence structures (thanks to Dreamweaver)
– ep001: Fix wording (thanks to RunningAroundInCircles)
– extras: Use name variable (thanks to Laziness)
v 0.2.0
– 14 animations
– ep001: Fix various renders (thanks to HoboCop86)
– ep001: Spelling and grammar corrections (thanks to Pheline)
– ep001: Fix mention of incorrect rank (thanks to 0blivion)
Release Standard Edition
NOTE: Please play until the very end of the first season if you want to continue with Episode 13. The new build doesn’t contain the previous episodes, but you can load a saved game and continue with all of your choices intact.

Season 2

Season 1 (Episodes 1 – 12 Extra)

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Uncensor Patch: LEWDPATCHER
Extras: Fan Sign 1Fan Sign 2Multi-ModGuide
Laziness thanks for the link
*This port is not released by developer, Download at your own risk

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