Tales Of Aravorn: Cursed Lands [v1.0.16] [winter wolves]
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Tales Of Aravorn: Cursed Lands [v1.0.16] [winter wolves]

July 6, 2024F95

A mysterious mist has spread over the plains surrounding the Castle of N’Mar, and the mists carry with them the smell of undeath. The blight grows closer to the Empire’s borders with every passing day, and they send an expedition to investigate – with disastrous results. The Empire’s remaining forces regroup and devise an alternative plan, this time based on concealment and infiltration.
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You assume the role of the Empire’s Envoy, secretly serving the Grimoire Council. You must assemble a small strike team to investigate what is happening, and put a stop to whatever evil is lurking within the Castle of N’Mar.
With the help of Karen the Amazon Queen and Apolimesho the Archwizard, you’ll need to recruit a team of individuals, united by a common goal, from all corners of Aravorn. Dwarves, elves, amazons, desert nomads, and river nagas can all be persuaded to join you.
For the first time in a Winter Wolves game, you can sleep with multiple love interests. Of course, be ready to face any possible consequences! Each love interest’s ending leads to two more bonus scenes with “pin-up” CGs for the character you’ve coupled with.
The game comes with optional suggestive content (featuring full nudity in some romance CGs), which you can toggle on/off.
Developer/Publisher: Winter wolves
Updated: 13/07/22
Version: 1.0.16
Censorship: No
OS: PC/MAC/Linux
Language: English
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RPG, character creation, 2dcg , male protagonist, female protagonist, fantasy, turn based combat, adventure, monster, combat
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Cursed Lands.exe” to start playing.
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– fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing to combat the zombies 5 times the first time you join the pirates, making the “Zombies Killer” achievement not possible
v 1.0.15
– the game erroneously was checking if any party member reached level 40 only when gaining experience through quests or using tome of knowledge, NOT after a fight, the most common case! Now it should work correctly (tested after an Arena battle)
– if you attempt to use Kusho’s skill Rain of Arrow without any ranged weapon equipped, game would crash. Now that skill doesn’t show anymore in combat menu, if you don’t have a ranged weapon equipped.
– updated to latest Ren’Py version
– fixed another very rare bug: if you recruit all party members BEFORE the second full moon, a bonus scene with Karen will unlock. However, if you recruit them all AFTER the second full moon, the scene won’t trigger (correctly) but you would still get the pop-up “you must visit Karen” leaving the game stuck in an infinite loop!
– added some more light bows usable by Leena
– when reloading a saved game, the Legendary items would be labeled Rare. Stats were unchanged, only the category
– fixed a super rare bug that could get you stuck early in the game (messagebox saying to visit Karen, but Karen option wasn’t available in Citadel)
– fixed some more typos
– the Orc Migration quest now has a deadline of minimum day 70. This allows 10 days after the second full moon for the players to trigger the dialogue and should be more than enough (before was day 65 and some players were missing it)
– fixed a rare bug if you were trying to access a secondary skilltree (like the talents) with a character that is not the Envoy. It would require a series of specific steps to trigger, but even if rare it COULD happen. Now it won’t anymore!

Extras: Italian Translation*

Thanks to @Dathbar

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