Tentacle Hive [v0.2.1-r3] [Darvlinig]
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Tentacle Hive [v0.2.1-r3] [Darvlinig]

July 8, 2024F95

Your character is a female adventurer who took an oath to become the greatest adventurer of all time.

Thread Updated: 2023-03-30
Release Date: 2023-03-30
Developer: Darvlinig  Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1-r3
OS: Any (As long it supports JS compatible browser)
Language: English
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Text Based, 2dcg, AI cg, Character creation, Female Protagonist, Mind control, Mind break, NTR, Transformation, Cumflation, Turn-based combat, Corruption, Pregnancy, Hyperpregnancy, Abortion, M2F, Incest, Birth, Tentacles, Gentle Dom, Humiliation, Trap, Elf
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1. Extract file(s) into any directory.
2. Open browser and type in URI field: file://path_to_file (Replace ‘path_to_file’ with actual path to extracted file ‘tentacle_hive.html’ in your system)
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TL;DR: I added an alchemy mechanic into the game. 2 sex scenes. 1 after beating alchemist in the forest, and 1 for acquired female transformation.
Added construction system. Added ~40 images. After the female reunion, go to the forest and meet alchemist.
Alchemist scene tags: elf, trap, horse dick, humiliation, gentle dom, ear licking
TL;DR: I added a new story ark with family wholesome. In order to access it, you need to capture a female in the forest and bring her to the hive, assign her as ‘brood breeder’ and get 1 regular tentacle, then go to the forest, and there you can see mother event.
Ark Tags: incest, NTR, M2F, corruption, mindbreak, mindcontrol, transformation, impregnation, hyperpregnancy, vomit, humiliation, femdom, cumflation, abortion.
WARNING: I don’t recommend you to eat, when you play this ark.
Full change log in the game.
TL;DR: I actually listened to advice on the F95 forum and added images into my game. BTW, shout out to all those who criticized me. Also, I corrected some text using grammar checking software. Added sex scene after capturing 1 female in the forest, and bringing her back to tentacle hive.
Full change log in the game.
Initial public release.
Developer Notes:
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Guys, I’m open to content suggestion for this game, also don’t be shy to critic my game. Thank you!

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    Tentacle Hive [v0.2.1-r3] [Darvlinig]