The Big Score [v1.6.5] [Divanation]
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The Big Score [v1.6.5] [Divanation]

January 20, 2024F95

The Big Score is a femdom visual novel/dating sim game.
You play as Jason a deadbeat college student who lives with his step mom. Jason rarley goes to class and bums around home all day playing video games and watching porn overall being a mooch.
There is one goal he has in mind his “Big Score” getting the girl of his dreams Emma!
His Life is about to have a sudden change though whether he likes it or not. He’s about to meet some lovley ladies who enjoy nothing more then to make his life a living hell.
Will Jason manage to find true love or will he be overwelmed and defeated by the dominants!?

Thread Updated: 2022-12-07
Release Date: 2022-11-29
Developer: Divanation TwitterPatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.6.5
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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2dcg, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, dating sim, female domination, handjob, humiliation, male protagonist, ntr, oral sex, sex toys, sissification, slave
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Lauren chapters 7 & 8 out
  • Route A and Route B are out
  • Minor adjustment with older art
  • New side character (hopefully the last)
  • Multiple endings (7 endings)
  • Comes with Becky’s chapter update
  • minor typo errors adjusted in older chapters
  • adjusted the linework of some older side characters’ artwork
  • adjusted minor bugs in older chapters
  • adjusted a minor graphic glitch when selecting one of Becky’s choices
  • Lauren Chapter 6 Story Update
  • Nikki Chapter 6 Story Update
  • Edited and fixed some typo’s
  • Fixed a save error where saving in another page overwrites other page saves
  • Faster load time
  • New Side characters
  • New Title Screen
  • Ui edits
  • Audio edits
  • Edited older CG images
  • New alt outfits
  • -New VA for Multiple Side Characters
Ivy chapter 6
Lauren chapter 5
multiple artwork sprite updates for minor characters
new alternative artwork sprite for different characters
older chapter bug fix
New voice lines for the main girls
typo fixed for older chapters
fixes more of the mall scene glitch
Ivy chapter 5 added
Nikki chapter 5 added
Becky chapter 5 added
Added log feature in the message box UI
Changed title screen to match character new artwork
New feature [Submission Score]
New Emma route split artwork
Updated Ivy, Nikki, Terra sprite artwork
Redid a prologue chapter cg
fixed some typos
fixed a bug where the mall background would cover over the entire game if loading an old save
Adjusted game volume
New side characters throughout the route split
Removed mall background due to game-breaking errors
– Chapter 4 story update is out
– Officially added voice acting lines (be sure to adjust the bg music volume if you can’t hear them, more lines are planned to be added throughout the game dev)
– updated Becky Sprite to match cg artwork
– adjusted background music of nearly all chapters of the game
– fixed typos
– removed all voice stock audio
– fixed minor issue with Nikki sprite
– in order to transfer old save files: make sure to launch the new version first then copy the old save file and paste them in the newer version folder ( Example of file names SaveGame_1_Header and SaveGame_1) Both MUST be pasted in the game folder
– fixed typo’s from older chapters
– adjusted some minor bugs
– reworked settings UI should be able to adjust the volumes now
– made a Linux and Mac version of the game
Chapter 3 added
Reworked Laurens sprite art (again and hopefully the last time)
Reworked Clay sprite art (made it more expressive)
Redid the Becky CG in the prologue chapter
Fixed some minor bugs
Added party outfits for Ivy, Nikki, and Becky
Edited some typos
v 1.2.5
-fixed a bug where the game would freeze on specific lines
-fixed a bug where the game would freeze at the timer mini-games
-Reworked all the lines and dialogue throughout all the chapters
-fixed a bug where some characters would say other’s line
-changed the title screen of the game
-fixed some other minor bugs
-made a mac version of the game
-fixed a bug were it skipped a scene if you didn’t peep on Ivy
-fixed a bug where ivy sprite showed up on a cg
-Chapter 2 story update
-reworked Lauren sprites
-fixed a glitch of the game freezing when complimenting Lauren in the prologue chapter
-fixed a lot of the script in some of the older chapters
-added a few line changes with Ivy during the prologue chapter
Added chapter 1
Added a skip prologue button
Updated main girls art
Gave main girls 2nd poses
Lauren and Becky have gym outfits
(Credit for sese2 for doing Laurens gym outfit)
Redesigned Becky (credit for sese2 for helping me out on it)
Fixed the UI bugs
Did an overhaul on the UI (which means old saves won’t work this version)
Fixed the issue where you couldn’t save at a choice option
Developer Notes:
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The Big Score First Chapter Release is out! This is just the prologue of the game and I will be updating it monthly with story chapters, bugfixes, side stories, ui changes etc.
The Big Score is a femdom visual novel/ dating sim game, where you get to be dominated and used by the main girls!
(having the skip button on while doing tasks crashes the game)

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