The Bum [v0.7.5 Beta] [JTStudio]

The Bum [v0.7.5 Beta] [JTStudio]

May 15, 2024F95

A former drug cartel gang member just out of jail finds himself on the street with no money,
no home, and possibly no future…
Will he be able to survive in the cruel world of The BUM where there is a lot of lawlessness?
Will he be able to become a normal person, or will he remain a bastard?
Just do it!

Thread Updated: 2024-04-16
Release Date: 2024-02-27
Developer: JTStudio PatreonSubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.5 Beta Hot Fix 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Footjob, Graphic Violence, Groping, Handjob, Interracial, Male Protagonist, MILF, Multiple Endings, Oral Sex, Point & Click, Sandbox, Teasing, Vaginal Sex
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.7.5 Beta Hot Fix 1:
  • Balanced the fight with Enrique at Garnett’s house (it became easier to defeat him)
  • Fixed a bug when playing Hot Spot with Garnett(an error appeared that did not allow you to go further)
  • bug fixed (the screen with Garnett’s stats was not removed after exiting the event on the street)
v0.7.5 Beta:
  • Added new story Ines(The passage is varied and complex. Content with Bridet also included)
  • Added continuation of Garnett’s story(The passage is varied and complex)
  • Added bonus scene with Maria and Eddy 18+ (available without cheats)
  • Fixed a bug after the fight with Eddy and Diego during Abigail’s story(The fight ended incorrectly)
  • Added 3 new characters (Ines, Manuel and Rico)
  • New fights added(City streets have become even more dangerous)
  • Added event with Eddy in the bank
  • Start NTR path for Bridjet and Ines included(Completely avoidable)
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of animation in the background during the trip home with Garnett from the bank
  • Fixed several bugs in the interface (some tips were not displayed correctly)
  • Some points in the stories of Bridjet and Garnett have been improved for the game without cheats.
  • Added bonus renders with Barbara in 4k
  • Added bonus renders with Ines in 4k
  • Added bonus renders with Beidjet in 4k
  • Added bonus renders with Karen in 4k
  • Fixed some minor bugs in Bridjet’s story
  • Some scenes with girls in cheap apartments were remade (graphics improved)
  • Added photos to the smartphone gallery
  • You can now meet Bridjet and Ines at Cafe Nubes
  • Fixed a bug with Bella appearing at Nestor’s house after she was kidnapped
  • Fixed a bug when completing Bella’s story during the 18+ scene, renderings were not displayed correctly (in some places)
v0.7.2 Beta:
  • Added continuation of Martha’s story
  • Added continuation of Jennifer’s story
  • Fixed a bug with one of the bonus renders with Jennifer in a cafe. (There was an initialization error)
  • Fixed several spelling errors in Barbara’s story
  • Many new hints have been added to the game
  • The training system in the gym has been changed
  • New buttons added
  • Fixed a bug during the dialogue with Jennifer in the gym (the wrong picture was displayed)
  • Added private dance in a strip club from Karen
  • A bug with incorrect music playback after Martha event in the store(+18) has been removed.
  • Removed a bug with music during the event with Martha in the store (The music stopped playing)
  • Improved many dialogues during the passage of Marta’s story
  • Improved dialogue with the police (checking documents)
  • Improved navigation and UI
  • Several scenes with Bella were redone(Improved graphics and changed model)
  • Improved stat system
  • The karma system has been refined and improved (a hidden parameter that affects the passage of the main storylines)
  • Fixed several bugs in the dialogue with Teo (some pictures were displayed incorrectly)
  • The code for opening achievements in the game in the form of bonus renders in 4k has been refined and improved (the problem with opening bonuses on Mac operating systems has been fixed)
  • Fixed a bug when buying a smartphone in a store (the text was displayed incorrectly)
  • Changed, stylized graphics of the main city map
  • Added the ability to switch music tracks in the NUBES cafe using a smartphone
  • Added bonus renderer with Bella in 4k
  • Fixed several logical bugs in the dialogue with Diego in the gateway
  • Added bonus scene with Maria and Diego (available without cheats)
  • The game has been compressed to be smaller and more accessible.
  • Removed a bug that spend money incorrectly in a restaurant with Garnett
  • Fixed a bug where Bella was doing yoga (the marker appeared, but Bella was missing)
  • The bug with Flamingo appearing on the street after being killed has been removed.
  • Improved car use menu
v0.7 Hot Fix 1:
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to complete Bridjet’s story at stage 4 (during the dialogue with Enrique)
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with Bridjet in the Bank in her office.
v0.7 Beta:
  • Added continuation of Bridjet’s story.
  • Added many small video inserts
  • Improved introduction
  • The salary system when working in a bank has been reworked and balanced
  • The system for regressing relationships with characters has been reworked and balanced
  • Improved communication with Licinia in the car dealership
  • Now the police can stop you while you are driving to check your documents.
  • Many scenes with Martha in the store have been replaced with new ones (improved graphics)
  • The store location has been replaced with a new one (improved graphics)
  • Added a new location – Cafe Nubes
  • Made some changes to the interaction with Catalina in the cafe
  • The mechanics of the car have been changed (Now your car will not disappear if you have not paid insurance and tax)
  • Added bonus scene with Catalina in cheap apartments (18+)
  • Added bonus scene (18+) with Karen and Gordon in Karen’s room
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the tips in Maria’s story
  • A bug with freezing information about damage during a fight with Harry in a store has been removed.
  • Added bonus scene with Barbara and Harry in the bathroom (18+) – available without cheat mode
  • Fixed several syntax errors in Barbara’s story
  • Expanded 18+ scene after Cafe with Abigail
  • Now if you come to work on time your reputation will increase
  • A huge number of bonus 4k renders have been added – available without cheat mode
  • Added content for your smartphone
  • Fixed several logical errors related to the display of scenes when communicating with Bridget (in some scenes the display was incorrect)
  • Now you can get a salary increase for a good job at a bank
  • Added bonus scene with Bridjet in the car (18+) – available without cheat mode
  • Added bonus scene with Bridjet in the bank (18+) – available without cheat mode
  • Added many new soundtracks
  • A new karma system has been developed and implemented (Now you need to be more careful with what you do).
  • Reworked sprites in some locations (improved graphics)
  • Changes have been made to the bank’s payment system. Now the price will be more adapted to the realities of the game.
  • Using any cheats will lead to a decrease in karma level. Use cheats only when absolutely necessary, if you cannot do without them.
  • Fix a bug with a missing dialogue marker with Karen at her house on Friday.
  • Fixed a bug with Jacqueline’s sprite not being displayed correctly during her visit to the cheap apartments (event with Maria)
  • Removed a bug with displaying Barbara’s stat parameters during the 18+ scene in cheap apartments
  • Remove the bug with the help button not working when completing Barbara’s story (stage 2)
v0.6.5 Beta:
  • Added expansion (continuation) of Nestor’s story (18+ content included)
  • Adriana’s story has been expanded (18+ content has been added).
  • Added a short story of Dilara with different passage options(This is just the beginning of her story)
  • Jennifer’s new story added(18+ ontent included)
  • Added bonus content 18+ with Maria (In Nestor’s story) – available without cheat mode
  • Added two new locations
  • Fixed a bug with the sprite of Karen and Diego not being displayed on the street near cheap apartments
  • Fixed game logic in conversation with Jorge
  • Added new buttons
  • Added new icons
  • Added new items
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with Jacqueline in the apartment (a dialogue with Karen appeared)
  • The game now offers the opportunity to get a driver’s license
  • New car ownership mechanics have been introduced(Now you can purchase and use a car that will give you many advantages).
  • Changes have been made to the passage of Bella (Event at Salazar’s villa)
  • Added several hints to Bella’s passage
  • Fixed several syntax errors in Bella’s passage
  • Fixed several bugs in Martha’s passage (The 18+ scene will be more accessible)
  • A bug in the conversation with Flamingo during a big deal has been removed (an initialization error appeared).
  • Removed a bug with the appearance of a sprite (Bella’s children) during a search of a shelf in Nestor’s house
  • The general hint system has been reworked
  • A new system for paying insurance and car taxes has been added to the game
  • Fixed several important bugs when completing Barbara’s story
  • fixed a bug with the appearance of an incorrect sprite when applying for a job at a bank
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of incorrect render in Bridget’s office(red dress)
  • Added the ability to order a private dance in a strip club (Dilara)
  • Changed game logo (added opening intro video)
  • Added new bonus renders in 4k(Adriana, Jennifer, Dilara, Licinia, Esmeralda, Bridjet) for players who play without cheats(This feature currently works correctly only on versions for Windows)
  • Fixed a bug with the strip club not working correctly (opening hours)
  • Added new shopping mechanics in the store
  • Interface partially changed
  • Fixed a bug when searching for garbage near the strip club
  • Fixed a bug with Maria’s stage being lowered during Adriana’s story.
  • Removed a bug with the event in Jennifer’s cafe (in The bum mode). The logic of the dialogue was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug with the screen not closing during a conversation with Pedro at the bank
  • Small changes have been made to the passage of Franciska’s story (now scenes 18+ will be more accessible)
  • Removed the bug of music duplication during the passage of Nestor’s story (event in the bank where he is on his knees)
  • Removed several visual bugs when moving around locations
  • Fixed several bugs in dialogues with Bridjet in her penthouse
  • Adjusted and slightly changed the interface in many events where alcohol is used.
  • Fixed several graphical bugs in Nestor’s walkthrough.
  • A gallery with Bridjet has been added to the smartphone
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with Jacqueline in cheap apartments (the wrong sprite was displayed)
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with Jennifer on the beach (the wrong sprite was displayed)
  • Removed a bug in the dialogue with Jennifer in the gym locker room (it was transferred to the dialogue of her training sessions)
  • Removed a bug with Jennifer where she could be on the beach and in the gym at the same time
v0.6 Beta:
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  • Added continuation of Bella’s story (the plot is multilinear and complex)
  • Added new story of Jacqueline (Available in different walkthrough ways. Passage has progress and regress)
  • Many scenes with Bridjet in the office have been redone (improved graphics)
  • Some scenes with Bella in the penthouse have been redone (improved graphics)
  • New mechanics of the unique card game HOT SPOT has been added to the game. You can play it with your best friend(Nestor) to pass the evening.
  • Fixed a bug with time acceleration when moving in the city on the main map
  • Improved dialogue and options for the events with Marco after the arrest.
  • The game now has a smartphone. You will be able to purchase it in the store(This is only a project. It will be developed with future updates).
  • Added new sounds
  • Improved(redesigned) selection menu
  • Improved the mechanics of movement on the main map of the city
  • The Bank is now working from Monday to Friday
  • The Barbershop is now working from Monday to Saturday
  • Now you can meet Franciska in the city on the weekends
  • Now you can meet Jennifer at the beach on the weekends
  • Added new buttons
  • Nine new Character has been added
  • You can meet Vanessa(new character) at the beach on the weekdays
  • Now you can meet Adriana at the beach on the weekends
  • Improved intro (18+ scene added). Now the intro reveals the essence of the characters a little more
  • Added new music tracks
  • Added four new locations
  • Added new bonus renders in 4k
  • The game now has a gym(With many workout option and various interesting mechanics)
  • Fixed some syntax errors
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of a random event for Sandra and Zeus during the day (the event should appear at night)
  • The mechanics of the appearance of some random events have been reworked
  • Removed bug with Arnold disappearing at the bus stop (during selection)
  • Improved search for objects at nestor’s house (now sprites are displayed correctly)
  • The long-awaited strip club has appeared in the game(for now it has little functionality, but there is something to look at)
  • The fight with Theo was slightly balanced for an easier win.
  • Removed a bug during working hours at the bank (Fransiska’s sprite did not appear if Pedro was in the hall)
  • Fixed a bug with degradation of relationship status with Barbara
  • Bonus content with Esmeralda (including 18+ content)
v0.5.5 beta:
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  • Added continuation of Bella’s story(Scene 18+ expanded in cheap apartments).
  • Martha’s story added(Walkthrough has progress and regression)
  • Fixed a bug in Hector’s office in his penthouse(Sprite overlaid incorrectly)
  • Fixed during Bella’s story (Stage 5). Renders were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed several bugs in dialogues with Bella in cheap apartments (Bella’s name was not displayed)
  • Some renders have been replaced with new ones (graphics and models have been improved)
  • Some locations have been replaced with new ones
  • Fixed several bugs in Barbara’s story
  • Added new bonus renders as in-game achievements.
  • Added new Jacqueline model and some contet with her
  • Added new Jennifer model (The old one was removed. All content with her redesigned)
  • Changed graphics in the event Abigail and MC in the Bar
  • Added new music tracks
  • Ui has been improved(Added links to a quick transition to our social networks)
  • Added new short welcome intro
  • Added new character icons
  • Fixed a bug with sound during robbery(background music stops playing)
  • Updated cheat menu
  • Added hidden events in some locations
  • Added new buttons
  • The communication system with some characters has been improved(Jennifer, Martha, Bella, Maria)
  • Some renders related to Nestor have been replaced with new ones (improved graphics)
  • The event where Bella does yoga in the penthouse has been reworked(improved graphics and model)
v0.5 beta:
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  • Added Karen’s story (Relationships, and the game walkthrough has progress and regression).
  • Passage has many options (NTR inclusive, completely avoidable)
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of Karen and Diego at gateaway
  • Fixed several graphical bugs with Maria.
  • Some locations have been replaced with new ones (improved graphics and surroundings)
  • Fixed several syntax errors
  • Added new game logo
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of the dialogue button with Diego at Eddie’s house
  • Fixed a bug with Maria’s picture shifting when she first appeared in the game (meeting with Nester)
  • Changed entry options to Eddie’s house
  • Added many music tracks to different situations
  • Martha’s reaction bug to various player statuses in the shop has been fixed.
  • Added two new characters
  • Fixed several bugs when initializing the game
  • Added beach event with Garnett, Jacqueline, and Enrique
  • Added new achievements in the form of bonus renders in 4K
  • Fixed a bug with sound during a party at Hector’s penthouse
  • Added an event with Garnett at Hector’s penthouse party
  • Added an event with Bridjet at Hector’s penthouse party
  • Added an event with Karen at Cheap apartment
  • Changed the cheat menu (removed a bug with the menu going beyond the screen borders)
v0.4.7 beta:
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  • Added a new story for Barbara(Passage is not easy. It’s available in two modes with many variations).
  • Many locations have been redone (improved graphics)
  • Added a slideshow in the main location of the city. Now the city looks more lively.
  • Added some logical dialogues with Bridget.
  • Changed intro (added new renders)
  • Changed transition time between locations
  • Removed a bug after a fight with a guard in the bank (The screen with the stats did not disappear)
  • Fixed a bug during the provision of services in a cafe(Payment was not correct)
  • Added many new mechanics related to the movement of the main character around the city.
  • The character’s stats have been reworked and affect the calculation of time and movement speed.
  • Added a random event in the alley
  • Added a random event next to the bank
  • Fixed a bug with the degradation of Karen’s relationship.
  • Added two new locations
  • Added reactions to the stats of the mc for some characters
  • Now you can eat at Nestor’s house (Added event with Maria)
  • Added an event with Karen and Diego in the alley (the full version of the event will be available in update 5.0)
  • Added a scene with Sandra(+18)
  • Changed some buttons and icons
  • Added a new item(wine)
  • Removed another bug with Bella in the store (Sprite did not appear in the morning)
  • Some algorithms for moving Bella to different locations have been changed.
  • Fixed several bugs after the fight with Teo
  • Added event in Hector’s penthouse(the full version of the event will be next updates)
  • Added the ability to receive rewards for various achievements in the game in the form of 4k renders with your favorite characters. Renders will appear in a separate folder in the main directory of the game. Attention! Only those who play without cheat mode will have this opportunity.
v0.4.5 Beta
Changelog 0.4 beta Hot Fix 1:
  • Removed debug bug in Bank
  • Fixed a bug with the arrival of Abigail in a cheap apartment for Catalina’s place
Changelog 0.4 beta:
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  • Added two new characters
  • Added new Garnett story(Relationship with Garnett has Progress and Regression)
  • Added Satisfaction System
  • Added bonus scene(18+) with Maria.
  • Added new music tracks
  • Changed intro
  • Changed and improved several locations
  • Fixed a bug with moving to another location after using the garbage cans in the alley
  • The points system has been reworked
  • Reworked some events in the bank
  • Reworked text animation
  • Fixed a bug with a bus ride (the sprite was displayed incorrectly)
  • Added video inserts
  • Improved graphics in several locations
  • Improved some algorithms for working in the bank
  • Added many interactive reactions with different characters.
  • The Bank now has a toilet.
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of the dialogue button with Karen and Diego at night.
  • Fixed a bug while sleeping in the old plot(black screen)
  • Changed the position on the screen of some entry point buttons. Now in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication, it will be easier to hit the right button (meaning the main character).
  • Changed the chance to find something useful in the trash
  • Added several random events in the world around
  • Adjusted some effects of the excessive effects of drinking alcohol
  • Added awkward situation with Catalina in cheap apartments.
  • In some dialogues with Bella, the reaction to different statuses of the main character has been corrected
  • Fixed a bug while searching in the trash can in the Bank area
  • Removed a bug with the appearance of an unused button in the 18+ scene with Maria after the cafe.
  • Fixed a bug during the dialogue with Nestor in the evening (Talk about the Lake or Cafe at the same time)
  • Fixed bug with Abigail’s status
  • Reworked some characters
v0.3.5 beta Hotfix 1
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  • Possibility to pay rent during the working day at the bank
  • Bus rides have been reworked. Added animations and new renders
  • Now Maria can visit you from time to time(If she is your girlfriend)
  • Added new events in cheap apartments that affect the character’s life
  • Added 2 new locations
  • Added random events with the Cartel.
  • Added one additional animation with Maria after the cafe (scene 18+)
  • Added the ability to eat at Salazar’s Penthouse
  • Added the ability to satisfy natural needs at Salazar’s Penthouse
  • Changed entrance to Luxury Apartments
  • Now in the trash you can find a lot of interesting things(depending on the location).
  • Added a new item Sleeping Pills It’s can be purchased by buying it in the store or also in various other ways)
  • Added the ability to travel by bus using a ticket (bus ticket can be found in the trash if you’re lucky)
  • Changed the effect of food intake on various conditions
  • Fixed a bug with Karen (scene Diego and Karen on the street near the cheap apartments).
  • Alcohol and stuff now have an effect on time skipping in the game.
  • Fixed several syntax errors.
  • Fixed a bug during interrogation after being detained by the police(Got another chance to save main character life).
  • Cheat actions, updated, and improved.
  • Added 1 new character (Abigail)
  • Added one new Abigail story
  • Fixed logical bug with Bella at the store
  • Changes have been made to the cycles related to the musical environment.
  • Alcohol and staff now reveal hidden markers.
In this update, you will meet Abigail. Her storyline is complex and varied. It has progress and regression.
v0.3 beta HotFix_3
  • Fixed a bug with the entrance to Mrs. Bounce’s office
  • Added some new renders
  • Reworked several scenes
  • Added 8 new animations affecting gameplay
  • Fixed many small bugs
v0.3 beta HotFix_2
  • Fixed syntax and game logic errors in dialogs with Maria
  • Added some important dialogs
  • Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the cheat menu button after starting a new game
  • Fixed game stop bug during fights
  • Several new renders have been added
v0.3 beta HotFix_1
  • Fixed syntax and game logic errors in dialogs with Maria.
  • Fixed a bug with Jacqueline’s dynamic status change
  • Reworked Franciska story walkthrough(Fixed a bug blocking the appearance of new dialogues with Pedro during the passage)
  • Fixed a bugs(associated with buttons) during the +18 scene with Maria after the Cafe
  • Fixed a bug with the help button when passing Adriana’s story
  • Added several new dialogues
  • Improved intro. Removed minor graphic bugs
  • Fixed many small bugs
v0.3 beta
  • Added new locations
  • Some locations have been redone
  • Added new characters
  • Some scenes have been redone(Improved graphics)
  • Added new passage line for Bella(start main story)
You are waiting for the beginning of a complex and varied passage. It is up to you to decide which way to go further in the world of THE BUM!
Beta 2
Added new status menu
Added a screen that updates the progress of the passage (for a better understanding of what is happening)
The interval of the relationship decrease dynamics with Maria has been increased (now it is 3 in-game days)
Reworked the balance of stats during sleep.
Reworked prologue (balanced original stats)
Many minor code fixes (Which could cause errors)
Developer Notes:
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The game contains scenes of violence and blood(Strictly +18).
The game contains scenes of an erotic nature! (Strictly +18)
Write about the found bugs in the discord.
Achievements in the form of Bonus 4k renders will not work in the MAC versions.
I want you to understand that despite a lot of content and changes, the game is still in early development. There will be bugs! This is inevitable with such amount of work. The more feedback, wishes, and even complaints I get from you, the better and faster we will balance it, and make the game stable and playable for everyone!
All bugs, wishes, and complaints that we received from feedback have been fixed or corrected.
In this version of the game, there may be problems with old saves .
You will definitely have questions. Write to Discord. As usual, I will try to pay attention to everyone
Have a nice day and great mood!
A huge thank to everyone who supports this project!
Best regards from JTStudio!
In this version of the game, there may be problems with old saves.




Italian translation* Walkthrough THE BUM 0.7.2

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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