The Duumvirate [v0.20] [Marc Antony]
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The Duumvirate [v0.20] [Marc Antony]

May 19, 2024F95

Following a young man temporarily home on winter break of his year of college with a new girlfriend to introduce to his mother. The first meeting between the families has been kindly hosted by his girlfriend’s family who have many secrets and peculiarities, including a housekeeper with an unknown position of strength.
Thread Updated: 2022-01-09
Release Date: 2022-01-02
Censored: No
Version: 0.20
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Male Protagonist, 3DCG, Incest, MILF, Lesbian, BDSM, Big Tits, Corruption, Female Domination,
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1. Extract and run.
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* Roughly 60 new renders
* Reworked story presentation – I wasn’t happy with how it was coming off
* Three scenes added
* Two scenes reworked
* Switched fully to webp, much smaller file size
* Five new small scenes to complete the Prologue
* Code and script changes to realign the characters introduced so far with my plan for the story
* Switched to a different file compression format for image size reduction of about 27% while remaining lossless. Filesize still remains high so I may need to switch to lossy
* File size is up slightly for 0.15 but it also contains nearly 40% more renders than 0.1
* Added links to my SubscribeStar. I hope to be approved soon for my project.
0.1: Initial Test Release
Developer Notes:
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* I have come back to my project with some changes to how I wanted my story to proceed. These aren’t necessarily big changes to how it was going to run either way but after thinking about it the execution just wasn’t what I wanted. I’ve reworked it for 0.20 and hope it allows for a better jumping off point to keep going.
Hello! I’m starting out in the erotic novel space and gauging interest if there’s an audience for my work. Please, I’d like to hear your feedback on whether you want to see more or how you interpret what’s here. I know it isn’t very long but I think it portrays what could be very well. There would be many more characters to come and a fun story line to watch unfold. Thank you!

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    The Duumvirate [v0.20] [Marc Antony]