The Family’s Curse [v0.11.1] [onionlover]

The Family’s Curse [v0.11.1] [onionlover]

May 17, 2024F95

Getting to college while still being a virgin is not the plan for most people, especially for a young gay men like you. As a new school resolution, you promise that you will stop being boring and get your cherry pop. However, living in a middle of a conservative town and in the same house with your workaholics step-father and demure older step-brother, this goal isn’t easy to achieve. Or is it?
Erotic, choices-matter interactive game with multiple endings

Thread Updated: 2024-05-17
Release Date: 2024-04-12
Developer: onionlover – Itch.ioDiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.11.1
OS: Window, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Text Based, Male Protagonist, Real Porn, Gay, Incest, Handjob, Oral Sex, Sleep Sex, Anal Sex, Male Submission, Masturbation
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1. Extract and run.
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This patch introduces a brand-new location – Ardor Fair at the park. To begin the exploration of this fair, visit the department store and check the flyer. Please remember to save before starting the fair because it is time-sensitive and not yet finished. For now, you can only proceed to the 2nd challenge (6 challenges total).
New scenes (all unique):
  • 1 foot licking
  • 1 armpit licking
  • 1 streaking
  • 1 spanking
  • 1 handjob to the SB character
  • 1 blowjob to the SD character
  • 1 threesome handjob
  • 1 foursome blowjob
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This patch introduces a lock-picking mechanic and a new character (gym owner) with a mini storyline involving the locker room. New scenes:
  • 1 repeatable jerking scene (involving lockers)
  • 1 repeatable handjob scene at the gym (using the ring of compulsion)
  • 1 repeatable blowjob scene at the gym (using the ring of compulsion)
  • 1 repeatable fuck scene at the gym (using the ring of compulsion)
  • 1 unique blowjob scene with the gym owner
  • 1 unique fuck scene with the gym owner
Enjoy and Onion’s out!
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This patch contains new scenes in the gym below. To get the schedule of the gymgoers, go look through the reception counter in the gym, it will help you.
  • 1 bl0wjob scene with 4 variations (requires seeing the first bl0wjob with him)
  • 1 bl0wjob scene with 4 variations (requires seeing the first bl0wjob with him)
  • 1 bl0wjob scene with foot element (requires finishing the Sexcavation Expedition)
Workout minigame similar to fast food minigame. Depending on your point, you’ll get the one of the following scenes:
  • 1 w4tersport scene (requires seeing first bl0wjob with him & have w4tersport turned on in preferences)
  • 1 bl0wjob scene (requires seeing first bl0wjob with him)
  • 1 f*ck scene (requires seeing first f*ck with him)
There will be another patch plus a new character related to the gym next month. For now, please enjoy this patch and the holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Onion’s out!
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This patch contains the remaining of the mechanic story. Along with the Homewrecker quest, you will infiltrate his home, meet his wife and do questionable things there. Will you do the right thing in the end, or will you be selfish?
There is also a new hire in the car shop. To make the mechanic hates you, go mess around with him.
New scenes:
  • Repeatable: 3 (handj0b, blowj0b & f*ck)
  • Unique: 2 (handj0b & f*ck)
  • 3 endings
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This patch contains only the introductory part of the story with the car mechanic. Begin the new main quest Homewrecker to seduce this new character. If you finish the Sexcavation Expedition before getting to know this character in the same playthrough, there’ll be changes to the dialogues because this new character is based on the husband that you seduce during the campaign with the police.
Along with this patch, there is a new mechanic involving a ring that help you “persuade” people.  There is also a new way to make money involving this new mechanic. Check out the side quest – Park Cruiser.
New scenes:
  • Repeatable: 5 (2 handj0bs, 2 blowj0bs & 1 fuck)
  • Unique: 2 (handj0b & blowj0b)
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Continue with the story of the construction worker. After the first fuck and waiting, depending on the amount of underwear you stole*, the path will diverge:
  • Less than 3: Love path
  • 3+: Hate path
*: After the path has been chosen, stealing more underwear won’t have no effect.
  • New fuck, kiss and pit interaction during the sex scene.
  • 3 unique events/dates with different choices.
  • 3 endings for this path (Stranger/Friend/Lover) based on the choices you make during the events/dates.
  • Upon entering the hate path your lust will be reduced to 7.
  • Have the same number of interactions as love path during the s*x scene, however the content is different to convey a more hating tone.
  • 1 new fuck intro scene.
  • 1 opt-out-able ending (you can continue the game if you choose not to follow through; you won’t be able to interact with the construction worker after though)
  • 1 orgy scene (you need to follow through with the above ending to get this scene).
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This new story will feature a rugged construction worker who is down on his luck and needs a lot of monetary help. Hope you haven’t spent all the reward money from the police’s campaign.
Scenes in this patch:
  • 1 interactable scene similar to the previous 3some storyline (jerk, touch pecs, bj and first f*ck are only available option for now)
  • 2 masturbation scenes involving new character’s underwear (1 at home & 1 at his apartment)
  • 1 bad ending
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Scenes in this patch:
  • 2 new f*ck scenes with the bully (1 has w*tersport element – can opt in and out in preferences)
  • 1 new secret ending for the bully (knowing his secret, confronting & agreeing with him to get this ending)
  • 1 non-repeatable bl*wjob scene with the professor
  • 1 repeatable bl*wjob scene with the police
For the gift scenes you need to talk with the Thuy character as per usual:
  • The professor: you need to reach blowjob stage to see the gift option
  • The police: you need to finish the expedition and arrive back home to see the gift option
Onion’s out!
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Continue with the campaign with this patch. This update has the largest number of unique scenes to date with:
  • 1 handjob scene
  • 7 blowjob scenes
  • 7 fuck scenes
  • 3 threesome+ scenes
With the nature of this campaign, you won’t be able to unlock them all in a single playthrough. You probably need only 2 times for everything so remember to save. Also, because all the scenes are unique so it will be much less grindy compared to other characters.
It’s been eternity and a half since the last patch. It’s not been an easy time irl with layoff and moving so I was struggling with the development.
Next patch will be a minor one similar to the gift patch and I’ll be adding more scenes and probably a new ending to a character.
For now, enjoy the game!
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This patch is all about the Sexvacation Expedition campaign with the police. Along the journey, you’ll meet some interesting characters as well.
To start this campaign, you need to talk to Thuy at Eastern Medicine.
There is only one stat in this campaign for the police: Respect which acts similarly to affection that will change the scenes of the police based on its value. Later, it also influences the final endings of this campaign.
All the punishing mechanics like fatigue or horniness are disabled during this campaign because it will be much less sand-boxy.
This campaign is much more story-driven and less grindy, which also means the amount of repeatable scenes is limited. However, the number of unique scenes will be higher, and it may require you multiple playthrough to unlock everything once the story is fully released.
Because this is barely the first part of campaign, all of the scenes are pretty much h4ndjobs. However, the next patch will have a much wider variety.
Finally, this campaign brings a bit of new flavor to the universe and the backstory on why you’re so irresistible.
Sorry again for the delay. It has been a struggle and a half to get this out with all irl stuffs. Best case scenario is that the next patch will be released late this month, but I really am not 100% sure either. Thanks for your understanding.
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– Fix a bug where the objective for the professor story doesn’t display properly.
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To continue with the story, you need to give him regular blowjobs. The rest of the story can be followed by checking Objectives.
There are 2 endings – Sub (requires less than 20 strike) & Brat (requires 20+ strike)
– The types of scenes in this patch: anal, toys, restraints, pain…
– You can now change the names of yourself and other major characters in Preferences.
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The condition to begin his story is by waiting until day 4 from the start of the game. Meaning that if you use old saves where many days have past, you can start it immediately by going to the college and join the class in the afternoon. The rest of the instructions for this story will once again be in the Objectives tab.
– There are 2 stats that you will get you bad ending with him:
  • Patience: can go up and down and has a low ceiling. You can misbehave against him but doing so in a row will be quite dangerous.
  • Strike: cannot be lowered, each time you be a brat or disobey him, you will get a strike.
– The max amount of the stats above will increase the further your relationship with him, so be very careful with your decisions during the first stretch of the story.
– Bad ending will not result in a game over but just stop you from continue with the story.
– No true endings for now, but I plan to finish with him very soon this month so you can get a full experience as quickly as possible.
– Features mechanics that will restrict some parts of your gameplay.
– The story now gets up to the point of giving him regular bl*wj0b.
– The types of scenes in this patch: teases, sp4nkings, h4ndj0b, bl0wj0b, f33t, w4tersp0rt and something to do with your c*mming. Some of them will be intertwined with each other based on your decisions.
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– Fix a critical bug that shows error popups every time you click anywhere when playing with an old save
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This month patch is inspired by the holiday, you will give gifts (which you get from the Eastern Medicine shop) to each major character in order to unlock 4 special scenes that:
– If the f*ck lust threshold is not reached, they will be beneficial to your relationship building aspects (increase affection/lust/etc.)
– If you reach the f*ck lust threshold for that character, you will be able to see those s*x scenes played out. Big note: The scenes are not static, which means there will be variations on the scenes base on affection or manner stats.
To begin, you need to talk with Thuy in the Eastern Medicine shop with the option: “Ask her how to win a guy over”. Note that the progress for these related quests will not be recorded in the objectives tab as they are considered very mini ones. Another note is if you choose to help instead of buyout options, there are a few fun small anecdotes that can potentially be new stories in the future.
You should still be able to do this quest for bully even after you have chosen to continue with the game after finishing his storyline.
There will be no Santa or any Xmas related stuff though because I want to implement this to the storylines as seamlessly as possible without any jarring detail.
A handy tip I want you give you guys is the br* is at the gym at either 6:00, 15:00, 16:00 or 17:00 depending on the day as well as the shift he has at work.
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– General bug fixes.
– The gallery unlocks should be a bit more consistent now.
– Fix some bugs that can break the game
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Bully’s route (complete): – Continue by either wait 2 days or you can visit his house and there will be an option to skip 2 days there. – The rest of the story you can follow through the Objectives tab – 4 endings:
  • 2 standard – contains the happy ending
  • 2 secret ones (hint: read and click carefully) – 1 contains an exclusive scene but the last outcome is bad
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Bully’s route (incomplete):
– Begin by going to the college during from 8 to 10 AM
– The rest of the story you can follow through the Objectives tab (OK Tab name changed)
– The story features a more serious tone
– 1 bad ending
– Lust:
  • New scenes unlocked every 5 points (6/11)
  • Currently, maximum is 11 (beginning of a blowjob)
– Strike:
  • If your actions irritate him or you miss his daily order, you will get (a) strike(s)
  • You’ll get a bad ending if it reaches 5
New system:
– Gallery (memories) overhaul:
  • They now act quite similar to your typical visual novels – persists after resets and in saves (it will take quite a bit of time for you to 100% the gallery)
  • You can watch the gallery mid-game by watching TV (locked behind cheat code)
  • The old gallery cannot work with this new one, so I suggest you keep the old version and save if you do not want to replay the game
– Cheat code:
  • Only current use is gallery access mid-game
  • More features will be added in the future such as never go hungry or sleepy mode, money printing, etc. in next patch
  • Only Sweet Onion ($5 supporters) & Red Onion ($10 supporters) will have access to this code via patreon posts
– OK TAB’s name changed to OBJECTIVES for less confusion
– Save update button will be moved to the PREFERENCES tab.
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Throuple route:
  • Only accessible by having 45 affection and 50 lust for both character.
  • Removal of Lust/Affection/Suspicion upon entering this new storyline.
  • 1 good ending and 2 bad endings.
  • Adding a “quest” to change the bro schedule for a more suitable circumstance to develop a throuple relationship.
  • Jealousy:
    • Most sexual activities near the presence of the other main character will cause their jealousy go up.
    • There are ways for you to compensate to them to reduce the gain.
    • Reaching max will result a bad ending.
  • Throuple Acceptance (both share the same stat):
    • Reaching max to reach good throuple ending.
    • First 5 points, you can only increase by getting caught at home while they are not sleeping.
    • Every 5 point after, you can only increase by getting both character to cum during the Threesome scene.
Threesome scene:
  • Unlockable after you have been caught having sex while they are at home and not sleeping for 5 times (= 5 Throuple Acceptance points) and afterward talking to the bro.
  • Arousal:
    • Most of the actions will raise the arousal of each characters.
    • 2 – Erected / 4 – Cumming / 6 – In Bliss (which will give reduce 1 jealousy point from that character).
    • Getting both character to cum and reach 5 arousal is the requirement to get more throuple acceptance.
    • Failing to getting a character to cum – ie. not reaching 5 arousal – will result in a major jealousy gain.
  • Actions:
    • You can have 5 actions per scene and after that you will cum.
    • Finishing others actions do not count.
    • Will start off with those that only affect a single character.
    • After you reach a higher acceptance you will be able to perform more actions as well as one for multiple characters.
    • ALL of the multiple character actions require both of the characters to be in the erected state.
Side characters:
  • Restaurant manager:
    • Plays a part in your quest to change bro’s schedule
    • 1 blowjob scene with specific requirement
  • Dealer – your local weed seller:
    • Plays a part in your quest to change bro’s schedule
    • 1 blowjob scene with specific requirement
OK (Objective & Knowledge) Tab:
  • A handy tab to give you hints / guide,
  • Always look at this if you’re unsure what to do next.
Save update:
  • There is an Update Save button which is in the OK Tab that will update old save (only  from 0.2.1a this time around) to be compatible with the new patch.
  • Old saves will cause a lot of errors without updating.
Let me know if you have any comments anywhere if you play it.
Onion’s out!
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  • A lot of bug fixes.
  • Adding the missing fondling scenes in memories of bro.
  • Sleep is now more logical – i.e they won’t scold you even during the sleep or react terribly when you grope them from pent-up lust.
  • Adding the button to go back up to 10 pages.
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Adding the following scenes:
  • Bathroom blowjob with both characters
    • Watersport content – requires LOVE or HATE affection rate with the characters and first fuck initiated.
    • Non-watersport content – just requires first blowjob initiated.
    • There is a chance you may encounter the characters in the bathroom. Once you see them, you won’t be able to for the next
    • 2 hours. The longer you wait, the higher the chance (min 2 hours, max 8 hours).
  • Bro drunk fuck at work: semi-exhibitionist content.
    • Requires first fuck.
  • Bro fondle
    • Requires first blowjob.
  • Sleep fuck for both characters (static scene)
    • Requires first fuck.
Adding rocket pills:
  • Temporarily lower the lust threshold by 10 for 5 hours
    • 1-time use. After the character orgasms, the effect will expire.
    • Force the character to stay in their bedroom during.
    • Will set lust to 20 if the value is less than 11 and cannot go over 40 lust.
    • If you engage in an activity that you have yet to do with the characters, the bonus lust will persist.
    • Comes with a high and flat suspicion gain (30 per use).
    • There are also some changes to the scenes to depict the situation appropriately in the context of the pill.
    • There are some small unique dialogues for each character depending on how many time you drug them.
Change the name of settings to preferences (you should check it out before playing).

Adding the toggle for watersport content.

Adding the toggle to switch between 24 hours and AM/PM clock.

Bug fixes

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– Fix the known display bugs.
– Fix the problem when you faint when there is still 24 hours left on your sleep.
– Fix some critical issues with endings.
– The memories after good endings now shows locked scenes which you have to see it once to unlock.
– The memories after good endings now showcases all the scenes from all of the characters instead of locking you to just one character.
See More
– Bro route.
– New system of lust, hunger and sleepiness.
– Setting menu for options such as removing the pictures or videos in the game or block some kinks in the future.
See More
– Change the description of the fast food restaurant to display the work hour correctly.
– Fix the bug of not being able to nap right after looking at the Character tab.
– Fix the bug where you nap for 20 but actually oversleep for 9 more minutes.
– Fix the bug where sometimes you can see 2 back buttons when you sleep with dad.
– Fix the part if you skip intro you have 5 extra minutes than starting with intro.
– Fix some major bugs in regard to drunk dad.
– Characters will react more appropriately when they catch you fooling around depending on the amount of suspicion gained.
– Fix the known display bugs.
– Another round of editing. (Sorry, I lied there were still some POV errors)
See More
– Fix a critical bug that locks players out when they press the back buttons.
– Fix a critical bug that makes players lose the first handjob scene.
– Add an intro skip option at the start of the game for a better replayability.
See More
– The character stats tab now has some additional descriptors so you can make more informed decisions.
– Drinking beer with the characters will decrease their suspicion (20) instead of increasing affection.
– Chatting with your bro now increases his affection.
– The texts have gone through a round of editing. There should be no POV mistake now.
– Fix some bugs (display errors, brother’s suspicion gain, etc.).
See More
– Fixes some typos.
– Fixes found dead end.
– Increases salary from $20 to $30.
– Now if you proposition your dad in front of your brother, he will react.
– Game release
Developer Notes:
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  • Lust: helps you unlock more actions with the characters thus reaching the “good” endings. Using actions against the characters without meeting the lust requirements causes suspicion gain and affection loss. Here are the checkpoints:
    • 00: You can only tease that character.
    • 10: You can accidentally touch their crotch.
    • 20: You can offer them handjobs.
    • 30: You can offer them blowjobs but requires initiation from the handjob scene.
    • 40: You can have sex with them but requires initiation from the blowjob scene.
  • Affection: affects ALL the sex scenes, how they will treat you (love-making or hate-fucking). The scenes will dynamically change depending on the affection value:
    • 01-10: Scenes will be changed to the tone of hate-fucking.
    • 11-20: Scenes will be changed to the tone of dislike.
    • 21-40: Scenes will be changed to the tone of good-nature and casual.
    • 41-45: Scenes will be changed to the tone of desire and love.
  • Suspicion: once you reach maximum you will get the bad endings. Some notes:
    • Affection of the characters will influence the amount of suspicion they gain. i.e with 45 affection, you will almost never get any suspicion. However, with 0 affection the suspicion gain is devastating since if they hate you that much, they will be extra wary of you.
    • You can lower suspicion by drinking beers with the characters.
    • If you unlocked sex with the character, there will be a passive suspicion gain daily:
      • After 1st handjob: 2 suspicion/day
      • After 1st blowjob: 3 suspicion/day
      • After 1st fuck: 5 suspicion/day
  • Endings: there are now three for each of the character.
    • Bad ending: simply get the suspicion to 100. It is 100% worth exploring this ending if you like a little bit of heartbreak.
    • Good “hate” ending: requires you to have 0 affection to a character and 50 lust. You can talk to them and there is an option to reach this ending.
    • Good “love” ending: requires you to have 45 affection to a character and 50 lust. You can talk to them and there is an option to reach this ending.
    • There are the memories menu after the ending to serves as a gallery for all the scenes. Please note that if you don’t see it during the playthrough, they will not show up.
  • Misc systems:
    • Horniness: if you go on for 12 hours without a release, you will spontaneously grope other characters leading to suspicion gain and affection loss.
    • Hunger: if you go on for 24 hours without eating you will get a trip to hospital which will lead to suspicion gain to bro & dad. You can eat during breakfast (7-8:00), lunch (12-13:00), dinner (19-20:00) at home or whenever at the fast food restaurant at the cost of $10.
    • Sleep: if you go on for 48 hours without sleeping, you will get a trip to hospital which will lead to suspicion gain to bro & dad.


Cheats/Gallery Unlock (V0.10.2)

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