The Green Shadow Rachel [v0.11.5] [Roshi2000]

The Green Shadow Rachel [v0.11.5] [Roshi2000]

April 7, 2024F95

The Green Shadow is back! Fan made by Roshi2000

Thread Updated: 2024-04-06
Release Date: 2024-01-04
Developer: Roshi2000 PatreonSubscribestarTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.11.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, Female Protagonist, Virgin, Graphic violence, Adventure, Big tits, Paranormal,Superpowers, handjob, vaginal sex
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1. Extract and run.
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1) Added 3 new events (Herogramm,1 event for main story, 1 event at the Hero-Association at the bathrooms)
2) Added some new attacks for the cops
3) Added some new pics when Rachel is brought to the hospital
4) Added a shooting mini game at the weapons shop
5) Added 2 mini games at the recollection room (Nothing too special for now)
6) Added a few extra maps
7) ADDED DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
8) Added a shame and confidence bar meter at the Sex Status menu
9) Added a lewdness system and many new dialogues based on that.
10) New dialogues for the thugs (If you had any previous experience with them, based on lewdness and based on confidence)
11) The thugs may chase you now…
12) Remade the Body Condition system for the phone
13) Fixed the sound timing ( I believe most of them if not all of them)
14) Fixed the battle system
15) Changed the way of learning teasing attacks (It is now based on lewdness)
16) Added a switch at the recollection room. (You don’t have to start a new game now)
1) Added 2 new defeat scenarios for the dog in the forest
2) Added 1 new scenario for the fairy at the forest
3) Added 1 new scenario for the wasp at the forest
4) Added 1 new event at church (18 sub scenarios)
5) Added some pics if Rachel has an STD when waking up
6) Added 1 new enemy at the sewers
7) Added a Sex Status for the Main Menu
8) Added new images for the Phone Body-Status system
9) Added new Battle-Images
10) Added A few new Npc
11) Remade 2 maps
12) Fixed older bugs
13) I’ve created some new bugs for sure XD
14) Fixed some older pics
15) Fixed the sound timings at almost every previous event
16) Added 1 more small event about the fairy in the forest… (This is a part of the main story)
17) Added new dialogues with the thugs
18) Changed the battle-system
19) Added a few new items
version 1.0
1) Remade the blowjob scene for the thugs (as heroine).
2) Added 2 diffrent scenarios when you go to help Thomas with is studies.
3) Added an arrest event for the policeman (as heroine, 6 diffent scenes with many paths)
4) Added one new event at the tailor’s shop
5) Added a naked mode
6) Added a recollection room
7) Added one online work for the pc (not any xxx content)
8) Fixed older bugs (I think… XD)
version 0.9
1) Remade the student event pt2
2) Remade the fist fight at the arena
3) Remade the fight against the boys
4)Added one more enemy for the fighting arena
5) Added one more scene with the fairy
6) Added two more sexual attacks for the thugs
7) Added 3 new mini events
8) Added new dialogues for npc.
9) Added 1 new attack for Rachel
10) Added a STD system
11) Fixed older bugs
version 0.8
1) Remade the Mudman event
2) Remade the Ratman event
3) Added 3 more sex scenes with the Ratman
4) Added new things at the battle system
5) Added new weapons and some events that you can buy them.
6) Added 2 mini events at the street. (one with police officers and one with a street photographer.)
version 0.7
1)Fixed the old bugs…(I hope…)
2)Added pregnancy event
3)Added a bus traveling event
4)Added first part of finding the missing priest
5)Added a new enemy at the forest
6)Re-rendered many older pics and modified the intro battle
version 0.6
1)many of the old bugs fixed
2)6 new events
3)remade some of the old events. (with new pics also)
version 0.5
1)many of the old bugs fixed
2)new maps
3)added intro before intro.
4)added 4 new defeat scenarios against the thugs (when dressed as Green Shadow)
5)added 3 new enemies (at forest, when she is dressed as Green Shadow)
6)adden new dialogues when she is dressed as Green Shadow and some mini events
7)added 2 new mastrubation events
8)added training at home
9)added a bank system for future use
10)added a kichen system (still needs some fixing)
11)added an event that she can delete leaked pics
12)added an event that she can repair her heroine outfti (for future use)
13)added a new mission so u can explore the new enemies and maps.
14)adden 2 new missions

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