The Hard Way [v0.33.5] [Muffin Maker]

The Hard Way [v0.33.5] [Muffin Maker]

May 25, 2024F95

After being kidnapped as a child, our hero unwittingly returns to his home town to find work. As he climbs the ladder of success, he will gather a following of beautiful, devoted women.

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The game is a sci-fi mystery solver, harem builder saga that has been built from the ground up to include aging and pregnancy. Due to the massive number of renders needed for those elements, they will be introduced one character at a time. The game is the prequel to The Long Way and will ultimately span more than 50 years.
Names and relationships are adjustable and Patreon Subscribers will be able to change character ages and birthdays for a more customized experience. Fantasy creatures, aliens and space travel will be added to the mix as the game grows.
The pre-alpha release has over 30 characters with 6 more planned for the initial cast. There are over 10 primary locations,
each with their own tree of locations, for a total of 40 locations, with 8 more planned for the alpha release. As the homes of the characters are added, this number will grow significantly.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-25
Release Date: 2024-05-25
Developer: Muffin Maker PatreonSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.33.5
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Harem, Incest, Male Protagonist, Point & Click, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Vaginal sex, Pregnancy, Creampie
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1. Extract and run.
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Aging for Kendra including basic and extended sex scenes.
Standing sex for Colette and Mandy.
Aging for Colette including basic and extended sex scenes.
Shakria’s unique scene, including custom ages.
v0.33.2 Patreon
  • Pregnancy for Farah.
  • Shakria’s unique scene, including custom ages. (We bit off a bit more than we could chew with this one)
Additional cheats and hints can be found on F95Zone (no new cheats for now)
  • v0.33.1 – Bugfix for missing event (298)
  • v0.33.2 – Shakria gets her unique bedroom scene (includes pregnancy and custom ages)
Pregnancy for Farah.
120 new images and 6 new animations
Standing sex for Denise and Fiona.
Our new character, Denise, with aging, default and extended sex scenes.
Bug fix for Linda’s Staff Lounge Scene
Bug Fixes
300 new images and 12 new animations.
Pregnancy for Gloria, with default and extended sex scenes.
Default and extended sex scenes for Shakria’s pregnancy.
Standing sex for Carrie and Cassie for all applicable ages.
300 new images and 6 new animations.
Our new baby, Izzy, complete with default and extended scenes
Unique sex scene for Linda (all ages)
Standing sex for Edith and Wanda
Visit the mermaids and meet 2 new characters, Fendin and Joslin
Default and extended sex scenes for Fendin and Joslin.
Bjs and eat outs for Fendin and Joslin
Bugfix for stats screen and sex events
Extended sex scenes for Allie and Velma
120 new images
6 new animations
Pregnancy for Tareen
Something interesting for the mechanically minded.
Rebuild of Magic System
Aging for Linda, including all extended sex scenes.
A unique scene for Dianne.
-Extended sex scenes for Ingrid, Odette and Trudy
-160 new images and 6 new animations
Pregnancy for Debbie.
A unique scene for Zelda
-Added standing sex for Glynis, Mable and Tamryn
-156 new images and 9 new animations
-Pregnancy for Shakria
-New magic skills
– Standing sex for Phoebe and Queenie
– Pregnancy for Zelda.
– Aging for Nancy.
– Default, extended and eating out scenes for Nancy’s custom ages.
–  150 new images and 15 new animations
– Standing sex for Kelly, Linda and Melody
– 3 new Characters, Colette, Emily and Nancy
– Aging for Carrie
– Default, extended and eating out scenes for all new characters and Carrie’s custom ages.
– Standing sex for Fiona and Hope
-Bugfix for bug when starting a new game
– A son for Yvette.
– A unique scene for Ruby.
– Standing sex for Pauline and Ruth
  • Pregnancy for Ursula.
  • A unique scene for Debbie.
– Standing sex for Daisy, Elizabeth, Olive, Quinn and Rhonda
V0.20.1 Free
What’s new in V0.20?
  • Pregnancy for Ruby.
  • A unique scene for Ursula.
  • A new Wolvern character, Xola, complete with default and extended sex scenes
The game now contains 72 female characters, including 5 that get born in-game, all of which have default and extended scenes.
v0.19.3 Free
  • 320 new images and 8 new animations
v0.19.2 Free
  • Extended sex Scenes for Cassie, Ilse, Mandy, Nascha, Tamryn, Trudy and Velma(including custom ages where applicable).
  • A unique scene for Yvette.
  • Aging for Jessica, complete with default and extended sex scenes.
Added Aging for Jessica, complete with default and extended sex scenes
2 new babies, Cassie and Mandy.
Default sex, BJ and eat out scenes for Cassie and Mandy
Extended sex Scenes for Felicity, Glynis, Ingrid and Queenie.
A unique scene for Xena.
– Added aging with default and extended sex scenes for Usagi.
– Extended sex scenes for Kendra.
– Wake Up scene at the James’ House.
– Standing sex for Betty, Bianca, Kichi and Lyra..
– Extended sex Scenes for Allie, Daisy, Elizabeth, Erica, Fiona, Hope, Hozho, Kelly, Kichi, Lacey, Lesley, Melody, Odette, Olive, Pauline, Phoebe, Quinn, Rhonda and Ruth.
– Extended custom age sex for Carrie, Hellen and Hozho.
– Phone size increased and is now minimizable.
– Added aging fun and expanded sex events for Summer. Expanded sex events for Meora.
  • The ship arrives, though there’s nothing happening on it yet.
  • Standing sex for Audrey, Clara, Kegan, Portia and Vallery.
  • BJs for Kelly and Vallery.
  • Expanded sex interactions for Astrid, Bianca, Clara, Edith, Hester, Linda, and Winter. (includes custom ages where applicable)
  • Added aging and pregnancy indicators to friend list.
– Added aging and default aging fun for Hellen
  • Standing sex for Debbie, Dianne, Gloria, Nina and Susan.
  • BJs for Audrey and Farah
  • Expanded sex interactions for Amber, Bettie, Debbie, Dianne, Farah, Gloria, Kegan, Lyra, Mable, Nina,  Susan, Vallery  and Wanda.
– Added aging fun defaults for Amber
v0.14.2 Public
What’s new in V0.14?
  • Odette, our new Wolvern character.
  • Standing sex for Galadriel, Gemma, Shakria and Ursula.
  • Default fun interactions for Odette.
  • Eat outs for Amber, Carrie, Clara, Daisy, Farah, Glynis, Hester, Ilse, Kelly, Kendra, Lacey, Lesley, Linda, Mable, Melody, Odette, Phoebe, Queenie, Summer, Tanryn, Trudy, Usagi, Vallery and Velma.
  • BJs for Farah, Fiona and Kegan.
  • Shelly gets her pregnant BJ sets.
  • Expanded sex interactions for Audrey, Carrie, Nina, Portia and Vallery.
  • Our third baby,Edith.
  • Ruby, Tareen, Zelda and Zeyley expanded sex events.
  • Default fun interactions for Edith.
  • Eat outs for Betty, Edith, Elizabeth, Olive, Portia, Quinn, Rhonda, Ruth and Susan.
  • BJs for Edith and Kichi.
  • Jean gets her pregnant high school glory hole sets.
– Fixed android sex events
Fixed Astrid’s glory hole scenes not playing
  • Check sex events for Yvette, Xena and Shelly to see progress on the sex event system.
  • Default fun interactions for Felicity, Hellen, Ingrid and Jessica.
  • Eat outs for Allie, Audrey and Kichi.
  • BJs for Nina and Linda.
  • Astrid gets her high school gloryhole sets.
– Introduces the new interactive sex event system. Just the basics for now, but it will grow.
  • Our new baby, Astrid.
  • Aging and aging fun for Astrid.
  • Default fun interactions for Astrid, Queenie, Tamryn and Trudy.
  • Eat outs scenes for Astrid, Felicity, Gemma, Gloria, Jessica, Lyra, Tareen and Zeyley.
  • BJs for Astrid and Ruth.
Adds BJs for Dianne and Debbie (custom ages). Eat out scenes for Dianne and Debbie
What’s new in V0.10?
  • Pregnancy with default sex interactions for Jean
  • Default sex scenes for Allie, Carrie, Daisy, Glynis, Lesley, Quinn, Ruth and Usagi.
  • Cunnilingus scenes for Ruby and Galadriel.
  • BJ scenes for Galdriel.
  • Default Aging for Debbie.
  • Wanda gets her late teen fun sets.
  • Fixes issues with Wanda and Jean’s locations.
– Adds Jean’s pregnancy BJs, upgrades the creche and fixes the new game error.
– Fixes the BJ scenes error.
– Fixes the Hester’s event not triggering.
– All games saved after V0.05.0 can be loaded.
– Additional cheats and hints can be found on F95Zone (no new cheats for now)
– Fixes the Creche bug, Maternity ward bug and Wanda’s location bug.
  • V0.09.4 – Adds Winter’s custom age fun and Shelly’s eating out & BJ sets (including pregnancy).
  • Pregnancy with default sex interactions for Shelly
  • Default sex scenes for Bianca, Erica, Kegan, Kendra, Kichi, Lacey, Mable, Nina, Pauline, Phoebe, Shelly (rebuild), Summer and Velma.
  • Cunnilingus scenes for Jean, Shakria, Ursula and Zelda.
  • BJ scenes for Carrie, Debbie and Hester.
  • Base Aging images for Winter
  • Character Work and Current Location displayed on Friends List.
Please remember that only saves from the previous release can be loaded.
– BJ scenes for Clara, Ursula and Wanda
– Bugfix for Linda fun scenes
Default sex scenes for Amber, Audrey, Fiona, Hope, Ilse, Kelly, Linda, Melody, Nascha, Rhonda and Wanda.
Cunnilingus scenes for Yvette and Xena (including pregnancy).
BJ scenes for Shelly, Pauline and Ruth.
Default Aging sex scenes for Ilse
New event tracking system implemented.
– BJ scenes for Xena.
– Pregnancy BJ scenes for Xena and Yvette.
– Tweaks to pregnancy system.
-Bugfix for Erica ‘eat out’ scene exception.
-Bugfix for ‘eat out’ scenes.
  • Pregnancy with default sex interactions for Xena
  • Age renders for Nascha.
  • 4 new characters and the opening of the Junior School.
  • Default sex scenes for Betty, Meora, Portia and Winter.
  • New eat out scenes for 12 characters
  • Wanda now changes life phases when her age changes.
  • Age sets included for Gemma, Gloria and Susan
Please remember that only saves from the previous release can be loaded.
– Bugfix for Yvette story event 2.
  • New interactions for Yvette (BJ scenes including all pregnancy stages).
  • Base images for Wanda (from birth to 20s).
  • Character adjustment settings enabled for free version (aging images included for characters born in the game).
– Bugfix for Yvette being in hospital prison.
– Bugfix for Olive’s sex event image not found.
– Bugfix for Olive’s default sex scenes.
– Bugfix for all issues reported to date.
– Tweaks to birthing and interactions with babies.
– Updated Elizabeth’s and Xena’s base renders.
  • Pregnancy with sex events for Yvette
  • 5 new characters – 4 Ladies and a Baby.
  • Default sex scenes for Clara(from 5.8), Elizabeth, Hozho and Galadriel.
  • New non-default sex scenes for Erica, Gloria(from 5.8), Glynis and Winter.
  • Patreon codes and Patreon only content remove
-New renders for Clara default fun scenes and the final ‘vanishing girls’ fix.
– Please remember that only saves from the previous release can be loaded.
– ‘Vanishing girls’ bug fixed.
– Blow job events for Gloria added.
– Fixed sequencing issues when starting a new game and fetish switches.
Fixes the bug when you first go to the gym and the reload bug for people who played V05.3 and updated to V05.4.
Game will now exit when hacked content is detected instead of respawing in place and locking characters.
  • Age renders for Galadriel, Hester, Summer and Usagi.
  • 3 new characters -2 Goblin Ladies and a Doctor.
  • Default sex scenes for Lyra, Olive, Vallery and Zeyley.
    Debbie and Dianne get their custom age sex scenes.
  • New non-default sex scenes for Gemma, Jean, Lyra, Shelly, Susan, Tareen, Xena (x2), Yvette, Zelda and Zeyley.
  • Shakria gets her milf age base renders.
  • New  Locations include Goblin Village, a creche and the hospital gets  locations needed for having kids, which is planned to begin in V06.
– Fixed issue in Introduction event
-Fixed the hint system to prevent hints from cheat based events.
-Fixed missing images from Zeyley’s fun events.
-Additional security measures introduced.
– Please remember that only saves from the previous release can be loaded.
Update fixes some events not triggering and adds default sex interactions for Tareen.
– V0.03.1 fixes the dynamic image index out of range bug and problems with displaying the correct images for Gemma’s age adjusted events (you may need to set her age again).
– V0.03.2 fixes the label not found error, some names displaying incorrectly, the Bovin City event expressions and an event which had the wrong time in the hints.
– Cupcakes has a barista, called Fiona.
– Tareen shows you a small part of Bovin City and introduces you to a few new characters.
– The first gym activity (Pec Machine)
– Aging renders for Gemma (all scenes) and Kendra.
– Fun interactions for Dianne, Debbie, Farah, Gemma (all current ages), Gloria (all current ages), Susan and Ursula.
– Please remember that only saves from the previous release can be loaded.
– Default sex scenes for Shakria, Shelly and Xena. Age renders for Amber and Clara. A couple of storyline events and a secret lab that does nothing for now.
– The bug fix resolves crashes some players encountered during work actions and the locked high school bug. To make up for the numerous bugs, we included the V03 renders for Gloria’s default sex scenes
– Default sex scenes for Shakria, Shelly and Xena. Age renders for Amber and Clara.
– A couple of storyline events and a secret lab that does nothing for now.
– The bug fix resolves crashes some players encountered during work actions.
– Please remember that only saves from the previous release can be loaded.
– Default sex scenes for Shakria, Shelly and Xena.
– Age renders for Amber and Clara.
– A couple of storyline events and a secret lab that does nothing for now.
– Our first sex scenes, Yvette only for now.
– A few new locations, including a house that requires some building.
– A few new characters, and a little more development of the story line.
v0.0 Demo
The hard way demo is now available for download. The demo version has about 50 characters and almost 50 locations. While most of the core coding has been done, it is not yet complete, so saves of this version will not be loadable in future releases. We hope it give a good idea of where this project is headed and the scale of the world we are busy building.
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incest – to enable incest content
beast – to enable Beastiality content
For the true story, enter ‘incest’ using the cheats button on the phone settings menu.


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