The Heroines’ Last Anthem [Final] [LUM Studio]
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The Heroines’ Last Anthem [Final] [LUM Studio]

January 23, 2024F95

Use the abilities of three different heroines to protect your home and save the world from the sinister orc army!

Thread Updated: 2023-10-20
Release Date: 2023-10-20
Developer: LUM Studio Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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– 2D fantasy sidescroller with controller support!
– Play as three beautiful heroines and defeat the forces of evil with help from several cute female NPCs.
– 15 animated CGS, 30+ hidden events+locations to unlock!
– Venture through all sorts of terrain and uncover the countless secrets hidden in the map!
– Avoid traps and collect coins to upgrade your skills and overcome obstacles!
– Face off against Orcs, Insectoids, Cursed Zombies, Dark Emissaries, and their formidable bosses!

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    The Heroines’ Last Anthem [Final] [LUM Studio]