The King of Milfs [v0.4.1.01] [VC Productions]
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The King of Milfs [v0.4.1.01] [VC Productions]

January 14, 2024F95

After recovering from a near-fatal drug overdose, a young man is given a second chance to change his life for the better.
An orphan after a car crash, the main character is taken in by a close friend, Reina.
At the age of 18, her husband Ethan kicks the main character after discovering weed in his bedroom.
For the next 7 years, the main character fell into deep depression and hard drugs;
a near fatal overdose lands him in the hospital where Reina finds him.
Ethan agrees to give the main character one last chance to improve his life for the better,
but when the main character leaves rehab he realizes he isn’t the only one who needs a second chance in life.

Thread Updated: 2023-06-06
Release Date: 2023-06-05
Developer: VC Productions PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
OS:  Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3dcg, male protagonist, milf, big ass, big tits, teasing
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1. Extract and run.
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Chapter 4 of “The King of Milfs” is here!
The story picks up after right after the events of Chapter 3. We get a look inside of Reina’s and Jenni’s thoughts as they come to terms with their actions. Penny’s wishes are granted and Briana makes her fighting debut- two months ahead of schedule!
-2 new videos (with audio) added
-Nonstop mode fixed in Optional Patch
v0. + Bug Fix
Chapter 3 of The King of MILFs is here!
Shorter than the previous chapters,
Chapter 3’s main story focuses on Reina  and her decision to divorce her husband.
Chapter 3 Side Stories will be released later, which will focus on a character introduced in Chapter 2
(Camilla’s chapter and the Town Hall Meeting Epilogue), Councilwoman Miyuki Hayashibara.
(Chapter 2 Update)-Hyper Compressed + 32-bit version
Quick Hotfix
– 4 additional pages have been added to the save screen.
Initial release
Developer Notes:
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Let’s clear the air on the few things.
NTR: This is Netori. You-the player-will be doing all of the fucking and stealing. You will NOT see any other guy have sex with other characters. Heck, you won’t even see girl/girl scenes. There is no sharing. No LI will be stolen from you. It’s just you and the LIs you decide to pursue. On the other hand, if a LI doesn’t get any attention, they will react accordingly. They will have lives- they just don’t be in yours anymore.
Story/Sandbox: This isn’t the old-school “click here at x time to meet so-and-so place” Sandbox. Rather, it’s a random-event generator. Two LIs might meet each other at a restaurant or bar and a funny scene might take place. The Location Mode serves a world-building tool (because I’m a world-building addict, it’s true) and isn’t a priority over Story Mode. Story Mode will always take priority over Location Mode.
MC’s drug abuse/overdose: Right before the game starts, the MC has a drink spiked with a derivative of Rohypnol-it’s a more potent, lethal form that can lead to the person being unconscious for days if there are other substances in the system.
There were other substances in MC’s system.
Primary Cast of Characters:

Main Character-

At the age of 9, the protagonist’s parents were killed in a car crash. After hopping from orphanage to orphanage, he was finally adopted by Reina, a close friend of his parents. However, the main character was kicked out of Reina’s home at 18 due to discovery of drugs in his room. For 5 years, the main character drifted from city to city getting his next high until he landed in the hospital in a near-fatal overdose. He has been given a second chance to improve his life- and that of others.
Tags Confirmed for Future Updates: POV, Groping, Handjob, Blackmail, Male Domination, Creampie, Footjob ,Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Female domination
Pregnancy: Planned for all main character routes (Reina, Jennica, Briana, Penny)
Harem: According to f95 rules, there isn’t a solid Harem path yet.
NTR: This game is Netori. The plot for the main cast (Reina,Jennica, Briana, and Penny) is that Ethan is ruining their lives. You(the player) are kicking Ethan out of the house.
1702344 Okqjll | Free Adult Games
Reina- A successful real estate agent and the main character’s former caretaker. She spends most of her time conducting house tours of luxury homes to the rich and famous; but deep down inside she wishes she could go back to be a stay-at-home mother.
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Ethan- Reina’s husband who is a consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Strict and intimidating, he sets an ultimatum for the MC: he is a given a second chance to clean up his life or left to rot on the streets.
1702975 20Jenni01 | Free Adult Games
Jenni- Reina’s younger sister; a former  model; Jenni is living with Reina after her divorce.
1702974 3Briana02 | Free Adult Games
Briana- Reina and Ethan’s eldest daughter. A three-time women’s boxing champion; she has a outgoing and carefree personality.
1702972 9Penny01 | Free Adult Games
Penny– Reina and Ethan’s youngest daughter. Being overshadowed by her older sister, Penny spends most of her days at the skate park.



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