The Legendary Hunt [v1.1] [Kleper666]
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The Legendary Hunt [v1.1] [Kleper666]

July 1, 2024F95

Hello I’m Kleper666, and I’m developing my first game, a medieval fantasy game.
The game takes place in a world threatened by dragons and others threats and mysteries to solve that it’s up to you to discover as a dragon hunter.

Thread Updated: 2019-07-18
Release Date: 2019-07-17
Developer: @kleper666
Censored: No
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, 2D game, RPG, Male Protagonist, Combat, Fantasy, Bestiality, Anal sex, Monster girl, Harem, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Male Domination, Female Domination
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1- Click on “The Legendary Hunt Demo.exe”
2- Extract to desired location.
3- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.
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-Added scene with the earth spirit
-old saves will break the game
-all scenes reworked
-english highly improved since the first demo(and a lot of fixes more)
-quests rewards increased +new area to get some gold at Rhois
-some scenes are repeatable now, recollection room added once you beat the game.
A new kingdom to explore,more dialogs added with some tips about
where to go next,scenes, grammar fixes and lots of changes in
code(the player won’t be able to notice this, but this improve
the game a lot,that means old saves will break the game).
This demo now ends when you have the elf in your castle.
First release
Developer Notes:
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Please before play this game and judge it,
Take these points into consideration:
-First of all I’m noob at this, this is my first game and Im
learning while I develop it.
-I’m not an artist, so the cgs are from free pics websites(if I’m
using something I shouldn’t use let me know and it will be deleted),
sometimes it’s dificult to find the stuff I want so maybe a few of
them are censored(blame jpn) 🙁
-I want to make an rpg not a porn based game, expect short scenes
and not a lot of them(9cgs for now), so if you just want to fap
maybe this not your game :S.
-I do not speak english, so make the game in another language is
extra hard for me but this way I can share it :D.(please report any
bug,visual/grammar issue).
-this game is totally free and anyone can use the stuff on it as
they see fit. I’m doing this for the experience :p.
-This demo was meant to know what people think and if I’m in the
right direction, there will not be updates,I want to focus in finish
the game and my time is limited, that’s why I’m using it in adding
stuff to the game instead making fancy maps(I’ll try to be better
at this but as I said I’m not an artist).
-This game contains the triple triad game, if you never played this,
all rules are well explained here https://ffxivtriad.com/rules
rules ingame: open,same,plus,combo,same/wall,plus/wall.
-enemy drop exp/money not balanced yet.
-tips/hints: To challenge people to a triple triad duel press A,
select/unselect cards with arrow keys and Z(X will
start the duel) press A in duel to see active rules.
Use ctrl to hide/show text.
If you are stuck maybe a new path or character is open when certain
events are completed, you will know when the main quest ends but
there are some side quests and zones to unlock.
You can untrack missions from quest log.
-That’s all for now, I want to be as honest as I can, this will be
take me much time, I hope you enjoy the game so far and I will
appreciate your feedbacks(sorry if this post is too long :D).


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