The Savior of Impregnation [v1.0] [BrOkEn eNgLiSh]
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The Savior of Impregnation [v1.0] [BrOkEn eNgLiSh]

January 9, 2024F95

The savior heart, a game about exploration and gain relationship with NPCs
like those classic RPG game, but with hentai

Thread Updated: 2023-10-18
Release Date: 2023-10-17
Developer: Broken English PatreonFanboxPixivTwitterCi-enDLsite
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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v1.0 DLsite release
1. Harem wedding scene, as the last event for the main story,
which can be triggered after you finish the breeding house event with nun.
(If you use a save file which already finished breeding house event in 0.75,
you can use the button I make in the gallery to teleport you
to that event’s end again to trigger the harem wedding)
2. Dancer’s system and story after the werewolf war,
like other side characters.
  • Lots of bugs fix and some system adjustment,
    such as change the MP consume from teleporter from 100% to -100.
  • “Side character’s pregnant belly system”
    When her finsh her impregnation scene,
    her stand picture will change to pregnant belly after 5 days,
    and it will trigger pregnant belly sex scene when you make love with them during that time.
    (There’re only cow lady and the thane,
    there might be more in the future.)
  • “NTR system” (can turn off from Q buttom menu)
    After player meet “Bob”, and finish mission to get a side character,
    if you didn’t have sex with her 5 days,
    it will trigger NTR scene(there’s won’t be anything bad happen to player)
    there will be 4 stage, reject->accept->harass->sex,
    and if you have sex with them, the stage will go back 1 stage.
    (There’re only cow lady and the thane and the nun,
    there might be more in the future.)
  • Picture for the game title menu.
  • I finished some scripts and pictures for the harem systems,
    I’ll place them in the gallery so you guys can take a look.
    (The dancer’s scene isn’t finish due to the script grammer isn’t check yet,
    so there’re only pictures for that scene.)
  • “System for nun after the party”
    For immersive, after player told nun to leave the party,
    there’s a chance that she will leave the church
    and do sometime herself, such as helping others.
About 10~12 erotic scenes had been added
(not include unfinish picutres)
Remake intro
and change the name into “The savior of impregnation”(or something similar)
From now on game will be focus on the theme of impregnation
The final battle
Succubus leader story after the final battle
The rest of Elf milf’s story
Impregnation event for the nun
the location is the ruin at the south east of the silence forst
(It only have the basic content, more will be add in the future update)
*Some other things might be missing or error
feel free to message me
I often make mistake when I’m too focus on something
Supporters v0.6
Please remember
“Press Q and W button for extra menu”
New content includes the things “Progress list for 0.6 version” had mentioned,
but also includes this new content:
1. Tons of bugs – fixed, I had fixed all the bugs reported by my friends, due to the fact that there are so many I’m not gonna list them here.
2. Elf milf’s new event, which is triggered by lewdness 20 and 40, and there is a new sex scene when her lewdness over 40.
3. Monsters and treasure chests for the new map, also added new enemy, which can use poison.
4. Succubus leader’s new sex scene after the final battle, due to the final battle wasn’t finished yet, I had put it into the gallery, so player can check it out first.
5. Glory hole system
It’s like rendom npc sex system, it’ll randomly generate appearance, but there’s only the basic sketch for it, like there’s not yet usable function for the breasts.
There’ll be more features in further updates.
Having the tattoo equiped for earlier scenes will cause a no face bug,
I have made a temporary fix that will not show the tattoo layer  for any scene this will be fixed in a future update.
It will still show in the “W” button when you chat with her.
Supporters v0.3
New systems have been added which,
were not mentioned in the last post.
Lover system
Aftersuccessfully have sex with a random NPC,
you can make her your lover, and have further interaction.
(This system didn’t add new sex scenes for now)
Museum system
Player needs to put correct stuff in the museum,
in order to get special prices.
These bugs have been fixed
1. rest at other tavern then teleport you back to the starting village
2. exit the building in the town of wisdom will teleport you to the wrong place
3. enter the forest and the cave will teleport you to the wrong place
if there’s no new huge error that can’t continue the game
then the rest of the bugs should be fixed in the next update
Although 0.2 was finished,
it’s like the first half update for the prologue,
due to not enough of time,
so I can only finish the basics for the new map.
To be honest, I’m too focus on making new things and forgeting old things,
that I don’t know how to list all of them,
so you can press “Q” button, and check them on the gallery.
There do have some missing part I need to tell you guys:
1. Although some pictures were done,
but I don’t have enough of time
to write scripts or system for them during this update.
But I do place them in the gallery so you can check them.
2. There’re some changes to the system,
but I THINK you can still use the save from the prologue.
3. These random NPC’s
without quests or story don’t have dialogue for now.
4. There’s only one adventure merchant in the new map,
no other merchants in there for now.
5. There are no mini side quests,
only those big side quest which have erotic scenes for now.
6. There’s no new skills for the skill tree.
7. The nun’s story only 80% finished
and other side characters also aren’t finish.
And, goal for the next update(again, two months later):
(1)Finish all content for the new map.
(2)Finish the nun’s story.
(3)Try to improve all side characters story,
such as more story or erotic scenes.
(4)More weapon, armor, skills.
(If I don’t have enough of time,
there won’t be new outfit for the nun for now)
(5)Some new systems, such as mini game for the Ancient AI,
or library which can let player know about the lore.
Developer Notes:
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Hello~ I’m BrOkEn EnGlIsH~!
Yes, since I’m a Taiwanese, english is not my first language,
so my english grammer is kind of sucky
Q = opens special actions menu. such as spending saviour power or viewing gallery
W = opens dialog with party members

Extra: Bug Fix

dgxsu thanks for the links

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