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The Senior [v0.1.7] [Yc3k]

July 9, 2024F95

The idea behind this game came after playing Akabur‘s excellent “Princess Trainer” and “Witch Trainer” which, despite being adult games, are great in storytelling and characters.

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The premise of the game is somewhat a classic Hentai/Anime plot. A main protagonist with moral issues finds a mentor who helps him achieve his goals.

The game’s main focus will be storytelling. That doesn’t mean there will be no H-scenes, on the contrary, but the idea is to create a narrative experience for the player with detailed character backgrounds, personalities and story as the backbone of the game. The game itself will be very text heavy, which you will be able to see in the demo.

Thread Updated: 2021-01-25
Release Date: 2021-01-25
Developer: Yc3k Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.7
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Incest, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, School setting, Voyeurism
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New Content:
You can now steal items from girls to sell them to Grandpa (so far only Danielle and Diane are available)
Selling items is the same as selling pictures. Use the SMS function on your phone
Added additional scene for Danielle if she catches you stealing her stuff
Diane night scenes
You can now visit Diane’s house during the night
New scenes and animations for Diane’s during night visits
New possibilities for earning money
You can now be caught during night scenes at Diane’s house which will trigger a police chase
You can get fined by the police if they catch you
A lot of new images and animations for police scenes
Added a feature where you can borrow money from Grandpa to pay the fine
Hidden Easter egg (very lewd) but be careful cause you could end up with a serious debt
Chloroform, Viagra, Lube and Electric Lockpick are now changed and have a number of usage per purchase. Example: If you buy Chloroform you will get 3 usages. When you use all 3 you will have to buy more. Simple as that.
Changed the Chloroform. If you use the Chloroform on a girl during sleep scenes she will not wake upno matter what you do to her and you can repeat up to 3 actions during one usage without her waking up which makes the chloroform much more fun to use but since it’s limited and more expensive use it wisely
Changed the Electric Lockpick. So far the electric lockpick didn’t have much sense since you could always use the skeleton key to get the same results. Since now you could actually trigger an alarm (when breaking into Diane’s and Gracie’s house during the night) the electric lockpick have much more sense. Also, as mentioned before, when you buy it you’ll get 3 usages, so use it carefully
Viagra has a use. Yes, you’ve read it right, there is a scene where you can use Viagra if you have it. You’ll have to find the scene for yourself.
Tweaked the SMS system so now when you send a picture or an item to Grandpa you will see the pic in the SMS
Added the debt system. Basically when you sell something (pic/item) to Grandpa he will deduct the payment from your debt if you have one
Town map now looks different during the night so you know it’s night.
Lots of other minor improvements and tweaks
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  • Diane story up to kiss level
  • 44 new images
  • 3 new animations
To start the story with Diane you’ll have to visit her at her house during the morning. After that, everything else should be pretty self-explanatory.
The next update: 0.1.6. will contain:
  • Diane beach scenes
  • Diane SMS chat
  • Modified SMS system
  • Diane small-talk
  • To update your current version to 0.1.5. please use the password below.
    PASSWORD: ZxCc2wv15
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New map
I’ve added a second map to the game which is accessible via the subway
New locations
You can now visit grandpa
Parent’s bedroom
General store
Gift Shop
Beach Resort
Allison’s home
WORK – local newspapers
WORK – mowing lawn
New game mechanics
Earning money through work
Earning money through grandpa
Anger system
Here is an explanation of what the new locations are and how the new mechanics work.
You will now be able to earn money. There are two possible ways to do that. Either through working or through selling girls pictures to grandpa.
If you choose to work there are two locations to go to work. One is on the main map and the second is on the coast map. To access the first one you will have to visit your grandpa first and ask him about the job. He will tell you there’s an opening at the local newspapers. After you finish the conversation you will be able to go to work at a local newspaper as a paper boy. Second option is to visit Allison after school and ask her about the mowing lawn. She will then tell you how to work at her neighborhood.
Second part is selling pictures to grandpa via the phone. After you’ve taken a picture of any girl with your phone you will be able to sell that picture to your grandpa for money.
The new anger system will allow girls to get mad at you for being stupid. If a girl gets mad at you you will not be able to talk to her or do any activity with that character until she calms down. Every girl will get a little calmer every new day so if you wait long enough she will come down by herself regardless of you. If you wanna speed thing up you can always give her gifts.
So far the system works ONLY for Danielle. I will add other girls gradually.
As you progress through the game you will spend energy on various activities. General store allows you to buy food which you can use to replenish that energy. Simple as that. The mechanics for that were already on your phone but now I’ve added the ability to actually buy them.
Behind the general store you will also find a mysterious character (only during the night) who will be willing to sell you some special items. Those items will be used throughout the game as a sort of a buff for MC allowing him to visit locations previously unavailable to him and do stuff he couldn’t previously do. Still I would advise not to buy them YET, cause I still have to add content for them. The only useful item in his inventory at the moment is Chloroform which can be used during Danielle night sleep scenes to keep her sleeping longer thus allowing you to grope her more.
As the name suggest this is the place where you will be able to buy gifts for the girls when and if they get mad at you. You will be able to use those gifts to lower their anger state. Also there is now a new screen in the girls info screen on the phone to show you how angry the girls are.
This is the place where your mom works. You can go there and have a meal to replenish energy. There is also a random encounter there with Danielle that will be vital for later story with her, so enjoy.
This will be one of the places where you can take girls on dates and also where you will be able to find Yvonne. Unfortunately the location is currently unavailable and can only be accessed if you invite Danielle to go there with you. To get to the point where you can invite Danielle you’ll have to have a bit of a misfortune during your night groping with her. 😉
You will now be able to visit your parents bedroom as well as visit Danielle during the night. For now there isn’t much to do there during the day (that will change soon) but you have a chance of stumbling on Danielle while she’s changing clothes as well as visit her during the night while she sleeps.
Here are some other minor tweaks added to the game since the last public build:
You will now be able to visit Danielle during the night. There are many thing you can do with her like take her picture, grope her, touch her, etc. I will leave you to explore the possibilities. Be careful though cause if you do too much you risk the possibility to wake her up. And that is not a good thing. To create this module I needed to make over 150 new pictures and 12 videos. To be able to make something like that I needed to switch to a new image format, which brings us to…
After the last update I’ve decided it was time to switch to a different image format because my game was getting already huge in size and I haven’t even scratched the surface. So, after some consideration I’ve decided to switch from JPEG to Google’s WEBP format. WEBP is a great format for several reasons. It’s easy to use, it has the same quality as JPEG, it is roughly 20%-30% smaller in size than the JPEG and, most importantly, unlike JPEG, WEBP supports alpha transparency. Now, transparency is very important because I could now finally switch to…
Layered images is a great feature of the Ren’Py that allows you to use one image on top of the other as long as they support transparency. So when I want to change the pose of the character instead of using an entire JPEG image (background with pose is around 200-300KB per image) I can use one background image for all the poses (200KB) and just change the poses with cropped out webp images (around 80KB each). That means that the scene with 5-6 poses will no longer be 3-4MB big but it will be around 400-600KB and that is great. There is one other image format that supports transparency and that is the PNG but the PNG, for the same image quality as JPEG, is around 300% larger than JPEG so it was useless to me cause I have a huge number of images. I plan to migrate all of the current images to WEBP format later on and my estimate is that it will reduce the game size for around 30-40%.
I’ve implemented the support for bonus content and DLC into the game for future use. Why is this useful? Well it will be very useful for me when creating a custom scenes for my $20 patrons. Let me explain. Up until now if I wanted to add new content to the game (like a custom scene for my patron) I needed to create the scene in my game, then compile the ENTIRE game, upload it and then sent it to my patron where the player had to download the entire game just for the bonus content. There are several reasons why this system sucks but I will not go over then now. What I’ve done is add DLC support. How is this working? Well let’s say I want to create a custom scene for my patron or a DLC for one of my tiers. What I have to do now is, create all of the content for the DLC and then compile ONLY THE DLC. After that I upload the DLC and send the link to my patron. He/she has to download the DLC and put it into the game folder and voila, you have bonus content. The trigger mechanism built into the game will automatically recognize the presence of the DLC and unlock the routes so you can actually play the DLC content seamlessly through the game, all the while everyone else who don’t have the DLC will be unaware of the triggers present in the game and will never have the feeling there could be something else until they also add the DLC. The best part is , if you want to add a DLC instead of downloading a 600+ MB game, you will need to download a 10-15 MB DLC. Simple, right? 🙂
These are the major changes to the game. Here are some minor ones.
Added access to your parents bedroom
Added a chance to stumble upon your parents doing it in the bedroom at night if you followed the Danielle HELP route
Added a peep/talk scene for the Danielle in her bedroom when she comes home from work
Added two different outfits and two different poses for Danielle while she sleeps
Over a 100 new images
12 new animations
Here is the list of bugs that were fixed during the testing period of the 0.1.4d RC. Thanks to all who helped tracked them down so I could fix them.
Removed a bug where Diane wouldn’t let you see Gracie even if Gracie told Diane it’s OK
Removed a bug where game would crash if you searched a cupboard in your parents bedroom
Fixed a bug where game would crash if you tried to sell one of Danielle’s pictures to your grandpa
Fixed a bug where you weren’t able to purchase a smartphone at the gift shop
Fixed a major bug where the whole Danielle anger system was broken if you talked to her in the kitchen
Fixed a bug where you visited diner during the night and got a black screen
Fixed a bug where Diane would send you to school in the morning even though it was Sunday
Fixed a bug where one of Grandpa’s text chats had the wrong sayer
Fixed a bug where visiting your parent’s bedroom during the day would disable you to visit Danielle in the bedroom during the night
Small changes to Danielle’s dialogues
Fixed a bug where texting Danielle would result in a blank screen in some occasions
Fixed a bug where Danielle would go missing in the evening and were nowhere to be found
Fixed a bug where “Anger meter” sometimes wouldn’t show in girl info screen
Fixed a bug where after watching Danielle in bathroom she would return to the bathroom instead of living room
Fixed a bug where Danielle wouldn’t get mad at you after the bathroom scene even though you’ve argued with her
Fixed a bug where selecting either kind of sex during the sleep visit would cause Danielle to move
Fixed a bug where certain pictures couldn’t be sent to grandpa.
Fixed a couple wrong image calls during the Danielle seduction
Small scrip corrections for Danielle seduction
Fixed a bug where you couldn’t invite Danielle to the beach
Small changes to dialogues for Danielle in the bedroom
Number of other small fixes and improvements
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  • Added bathroom scene – for now you can take showers only there for extra energy
  • Added Danielle bathroom scene – you can barge in on her and spy her
  • Added Danielle bathroom photo opportunity – if you meet the right conditions you will be able to take her pictures
  • Added “Take a photo” for Danielle in the living room
  • Added missing labels for Danielle – bug fix
  • BUG – Fixed some of the Haley seduction inconsistencies
  • BUG – Fixed broken Danielle label that would make you randomly jump to a wrong scene
  • Removed the “Are you sure” question when trying an interaction on any girl
  • Various other bug fixes
Also, in this build the notorious “load an old save” bug should be fixed which means that if you have an older 0.1.4a version your old save game files should work fine. Hopefully.
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  • Complete Danielle seduction up to level 2/3.
  • Two different Danielle story lines that you can choose from that will be definitive
  • Over 120 new Danielle images
  • 11 new Danielle videos
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  • Added in-game updating system
  • fixed an image transition bug while seducing Allison
  • fixed a bug where one of Haley’s images were not closing properly
  • fixed a girl_kissed bug
  • added Claudia to the girls_kissed variable
  • Fixed a missing variable that caused error in certain Haley small talk situations
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  • Changed a conversation with Haley where she better explains to you where should you meet her and when
  • BUG – fixed a missing variable while taking the “Help” route during Claudia’s seduction
  • BUG – fixed a mislabeled variable while taking the “Help” route during Claudia’s seduction
  • BUG – fixed a bug where if you talk to Claudia at school after first part of the seduction would lead you to her place
  • Small changes to Haley’s dialogues
  • BUG – fixed wrong  requirements for Haley’s relationship would lead to the wrong seduction scene
  • BUG – fixed a mislabeled random.randit while visiting Claudia at her home
  • BUG – fixed missing label while seducing Claudia
  • BUG – fixed missing image gracie_head
  • BUG – fixed a bug with wrong Allison relationship points if talking/seducing Gracie during morning class
  • BUG – fixed missing variables for Haley and Claudia seduction
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  • Fixed a bug where Gracie’s relationship points were wrong
  • FIX – moved “not available” text from center to bottom
  • Fixed a bug where you got wrong transitions when leaving the toilet
  • FIX – added a new conversation with Claudia when you visit her home before you’ve talked to her at school
  • FIX – fixed music transitions when switching from map to your home and back
  • Fixed a bug where you got an error while seducing Gracie
  • Fixed a bug with wrong transitions in Hallway
  • Fixed a bug where leaving the toilet didn’t close the image
  • Fixed a bug where phone and stats screen were not visible during school afternoon
  • FIX – numerous transitions throughout the game
  • Fixed a bug where you got an error during Claudia seduction
  • Fixed a bug where after completing the Claudia conversation it would repeat
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  • Switched image transitions for all scenes from dissolve to direct transition according to the poll
  • Added image maps for front hall, toilet, school, your room and school hallway
  • Added different color names for each character
  • Added toilet scene
  • Added new school scene (while on a bathroom break)
  • Added a preview of a Yvonne Marshal character (a couple of dialog’s)
  • Fixed a bug where a first conversation with Allison leads to the wrong scene
  • Couple of minor tweaks for Allison chat
  • Fixed couple of Allison images where her breasts were wrong
  • Fixed a bug on Allison char where a wrong placed “flag” would lead to the wrong section of the conversation
  • Fixed a bug where you could pump Allison’s relationship over 50 by studying at Gracie’s place, thus breaking the game
  • Fixed a bug where talking to Gracie at her place would lead to an error due to an non-existing image
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t access your Phone while on the main map
  • Fixed a bug where your stats weren’t visible while on the main map
  • Fixed a bug where selecting “rummage through girls lockers” would lead to the wrong screen
  • Fixed several music transitions between scenes
  • Fixed a bug where if you selected/clicked “play on computer” after playing/skipping intro would lead to “Not available” message
  • Fixed a bug where the proper image was not closing after Allison let you go to the bathroom during class
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on “nevermind” during afternoon class would lead to the wrong scene
  • Fixed several bad image transitions during Haley conversations
  • Fixed transitions while talking to Diane Spears
  • Various fixes for Gracie Spears
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong music starts after chatting with Gracie
  • Fixed a bug with missing labels and jumps for two of the Gracie talks
  • Fixed a bug where Gracie’s “affection” and “relationship” points were not set up right thus braking the game
  • Fixed a bug where talking to Gracie at her place costed 0 energy
  • Fixed a bug where you could start a conversation with a character even though you didn’t have enough energy for that
  • Fixed a bug where “nevermind” at Haley seduce menu would lead to the wrong screen
  • Optimized energy  requirements
  • Fixed a bug where Gracie’s starting affection was wrong and thus braking the game
Activating the Console:
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1.Open the file renpy / common / 00console.rpy
2. Find the string config.console = False and change it to True
3.Save Change
4. In the game, press Shift + O (English layout) to invoke the console, if the console does not open, press Shift + Alt then Shift + O.

SaintLaurent233 thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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