The Time of Cherries [Build 17] [obsessionau]
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The Time of Cherries [Build 17] [obsessionau]

January 17, 2024F95

The Time of Cherries is an adult business management simulator where the focus of the game is around managing your own photography studio with the goal to achieve your hidden desire (4 to choose). There is a large set collection element to this game where you will be collecting cards for various models that you work with – Achievements for completing hidden desires and the full model sets.

The game is essentially complete with 4 different paths to play through however further refinement is ongoing.
Warning: This game is not ‘story’ focused, thus different to many of the games found on this site. The game can easily be moded with the Plonkers mod  more than doubling the models found in the base and extended game and includes his own relationship events for these models. The mods are very easy to install. See the development thread for info on moding or customising your own content.

Thread Updated: 2022-11-06
Release Date: 2022-11-06
Aliases: A Photographer’s Deception
Developer: obsessionau F95Zone
Version: Build 17
OS: All
Language: English
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set collection, management, multiple endings, sandbox, simulator, real porn, nudity
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Mod Installation:
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To install the mods extract the zip into the game folder. When prompted in the game, type in the name of the lsm file, this will be located in the data folder.
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note: If you play with your browser in private mode, the game will be unable to store achievement data.
Please use the development thread  for reporting bugs.
Build 17 (~321mb)


Build 17 Extended (~870mb)

Extended has the base plus another 100 models.

Try these player created MODS which add even more models:
Plonkers (~800mb) filename: Plonkers  .:. Another 200 or so models with events.
Mercedes (~162mb) filename: Mercedes .:. 29 more models
CIAmod(~1.12gb) filename: Ciamod .:. 300+ more models
MetalMod (~120mb)
filename: Metalmod .:. 30+ more models
Extract files so that the data and images folders are merged with the existing folders.

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    The Time of Cherries [Build 17] [obsessionau]